May. 10th, 2016

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Hey guys,
Read a fic a while back but cant never find it. It went something like avengers called out, Loki had opened a portal and there where bilgesnipe coming out, so avengers got them back in and right before the portal closed one fell from the sky landing on Tony who had his helmet off and he gets a concussion.

also if anyone ones of a fic dealing with a concussed Tony so something like that would be great.
Thanks guys ye are the best.

Jerk Steve

May. 10th, 2016 06:20 pm
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I really, really need an outlet for my Steve hate that was only fed by CA:CW...

So please, please give me stories where Steve is a jerk, self-righteous, off the track, selfish or a bully and - this is important - has to face the consequences!
May it that he is kicked from the team, loses the friendship of the others (or of some), a dress down from Fury (Coulsen), on probation or whatever. But please no happy ending for Steve!

Thank you!
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What I remember of it:
It was either two fics or two chapters.
In the first one, post 'Avengers', Loki was taken back to Asgard, and by mistake locked in a dungeon that had already been ocupied - by a vampire. Apparently the creature had been locked up for so long, that nobody remembered it's there.
Naturally, Loki got attacked and turned, escaped, and came to Stark Tower looking for Tony's blood.
He got it.
Then something happened (don't remember what exactly) and Loki left in a hurry, leaving Tony injured but alive.

In the second one, Loki returned to Tony, but this time to talk, or possibly thank him? Because Tony's blood did something beneficial for him? I'm really vague on the details there.

Does that sound familiar to anyone? I tried searching for vampire!loki on ao3, and google for various word combinations, but got no results.

I'd appreciate any help, it wasn't a long fic, but the vauge memories of it are eating at my brain like a zombie. :(


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