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I remember reading these ages ago but I can't find them in my bookmarks or history. I'm pretty sure I read them at AO3.

1. The first fic is where Widow has family (a younger sister, maybe) living in NYC. A mob guy wonders why this one house/business isn't paying protection and they are told because it is the family of the Black Widow. I think that Bucky looked out for them on occasion too (or maybe they were Bucky's family instead and it was Widow looking out for them. Either is possible. And Soldier might have had something of a cameo in the story as well.) I do remember reading it before the WS movie came out and I'm almost positive it was complete and not part of a series but that's all.

2. FOUND!! (Link in comments.) Dummy lifts Mjolnir. Somehow Thor leaves Mjolnir in Tony's lab and the bots are left alone. When the bots are attacked in the lab, Dummy manages to lift Mjolnir and use it to protect the other bots.

3. FOUND!! (Link in comments.) Thor brings the W4 to visit the Avengers. He tries to set Sif up with Steve but Steve seems to be clueless. Sif gets angry with Thor about setting her up as a joke and asks if Steve has taken a vow of celibacy (or something like that); they finally decide that Steve is just extremely shy (sort-of like Balder, iirc.) Sif and the W3 are pretty decent too, which is a nice change.

Thanks in advance!
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Hey y'all. I am really looking for some good fics where you get to see Tony really being a genius. I would love it if those could also include the team being amazed by something Tony is doing or thinking or creating. Could be something like Tony being a polyglot and surprising Natasha by speaking Russian or something, or him solving complex problems in a few seconds, or building something amazing, the team seeing him working in the lab for the first time etc. I remember a fic where Tony meets Charles from the X-Men for the first time and Charles is unable to read his mind because he is thinking about too many things at once and thinking so fast that that cannot get a grip on his thoughts. Anything like this I would really appreciate!
I'm not picky at all over pairings or other tags, so go wild. THANK YOU!!!!!
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hi looking for Tony fics with any of the following, Sleep Derived, exhausted Tony
Hurt, Non con.
Reckless Putting is life in danger
sick Tony
Tony with concussion
Tony centric domestic avengers

Also trying to find these to any hel would be great,

Read a fic before and can never seem to find it, it was about Tony have a bad concussion, sorry to be so vague, dont remember the details but just remember loving the fic

2. the other fic im looking for when something like it was after a battle and a exhausted Tony is trying to stitch himself u but falls asleep or Passes out. Steve comes down and finds him calls Bruce they stitch him u and i remember Bruce gives Tony a sleeping Pill. i remember Tony saying Bruce gave him something big and blue and sleepy.

Thanks guy, only recently joined this community but love it, you guys are awesome
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I have a feeling this is a small part of a longer fic, but the only bit I can remember is that Tony gives Steve a little robot that is... defective somehow? Doesn't do what it is meant to? I think it has a female name, or they refer to it as being female, and is very sweet. Mostly I remember the cuteness of Steve interacting with this little robot! Any ideas?
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I jsut read a story where Tony is hurt that the team forgot his birthday and at the end JARVIS threatens a bit of payback of they forget again next year.  (Search the AO3 archives 6-2-15 to find it.)  That got me wondering if there were any stories where JARVIS actually did get vengeful against the team for hurting Tony, not so much physically (that too), but hurt his feelings by dissing him or leaving him out of a team outing or just ignoring him when he tries to do something special for them.  I've read stories where they treat him badly (any new ones welcome here BTW), but what I'm looking for now is where JARVIS and/or Dummy, You, and Butterfingers step up to protect their 'daddy' from any further hurt.
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Looking for yet another fic where I can only remember a tiny scene from it:

Tony had made something for Clint, possibly arrowheads, and was giving them to him while talking with Steve & Natasha. They ask/tease why he doesn't give Natasha any presents and he replies that he doesn't make/give people things they can use to kill him. Natasha tells him that she can use anything he gives her to kill him, to which he fires back 'exactly!', although they're both being good-natured about it. Later on I think he upgrades her Widow's bites for her?

It was on Ao3, and possibly part of a long fic.

9/9/15 edit: Found it, Honey, I can see the stars
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I'm relatively new to LJ, but wondering if anyone can help me out. Looking for a fic I read a while back about how no one else can pilot the Iron Man armor like Tony, because his mind doesn't work like anyone else's. His HUD displays twice as much information as Rhodey keeps displayed with War Machine, and he can absorb and keep track of it all, where anyone else would be baffled. I think I remember either Rhodey or Pepper explaining this to someone else, maybe another member of the Avengers? Anyway, hopefully someone knows where it might be found!


