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Hello all! I've been looking for a story and I'm beginning to think I'm mushing two together. What I remeber is: Steve and Sharon are together. Steve disappears through a portal or rift, etc. Sharon finds out she's pregnant and tells Tony she has no interest in raising the baby. Tony adopts her. Steve comes back 5, 10 years later and Tony panics that Steve will want to take the little girl.

Any ideas? Is this one story or actually two?

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So I've been told the whole "Ross is the villain and threatens Tony to get Cap out" are becoming common these days. Problem is I don't have the time to check through Lj sites or AO3 to find those ones. I search for those for a small time on occasions, but can't seem to find them. Might be that I'm too sleepy at the time to fully process what I'm reading.

So I just want to read as many "Tony-mpreg stories with Ross as a villain out to get Cap through Tony" fics as I can get. Feel free to rec non-mpreg stories, too. I don't mind them as long as Ross is the villian and is using an unwilling or willing Tony to get Cap out of hiding.

I'll read any version of the marvel universe, MCU, earth 616, anything. I guess this may seem like an obvious stony fic request, but I can take any additonal pairings and gen fics.
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So I finally got 'round to watching Civil War and it gave me a LOT of Tony/Rhodey feels... so I'm looking for

- 5+1 type fics where 5 times Rhodey takes care of Tony n one time Tony care of Rhodey
- Tony n Rhodey as parents
And last but not least
- Tony being really possessive of Rhodey (Give me back my Rhodey)

I'd prefer bottom/sub!Tony but it's fine either way.

P.S. any other Tony/Rhodey long fic recs are good too :D
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Hi there!

I lost this story and I really would like to reread it.

Harry was Tonys son, (I think he discovered it when he read some letters of his mother?) and for some reason he had to become a american citizen (some thread because of the MoM?).
Anyway, because it would last some time if he only contacted the american ministry he got in contact with Tony so that Tony would get his custody.

I remember clearly that Harry had a lawyer with him and that he declared that there was no interest in Tonys money because Harry is well off himself.
- I'm fairly sure that it was on ao3
- it was after the Battle of Hogwarts
- I think Tony did not know about magic (maybe later, but maybe I'm mixing stories together)
- I'm not sure if this story was complete

I'm searching for hours and hopefully someone here can help :)

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Hi, I looking for the story where Tony and Steve met their son who come from the future. He was made by Hydra from mix of their DNA. I remember that he spend a lot time with Steve and Tony think that's because in the future he is terrible father.
Steve and Tony were not a couple at the begining but Ithink they were at the end
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I like finding stories of Tony adopting a kid or taking one in or looking after one for some particular reason, but the thing is they've always been kids who were exceptionally bright and/or on the genius level with Tony. It's an on the point way to get Tony and the kid to bond quickly cause they're alike here in their intelligence. Well, I was wondering if there were any fanfics where Tony takes in an average kid who is not a genius or super intelligent? Someone a bit different from Tony, but basically a kid that's not a little Tony in the smarts department. Surely there are some.
Hope you guys can help.
If the other Avengers are there in the story, it's cool.
I prefer non slash stories.
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Hi! I saw this once on this website, but it seems the post beens deleted or something? Anyway, the premise is basically that Tony does everything for the Avengers but they dont realize.

  • it has past mpreg, Tony's daughter's name is Michelle and she lives in the NY mansion, the Avengers dont know about her. He brings her to the tower under the pretense of her doing a school project and that she is the daughter of one of the maids. She is actually the one who asks Tony why they dont say thank you.

  • Steve likes(?) Tony and keeps sleeping with him when he's in heat. Tony thinks he's just, like, stress relief, and eventually ends up getting a collar-type thing to protect his neck from Steve accidentally biting him (like mating bite or something)

  • the collar, i know, is made of leather and has symbols on it, of a rattle (for michelle) and steve's shield

  • Tony cooks all their breakfasts, he knows what everyone likes and makes pancakes often, and only eats the first, burnt pancake. he always eats smaller portions than everyone else.

  • some of the other avengers try cooking instead, and tony gets upset that everyone has the wrong meal and that someone else got the burnt pancake and was saying things about how the other person didnt deserve to have the bad pancake

its just a lot of insecurity and sad but if anyone knows what this is, i would be v grateful!

