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I'm looking for a fic. Pretty sure it was on AO3.
Steve and Tony have been captured by some bad guys. While trying to escape, they pick up a gun off one of the lackeys and Steve tries to get Tony to hand it to him, but Tony insists that he has a better shot, which he is, Tony has great aim to Steve's surprise.
There might be a mention of Steve's bad aim in the Avengers movie in the author's notes, iirc.


tony fics

Jun. 27th, 2016 04:35 pm
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I'm looking for Tony-centric fics:

1) Post Civil War complete fics, bonus if it ends well and without stony.

2) Fics where Tony is a pretty good fighter without the armor (can be guns, hand-to-hand, doesn't matter).

3) More difficult: fics where he interract a lot with the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Thank you for your answers.
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Hello there, I am looking for two specific fics and I was hoping this community could help me find them! C:

  • The first fic I'm looking for is basically a groundhog day. It's in Tony's point of view and he figures out he's reliving the invasion over and over again. (Not believing it himself at first, believing it to be a dream, until it happens again.) He wakes up to Jarvis warning him that Pepper is on his way up for a meeting? And that's how it starts the first and second time. Once he figures out that this is actually happenin - and that he's the only one on the team that remembers - he tries to stop clint from becoming mind controlled whilst also trying to save Phil.  In one of the loops he lets New York blow up from the bomb, in another Phil is leading the Alien invasion, etc. He figures out that Loki also remembers the time loops and they figure out that a time loop starts over when one of them dies. I believe it's Loki/Tony and I never finished reading... Also a stray detail I remember is that to get Fury to believe Stark, Tony tells Fury the code word 'Pink Tutu'

  • The second fic is a bit vague - I apologise - since I haven't read it in a long long while, and the details are kinda fuzzy. However I know that in the fic Tony Stark was a mutant. I know his mutation caused him to grow wings. I know they grew in as a child; and that Maria and Jarvis (The butler) helped Tony hide them from Howard. I know the Ten Rings cut them off when he was in Afghanistan. I know they started to grow back when the Avengers moved in. I also know he tried to hide them with a long brown trench coat. It might have been the middle of Summer? I vaguely remember Hawkeye being suspicious because it was summer and he was wearing a long and thick ass trench coat. I also remember that once they found out and everyone was cool with it, (I think they were living in the Malibu house and not the Tower or maybe they were vacationing at the Malibu house?) Hawkeye challenged him to do a really hard trick that fighter pilots do, or something like that. It was a really complicated Pilots move, that he did pull off with little effort. That's it. That's all I remember. Sorry it's a tad vague. Thank you guys for the help! C:

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so I was wondering if you can help me?

I love stories where Tony falls in love with Steve who is short sick and scrawny....weather Steve was super soldier and then turned back to his past self or not. I like to see the tenderness, the sweetness between these two and to see Tony caring for sick Steve.

only Bottom Steve please.

thank you
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I am looking for a few things:

1. Specific fic- it was about the news or whatever going deeper into Tony's dark past like how crappy Howard stark treated him (physical abuse?)and Afghanistan etc. the team is watching this and is surprised. I think like a lady came forward with some evidence or something of child abuse (might be a different fic)I don't remember where I read it exactly but I think it was ao3 but I'm not sure.

EDIT: I also remember them going through all the other avengers stories and got dirt on them too.

Fic recs:
2.a fic like the fic I was looking for
3. Press conference or interview with Tony or team
4. Tony helping out team with media
5. Somebody seeing how well Tony handles the press or the mask he wears for it.

Thank you!
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So I finally got 'round to watching Civil War and it gave me a LOT of Tony/Rhodey feels... so I'm looking for

- 5+1 type fics where 5 times Rhodey takes care of Tony n one time Tony care of Rhodey
- Tony n Rhodey as parents
And last but not least
- Tony being really possessive of Rhodey (Give me back my Rhodey)

I'd prefer bottom/sub!Tony but it's fine either way.

