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The fic is an older one, I know it was posted before Age of Ultron and Civil War, possibly before Winter Solider. It has to due with Stark being depressed and trying to commit suicide multiple times in his life. Rhodey is there and has helped him since they met. The first time he tried he was very young and had tried a crazy amount of times since then.

There is another fic, or it could be the same one, where I believe it is Rhodey, but it could be someone else, that is trying to explain what it is like for Tony being a genius. How he multitasks more than others, how his brain never shuts off or slows down and that this causes a lot of misunderstandings.

Any help would be appreciated.
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I know most crossing universes stories are time related, at least the ones I've seen.  Where Howard and/or Peggy get thrown forward from a time when Tony was a young boy to post Chitauri.  There's one where Iron Man get in the way of as Asgardian spell and finds himself in the right time and place to find Budky right after he falls off the train.  Tony saves Bucky from being found by Hydra and brings him back with him when they find a way to come back to Tony's current time.  There's another story where Tony's testing of the Tessaract accidentily sends his teenage son, Steve back to World War One Brooklyn where he meets his new best friend Bucky (most of the rest of this story is pretty much movie canon, except for the hostility between the two).  (See From Winter's Cold, Stark Problems, and Steven Anthony Stark, all at AO3)

What I'd like to find is any story where a modern version of Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, or any of the teammates somehow cross over into the movie canon.  Maybe right before the Chitauri attack, or soon after.  I assume they won't be exactly the same, accouting for different decisions and events making their experiences and personalities somewhat different.  For example there is one story where an older alt-verse Cap sends his Dr. Strange to help what is left of the team (Nat and Bucky are SHIELD controlled hostiles) after Steve tries to kill himself, by aranging to strip his system of the serum, changing his body back to its pre-serum size and mortality (On Top of the World by Setcheti as AO3)  I wonder how the two versions or teams would get along.  Would thay be able to fight together right away.  Or would their be hostility between two Tonys (one's a hopeless drunk, maybe)?
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I'm looking for a story I was reading a while ago, Tony knew "aunt peggy" very well and like steve found out she died. He hid his feeling about her passing, and try to get everyone concerned about Steve. I think he was sent a package of some sort of stuff from Peggy.

Does anyone know what story I'm trying to find?

Any help would be appreciated!
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So I finally got 'round to watching Civil War and it gave me a LOT of Tony/Rhodey feels... so I'm looking for

- 5+1 type fics where 5 times Rhodey takes care of Tony n one time Tony care of Rhodey
- Tony n Rhodey as parents
And last but not least
- Tony being really possessive of Rhodey (Give me back my Rhodey)

I'd prefer bottom/sub!Tony but it's fine either way.

P.S. any other Tony/Rhodey long fic recs are good too :D
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I'm reading a pretty long 3-parter where Steve and Tony break up suddenly and everyone automatically blames Tony for breaking Steve's heart, like they knew he would all along even after five years of marriage.  Natasha breaks his face, Pepper kicks him out of the tower, and they all shun him. (And that only the beginning of a lot of Tony!whump.)   While I love the story, all the while I'm reading this part I'm wondering if their any stories where, for once, the team/family blames Steve, instead of falling back on Tony's playboy rep and just KNOWING that he's in the wrong.

Anybody know of any such stories?  Where it's not Tony's heart that torn to pieces every other page.

(most of the tags can be labelled 'maybe?')
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Just found this com, so I'm hoping I'm doing this right.

Does anyone have any post Captain America: Civil War fics that don’t woobify either Tony Stark or Bucky? (or more specifically, that don’t make either Tony or Cap the bad guy. Preferably no fics claiming Steve Rogers is arrogant, that’s an instant no for me.

Extreme bonus points for fics where someone calls Tony out for bringing a child into a battle. Like say, where Cap finds out that Spider-Man is only 15, and is pissed of, both with himself, and with Tony, for a child being put in danger like that.

In fact, I’d love any Spider-Man centric post Civil War fics (and none that pair him up with adults, like say Deadpool) Also please no ‘reader’ fics, also an instant pass.

