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I'm looking for a an ficthat have Thorki with a pregnat Loki and Jane Foster finds out about them. In the fic I'm specifically think about, Loki is pregnat and for some reason Jane Foster shows up to the Avengers tower where they are living and when Jane tries to get close to Thor, Loki shuts that down. I'm looking for this fic an any with a scene like it. Thank you!
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hello...I sure hope you could help me.

I need some arranged marriage fix with steve being the bottom in the relationship. I am looking for stories where he is forced to marry someone (hopefully Tony) and the other person don't see that he is not happy until later on, I would love it if steve is not with the serum but small and sickly and with as much angst and hurt for poor steve as possible. happy endings are appreciated :)

thank you
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Thought it was on AO3, but haven't been able to find it there on FF. Loki and Tony crash land and both are very badly hurt. They are taken in my the local, very bureaucratic gov't, who heal them and "fix" their irregularities, aka make them both full Jotun. They have virtually no memories from before, and end up settling into their new lives on the planet running an ice berry farm in the frozen areas of the planet. Become quite wealthy because the berries are a delicacy and nobody else is crazy enough to live in the conditions required for them to grow. I remember there being kids. Thor eventually finds them and memories start returning, possibly not in that order.

Anybody? Help!? Many, MANY of thanks in advance, I've been searching a couple days now.

Edit: FOUND by [livejournal.com profile] joya_oscura! Mirama by Mysticmcknight.
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Hi! I read this one a while ago but can't find it now. I'm sure Tony was pregnant. The rest of the Avengers were away for some reason. Loki is their ally, but they don't entirely trust him. Tony gets kidnapped and Loki comes with him to protect him. Some magician wanted his unborn child for a ritual. The baby isn't old enough so the magician was accelerating its age,all while it was still in Tony. They were at Stonehenge. At one point the rest of the Avengers thought they found Tony by tracing his arc reactor but it was a trick. I've tried searching but can only find one where Steve is kidnapped and Loki sent to save him, also at Stonehenge (dangerous place!). I hope this sounds familiar to someone! Thanks in advance!
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I posted this about a month ago, but I just remembered something that may help.
In this fic Loki is Hela's parent and she is chosen to be the goddess of Hel and it's a big deal, like everyone in Asgard was jealous. Loki was able to go with her to Hel for her for some time so he could help her get acclimated to Hel. I remember Hel rode Slepnir to Hel. I hope this addition will help!

The original post is below:
I'm looking for a fic and I don't remember much. It was probably Loki/Thor or Loki/Tony, because that's primarily what I read, but honestly it could be any paring or even no paring. I only remember two scenes: Loki has a kid with Odin's brother (his uncle) who is the God of light or something like that. And for one scene they are in the woods together. The other scene I remember, Loki is at a feast with his kid and the father is there as family (of Odin, no one knows who the father of this kid is). For some reason the kids last name is mentioned and everyone realizes that this kid belongs to Loki and his uncle.
Sorry that's all I can remember, but I have so much faith in all of you. Thank you!!!
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I'm looking for a fic and I don't remember much. It was probably Loki/Thor or Loki/Tony, because that's primarily what I read, but honestly it could be any paring or even no paring. I only remember two scenes: Loki has a kid with Odin's brother (his uncle) who is the God of light or something like that. And for one scene they are in the woods together. The other scene I remember, Loki is at a feast with his kid and the father is there as family. For some reason the kids last name is mentioned and everyone realizes that this kid belongs to Loki and his uncle.
Sorry that's all I can remember, but I have so much faith in all of you. Thank you!!!
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Hi! I saw this once on this website, but it seems the post beens deleted or something? Anyway, the premise is basically that Tony does everything for the Avengers but they dont realize.

  • it has past mpreg, Tony's daughter's name is Michelle and she lives in the NY mansion, the Avengers dont know about her. He brings her to the tower under the pretense of her doing a school project and that she is the daughter of one of the maids. She is actually the one who asks Tony why they dont say thank you.

  • Steve likes(?) Tony and keeps sleeping with him when he's in heat. Tony thinks he's just, like, stress relief, and eventually ends up getting a collar-type thing to protect his neck from Steve accidentally biting him (like mating bite or something)

  • the collar, i know, is made of leather and has symbols on it, of a rattle (for michelle) and steve's shield

  • Tony cooks all their breakfasts, he knows what everyone likes and makes pancakes often, and only eats the first, burnt pancake. he always eats smaller portions than everyone else.