P.S. any other Tony/Rhodey long fic recs are good too :D
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I'm looking for:

1. BAMF tony and the team being surprised. All that nice stuff.

2. Awesome business man Tony. I mean he was CEO before pepper.

3. Genius Tony. Everyone realizing how smart Tony is and being shocked on how fast he moves.

This is the first time I've used tags so sorry if I did it wrong.
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I'm leaving fortwo days (3 hours of train, a night with nothing good on tv and possibly two to ten hours to wait at the train station and 3 other hours of train or whatever I'm returning home in) so I'm really in need of some good reading material.
What i'm looking for :
+Tony-centric fics
+gen if possible (slash is totally okay, but no Loki/Tony please)
+either very long or very well-written
+complete or as good as
+angst and hurt-comfort more than okay unless he cries every five minutes
+anything with drama around the arc-reactor or extremis, i'm also very fond of young! or mutant! or shifter!tony
+I've read something about a brother (Arno ?) if there is any fic about it I would love to read it.

Bonus if it's a civil war fix-it, I still have too many feels over that movie...

Thank you !
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Hey y'all. I am really looking for some good fics where you get to see Tony really being a genius. I would love it if those could also include the team being amazed by something Tony is doing or thinking or creating. Could be something like Tony being a polyglot and surprising Natasha by speaking Russian or something, or him solving complex problems in a few seconds, or building something amazing, the team seeing him working in the lab for the first time etc. I remember a fic where Tony meets Charles from the X-Men for the first time and Charles is unable to read his mind because he is thinking about too many things at once and thinking so fast that that cannot get a grip on his thoughts. Anything like this I would really appreciate!
I'm not picky at all over pairings or other tags, so go wild. THANK YOU!!!!!
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hi looking for Tony fics with any of the following, Sleep Derived, exhausted Tony
Hurt, Non con.
Reckless Putting is life in danger
sick Tony
Tony with concussion
Tony centric domestic avengers

Also trying to find these to any hel would be great,

Read a fic before and can never seem to find it, it was about Tony have a bad concussion, sorry to be so vague, dont remember the details but just remember loving the fic

2. the other fic im looking for when something like it was after a battle and a exhausted Tony is trying to stitch himself u but falls asleep or Passes out. Steve comes down and finds him calls Bruce they stitch him u and i remember Bruce gives Tony a sleeping Pill. i remember Tony saying Bruce gave him something big and blue and sleepy.

Thanks guy, only recently joined this community but love it, you guys are awesome
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So I'm looking for any MCU story about Tony telling the world Iron Man is his bodyguard and keeping his secret superhero identity. Gen, slash, any pairing/rating would be fine. I'm just jonesing for something dealing with what would it'd be like if cinematic Tony Stark hadn't revealed his true identity as a superhero to the world and how that would affect his life, his connection with S.H.I.E.L.D and partnership with the avengers, etc.
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Basically, I want protective, bamf Tony. I just read a fic where Steve and Bucky get kidnapped and he wrecked hell.
It could be him refusing to let anyone (shield) try to take any of the team from him, Ross trying to take Bruce, HYDRA with Bucky, someone trying to hack Jarvis, or someone being kidnapped and he's pissed about it.
Just anything that gives me badass Tony and the team not realizing how protective and maybe powerful he is until then.
Thank you!
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I'm looking for the story where the avengers are in Asgaurd and Tony walks out on Odin's dinner because Odin is an ass. I couldn't find a tag for Odin (though there is one for laufey)
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HI. I remember reading a fic that was focused on where the team was during the events of iron man 3. In the particular fic that I am trying to find, everyone was together on the helicarrier trying to keep up with tony, but he was always one step ahead. They mysteriously received video feed of what tony was doing (i.e. "watching" iron man 3) like meeting with harley or his fight in orlando. If anyone knows what this is i would be extremely grateful.

additionally, if anyone has an fics they recommend about this topic in general (team's reactions to events of iron man 3), then I would be grateful to hear about those too. Thanks!!!
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"Tony plucked her up and set her on a workbench like she was five years old...It always surprised her how physically strong he was.  It shouldn’t.  He was a mechanic and the lean, ropey muscles weren’t for show."