thanks! -Elsa
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I'm pretty certain this fic is (was?) on AO3, but for whatever reason I can't find it. Basically, Tony and Darcy act like they're father and daughter, even though they know they're not related, because they like it. I think it starts with a joke that spirals into something bigger and eventual father/daughter happiness, though I'm pretty sure that only Darcy and Tony know that they're not biologically related and that they let everyone else think that they are. I know that's not a ton to go on, but if I remember correctly, it was a pretty short fic. I would be really grateful if anyone has any idea about the title/author/location of this fic
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Two of my very favorite series are Family by f_romanoff_13 and love is for children by ysabetwordsmith. Now im looking for some really good family fics. The avengers having kids im fine with as long as they arent peter parker. I dont really like loki to be in them, though i once read a really good thorki kid one so i guess it doesnt matter. The avengers simply coming together as a great eam and family to each other (especially since none of them had a good one growing up) would be great as well. Or if they were all kids in an au. Ive read fury is father coulson is father orphans foster homes all of it is good. Ill also take deaged because another by f_romanoff_13 was them deaged and it was really good because they all became really close. Thanks in advance!
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HI all,
I'm looking for a fic where Tony was an omega, I think, and he mated with Yinsen in Afghanistan and became pregnant. Yinsen still died, but Tony is left to raise their daughter, who he names Gulmira. After the battle of New York the Avengers are all very shocked when they get to the penthouse and a little girl named Mira is hugging Tony. Anyone?
Thanks : )
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Hey ficfinders,

I'm back again, so soon! XD

I just read the "Kidnapping is a Bad Thing, Tony" series, and LOVED the Harley-and-Tony interaction. Can anyone recommend more fic that concentrates on them having a strong relationship, Tony taking Harley under his wing, family feels, maybe some protectiveness (from either or both).

If those are sparse, some good Tony-and-Peter Parker mentor/mentee family fic would also be welcome. I'm not overly familiar with comic verse though, so anything that strictly requires cannon knowledge is out.

All ratings, warnings and slash are ok, though if het is included it shouldn't be the focus.

Thanks in advance, friends!
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Okay! I'm looking for a fic where Tony adopts a baby Loki who apparently fell from the sky. (This happens before the Avengers Movie.)

I'm really sorry, I don't remember much at all about it, but I remember this one specific thing: Baby!Loki was drooling on the Iron Man helmet and Tony said, "Baby, don't do that, that goes on Daddy's head."

I know it's not very much at all to work on, but please please please if anyone knows the story I'm talking about, It would be very much appreciated!   ^-^

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Looking for Tony/Loki fics with pregnant!Tony. Can be either mpreg, or female!Tony getting pregnant. It doesn't even have to be the main focus of the fic. I just want more Mama!Tony because preggers!loki seems a much more common trope in Frostiron fandom. Any recs or self-recs are greatly appreciated!
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Hi all,

Looking for this for ages: Tony has a kid with autism (or maybe Aspergers?) who he loves but doesn't live with him. The kid lives with caretakers and Tony visits him often. The story has a chapter with each avenger meeting/interacting with the kid.
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Anyone have any recs out there for fics where Darcy is Tony's daughter? I've already checked the tag on AO3, as well as the previous search for these kids of fics. I'd especially prefer fics where the rest of the Avengers don't know but then find out.

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Okay so this fic is driving me insane, really. Loki and Tony are in a secret relationship and Tony gets pregnant, but before any of them knows of it Loki leaves. Then the symptoms start and Tony goes to Bruce to find out whats wrong with him and then Thor finds out and leaves to find Loki. Tony goes into labor and loses a lot of blood and almost dies.  Just in that moment Thor and Loki arrive and Loki is terrified because he doesn't know whats happening  I know it sounds a lot like Getting Attached by Sinlesschick6 but it's not that one. I'm sure about the giving birth and almost diying part. And i can't find it. Please help.

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Hey there,

Anyone have any recs for fics that have Tony being good with kids? I'd particularly like it if he is unexpectedly good with them, as in the rest of the Avengers/whoever expect him to be terrible.

Also, anyone have any good recs for de-aged Avengers? I'd prefer it involving Tony and/or Steve, individually or with the rest of the team.

For all of the above gen or Steve/Tony would be ideal, but I'll take anything. Thanks!
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Im looking for a story that I read years ago. It was a series. It was not quite a Pretender crossover, but the stories used from the show's themes  heavily.

  1. Clint used to be a Pretender

  2. they find the center and somehow tony ends up with all the kids

  3. he buys them a farm house

  4. they go shopping in Macy's everyone keeps thinking that tony is going to further fuck up the kids but he does great,

  5. Clint realizes that he worked through tony's kidnapping as a kid when he was a pretender,

  6. a lot of the kids were genetically Steve,

  7. Steve found out that tony was a twin i think but the twin dies of blue baby. .

  8. It is MCU verse

  9. It is not the one with the little girl clone of steve's that they name Maria after the civil war.

  10. It was posted on Archive of our own

I have very specific memories of a few scenes  but no memory of the actual plot. Any help would be awesome.
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Hey y'all! Okay, so I know I am going to spectacularly fail at this; I am new to this community and this is my first post, so please be nice to me!! :)

Okay, well I hope you guys can help me: I'm looking for fics which are mostly Tony-centric, with him being majorly underestimated... Like, he is secretly kick-ass, but people don't know/realize because they can't get past arragant exteria...
I would also like Tony with powers, or awesome abilities of some sort... maybe Extremis!Tony, Mutant!Tony, Assassin!Tony, Hacker!Tony, Doctor!Tony... Basically anything like that!! I have to say I do like angst, but I don't mind either way.
I know this all sounds super vague, but it would be awesome if any of you guys could help me out!