  • some of the other avengers try cooking instead, and tony gets upset that everyone has the wrong meal and that someone else got the burnt pancake and was saying things about how the other person didnt deserve to have the bad pancake

its just a lot of insecurity and sad but if anyone knows what this is, i would be v grateful!

thanks! -Elsa
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The fic I'm looking for is an AU. Loki is sentenced in Asgard. As reparation, he has to give Thor an heir. A year later, after birthig a healthy boy, Loki demands his freedom and leaves for Midgard.
Odin, as one more insult, went back on his word and didn't give Loki his magic back, but Loki was not surprised.
On Earth, Loki finds a job in a stop-motion studio. After some time, Tony Stark starts funding the studio (i don't remember if he did so because he knew Loki was there or not). Either way, Pepper is a frequent guest at the studio, to check up on their work. She and Loki get to talking, and he eventually tells her what his sentence had been (Tony promises not to tell Thor where he was).
Loki and Pepper get closer, start dating and eventually marry. Their first child has Down Syndrome. Loki tells Pepper that if he had had such a child on Asgard, both of them would have been killed cause Asgard would believe that Loki birthed a not-perfect child to spite them. Had he'd birthed a girl, he would've been given back to Thor to try again). I think Pepper and Loki also had twins later on.
They got a house, and they were very happy in their lives. Then Thor came by, and pleaded with Loki to return to Asgard because 'their' son misses him. Thor said that the boy is very unhappy because he is not treated well by either Odin or the rest of Asgard (i think). Loki's reply to that is 'what did you expect, he came from me'. Loki refuses to go, and Pepper chases Thor away.
In the last part, Loki finds a silver hair and realises that Odin took away his immortality along with his magic, possibly as one more spit in the face. Except it turned out for the best, as Loki won't have to watch his entire family grow old and die around him.
The End

Wow, that is specific. Does anyone recall a fic like that? Please? I'm fairly certain it was on lj somewhere, but where exactly escapes me.

FOUND: Under Calico Skies by ConeyCat
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Hi I'm looking for any tony feelings fic where he's either

-Silently grieving ( I hope your able to find one fic about it)
-Last to know
-Team neglecting him
-pregnant and the father doesn't want anything to do with him or the baby

A must

-Either it's a gen or a slash (slash is preferably)
-Preferably if completed
-A happy ending
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1) So I absolutely adore the whole 'den mother' Steve concept, and I'm looking for fics focused on that today. Any fics where Steve fusses over his team members (the Howling Commandos or the Avengers), or fics where he's really protective of them and takes his duty as leader very seriously?

2) Your best mpreg!steve fics. I don't care about the pairing (although I love Stony and Stucky), and I don't mind au fics, but I'm mostly looking for fics in the canon storyline. I'd also prefer fluffy schmoopy recs, but literally anything is fine :)

Thank you! :)

Mpreg Tony

Mar. 27th, 2015 06:56 pm
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Hi!  Please rec me any and ALL Mpreg Tony fics out there!

Love Steve/Tony, Bruce/Tony pretty much anybody/Tony!

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Hi everyone,

I looking for a two Fic FrostIron one has been deleted,

The first fic -----I remember some of the story  mmm ok!!,
Tony dies, I think for Amora and Loki will save him, but Hela appears to claim the soul, but Loki convinces her otherwise I think I have a relationship Loki and Tony, Loki makes a deal with Hel and Tony gets the half of his soul, after Tony learns that this pregnancy, but the baby survives needs your other half of the soul.
can someone help me with the name of this fic, I've been looking for it like crazy and all, I think this in AO3 but had no luck, please help.,

Second fic is Asgardian Blood by Avengirl

Summary: Tony learns that he is of Asgardian blood, and not just any, his bloodline serves Frigga much like Heimdall serves Odin. Frigga decides that Tony needs someone to teach him how to control his magic and asks Loki (whom she keeps in touch with via magic despite all that has happened) to teach Tony.

I wanted to know if anyone knows of this fic, if the author published elsewhere and this finished if anyone knows anything about this fic I could tell, it is an excellent fic FrostIron and I would like to read it to the end .. Thanks

A thanks and FOUND FIC IS

3:-) htt://archiveofourwn.org/works/1834936/chapters/3942058 by Elrond

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I read a fic a while ago in which Thor and his friends ambushed Jotenheim (just for fun I think?). There's some sort of negotiation and it's decided that Thor has to stay in Jotenheim for a year and he spends the time as Loki's personal servant/sex slave. There's a lot of politics and stuff going on in the fic, with Loki constantly fighting/scheming to gain/retain his place as crown prince of Jotenheim. A few specific things I remember was that the Jotenn culture has no concept of familial relations/loyalty and all relationships are based on necessity and mutual gain. There's a scene towards the end of the fic where Loki and his brother are both amused and confused by Thor's desire for his father's approval.
The fic ends when Thor's year is up and he goes back to Asgard. I think it was part of a series, but I don't think anymore of the series had been written (at the time that I read it).
I know that this fic is not Wild Ambition Fortune's Ice Prefers by amberfox17.
I'm 90% sure that I read it on AO3, but it might have been on lj.
I'd be so grateful if someone knows what fic this is and if they can tell me what happened to it or where I could find it! Thanks.
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I'm looking for a fic I know I read on AO3.