This is a line from "Ice and Fire" by SteeleHoltingOn.  Reading this I wondered if there was any other fic where someone remarked on or was surprised at how strong Tony Stark actually was.  Not Iron Man, but Tony himself.  I do recall a scene in Iron Man where I think Tony was working on his suit, wearing a wife beater which showed off his magnificent, muscular upper body.

[identity profile] fishnones
A while ago I read a fic on either A03 or FF.net (I think) and now when I want to find it again I can't. Will you please help me find it?

It had Tony as some sort of god or deity that got stronger when people prayed to him. I remember that towards the end they were gearing up for a war of some sort and I think Asgard came to Earth to help out (or fight agains them, idk, they were fighting at least). I also remember a scene where Tony were sick or weak and Steve and Clint helped him heal by believing. One of them was his warrior the other his priest I think, I can't remember who was what. I don't think it had any pairings actually. I do believe the fic was completed but I'm not sure but I do know it was multi-chaptered.

Does anyone recognise this?

EDIT: I found it myself! I forgot I sometimes read fic in other languages. It's Il souriait by aerial and it's in french. :)
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I'm going on a looooong drive tomorrow and need a lot of podfics to keep me awake.
They have to be Tony/Steve, and I prefer BottomTony, I especially love whumpTony as well as BAMFTony, you know the usual everybody is so mean to poor abused/misunderstood Tony until Steve makes it all better,...or worse ;) the usual spiel.

Can someone help me out? Using the podfic tag on AO3 doesn't filter the stories, and some of the fics that have podversions haven't added the tag yet :/

Thanks ahead

P.S.: I don't think there's a podfic tag...?
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Heya Im looking for a fic I read awhile back

Its a short fic where a pregnant female Tony is kidnapped while the avengers are away fighting, and when they notice/ride to the rescue they find Tony relaxing with her kidnappers tied up/knocked out.

I appreciate any and all help
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Hi, I'm looking for any stories where:

1. Tony and Pepper's breakup isn't amicable and Pepper behaves badly (general Pepper bashing would also be welcome).

2. Someone is disrepectful or dismissive of Tony and gets schooled by him (or someone else). I've read 'Iron Man yes, Tony Stark not recommended' (many times).

I prefer Tony/Steve but I'll gladly read gen or any pairing.

Bra Escape

Sep. 12th, 2015 12:57 am
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Hi guys. I'm trying to find a fic where Fem!Tony is trapped with someone in a cell and she uses her bra to escape. First is the underwire to pick the door lock and then the straps to turn the door knob.

I'm 80% sure it was the Avengers fandom. Thanks so much in advance!
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I'm looking for a fic I can only remember one very specific scene from. In it, Fury is asking Tony for some notes that he inherited from Howard, either about his Tesseract research or (more likely) the Vita-Ray machine. Tony says yes, he knows which ones Fury's on about but when asked to produce them says no. He read them, understood the contents and then destroyed them (possibly shredded them, burnt the pieces then scattered the ashes in the sea? Completely destroyed, anyway.) Fury tries to insist he had no right to do so, but as they were Howard Stark's personal notes Tony wins the argument and leaves.

Anybody recognise this?

Found in comments
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I'm looking for a fic I read a while ago where Tony was dating both Steve and Bruce, at the same time. It was NOT a Stark Spangled Banner fic, however. Tony dates Steve and Bruce separately, and no one is interested in a threesome. Bruce and Steve knew that Tony was seeing the other, but they were okay with it, as long as they got time to be with Tony respectively. Basically, Tony has two boyfriends.

I wish I could remember more about it, but that's all I got. Does it ring a bell to anyone?
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Hi guys, I'm looking for post-Avengers fics where Asgard and other realm or interstellar powers (like the Kree, Xandar, etc.), see Earth's defeat of the Chitauri and take notice--realizing that Earth is already on its way to becoming a major power in its own right. I'm especially looking for fics with one or more of the following:

1) The Avengers visiting Asgard and conducting diplomacy/discussing the battle
a) Asgardian reactions to Tony's arc reactor

2) A focus on the role of technology in Earth's rise, especially with BAMF!Tony

3) A contrast between Earth's scientific view of technology and Asgard's semi-mystical view

4) Tony/Thor platonic bromance

5) Tony and/or SHIELD studying magic

I haven't been able to find anything of this nature, and I'd really appreciate it if you guys could help me out.