May. 2nd, 2015 09:19 pm
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Do you guys have any Tony/Bucky (post Winter Soldier) fics that you could rec?  I'm in the middle of one where Bucky takes care of Tony as way to repay killing Howard, but I would like more!

Um, specifically, and maybe a bit off topic, I'm looking for a type of fic where non-person Asset!Winter Soldier has decided that Tony Stark is the best person to give him maintenance and he treats Tony as a handler or superior or something.  I'd like to post this somewhere like avengerskink or something, but it looks like no one has updated that site since January.  (I'm sure there are people who still post and read but it seems to have slowed down considerably)  So if anyone knows any other memes out there that this would go on, that would be great.  (probably not Hydra trash party?)

Alternately any of your favorite non-person Winter Soldier fics.  I got hooked on "This You Protect" and now I want ALL the Asset!Bucky fic.
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I'm looking for a few recs, and one specific fic.

The first one is a fic set after Iron Man 3, where Dummy and U are rescued from the water and a Shield Agent (I think), spends time with them and talks to them until Tony can come get them. At first she thinks it's stupid that she's supposed to guard these broken robots, but eventually figures out that they are more emotional than most robots. Tony thanks her for not leaving them alone.

Secondly, I've been in a bit of a Tony!Whump mood, and I was hoping for recs that dealt with the immediate aftermath of Afghanistan, when Rhodey found him.

Thirdly, are there any good fic dealing with any of the Avengers or any outsider POV of the events of Iron man 3? Especially dealing with the attack on the mansion and Tony being presumed dead?
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So I've been searching through posts here looking for a fic that I found here not very long ago but I can't seem to find. The gist of the story I remember it was an AU where (1) Steve's a serial killer who seemingly goes after big wig bad guys and Tony did something that makes him or Rhodey believe that the killer will be coming after Tony next only instead of the killing kinda coming after Tony the killer starts leaving Tony some kinda gifts on his bed or in places without anyone really seeing it or something. -EDIT FOUND: Hiding Masks

#2 Found: What You Believe: One by one the Avengers seem to be turning on Tony, until he is isolated and alone, with no one left he can trust. Unsure what to believe anymore, betrayal seems to lurk around every corner. When he resolves to confront them, can anyone stand between him and what seems to be the inevitable destruction of the Avengers? Or is it already too late?

One last one, is a sort of AU but not really. (3) It was something about the team minus Tony getting kidnapped as bait to get Tony and when Tony showed up he was lacking the suit and there was some banter exchanged between Tony and the kidnappers. Tony also brought along some sort of tiny robots that wound up badly injuring/killing the kidnappers and then SHIELD showed up getting on Tony's case for not waiting for them to get there and Tony replied with something about running outta topics or something. I know there are a few stories that are almost the same but none of them have the killing robots and that was that part that stuck out the most in my mind so yeah if anyone can help with that one? -EDIT FOUND: Picture Perfect chapter 5

I've been searching for all three of these and I have no idea why I never bookmarked them when I had the chance and would love to be able to find them and read them again so maybe they would stop popping into my mind whilst I'm in the midst of reading other stories. Thanks!
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Ok so the trailer and sneak peak at avengers2 was AWESOME and i was wondering if anybody made some fics off it. Thought this would be easier then just searching. Key points i picked up from it was Avengers Tower, steve almost lifted Mjolnir, something about ballet which probably links to natasha, and the broken shield. And of course the twins. So... yeah. Anyone read anything good?
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Hey does anyone know of any fics where Tonys bots are turned into kids? I just finished reading Tales of the bots by scifigrl47 and i loved it so...
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Im pretty sure the story was on ao3 and focused on the build-up relationship between Tony and Steve. At some point they get into a fight about Tony buying expensive gifts or spending money on Steve and Tony points out that the robot he built cost more than anything else he was given.
FOUND: Semaphore by DevilDoll

On that note, still looking for any stories about Tony building cool tools or gadgets for himself/the team?


Feb. 4th, 2014 09:10 pm
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I need help finding this fanfic because it is driving me crazy!!!!!
All I can remember is that it started out with Tony complaining that none of his past sexual partners could push him as far as he wanted to go. Jarvis catologes this, and later fulfills Tony's desires. He sneakily binds Tony up with cables (tentacles? I don't remember what they were called) and then penetrates him with other tentacles. Also, at some point, Jarvis pulls up a screen so Tony can watch himself get f*cked. I think there is some kind of dirty talk, but not sure.
Please help and if you can't find it, post recs for similar fics.
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Hi All!