It's set after they beat Loki, but before they send him back to Asgard.

SHIELD does some medical scans and stuff on Loki, and discovered something odd about his bones? (i think). That even though he looked like a fully grown adult, according to the scans of his bones... he was still in his mid-ish teens. And that he had apparently been pregnant.

So, knowing the Norse legends, they do some checking about and discover that some of those legends are horribly, horribly, true.

I can't remember much else about the story, including the name or author, but I am 100% certain I read it on AO3 (whether it is still there or not).

Tony Parent

Dec. 9th, 2014 01:15 am
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So, once again can't find a fic that I thought of. It was with Tony, who had given birth to twins, girls I believe, and Steve talking. Ton was expressing his insecurities about his weight because he hadn't lost it, and the others were teasing him about it. Steve was reassuring him, and planning (I think) to get them to lay off. It was short, and I believe AO3, though I have gone through the tags I believe it would have been under and I cannot find it. Any help would be appreciated!

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this search is driving me mad :
I'm pretty sure it was a 5+1 kind of thing, where Loki helped an avenger after the other, until he got into heat and needed their help, there was another chapter where Loki was pregnant and talking  with Fury, and it was on Ao3.
Any help would be appreciated.
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HI all,
I'm looking for a fic where Tony was an omega, I think, and he mated with Yinsen in Afghanistan and became pregnant. Yinsen still died, but Tony is left to raise their daughter, who he names Gulmira. After the battle of New York the Avengers are all very shocked when they get to the penthouse and a little girl named Mira is hugging Tony. Anyone?
Thanks : )
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Hi, I'm completely new to this fandom so bear with me!

I've trolled around a little and read some great Thorki fics, but I suck at finding more- so if ya'll could rec me some I'd die happy :)

I would love mpreg, jotun!Loki, or AUs! Other than that, not a whole lotta guidelines :)
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I remember this one story where Loki turns Steve Rogers into a woman, and that the only way to turn him back is to marry (and do the nasty with) Tony Stark. The spell in particular was referred to as 'lock and key.'
I'm pretty sure that Steve becomes pregnant even after the transformation back, so it may also be considered mpreg. I cannot for the life of me find it again.
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Looking for Tony/Loki fics with pregnant!Tony. Can be either mpreg, or female!Tony getting pregnant. It doesn't even have to be the main focus of the fic. I just want more Mama!Tony because preggers!loki seems a much more common trope in Frostiron fandom. Any recs or self-recs are greatly appreciated!
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Please Help!!!

I remember that Thor was King of Asgard and Loki was his Queen, they had children and that Thor became concerned after finding out his son had kissed a boy. Loki was pregnant a the time, there was a description of their son and that he resembled Loki.

I know its not much. I thought I had save the story somewhere but I guess not. I'm still looking but help is very much appreciated.
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I am looking for a fic where Thor is the father of all of Loki's children. Loki is pregnant again so they hide out in the avengers mansion trying to escape from odin. Odin shows up after Loki gives birth. Can't remember the rest.

Would also love rec for more of loki's awesome parenting stories
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Hi guys!

Suddenly I have this -need- to read pregnant!Thor fanfics. Thing is, as far as I see, that's pretty rare - but maybe you awesome people could help me find some :3

I'm not picky with pairing (as long as Thor is the one bottoming/pregnant) just no cracky-fics please.
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Looking for a Loki/tony mpreg fic I read once and now can't find. I don't remember aot about it but hopefully what I do remember can help someone find it. Tony and Loki are together somehow tony gets pregnant and Loki is scared about what Odin will do. Ragnarok keeps happening, sort of like a loop and everytime it happens its when lokis 7 child(I think its 7th) is born but this time its different because Loki is with tony (there's also another reason I think). So Loki is hoping that ragnarok won't happen this time. Then they find out that tony is having twins. That's all I can remember I hope someone can help me find this. Thanks
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Okay so this fic is driving me insane, really. Loki and Tony are in a secret relationship and Tony gets pregnant, but before any of them knows of it Loki leaves. Then the symptoms start and Tony goes to Bruce to find out whats wrong with him and then Thor finds out and leaves to find Loki. Tony goes into labor and loses a lot of blood and almost dies.  Just in that moment Thor and Loki arrive and Loki is terrified because he doesn't know whats happening  I know it sounds a lot like Getting Attached by Sinlesschick6 but it's not that one. I'm sure about the giving birth and almost diying part. And i can't find it. Please help.

