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Hi all, I am looking for a fic I read a long time ago where:
-Thor is in a relationship with Jane living on Earth
-he walks the streets at night
-mourns his brother until one night he sees a man that looks just like Loki
he follows him
-This man/Loki, is a prostitute
-They start a relationship
-Eventually Thor and the avengers fight ... can't remember what but leads Loki to remember who he was and
-Thor realizes that it was Loki all along
...something like that.
Can anyone please help me find this fic, been wanting to read it again for the longest time
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Hi all! I'm searching for this fic.
The Kings - theherocomplex {NC-17 |
WIP |Asgard |Canon!AU}
Loki was a fool to believe, even for an
instant, that things could be anything
other than what they are. Whatever
Thor thinks, Loki belongs to nothing
now but the throne. This one is hot.
AKA the one where Thor gives up the
throne to Loki in exchange for sex and
Thor getting to fuck Loki wherever/
whenever he wants.
And it's locked. Does anyone have a copy of it or link to open it. If you have you can email me at fanficacyk@gmail.com. Thank you.
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Alas, this is an awkward question I fear, because there's this fic that I really only remember one scene from ... but maybe someone has better recall than I do? Also it's kind of an awkward scene, so ... *blushes*. OK: it's a Tony/Steve fic and they've had a falling out and Tony goes to see Steve and talk things over and Steve has been cutting up jalapeno peppers and doesn't remember and intimate things happen and it hurts Tony but he doesn't protest and Steve only realizes afterwards ...

does that ring anyone's bells?

Thank you!

Edit: it's been found, see comments, yay!!!
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Looking for fics where the villian is really polite, or against hurting people, etc. Bonus points if they are nicer than the hero.
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I remember a fic (I think on AO3) where Steve and Bucky wake up in Shield medical, restrained. Shield thinks they are frozen Nazis. Steve is freaked out and creates a hostage situation, and impersonates an agent for a while.
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Hi, well, I have been searching for a Pacific Rim crossover for more than a year, I'm still searching for this fic and similar ones, I already searched Ao3 and FF.net in any way I could think of mixing Pacific Rim and Marvel.

The one I'm searching for has Bruce as a pilot but he only gets to fight when everything is going awful 'cause he can't control himself, and I'm not sure if it's the same one or another one, Loki is a pilot and is trying to connect with the kaijus and control them.

Bruce is not the Hulk and Loki is not a Norse god, they are just pilots, but Bruce was severely damaged and has a condition that makes him dangerous to use the Jeager, but also is a true strong warrior!!

Please help me with this!! Be well, Monica
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Are there any fics where our Tony stumbles upon a world or an alternative universe where its Tony died?
Bonus if he died before becoming Iron Man.
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Hi, I'm looking for a fic for a while but I can't seem to find it. It was on A03 and it's a few years old. Tony's been hiding that he's an omega and he goes into heat during a mission and accidentally exposes Steve, Bruce & Thor to his pheromones. To keep Tony safe and prevent any of them bonding with him they each have sex with him (on Loki's advice). The fic was Stony-centric with Steve being conflicted. I think one of the MCU villains was also hunting New York to try and find Tony after he scented his pheromones
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Looking specifically for a fic about the bots Dummy & U being muddy, powered down, & stuck in Stark Industries storage area for a couple of months waiting for transport after Malibu mansion gets trashed in Iron Man 3. Tony Stark left specific orders that the bots must be "talked to" for one hour each day, but no one wants to do such a seemingly stupid job. A brand new SI employee is given the "low man on the totem pole" job of babysitting the dormant bots, and she gradually realizes they are actually listening to her as she spends her lunch hour every day talking to them.

Would generally also like any similar stories featuring generic SI/Sheild employees, random outsiders or stray children, delivery people or emergency personnel, cleaners or maintenance workers, or criminals, whatever... that suddenly come face to face with exceptional Stark technology/bots/AIs without understanding what they are seeing/hearing. They can be amazed or intimidated or helped or just amused. Extra points if Tony Stark finds out about it and issues awards or condemnations.
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Does anyone know of any first where this happens to the characters? (If they are queer, their face will turn a shade of blue)
[personal profile] ohhitheree
Like, a character who still hasn't told the avengers their secret identity is dating another avenger, but only as their civilian/superhero selfs, and someone catches them "cheating." On themselves.