I'm looking for a specific fic that has Clint targeting Tony's robots. Tony keeps making these weird little robots and Clint, who thinks they are all going to go evil, keeps using them for target practice and keeps hurting them, not realizing that they are aware and can feel it. I think there was an element of Tony/Steve and Clint/Coulson, but I'm not 100% positive. I think there might have been a little Dummy named Baby that follows Steve around, but I could be mixing two fics up. Thanks for any assistance!
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What are your favorite Save the Bots! fics? Also, are there any "How does Tony work with the Avengers after he's blown up the suits, and how does Pepper feel about that?" fics?
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Hello everyone!

Today, I'm on the hunt for any fic that you have which would have Professor Charles Xavier and our beloved Tony Stark interacting. I mean, in any significant way. Fics where there are throw-away references to the x-men make me chuckle, but I'm looking for fics in which Tony and Charles know each other, whether they are good friends or whether they know each other more biblically.

I'll take pretty much any pairing because Tony is my fandom bicycle, but I'm partial to slash of the Tony/Loki, Tony/Bruce, Tony/Steve, though I'll also accept Tony/Pepper because I love Pepper. But I'd hate to break up Charles/Erik, which is another OTP of mine. I'll even take Gen, I don't mind. I don't mind whether Tony is a mutant, or whether he knows Charles from the schmoozing circles of the New York rich and famous, or whether Charles tried to stop Howard's abuse. Seriously, I'll take whatever.

My aim in this search is to have the team find out that actually, Tony's got a life outside SI and the Avengers, and that that life is actually pretty awesome. Even if it's fics about the people Tony Stark knows, or something. I'm on my knees. I have a BURNING NEED.

Thanks in advance all you lovely people!

Lady Merlin
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Im looking for five types of fic.

1. Something that deals with the fact that by definition Tony is a cyborg.

2. Any and All superpowered/more than human tony fics along the line of these http://avengers-search.livejournal.com/168964.html or him just having a really unexpected skill like actually being able to use the piano in his malibu house.

3. Something that addresses the fact that Yinsen must have been just as smart as Tony in order for the Arc Reactor operation not to have killed him.

4. Tony being really good at manipulating the media and the avengers being impressed.

5. Where Loki became a lawyer or a white collar criminal.
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Hello lovely people! My first post here, so I hope I am being kosher, feel free to let me know if not. Okay, IF you haven't seen BSG all the way through, there are SPOILERS for some of the Cylon and Final Five themes!!!

I've become a bit obsessed with Tony Stark as a robot/human hybrid from the other posts on this site, which were fabulous. After reading similar works by Del_Rion @ao3, including the Matrix crossover, I got this idea in my head that a Battlestar Galactica 2004 crossover might exist somewhere. Slash, Gen, Canon, whatever is fine by me! Even not in BSG verse, other fics with these themes.

Specifically with Tony as a Cylon or Cylon Hybrid (the ones that are in a pool directly connected to the ships and other cylons, and talk like Oracles and are scary smart and all-knowing ;) perhaps even similar to the Final Five or what happens to Sam's head in the end?

Basically, i really want to find a scene where Tony is hooked up to any mainframe and spouting computer-ese that makes sense to him and confuses the non-techno Avengers ;)
If anything is out there even minutely similar to this idea (like Extremis!Tony), please send me a link or point me in the direction! Thank you!
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Hey, so I've posted on here once before and you lot were all so incredibly helpful so I'm posting again! ;)

Okay, this is going to sound strange (stranger than my last post and that was all over the place!) but I was wondering if there were any fics with robot!Tony... or something equivalent to that? I recently read My Greatest Creation by BatNeko: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8995603/1/My-Greatest-Creation which has made me craving some awesome robot fics! But also, on a side note, if you have any non-human!Tony I wouldn't mind that either, but as that was kinda like my last post and I got amazing responses to that already, so... I don't know ;)

Um, also I'm looking for a fic... I don't know what it was called but it featured Tony being able to see wings? No one else could, but Tony could feel them and he had to make his own clothes (?) because otherwise he had to cut slits out of them (or something). I also remember this scene where Tony finds out Coulson (who could also see wings) thought he was a sociopath because his wings didn't show emotion as Tony had learnt to control it....
It was Tont/Steve and I think Tony was a virgin? I have no clue, but it was an awesome fic so I really want to read it again! :)