[identity profile] rhaleirbag1.livejournal.com
I'm trying to find this fic on AO3 (I think) where Tony and Loki are kind of together but no one knows about it and when Loki is not around for a while Tony and the team found out that he is pregnant and automaticaly gets angry at Tony (less Thor) and ask him to get an abortion(?) because they figure out the whole relationship and Tony said no way so they storm out leaving him alone with Thor who said to him that he would go looking for Loki then leaving so he stayed in his workshop the entire day(s) while the others where having some realizations about how much Tony meant to them, at the end I think Thor came back with Loki and the rest of the team get their head around the idea of Tony being with Loki and the baby realizing that he needed the support of the family they created.

Getting Attached by Sinlesschick6

If you find any mistakes please forgive me, english it's not my first language.
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I just two days ago started reading a fic with Thor and Loki as the main couple. Loki gets disowned so that he and Thor can get married. After the marriage Loki and Sif have this conversation that goes
loki: I stole him from you.
Sif: No I had Frigga scry the future and it was a barren one.

Then Thor hangs something up on a hook and everyone who has been in the room leaves.

Loki gets this fertility potion from Frigga and another he says Thor will need to use later.

Thor: Lust?

Loki: Stamina

I swear it was like 2,000 words on AO3 akak An Archive of Our Own.

I would really like to find this please help!
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I'll be moving upstate in a few days and would really appreciate some fic recs to dump on my ereader! I'm looking primarily for stories that are epic in length, 50k words at least. Most of my reading so far has been in the Thor/Loki part of the fandom, but I'm branching out to Loki/Tony a bit as well. Completed fics are preferred, but active WIP are very welcome as well!

I tend towards slash fics, but am open towards het pairings or OT3+ pairings as well. Slow buildup for romance is great, although fics that deal with already established relationships are also good. Lots of drama! High tension! But also some comedy or fluff to balance it out. (Pretty much anything by scifigirl47 for example. XD ) I like fics that can hit a range of tone but still come together coherently.

I am an absolute stupid sucker for the following: jotun!Loki, competant!Thor, Tony being a smartass, Clint living in vents, Pepper being awesome, Avengers family feels, Tony's robots, space pirates (I blame Bend Around the Wind for that), Norse mythology ala Asgard, mythology remixes, putting the "universe" in MCU, exploring Jotenheim, exploring Jotuns, intersex!Jotuns, Loki getting 'redeemed' but still being a snarky little morally gray bastard, arranged marriage, the Avengers going from a team to a family, Natasha keeping her cool while everyone else loses their shit, etc.

Death!fics and heavy angst fics I have to take on a case by case basis. I can get immense satisfaction out of fics that put me through the emotional wringer, but don't enjoy stuff that makes me feel like I'm getting punished for reading it.

tl;dr : Moving, need long fics, so what's your favorite pairing/trope and what would you call its must read epics?

(FLAG [Fanfiction Lightweight Automated Grabber) is pretty damned awesome for folks trying to download from fanfiction.net and a tidy handful of other websites! )
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Two specific fics:

1.) A fic where omega!Tony goes into heat when alpha!Pepper isn't there. She and he give consent for the Avengers to gangbang him to keep him sated, and Pepper shows up at the end. Tony ends up pregnant, with one kid from all of the alphas.

2.) Just a scene in a fic, I think - Steve and Thor are out shopping. They see a bunch of Avenger-themed cufflinks, but none are themed after Natasha/The Black Widow. Thor asks why, and Steve explains it's probably something to do with the fact cufflinks are usually only worn by men.

Please and thank you!
[identity profile] motschekiebchen.livejournal.com

I'm trying to remember a fic on AO3.

It was Mpreg and Tony and Loki go to a prenatal classes. The others there are very supportingly. I think before the class Tony has told Loki he can magic them if the others have problems with them. Unfortunately that's pretty much all I remember.

Help anyone? Thanks in advance.
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So this image showed up on my Tumblr today, and now I'm needing some Clint-with-babies fics. I don't care if they're his kids, biologically or adopted, or if they're someone else's kids, biologically or adopted, or if the friggin bots show up as kids (Like "Bedtime Stories and Nightmares"), but I'm craving some Clint kid-fic. I'm game with Mpreg as long as it's written well, I'll take het pairings, I'm up for about anything in this point.