That and anything with T-challa, Sam or Rhodey in a major role would be awesome. It’s just so hard to find any character specific fics on ao3

Jerk Steve

May. 10th, 2016 06:20 pm
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I really, really need an outlet for my Steve hate that was only fed by CA:CW...

So please, please give me stories where Steve is a jerk, self-righteous, off the track, selfish or a bully and - this is important - has to face the consequences!
May it that he is kicked from the team, loses the friendship of the others (or of some), a dress down from Fury (Coulsen), on probation or whatever. But please no happy ending for Steve!

Thank you!
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hey guys, looking for some Tony, Rhodey fics, Preferably no slash but if is good i dont mind, looking for fic or them just hanging out, focused on there friendship and the way rhodey looks after tony, if there was one of them getting drunk together it would be great.
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I just read American Patrol by Copperbadge (an author I highly rec) again where someone attempted to hack Jarvis, shutting down the tower completely, but was defeated in a 30 hour cyber battle with Stark, Banner, and a team trained by Tony just for such an event .  I wondered if there were any other fics where someone tried to hack Jarvis in what would be considered murder or kidnap if he was human.

In a search of AO3 for anything like the above story, I came across a synopsis where Stark is on trial for rape.  Since I really could see Tony Stark raping anyone, I wondered if there were any other stories where an Avenger, or a member of the "family" was accused and put on trial for a crime that those that know them know they'd never do, even though the evidence my be strong.  Something like Steve accused of rape or murder.  Or Jane or Darcy for treason.
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Hello all. I'm looking for a specific fiction that takes place after civil war where Tony took the bullet for Steve and died. This work is different in that Pepper and Rhodey confront the avengers so that they may find closure. The avengers then take turns explaining why they fought on the side they did. Sound familiar to anyone at all? Thanks.
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I've seen this in real life (usually with kids), and in movies.  I've seen thin in other fanfic fandoms (The Sentinel and Magnificent Seven, to name two).  I'm wondering if this has been done for the Avengers.  It could be after a battle, on the trip back home.  Or maybe after a long day and they get together to go out to dinner.  The team/group gets to their destination or they're almost there, when someone thinks to do a headcount and realizes somebody is missing.  One of them was lagging behind, or in the bathroom maybe, and got left behind withoug someone noticing for the longest time.  What happens then?  Do they rush back, embarrassed and ashamed or do they say "fuck it, we'll worry about it later, he/she didn't want to be with us anyway."

The thought came up while reading the extras for the First Impressions and Second Chances series where Tony Stark isn't wanted on the team and every friendly gesture and gift from him is met with scorn and finally violence.  But the outside/forgotten person doesn't have to be Stark; it could be any one of them.  (I'd love to see Darcy kick ass and take names if the group went out for a "family" dinner and forget she was in her apartment changing clothes or something and came back to the common floor to find it empty.)   Or maybe the team goes to some event and the press is there as they get out of the limo and they're asked "Hey, where is (whoever) and they realize they've forgotten someone.
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I keep thinking about a specific scene from a fic, but I can't remember what fic it comes from.

The scene I'm remembering has General Ross from the Hulk movies bringing all of his men to Avengers Tower for Bruce. Rhodey confronts him in the War Machine/Iron Patriot armor and Pepper confronts him with amazing red tape I think.

I can't even remember what pairing the fic had if any.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

FOUND: Damaged Defenders - WIP - As of 01/02/16 the last update was 12/18/2015

It was a little different then I remembered, no Pepper in this specific scene.
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This is an offshoot of sorts for a search for a lost story in a different fandom that didn't work out.  I got to thinking I'd like to see this story line in the Avengers.  The first characters I thought of was Steve and Tony in a relationship.  When Bucky comes back into Steve's life he leaves Tony in his dust.  How does he react; how much does he care of is hurt?  How does the team react?  Did they even know they were a couple?  How does it affect the team, how they work together or socialize?  This story could be any couple + 1.  Tony leaves Steve for Pepper.  Or Bruce.  Pepper leaves Tony for Phil.  Any three or more from the Avengers family.

I'm just tagging the possible characters.  I'll take any pairings in that circle.