I don't mind gen or het but I do lean more towards slash... ;)

Thank you!!

Okay, late edit but I literally just figured out how to!! Many MANY thanks for all the incredibly awesome responses, I am still feeling slightly overwhelmed by the sheer awesomeness of it all, you guys rock!!
More fic recs are still forever welcomed, and I'm changing my search criteria to be a little more specific, to non-human!Tony or at least complete BAMF!Tony!! ;) Many thanks all you awesome people; much love!
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I'll be moving upstate in a few days and would really appreciate some fic recs to dump on my ereader! I'm looking primarily for stories that are epic in length, 50k words at least. Most of my reading so far has been in the Thor/Loki part of the fandom, but I'm branching out to Loki/Tony a bit as well. Completed fics are preferred, but active WIP are very welcome as well!

I tend towards slash fics, but am open towards het pairings or OT3+ pairings as well. Slow buildup for romance is great, although fics that deal with already established relationships are also good. Lots of drama! High tension! But also some comedy or fluff to balance it out. (Pretty much anything by scifigirl47 for example. XD ) I like fics that can hit a range of tone but still come together coherently.

I am an absolute stupid sucker for the following: jotun!Loki, competant!Thor, Tony being a smartass, Clint living in vents, Pepper being awesome, Avengers family feels, Tony's robots, space pirates (I blame Bend Around the Wind for that), Norse mythology ala Asgard, mythology remixes, putting the "universe" in MCU, exploring Jotenheim, exploring Jotuns, intersex!Jotuns, Loki getting 'redeemed' but still being a snarky little morally gray bastard, arranged marriage, the Avengers going from a team to a family, Natasha keeping her cool while everyone else loses their shit, etc.

Death!fics and heavy angst fics I have to take on a case by case basis. I can get immense satisfaction out of fics that put me through the emotional wringer, but don't enjoy stuff that makes me feel like I'm getting punished for reading it.

tl;dr : Moving, need long fics, so what's your favorite pairing/trope and what would you call its must read epics?

(FLAG [Fanfiction Lightweight Automated Grabber) is pretty damned awesome for folks trying to download from fanfiction.net and a tidy handful of other websites! )
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Hey guys I was wondering if you know any fics that are similar to All That Remains by kijikun or anything that deals with Steve or Tony taking in a child and dealing with the difficulties of parenthood.
Please and Thank You!
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Hey, can anyone help me out? I read this fic a while back about the team looking after a baby I think, and Tony is really good with her (I think the baby was a girl), and they found out he used to have a daughter of his own until she mysteriously died (from what i remember Obadia Stane supposably killed her or something) I have been searching for it for ages but haven't found anything close! It was a really good fic and had a good bit of team!bonding :)

I also remember that The mother of Tony's first child gave their baby to him and left, he kept her even though he was rather young to be looking after her, and Howard didn't want him to keep her. Thats all I remember!
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Hello! I'm looking to be recced any fics where Tony is Darcy's dad. (I keep being told there are a lot of them, and yet I can't find any.) Any pairings with them are fine, and gen is fine too! Thanks!
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I have seen a lot of fics that are Steve/Tony where they are raising or taking care of a child either biologically one of the boys or adopted.  I don't really read Steve/Tony unless it's a really slow build or involves a kid.  I love reading Bruce/Tony but I have never seen one of them with a child and I was wondering do those exist.  And I'll also take any Steve/Tony slow build and/or with a child and all the slow building fics you have of Bruce/Tony. 
Thank you.
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Hi everyone, looking for a fic I lost when my computer crashed:

I think it was called "Finders". It was either on avengers kink or norsekink where Loki is deaged to a baby when he lands on earth into Tony's home; Tony adopts him and calls him Clark; Loki doesn't remember who he is but still has magic/is super smart/sometimes turns blue.

Any help is appreciated since I'm going crazy trying to find it.

Found by the awesome mremre! It's Finders Keepers by purplemoon3

Thank you :)
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Hey everyone,

I have two requests! Hope you don't mind.

1)I was reading: Number Cruncher by cauldronofdoom and now I'm really craving stories where the Avengers have "extra" powers. I don't mind if it is a complete AU (where they aren't the Avengers/super heroes). A few examples (but not necessary) Telepathy, werewolves, vampires, psychic... just paranormal aspects that make them even more awesome!

2) Daddy!Tony. I just got done reading: Blind Sight and I was wondering if there are any stories where Tony is a dad. I have read a few where Darcy is his daughter (don't remember their title/author!)... but none else! Please help me.


P.S. Can we get either a Daddy!Tony tag or a Parent!Avenger tag?


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