Any help for either of those things would totally rock and I would love you forever! <3 xx

Oh yay! Fic found, link in comments!!
Fic recs still forever welcomed :D

The Bots

May. 13th, 2013 06:12 pm
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I'm looking for fics that feature Tony's bots (Dummy, You, and Butterfingers). I really need bot-fic after seeing the last movie. Thank you.
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So, I'm just back from Iron Man 3, and NO SPOILERS but I have a lot of robot feelings.

Can I get some fics about Tony's robots? Jarvis, Dummy, U, Butterfingers--I love them all! Let's share the robot love.

tony fic

May. 4th, 2013 10:18 pm
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i need help looking for a fic.   what i can remember is tony comes up from hs lab and finds the team 'hurting' his appliences. i think it was because they wern't working and when tony walks in they all rush to get him stuff. i think they were all au's with names.                                             any help would be apreciated. :)
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Looking for a story and couldn't find it on the bots tag here. If there's a pairing it's almost certainly Steve/Tony, and the important detail is that Tony builds a bunch of new little robots, one of which is a girlbot who's named Short Stuff. Thanks for any help!
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I can't remember anything about this fic save that at one point Clint kept shooting at these housekeeper/cleaning bots. Eventually--after Tony gets righteously pissed--Clint notices his place is getting pretty filthy. Come to find out the bots are too afraid to go near him or his area in order to clean it.

All help appreciated. Thanks!
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I'll be moving upstate in a few days and would really appreciate some fic recs to dump on my ereader! I'm looking primarily for stories that are epic in length, 50k words at least. Most of my reading so far has been in the Thor/Loki part of the fandom, but I'm branching out to Loki/Tony a bit as well. Completed fics are preferred, but active WIP are very welcome as well!

I tend towards slash fics, but am open towards het pairings or OT3+ pairings as well. Slow buildup for romance is great, although fics that deal with already established relationships are also good. Lots of drama! High tension! But also some comedy or fluff to balance it out. (Pretty much anything by scifigirl47 for example. XD ) I like fics that can hit a range of tone but still come together coherently.

I am an absolute stupid sucker for the following: jotun!Loki, competant!Thor, Tony being a smartass, Clint living in vents, Pepper being awesome, Avengers family feels, Tony's robots, space pirates (I blame Bend Around the Wind for that), Norse mythology ala Asgard, mythology remixes, putting the "universe" in MCU, exploring Jotenheim, exploring Jotuns, intersex!Jotuns, Loki getting 'redeemed' but still being a snarky little morally gray bastard, arranged marriage, the Avengers going from a team to a family, Natasha keeping her cool while everyone else loses their shit, etc.

Death!fics and heavy angst fics I have to take on a case by case basis. I can get immense satisfaction out of fics that put me through the emotional wringer, but don't enjoy stuff that makes me feel like I'm getting punished for reading it.

tl;dr : Moving, need long fics, so what's your favorite pairing/trope and what would you call its must read epics?

(FLAG [Fanfiction Lightweight Automated Grabber) is pretty damned awesome for folks trying to download from fanfiction.net and a tidy handful of other websites! )
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So at the end of the movie, Tony and Pepper are looking at the floor plans for what looks like an Avengers headquarters. Most likely in Stark Tower. Are there any good fics out there about how all of the Avengers come to live in Stark Tower (or Stark Mansion, or any of Tony's other properties)? I imagine that the process of inviting the whole team to live there would be interesting. I'd also love any fics about how they all settle in to life with each other, Pepper, and JARVIS.
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Hi! I've recently lost a fic, and could really use help finding it as it is one of the best I've ever read. It is basiclly a fic about JARVIS and his creation and learning. It makes several mentions of how important Tony is to him and how much Tony trusts him. There is also refrences to Skynet and other fictional AI's gone wrong. If I remember correctly people (the Avengers or maybe SHIELD) find out and are creeped out.....but that may be another fic.

[identity profile] shimering2.livejournal.com

I've been trying to find this one fic but I haven't had any luck.