I do recall one story has Steve so intent on searching for Bucky, he forget about Tony.  Not breaking up with him, just mindlessly not being there for events or his birthday or their first anniversary, something like that.  Anybody know which one that was?
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Any stories with Rhodey being protective with Tony. The Rhodey in the movies made me so mad with taking the armor and stuff, I'd like some nice Rhodey.

Stories where Tony attempts/succeeds in Suicide. I'm in a depressive mood so I'm looking for depressing things. Which makes no sense...*mutters to self*

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I've seen many stories dealing with homophobia (and could always do with a new one, hint hint), but don't think I've come across any that deals with racism.  Either against blacks (Sam and Rhodey), or against Natasha for being Russian or Thor for being from 'some place else'.  Distrust either within the team, from inside Shield, or the press and/or the public.  Okay, I have seen, once or twice, the press showing suspicion of the Russian Natasha, but just in passing, as a passing gossipy type headline and not in any actions or open hostility.  I've never seen any stories where there is objections to have Iron Patriot/War Machine or Falcon on the team.  Maybe someone questioning how Captain American, and American Icon, can stand working with those black boys or that girl...she's just eye candy yadda yadda yadda.  Or even having the 'token girl' on the team, either Natasha or Hill.  (I just can not see anyone getting in Fury's face, calling him a nig...nope, can't see that happing.)
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Hi there!

I was wondering if I'm the only one who thought that Rhodey did not act like a true friend (IM1: when Tony visited him to try to talk about the suit and he only bitched because Tony did not build weapons anymore / IM2: as a good friend, shouln'd he realized that something was off, that Tony was acting strage?)

So, I'm looking for stories pointing out that he wasn't a great friend, stories that give some background why he acted that way - and generally stories around the Rhodey / Tony friendship.

I worked my way through the Rhodey tag here - but maybe you know more?

Thank you! :)
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I'm looking for some more unusual pairings/relationships. It's fine if they're not the main pairing or relationship, as long as it's a big part of the story. Also: any rating, any length, I love AUs too, etc.

1. Rhodey/Tony slash (also stories about their awesome friendship would be good)

2. Nick & Natasha friendship (preferably not romantic)

3. Any saffic/femslash (except Jane/Darcy)

You are all awesome, this comm rocks, thanks in advance!
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So I just read Copperbadge's See You In Homeroom where Steve and Rhodey meet and can't stand one another because they're jealous of their places in Tony's life. Most fics I've read where they meet have Rhodey hero-worshiping Steve instead. So I was wondering if there were any more fics like this one out there. Could be slash or not, I just want fics where they are jealous or don't get along over Tony.
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Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations of fics that show the Avengers developing in to a team/close friends/family. I love the ones by Qweb on fanfiction and also Dogstar-Black's Protective Reasoning series and I'm hoping people know other fics like this I can read.
I don't mind how long or short they are but I would prefer if they were gen or canon pairings if possible though I don't mind some slash as long as its not the main point of the fic.

Oh and a quick second request, if anyone knows any protective Rhodey fics or fics concerning Bruce/Betty pairing I would love to read those as well

Thanks in advance for any help :)
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Good evening!
Does someone know stories, which described how Rhodes spent those three months searching Tony?
It would be brilliant, if there is Tony/Rhodes pairing.

Thanks in advance!
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Hey guys I need your help. I was reading this story and now I can't find it! It was about Tony and how he was captain America. Howard was tony's brother and Tony smoked. Also when he wanted to get in to the tower ( which is Steve's ) the person at the desk won't let him. I think that he also ran after someone who took an old lady's purse. The clearest part is that he cussed like a sailor. I think it was stony. This story was very good and I just want to read it again. Thanks a million!
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I have read many stories where Rhodey help Tony, Pepper , Jarvis ect.. with a problem or when they were hurt but have never found one where Rhodey is hurt. is there any stories where Rhodey is emotionally or physically hurt? like a hurt/comfort not just hurt
Thanks for the help
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Ok. I'm looking for two pairings.

1. Bruce/Tony. I've read all the recs on this site, Ao3 and ff.net, so if there's any new good ones, complete would be best. I'd appreciate it.