Apologies if I'm not makeing much sense.
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Hi, I've been looking for a fix for ages but can never find it.
Steve punches Tony I think for touching his shield, but Tony was checking it for a tracker, but doesn't tell Steve just leaves.
After this either tony gets kidnapped or badly hurt during a mission and Steve with Clint I think end up having to carry a injuried Tony a long way.
I remember one funny scene where Tony bites Steve in the ass while being carried.
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Ugh, I'm so unhelpful, I know! I read this fic a couple years ago where Deadpool and somebody (I think Spidey???) were somehow forced into sex by one of the usual tropes-- sex pollen, fuck or die, or aliens made them do it. All I really remember is they were fighting baddies but maybe subdued them before giving in? Deadpool was the one doing the fucking, and afterwards he said something about, "you aren't the only one who was just raped." And maybe it was aliens but maybe not? Aaand I feel like there was an idea that they had been preslashy at one another but now it's ruined.

I think it was on AO3, but I also used to haunt LJ and kink memes a lot.

(Requesting tags for Deadpool, fuck or die, aliens made them do it, Spideypool)
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I need help finding a fic. The premise of the fic is that Bucky is sparring with Steve's girlfriend while Steve is away on a mission. Bucky and Steve's girlfriend are engaging in friendly banter and she says to Bucky "who taught you how to fight" which sets off the Winter Soldier. He beats her so badly that she is in a coma. Steve come back and finds everyone freaking out and punches Bucky. There was a part one and two. It was a Tumblr fic.
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I have spent the last week going in circles trying to find this story. I can only remember one scene clearly, Bucky goes back to a Hydra site (the bank I think) and finds the chair. He picks up the rubber mouthguard and cuts the handle(?) off it so that he can close his lips around it. He then destroys the chair, and leaves.  He chews/holds the mouthguard in his mouth for comfort/grounding.

I think he was searching down what was left of Hydra to destory them. Sam and Steve were following him/ also trying to destroy Hydra... (I'm not sure which)
It would have been on AO3.

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I wondered if there were any Gen fics where Steve Rogers gets sent back to his own time somehow? Expectantly he's happy to be back, to see people like Howard and Peggy and the commandos, maybe he even manages to save Bucky, but he comes to miss his future life and his Avenger team and may come to feel he belongs in the future with them.
I was thinking of this after watching the first Captain America and Avenger movies, and thinking some people might have put such an idea into action considering those moments where Steve misses the 40's. I feel like I may have come across one or two but they were slash.
I'm only looking for Gen stories, no pairings please. I don't mind Steve/Peggy. Stories that can be canon to the mcu so to speak.

(will also take fics if Steve and Bucky, a.k.a winter soldier, both get sent back, but none of the other avengers though)
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I was curious about fics where the focus is on some weird body modifications done to the heroes, specifically Tony focused. Maybe some baddie got ahold of him/them and did an experiment resulting in some crazy inhuman physical change that Tony and or said avenger has to get adapted to. I've seen the tag on some stories, but body mod has not been the focus, so maybe there're stories where it is. All the more power if the modification's permanent. I look mainly for Gen stories, my preference, but I'll take whichever.
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Hello all! I've been looking for a story and I'm beginning to think I'm mushing two together. What I remeber is: Steve and Sharon are together. Steve disappears through a portal or rift, etc. Sharon finds out she's pregnant and tells Tony she has no interest in raising the baby. Tony adopts her. Steve comes back 5, 10 years later and Tony panics that Steve will want to take the little girl.

Any ideas? Is this one story or actually two?

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I'm looking for a (most likely) multi-chaptered fic, where Bruce Banner is trolling people, posted most likely on fanfiction.net (although livejournal is also possible). I remember there was an interview with Avengers and the person leading the interview started asking Natasha uncomfortable questions (miscarriage implied) and Bruce did/said something to shift attention elsewhere/on himself. Another scene was when agents from SHIELD came to the Avengers towet to bring Clint in for questioning or something and Bruce volunteered to go instead. But he made conditions - there had to be a song played (which had a certain frequency and caused some pipes to vibrate and brake to create chaos). Tony caught on what Bruce was planning and almost gave him away, but managed to save it with some flirtatious remark.
Thank you in andvance for your help.
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Hi, I remember reading this fic but I can't seem to find it again. Any help would be appreciated.
Someone designed Steve's pants according to his pre-ice measurements but he's gotten more muscly and they are cutting off the circulation to his dangly bits, as well as just flat out being too tight there as well. I believe he tends to get aroused while fighting and having no room in his pants causes him a lot of pain. He is insanely angry because of the pants but doesn't want to admit the issue. I believe Tony figures everything out and fixes it.