Tony rocks

Jul. 20th, 2015 07:47 pm
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Hey guys!

So, I'm looking (for a while now...) for a story about Tony. He lives in a bad world,I think one where might makes right. Only he know that that isn't how it should be and he takes over the world (or just America) to make it fair...
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I'm relatively new to LJ, but wondering if anyone can help me out. Looking for a fic I read a while back about how no one else can pilot the Iron Man armor like Tony, because his mind doesn't work like anyone else's. His HUD displays twice as much information as Rhodey keeps displayed with War Machine, and he can absorb and keep track of it all, where anyone else would be baffled. I think I remember either Rhodey or Pepper explaining this to someone else, maybe another member of the Avengers? Anyway, hopefully someone knows where it might be found!
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1. After events the avengers movie, Tony feels alone and falls in love with Steve. One day he wakes up and everything is different. He's married to (maybe dating) Steve and there were never any superheroes. He freaks but slips back just as he starts to get used to it. He starts slipping back and forth and questioning reality. In the non-powers one he starts seeing a psycologist to try to help him figure it out. I think he almost decides to pick the non-powered world as the real one but I'm prety sure Avenger!Steve begs him to pick him, to pick that world. I don't remember if its open-ended or not.

2. In this one Tony was born Sherlock Holmes. He lived in London and solved cases with John whom he was in love with. One day he met Loki who decides he likes him. Loki might teach Sherlock!Tony magic. When Loki discovers how short mortal lives are he feeds Sherlock!Tony a golden apple. I'm pretty sure Tony didn't know until after his struggle with Moriarty where they both fell as he had calculated they would both die. Loki comes to him and tells him he is immortal now and Sherlock!Tony is upset knwing he'll lose John. Pretty sure Loki tells Sherlock!Tony that John will be reincarnated at some point. I think Sherlock!Tony went and stayed with John until he passed before traveling the world. At some point he is tired of moving around, so de-ages and gets adopted by the Starks. It follows MCU canon until the avengers movie. He meets John!Steve who doesn't remember his past life. If I'm not mixing it up with another fic, Sherlock!Tony feels he owes Loki a debt. I think he realizes Loki has blue eyes instead of green, that Loki was being controlled like Clint and breaks the control. I also think the fact the was born Sherlock was revealed to the other Avengers at some point.

3.Tony-centric, H/C, Team Recs Search )

Also anyone know what happened to the Tales of Suspense site or where else I can find the fics now?
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Hello, I recently read, Only Different in the Details by LadyShadowphyre. It was great and Tony was a doctor. I was wondering if there were anymore stories out there feturing Doctor Tony or just Tony impressing the team with all his work that they might not have thought he did or they underestimate him.

Also maybe adding in over worked Tony too.

Sorry I am still working on my English and I am new here.

Thank You!
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I am going to kick myself when somebody finds this fic. It's got competent!Tony. Natasha and Clint (I believe) decide that all of the Avengers need to be trained to use a gun. Bruce is excused because he turns into a giant green rage monster. Tony wants to be excused, but they won't let him. It turns out he's amazing at it because Howard forced him to learn over and over until he got it perfect. Tony pretends to be bad at it when they force him to shoot, but Natasha (and most likely Clint) see through it and call him on it and he shoots the target - perfect score.

