May. 16th, 2016

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1. I remember that Steve had an aversion to smooth peanut butter and they had to buy chunky peanut butter and put their names on the lids.

2. Steve would wash his hands for a really long time to he point of doing damage and I remember someone saying how Bucky was the only person who had ever gotten him to stop.

3. Any where Steve is afraid of medical people like doctors or won't go see the medics after a battle.

4. Any really good fics with Steve and Bucky as the main two. They don't have to be in a relationship but I'd rather not have any sex scenes. They can be in a relationship, but I'm a little tired of scrolling past a million pages because I'm just not in the mood lol.

5. Any where someone was an ass to Steve and he took it to heart.

Note: any pairings and they can have sexy times, just let me know if they do please, I'd appreciate it!
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Hi, sorry to bother, but I'm looking for an older fic that deals with dragon rider/paladin Steve, after waking up after being inside a crystal for long time and people have dragons and magic and all.

Thor and his dragon, Loki taking out for a ride 'cause the people in the flying fortress where he is doesn't want to let him out.

He gets to a village where Tony and some of the Avengers live and they make friends and then more. I think, Amora, wanted Steve's heart but it was so sad that she had to wake him up and let him make friends and more so that she could use his heart.

Steve had a Dragon, I think is Peggy?? And then a smaller dragon starts to look for him, I think Bucky?.

Please help!! is driving me crazy!! Hugs!! Be well

Edit: Still searching, please help!!

Edit: Found!!! They where Griffins, not Dragons!! I'm completely clueless!! Be well

The story is "Flight" by Sunryder'
Here's the link :
Thanks to theleewit1 :)
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I am looking for a fic that I read a while ago. Tony is kidnapped (by AIM and maybe someone else working with them) and is injected with something (variation of Extremis?) and he kind of becomes a computer program, he sort of mutates. He shuts down all electrical power and is inside some satellites. He loses control for a bit. The Avengers are on the quinjet looking for him and it crashes. And I remember there was a blonde woman taunting Tony and she was one of the researchers, I think.

I am pretty sure it was a WIP and relatively long. It might have been gen or Tony/Pepper or Tony/Steve but I am not sure. Does anyone know this fic?
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What I remember is that Steve gets hit with something that sends him to a different universe. He had been dating Sharon Carter before he disappeared and she finds out she is pregnant with his child but doesn't want to keep it. She tells Tony and he takes care of everything before deciding to adopt the child himself because he was in love with Steve himself. When the child (I believe a girl) is about 4 or 5 Steve returns. Time had passed differently where he was and he hadn't realized he'd been gone so long. He and Tony get together in the end. I think the universe he was in had a female Tony that his counterpart was married to?

Does this sound familiar to anyone?
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I'm leaving fortwo days (3 hours of train, a night with nothing good on tv and possibly two to ten hours to wait at the train station and 3 other hours of train or whatever I'm returning home in) so I'm really in need of some good reading material.
What i'm looking for :
+Tony-centric fics
+gen if possible (slash is totally okay, but no Loki/Tony please)
+either very long or very well-written
+complete or as good as
+angst and hurt-comfort more than okay unless he cries every five minutes
+anything with drama around the arc-reactor or extremis, i'm also very fond of young! or mutant! or shifter!tony
+I've read something about a brother (Arno ?) if there is any fic about it I would love to read it.

Bonus if it's a civil war fix-it, I still have too many feels over that movie...

Thank you !


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