Loki Whump

Aug. 4th, 2016 12:25 am
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Looking for a story where odin had loki serverly punshied for his crimes. I remember Loki had been sexually abused so serverly that tony and bruce had remove put of his bowel. I also remrmber that Loki had some kind of condtioning done to him and that the sugery was done by a medical rebot. I also think it might be frostiron but am not sure.
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A young Clint has been recruited by SHIELD. His class are at the gun range. Clint takes the gun, and without looking, shoots every target plus two birds out of the sky.

It is not Landslide by JHSC.

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I'm looking for a for a fic that is set post CATWS. Bucky gets piercings while he recovers.
I distinctly remember that he gets his ear cartilage pierced. This happens before he meets Steve again.
I think it's Steve/Bucky.
The line from the movie where Natasha tries to set Steve up with a pierced woman is mentioned.
Thanks in advance
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I'm currently re-reading this serie : Avenging Omega

I was wondering if anyone knew other fics where Tony become an Omega either willingly or forced by people outside the avengers.

Thank you for your answers.
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Looking for a fic  I read some time ago, in which Bucky is wandering and has not yet come in from the cold. Multiple random strangers help him in various ways because they recognize him and consider him a hero. I remember Bucky being somewhat confused by the whole situation.
Certain I read it on AO3.
Not sure if it was  gen or a slash pairing

Found, link in comments
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Hi, I know that there have been a number of searches on here in the last few months for Katiedid's fics. She thankfully decided to repost them after all. They are all in one giant archived story on AO3. http://archiveofourown.org/works/7640137
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I'm looking for a Steve/Tony fic that involves accidental hand holding during sex. I forget whether Steve or Tony initiates it, but whoever it is apologizes because he (mistakenly) thinks the other doesn't want it or that the other believes it's a step too far for their "casual" relationship. The other person doesn't mind, of course, because they're both in love but not quite ready to admit it yet. Does this seem familiar to anyone, or am I making it up?

UPDATE: Found! See comments.
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I'm looking for a fic. Pretty sure it was on AO3.
Steve and Tony have been captured by some bad guys. While trying to escape, they pick up a gun off one of the lackeys and Steve tries to get Tony to hand it to him, but Tony insists that he has a better shot, which he is, Tony has great aim to Steve's surprise.
There might be a mention of Steve's bad aim in the Avengers movie in the author's notes, iirc.



Aug. 2nd, 2016 12:39 pm
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Hello all,

Looking for an older fic that takes place immediately after the first Avengers movie, where Steve, being Steve, is volunteering with one of the clean-up crews. He meets, dates, and becomes engaged to a young Muslim woman. It was a very sweet fic. I remember the OCs- the young woman and the rest of her family- being very well-written, and I'd love to read this one again. I've been through the entire Steve/OFC tag on AO3— no dice. Help? Please? Thanks in advance, wonderful people!
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I want to reread a specific fic, Loki/OMC, but can't seem to find it. All I remember is that the OMC was your stereotypical "redneck", right down to having the name Billy Bob Jim Bob (or something very similar). But he defied stereotypes by being gay (or bi) and falling in love with Loki, and treating him well; Loki, for his part, surprised everyone by falling in love with this uncouth "peasant". The relationship was surprisingly functional and written quite adorably.

I actually think this exact fic was requested by someone else and found here relatively recently, but I can't seem to find that entry. Maybe it was recced or requested in some other comm?

ETA: The fic is The Ugly Duckling by Icemaidenstory. Thank you, [livejournal.com profile] samtyr and [livejournal.com profile] cephrilia!
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Yeah if anybody could give me a req list that would be great!
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I'm looking for fics where some bad guys decided to put the Hulk in Tony. They either transfer the Hulk from Bruce to Tony or Tony is forced or ends up having his own Hulk in him due to experimentation or science gone wrong.
I did read long ago a fic where Bruce and Tony were captured and the bad guys ended up transferring Bruce's Hulk into Tony and it was like the one time Bruce got to meet the Hulk and work with him to get out. Can't recall the fic but I'll take that story as well. But if you can pull up more than just the one story on this subject I'd be happy.