2. Rhodey/Tony. Because I refuse to accept that what I've found (on th above sites) are all there are. The fics are just hiding from me, that's it.

And and all help greatly appreciated!
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So I've been searching through posts here looking for a fic that I found here not very long ago but I can't seem to find. The gist of the story I remember it was an AU where (1) Steve's a serial killer who seemingly goes after big wig bad guys and Tony did something that makes him or Rhodey believe that the killer will be coming after Tony next only instead of the killing kinda coming after Tony the killer starts leaving Tony some kinda gifts on his bed or in places without anyone really seeing it or something. -EDIT FOUND: Hiding Masks

#2 Found: What You Believe: One by one the Avengers seem to be turning on Tony, until he is isolated and alone, with no one left he can trust. Unsure what to believe anymore, betrayal seems to lurk around every corner. When he resolves to confront them, can anyone stand between him and what seems to be the inevitable destruction of the Avengers? Or is it already too late?

One last one, is a sort of AU but not really. (3) It was something about the team minus Tony getting kidnapped as bait to get Tony and when Tony showed up he was lacking the suit and there was some banter exchanged between Tony and the kidnappers. Tony also brought along some sort of tiny robots that wound up badly injuring/killing the kidnappers and then SHIELD showed up getting on Tony's case for not waiting for them to get there and Tony replied with something about running outta topics or something. I know there are a few stories that are almost the same but none of them have the killing robots and that was that part that stuck out the most in my mind so yeah if anyone can help with that one? -EDIT FOUND: Picture Perfect chapter 5

I've been searching for all three of these and I have no idea why I never bookmarked them when I had the chance and would love to be able to find them and read them again so maybe they would stop popping into my mind whilst I'm in the midst of reading other stories. Thanks!
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So, the fic I'm after all I can remember is that Tony and Rhodey get married Vegas pretty early, partly for the benfits (ie if he dies, Tony has rights to his body etc). Polyamoury is the norm for this society and TOny ends up marrying Pepper, all teh Avengers, and Jane and Darcy (because Thor won't marry him without them) and I think Phil too. Far as I can remember the rest of the fic is all about how Tony ends up marrying everyone else.
Sorry it's so little to go on!
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Rhodey tony friendship or pairing fic? Because I love Rhodey (both versions of him, though I think I may love the second actor playing him more).

I am sad there is no character tag for him.

Any fic is fine barring crack.

Thank you!


Aug. 4th, 2014 10:13 pm
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Could someone rec me fics including Rhodey and his importance in Tony's life. I'd particularly like team fic where Rhodey is featured.
Basically stuff about how Rhodey is still important in Tony's life even though he has the team now.
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Hi! I am looking for a specific scene where tony and steve are talking, and then Rodney comes so him and tony start to banter and steve gets reminded of Bucky and leaves quickly, but tony thinks is because Rodney is black so he get angry on his behalf.
I hope someone remembers this :)

[identity profile] seranita.livejournal.com

Again, I am looking for some story recommendations. I just read the "Magnetic" Series by boombangbing and now I am craving all the stories about how Tony, Rhodey and Pepper meet. I would love to see more about how Pepper first becomes Tony's assistant or all the adventures of Rhodey and Tony at MIT. If you know about any friendship!fics between Rhodey and Pepper, that would be awesome. Give me all the shenanigans they get up to while they're still young. If there is a twosome/threesome involved, no problem. =) But I would really like to read somehing focussing on them as friends.

Thank you so much!
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I just found a terrific vid of Robert Downey, Jr. on stage singing Driven to Tears with Sting and he sounded pretty damn good. The way he was standing with his hands in his pockets was pure Tony Stark. I'd love to read any stories where Tony get on stage and sings in public. Or one with any of the others doing the same.

Bucky Fics!

Mar. 4th, 2014 07:27 pm
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Ok, so I'm actually looking for one specific Bucky fic, and also a general BAMF!Bucky search.

I've read so many great Bucky fics that it's hard to remember which is which, so for the specific one I'm looking for, I only remember one clear scene - Rhodey had just been introduced to Bucky, and he was basically in awe, saying how the cadets studied his and and the Howling Commandos strategies and stuff.