I've read this and thought I had bookmarked it, but I cannot find it. I will have delicious awesome cyber cookies or brownies for the one who finds it!
[identity profile] demon-pangun20.livejournal.com

So I've been searching through posts here looking for a fic that I found here not very long ago but I can't seem to find. The gist of the story I remember it was an AU where (1) Steve's a serial killer who seemingly goes after big wig bad guys and Tony did something that makes him or Rhodey believe that the killer will be coming after Tony next only instead of the killing kinda coming after Tony the killer starts leaving Tony some kinda gifts on his bed or in places without anyone really seeing it or something. -EDIT FOUND: Hiding Masks

#2 Found: What You Believe: One by one the Avengers seem to be turning on Tony, until he is isolated and alone, with no one left he can trust. Unsure what to believe anymore, betrayal seems to lurk around every corner. When he resolves to confront them, can anyone stand between him and what seems to be the inevitable destruction of the Avengers? Or is it already too late?

One last one, is a sort of AU but not really. (3) It was something about the team minus Tony getting kidnapped as bait to get Tony and when Tony showed up he was lacking the suit and there was some banter exchanged between Tony and the kidnappers. Tony also brought along some sort of tiny robots that wound up badly injuring/killing the kidnappers and then SHIELD showed up getting on Tony's case for not waiting for them to get there and Tony replied with something about running outta topics or something. I know there are a few stories that are almost the same but none of them have the killing robots and that was that part that stuck out the most in my mind so yeah if anyone can help with that one? -EDIT FOUND: Picture Perfect chapter 5

I've been searching for all three of these and I have no idea why I never bookmarked them when I had the chance and would love to be able to find them and read them again so maybe they would stop popping into my mind whilst I'm in the midst of reading other stories. Thanks!
[identity profile] ladyharuna.livejournal.com
I barely remember the fic but I do know it here were a few notable items in it
1). Tony used various metals as code words to indicate his safety with Jarvis.
2). Tony had been kidnapped and arranged his own escape while the rest of the team complained that he was out of reach. He never told them what happened to him but the team found out. Steve ends up killing one of the guys in an interrogation room.
3). Happy has know Tony since Canada, where when he was younger Tony was going thru chemo. He knows the metal code words.
4). Tony never gave Jarvis limits, just asked Jarvis to tell him up front if he was going to betray him.

Please help me find this Awesome Fic!
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I am looking for a fic from A03 where Tony basically takes charge during the internet data dump during TWS. He saves the info, works to find/save/hep the undercover agents who are outed by this internet data dump. He then pretty much recreates and is in charge of the new SHIELD/SHIELD type organizations.

Side not think it was complete, and Steve/Tony slash.

I appreciate any and all help ^^

*FOUND* Link in comments


Aug. 28th, 2014 09:42 pm
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Hey everyone,
I'm looking for a fic. It begins in a dystopia and Tony loves it, but he can see it is not how life should be. He takes control (of all tech?) and changes society.

[identity profile] the-7th-swan.livejournal.com
Hi all,

While Tony is generally smart in fics, I find that it's often shrugged off or not given much attention. So that's what I'm looking for: fiction where it is brought home to the team JUST how brilliant Tony really is. Maybe they even find out he's been toning his intelligence down around them so that they see him as more approachable? Or because of his issues? Them being taken back or full-blown awed of his smarts would definitely be a plus.

I'll take any fix, any paring, any rating. Thank you!
[identity profile] irontribute394.livejournal.com

I looking for any fanfics that reference Tony being Italian or half-Italian, such as being able to speak Italian or cook Italian food. If anyone can help it would be much appreciated.

Also if anyone knows any good fics where Tony is Bilingual or speaks many languages could you also tell me of them.

[identity profile] cosmosnoshinkon.livejournal.com

I'm looking for some recs. Most of my reading so far has been on Ao3 so it would be nice to get some fics that aren't on there as well. I prefer completed fics or regularly updated WIPs. Both plot based and PWP are fine. I've tended to read mostly MCU and 616 but feel free to rec other verses. I prefer stories that are more closely related to canon (i.e. they are still avengers) than full out AUs such as normal/high school/college settings. No warnings necessary.

I love Tony-centric fics but I also enjoy Loki-centric and Bucky-centric fics.