Basically Tony made house keeping robots for each of the Avenger's room/floor. But because they're so well designed, they're quiet enough to even sneak up on Clint which doesn't rub well with him since his line of work relies on his ability to detect people/things before they sneak up on him. So he is untrustful of the two cleaning robots and retaliates by treating them badly. Tony finally took them off his floor and eventually Clint apologises to the two robots and they go back to cleaning up his room. I think Clint even names them? I remember that near the end the two robots even "attacked" Tony to prevent him from waking up a sleeping Clint after he came back from a very exhausting mission.

Please help.

Thank you!

Edit: Found!
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Hey everyone!

I'm looking for fics which detail the absolute f*cking disaster NYC must have been, after the movie. Injured civillians, injured agents, soldiers, devastated infrastructure, devastated everything. Most fics mention it, but shoot straight past it. I don't think it would have been that easy.

Give me something that shows just how shocking the destruction would have been. Something that details the loss of life, and the overflowing hospitals, and the overworked doctors, and somehow there's nothing much the avengers can do. Maybe tony can help with tech, or donate money or space, but nothing hands on, and nothing anyone else can do. Something that details the rebuilding of life for the common person, you know?

I don't care what pairing but I'm good with anything, I'm good with gen.

Thanks in advance!

[identity profile] dannyboi621.livejournal.com
The fic I'm remembering might have been a Bruce/Steve/Tony, but I'm not sure.  The main thing I remember is Bruce and Steve talking, and Steve mentions or thinks about still being in awe of the two of them, and Bruce points out Steve could go back to school that the serum had enhanced his brain too.  Also, there was a point when Bruce goes on about just how advanced JARVIS is, and how JARVIS can visualize things the way he does because Tony can, and about how brilliant Tony really is.
[identity profile] obsessionality.livejournal.com

Hiya everyone!

Today I'm looking for fics involving a very focused Tony. Objectively, we know the man is a genus. He's not just the owner of his father's company, but is the one who actually did something with it. He's probably very focused, and determined, especially when it comes to science and engineering.

So these would be fics in which people find it's actually very hard to get his attention when he's working on something, because of how into it he gets. Possibly also see the fruits of his labour, so it doesn't look like the things he gives the avengers are just toys designed by his faceless minions.

I'd also like it Tony manages to wow people with an actual display of his intelligence. Dropping into technical lingo unintentionally, keeping up with other scientists, maintaining a complete conversation with Bruce Banner in a language which only sounds like English but isn’t – that kind of thing.

Give me an intellectual hard on, essentially. I have a massive thing for smart talk, and people being highly intelligent, and unconsciously so, so it doesn’t feel like showing off. Like he loves science first and foremost.

I’m good with Bruce/Tony and Tony/Steve, but for the purposes of this search I think the former is more relevant.

Am I making sense? I hope so!

Thanks in advance,


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I read this fic sometime since June, but I don't know when it was written.

Steve is not living at the mansion (or possibly the tower) for whatever reason, and someone comes to him where he is staying and tells him he has to come back, because there are tiny robots all over the tower (or maybe the mansion).

Tony misses Steve and is compensating by tinkering and has randomly created a teeny tiny robot that he designates as female and which then becomes Steve's friend and hangs out in his room while he is Making Art.

I tried googling various strings of key words, and although I did come up with a couple of new gems that I hadn't read yet, I did not find this one. Also, I need an Avengers icon, apparently.


Sep. 19th, 2012 12:18 pm
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Tony created Dummy when he was drunk, and he said: "I don't want to be alone anymore." It was one of the first things Dummy heard and so he rewrote his coding until that was his number one duty. His creator was never supposed to be alone. And every time Tony would give him upgrades, Dummy would manipulate the coding so his primary function wasn't damaged.

JARVIS kept trying to explain things to Dummy but it didn't always work. After Tony was kidnapped, Dummy eventually just stopped working.

Steve would come down to the lab and hang out and draw. Steve really got along with Dummy, and I think either taught him how to shake hands or high five. One time Steve spilled all of his colored pencils and Dummy started to pick them up one by one. Tony bought Steve a bunch of colored pencils from a school, because Steve wanted a specific shade of blue (it matches Tony's Arc Reactor) Dummy also made a smoothie for Steve, and Tony tackled him because he didn't know what was in it.

Any ideas?
[identity profile] magiccats.livejournal.com

I'm trying to find a fic that I think is on AO3. The only thing I can really remember from it is that Tony built Steve a robot to spar with and it broke Steve's jaw. Also, if I recall correctly, Tony's robots featured heavily.

Found: take your time (coming home)


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