I don't remember the pairing, if there was any; just that single scene. Hopefully, it sounds familiar to you guys. *EDITED - FOUND! Link to fic found in comments.

Now for the general search, I'm mostly looking for fics set in the Avengers present time with Bucky being all badass and stuff. The Winter Soldier just speaks to me, ok!

For pairing, I prefer Bucky/Steve or Natasha/Steve. Or just gen really, but with a healthy dose of kickassery.

Thanks! :)
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Tony and Steve are married, and Steve cheats on Tony with Rhodey, and Tony is blamed for their marriage breakup.  It's a series of fics, I think a total of three.  I read them, and then must not have bookmarked them, because I just went through all of my Avengers bookmarks and couldn't find it.

I thought it might have been a Big Bang story, but couldn't find it there either.

I am sure I read it on AO3.

Thanks for the help

Found, link in comments.
[identity profile] arwen-lune.livejournal.com
My favourite super-rare-pair is Rhodey/Natasha. The AO3 tag for the pairing gives 6 stories with this awesome pairing and I wonder if there's more somewhere. Maybe stories where it's a theme but not tagged? Maybe another location?
I'm not really interested in Natasha-as-inhuman-battleaxe. I'm much more imagining that Rhodey's 'normalness' (yes, he knows about the Avengers and flies in a suit, but he probably also has a family to visit at Christmas) might be intimidating to Natasha

Actually, any recs for general Rhodey-getting-along-with-the-team fic? No Tony whump stuff please
[identity profile] obsessionality.livejournal.com
Hey Everyone! I'm looking for two fics (and associated recs) today, and I'm losing my mind trying to find them! I hope you can help!

1) The first fic is one where Steve and Tony are together, and they have a child. I can't remember whether it was mpreg or whether the kid was adopted, or whether it was Peter Parker. I think the kid was quite young. And somehow, Howard Stark comes into the future, or is reanimated or whatever. He's basically a dick, but only to Tony. The thing that stands out the most is the homophobia though, I remember him telling Tony something like "You're not good enough for Steve" or something. And I remember a scene in which Howard is yelling at Tony and the kid, and Tony yells back because no one offends his child. And then Steve walks in and thinks Tony's misbehaving and tells him off, in front of everyone, as if he's the one to blame. I remember the kid (maybe?) asking Tony if daddy didn't love them anymore. I'm pretty sure it was resolved in the end. Anyone know which fic I'm on about?
--> In related requests, any recs for fics where the team/steve find out about just exactly how massive a bag of dicks Howard Stark was. I don't mind if there's time travelling, or if it's just videos or what, as long as Tony's validated. Naturally, I'd like if Tony wasn't a woobie, but sometimes I guess it's unavoidable.

2) The second fic is much darker than the first. The fic revolved around a kidnapping. In the sense that Tony'd been nabbed by someone and he fought his way out of it because he didn't expect anyone would care. The team noticed he was missing but when they asked him where he'd been, he brushed it off as having been on holiday or something. Maybe Steve scolded him for it? They found out that he'd been kidnapped in the end though, and that he was medicating himself and taking care of his own injuries and everyone was horrified. I remember that later in the fic it came out that Tony had some serious illness which had required him to recuperate somewhere out of New York, and that while he'd been healing, he'd built and designed Jarvis. There was also some sort of code-word between Tony, Happy and Jarvis, where they used it to point out something important, in front of the rest of the team. I remember that Jarvis mentioned he didn't trust Rhodey, even though Tony had forgiven him, because he'd never forget the suit stealing incident. I remember it being heart-breaking, and very well written. I hope someone knows what I'm talking about!
--> Are there any fics in which Tony is more cautious, and more serious than he's portrayed in fandom? Like fics where everyone who spends any time with him can tell that his TV personna is a personality only, and that he doesn't talk when he doesn't need to, and doesn't spend any time with the people he doesn't need to see, and that he's actually just working all the time. Any fic in which people genuinely respect Tony, and I'm not just talking about the Team. Like other people. His board, his business partners, people who work for him, because he's a good boss. They work hard and he takes care of them. Am I making sense?

