May. 21st, 2016

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I remember reading these ages ago but I can't find them in my bookmarks or history. I'm pretty sure I read them at AO3.

1. The first fic is where Widow has family (a younger sister, maybe) living in NYC. A mob guy wonders why this one house/business isn't paying protection and they are told because it is the family of the Black Widow. I think that Bucky looked out for them on occasion too (or maybe they were Bucky's family instead and it was Widow looking out for them. Either is possible. And Soldier might have had something of a cameo in the story as well.) I do remember reading it before the WS movie came out and I'm almost positive it was complete and not part of a series but that's all.

2. FOUND!! (Link in comments.) Dummy lifts Mjolnir. Somehow Thor leaves Mjolnir in Tony's lab and the bots are left alone. When the bots are attacked in the lab, Dummy manages to lift Mjolnir and use it to protect the other bots.

3. FOUND!! (Link in comments.) Thor brings the W4 to visit the Avengers. He tries to set Sif up with Steve but Steve seems to be clueless. Sif gets angry with Thor about setting her up as a joke and asks if Steve has taken a vow of celibacy (or something like that); they finally decide that Steve is just extremely shy (sort-of like Balder, iirc.) Sif and the W3 are pretty decent too, which is a nice change.

Thanks in advance!
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Okay, so the first one is where Steve and Tony don't get along but Captain America and Iron Man do. Its not secret identity, they just get along when they are fighting the bad guys.

The second one is where the Avengers all watch 'Buffy' and Tony doesn't know how Steve is gong to react to Willow and Tara's relationship. I remember that Steve got upset when Tara died.

Any help would be great!!!
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I'm looking for a Helen Cho/Natasha fic. I don't remember much of the plot, only that it was fluffy and sweet.

I'm also looking for any Natasha/Sam stories where they are the focus of the story.
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Do you know any fics where the Young Avengers end up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? I don't mean a fusion fic, where the characters always lived in that universe, but fics where the YA team literally get dumped in the MCU from the comic universe. I've already read "Some Assembly Required", and the other fics in that series.
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I am looking for fics where one of them is not in SHIELD. No preference as to who is and who isn't. No BDSM please. Long or short. Tony being stopped from 'Spilling the beans' would be great!
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Hey guys, I need help! I'm looking for a fic where Bucky is huddled next to the Avengers tower and Tony finds him.


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