(Ps, I've also read "Entangled States", a body switch between the two, so cross that off the list of suggestions)
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I'm looking for a an ficthat have Thorki with a pregnat Loki and Jane Foster finds out about them. In the fic I'm specifically think about, Loki is pregnat and for some reason Jane Foster shows up to the Avengers tower where they are living and when Jane tries to get close to Thor, Loki shuts that down. I'm looking for this fic an any with a scene like it. Thank you!
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I'm looking for a story that was posted to ao3 sometime between when First Avenger came out and when Winter Soldier came out.

Steve got the super soldier serum, went to go fight Hydra, but then somehow went evil and took over Hydra (I think Red Skull ordered him tortured, but it's been a while). One day a Hydra minion brought Steve a tortured prisoner, who Steve recognized as Bucky. Steve kept Bucky basically as his private slave from then on, where no one else was allowed to hurt Bucky but Bucky wasn't allowed to leave. Bucky would try to starve himself whenever Steve left the base (as suicide seemed to Bucky to be the only way out), so Steve ordered him force fed. There was also a bit set years later where Steve has the Hydra scientists give Bucky the serum so Bucky won't grow old and die and escape that way.

IIRC, it was told from the point of view of a hydra minion/scientist.
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The fic is an older one, I know it was posted before Age of Ultron and Civil War, possibly before Winter Solider. It has to due with Stark being depressed and trying to commit suicide multiple times in his life. Rhodey is there and has helped him since they met. The first time he tried he was very young and had tried a crazy amount of times since then.

There is another fic, or it could be the same one, where I believe it is Rhodey, but it could be someone else, that is trying to explain what it is like for Tony being a genius. How he multitasks more than others, how his brain never shuts off or slows down and that this causes a lot of misunderstandings.

Any help would be appreciated.
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I recently checked out a fic called Deface, by drusche published about 4 years ago, but the link no longer appears to be working. Although their Ao3 profile is still up, none of their work seem to be available, so I was wondering if anyone might know if it's still available or have a copy of the fic, unless the author has requested otherwise? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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I know most crossing universes stories are time related, at least the ones I've seen.  Where Howard and/or Peggy get thrown forward from a time when Tony was a young boy to post Chitauri.  There's one where Iron Man get in the way of as Asgardian spell and finds himself in the right time and place to find Budky right after he falls off the train.  Tony saves Bucky from being found by Hydra and brings him back with him when they find a way to come back to Tony's current time.  There's another story where Tony's testing of the Tessaract accidentily sends his teenage son, Steve back to World War One Brooklyn where he meets his new best friend Bucky (most of the rest of this story is pretty much movie canon, except for the hostility between the two).  (See From Winter's Cold, Stark Problems, and Steven Anthony Stark, all at AO3)

What I'd like to find is any story where a modern version of Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, or any of the teammates somehow cross over into the movie canon.  Maybe right before the Chitauri attack, or soon after.  I assume they won't be exactly the same, accouting for different decisions and events making their experiences and personalities somewhat different.  For example there is one story where an older alt-verse Cap sends his Dr. Strange to help what is left of the team (Nat and Bucky are SHIELD controlled hostiles) after Steve tries to kill himself, by aranging to strip his system of the serum, changing his body back to its pre-serum size and mortality (On Top of the World by Setcheti as AO3)  I wonder how the two versions or teams would get along.  Would thay be able to fight together right away.  Or would their be hostility between two Tonys (one's a hopeless drunk, maybe)?
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I'm looking for two things.

First Is a fic called Find A Way and it is by Gir_Hugs. If anyone has a copy it knows where I can find it I would love it have it.

Seconds is a fic I forgot the name of. I believe it was Tony centric. The avengers were watching a news cast that went deep into all of their personal history. The avengers were angry but by the end when it was Tony's part it got serious. They talked about how Howard Stark abused Tony. I think there was a video of him torturing Tony to simulate a kidnapper trying to get information from him, information being a password of some sort. I think Tony cracked, the password being Steve's birthday. The footage was given to the news by an old maid.

Sorry about that big paragraph of words. If you have any questions just ask me. Thank you!
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I'm looking for an older fic that has a scene in it where Steve demonstrates that he can tie a knot in a cherry stem using his tongue, I think showing Tony and someone else. They ask where he learnt how to do it and he says a woman (possibly a model or someone at a party?) showed him she could and he asked her to teach him how. Tony and whoever comment to each other that Steve had no idea she was trying to flirt with him.

Anyone recognise this scene?

Edit: Never mind, found it: on tumblr


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