I hope you guys can help me! I'm losing my mind here! Thanks in advance!

[identity profile] dragon1521.livejournal.com
I love first meeting stories and I'm looking for any good Pepper/Tony or Rhodey/Tony first meeting stories.

Also if there are good outsider POV stories about the avengers, either the whole team, part of the team, or individual team members

Thanks in advance.
[identity profile] mcm-who.livejournal.com

I'm looking for two different but similar types of stories.

Type 1) I've seen some and love stories were Tony knows Tasha is a spy in IM2 and tells her that sometime after the avengers movie. I've seen these fics, I love them (Please rec more!), but it's not what I'm looking for now. I would really like read a fic where it's Pepper who comments it to Natasha that they knew.

Don't really care about the pairing, les, bi, slash 3some, moresome, don't care, just not PepperNat.

Type 2) In IM2 after Monaco, when Rhody comes by, and asks for Tony, Pepper sends him down and Natasha looks kind of surprised that Rhody gets access to Tony. I was wondering if someone could point me in a direction for a story where something similar is happening. But where Rhody gets access, the team doesn't.

Thanks for anything found really



Feb. 14th, 2013 04:34 pm
[identity profile] tymae43va.livejournal.com
heyyyyyy.... i was wonderin if someone could help me find some type of fics that i've been looking for? its not long i promise! XD!

1. Any fic where steve and tony have a horrible, crazy argument no matter what it is about. either tony did something reckless or steve keeps bringing up howard, ANYTHING. i would like if the argument ended up with guilty feelings on either side and they realise they like the other and *BOOM* smut, but hey, anything will be great.

2. any protective hulk fics, where hulk is really worried about any team mate. but i'd perfer tony/clint.

3. any fics with the avengers meeting rhodey, and realising tony had a life outside them besides the avengers and his lab. i just feel to many stories focus on that without thinking ' hey, this dude wasent always an avenger, what about his other life he had before?'so any type of story like that is good too.

and WOW, this was way longer than i intended but whatever. any help is appreciated! thank you! :)

[identity profile] obsessionality.livejournal.com
Hey everyone!

I'm looking for fics in which Tony isn't as "happy" as he's portrayed in fics and the movies. As in, okay, everyone knows that he's not actually happy, and that he's had a really bad past, and he's broken in so many ways, just as badly as anyone else on the team. Just because he went through a different type of torture to Clint and Natasha doesn't mean it was any less devastating. But I think people on the team, and in SHIELD forget it because he's so lighthearted and "happy" all the time, and it's difficult to imagine him having a past even comparable to the rest of the Avengers, who are darker, and more somber.

I'm looking for fics in which something happens and Tony shows his anger, and his darkness. And I want the others to be surprised. I want him to be angry, and cold, and dark, and absolutely nothing like the Tony Stark we (they) know. And then the others realise that it's a mask, and a lie, and that they've been underestimating him all this while. And maybe Tony will realise that he's slipped and he'll pull his mask back on, or something.

Okay, maybe too specific, but I'm essentially looking for fics in which Tony is covering his darker nature and temperment and it slips one day, and the others realise they've been duped all this while.

Anyone? I really hope I'm not blathering on, but. Yeah. I'm good with most pairings but for these kinds of fics I love Tony/Loki.

Thanks in advance!

Lady Merlin
[identity profile] obsessionality.livejournal.com
Hey everyone!

I'm looking for fics which detail the absolute f*cking disaster NYC must have been, after the movie. Injured civillians, injured agents, soldiers, devastated infrastructure, devastated everything. Most fics mention it, but shoot straight past it. I don't think it would have been that easy.

Give me something that shows just how shocking the destruction would have been. Something that details the loss of life, and the overflowing hospitals, and the overworked doctors, and somehow there's nothing much the avengers can do. Maybe tony can help with tech, or donate money or space, but nothing hands on, and nothing anyone else can do. Something that details the rebuilding of life for the common person, you know?

I don't care what pairing but I'm good with anything, I'm good with gen.

Thanks in advance!



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