Pairings I read most often are FrostIron, Stony, Bucky/Steve, and polyamory (i.e. OT3's, OT6's, OT7's, OT8's, etc. as long as they include either Steve/Tony or Loki/Tony as part of the pairing). I will occasionally read Tony-centric fics that are Tony/Other where other is Pepper, Clint, Coulson, Bruce, etc. if the fic is very well written.

I also have developed an interest in Bucky/Tony, as well as, Bucky/Steve/Tony. I don't mind if the background pairings are different as long main pairing is one of my preferred pairings. Gen is also fine.

I really like H/C stories centered around my favorite characters. I prefer fics with a hopeful or happy ending but lots of hurt and angst in the beginning/middle is more than fine with me.

I read Resurection-verse by Elespethdixion and Seanchai and This time tomorrow (where were we?) by dorcas_gustine and am now craving Civil War fics preferably fix-its. I'd love it if someone could rec me some that don't place all the blame on one side or the other (i.e. where there is some acknowledgement that both sides could have done things differently).

Any fics relating to Secret Invasion/Skrulls, Brain-delete, time travel/time loops, fix-it fics, daemons, mutant, sparring, secret powers/abilities, my favorite characters being BAMF, and/or needing a hug.

Are there any fics where Tony ends up in the past and ends up joining up with and becoming friends with the Steve, Bucky, and the rest of the Howling Commandos like the glimpses we get in Man Out of Time by samptra? Either gen or slash.

Thanks for your time. :)

[identity profile] jjbelle28.livejournal.com
Hello all! Looking for some help finding a fic I read a while back where Tony helps Xavier and mutants. I don't remember why he was helping, only that he ended up buying a compound in Montana or somewhere for the mutants who couldn't blend in to society. I remember the Army trying to attack the compound but nothing else. Sorry so vague, but if anyone could help I would appreciate it...it's bugging me not knowing! Thanks
[identity profile] s8isabelle.livejournal.com
Hey everybody! I'm really craving a fic (or fics, lets be honest) where tony's intelligence plays an important part or at least is showcased. Even just JARVIS/the bots/the workshop being important. Basically I'd love some Tony in the workshop, not as a bad thing but in a wow look at the awesome stuff he creates thing. Bonus points if it's steve/tony, but not a necessity!
Thank you!
[identity profile] xfphile.livejournal.com
I'm so glad I found this community!

I've been randomly looking for this fic for a while now, and it's driving me bug-hunting. It's genfic, with the team trapped in a cave (I think; it may be a cell, but I'm really leaning toward cave). Steve in particular is -- call it disbelieving when Tony announces he can get them out if they'll give him about an hour. He did awesome advanced math and physics in his head, which had Clint gaping, and when it worked, Bruce and Natasha were the only ones not surprised. I know that's not a lot to go on and I apologize for that. Here's hoping it rings a bell.


Link in Comments.
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I'm sure I am going to kick myself as soon as someone tells me the name of the story I'm looking for. Loki gets Amora to slip Tony a golden apple while Loki is still in jail. Loki is then questioned by Odin and Loki admits it was just a con to get them to talk to him because he needed to warn them that Thanos is coming. Tony and Loki fall for each other and Tony has to face three challenges to prove his worth all be executed. A lot of other stuff happens in the middle, but those are some of my favorite moments. And tony has extremis and breathes fire on Fandral.

I swear I have it in my bookmarks but I can't find it. It is driving me loco.
[identity profile] rbbythesea.livejournal.com
The first fic I read several month ago, when I first watched all the movies and then started reading the fic.  Bruce Hulked out at the Tower, and while everyone else was a little freaked out, Tony and Hulk went out onto the roof to watch either the sun set or rise.  They were sitting on the edge of the roof with their feet dangling.

The other story I never read, but read the summary, and I thought I had marked it, but obviously didn't since I can't find it in my bookmarks.

The description on A03 was Tony and Steve had been captured and were being held in a cave, I think, and Steve was the injured one, and Tony was the BAMF/strong/supportive one during the kidnapping.

I appreciate the help in finding these stories.

Thanks much.

Edit: First story found while going through A03  It's Supernanny by ashinan.

Still looking for the second story.


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