Please and thank you. :)
[identity profile] crazyconeferret.livejournal.com
I'm looking for a frontiron fic.

I don't remember much. sorry
I remember Tony trying to distract Loki during something (labor? I thinkssss).
He said that their first date was when Loki threw him out a window and Loki laughed.

Dear Odin, I'm so bad at writing these. Forgive me if I get the tags wrong or if I'm missing any tags.
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hi, hopefully someone can help me find this.

in the fic after the avengers movie loki's taken back to asguard where he has a miscarriage caused by the hulk throwing him about like a doll. it's a known fact in the 9 realms that some children in the womb can cause their mothers to go insane and basically warp and semi control their minds and in fact odin caused just that in his mother. because of this quirk the parent affected is considered blameless while all acts caused by the "mother" are considered the fault and crimes of the child and after birth are punished for them. once loki comes back to sanity he regrets what happened and goes back to midgard with thor to help even though he's still ill. it's from what i can remember a thor/loki fic and it was on either fanfiction.net or archive of our own. i think it was a wip and i remember the other avengers not believing about the baby being the one to cause loki's actiions and mental instability. any help would be very much appreciated. thanks in advance.
[identity profile] lupin-stargazer.livejournal.com
Can anyone point me to these fics?

1. It was a team fic. They weren't in the tower, I think they were in tony's mansion in CA. The power was out, and they were all in the basement, I think. They were using tony's arc reactor as light, and it was really hot so they got undressed. Then when they were back at the tower they still got naked around each other. I don't think there was a pairing, but im not sure.

2. Had no luck over at Steve/Tony search, so I thought i'd post this here.It was an mpreg with Steve as the Pregnant one. I think it was comic-based but am not 100% sure. I don't remember exactly how he got pregnant, but I do remember Steve and Tony had a fight because Tony was flipping out over it and then Tony thought the fight ment they had broken up and was depressed till Steve set him straight. There was also a scene where they went baby shopping and Tony teased Steve about having "Pregnancy Brain". The baby was a girl. I don't remember her name but I think she had Tony's Hair and Steve's Eyes. There was a scene at the end where Steve brings her to see Tony at work.
[identity profile] silmarlfan1.livejournal.com
I am trying to find some fics where Steve is Loki and Thor's son. I don't know how he would get to earth but I would like it to be close to the Captain America verse where Steve is a sickly boy. whether he knows he is adopted or not I don't care, I just want the fics.
could someone point me in the direction of them?
[identity profile] dastiel.livejournal.com
Looking for a Cllint/Coulson mpreg fic. Where Clint had Coulson's daughter but the council took her from him and raised her, and theatened him with her if he didn't join S.H.E.I.L.D. and spy on them.

Someone help please! I so want to read this one again since I forgot to bookmark it. Also anthing along those lines would be awesome. Would love to see one were Clint was forced to work for the council.
[identity profile] obsessionality.livejournal.com

I don't think there's been a search like this before, so here goes.

I'm looking for fics in which Loki is a fantastic parent (mother or father I don't care) to his children. Or children in general. But preferably his children. I'm fine with slash, or gen, and would prefer to avoid but Thorki but I'll take what I can get.

Just basically somethin which shows that Loki can, and will go to the ends of the Earth, to hell and back for his chidren. I'm not looking for sap (but it's fine if it's there) but something where he seriously protects his babies to the best of his abilities, and loves them like he was never loved by his own father.

And preferably something where the Avengers see this, and Thor admits that it had always been cruel to take Loki's children away from him because he had loved them so much.

Anything with parent!loki, please!?

Thanks in advance!

[identity profile] lupinspotion02.livejournal.com
So, there has been woefully a shortage of Thor/Tony fics, and I want to read the ones I haven't read yet! & I can't seem to find any Loki/Tony mpreg stories? (Tony is the one who's pregnant)

Much appreciated!
[identity profile] shadowb3e.livejournal.com

I'm so happy I found this site. I have a story I've been looking for and it has been driving me insane. Hopefully somebody can help me find it. :)

So. It has Tony, Loki, and Thor. Loki is spotted walking down the street (i think by Tony). Thor shows up after. Loki takes Tony's tie, and likes the flag hanging from a nearby building, so Thor gets it for him. THor is the one that points out that Loki is nesting and congratulates him on the baby.

I really hope somebody knows this one. *is hopeful*

Thanks a bunch in advance

EDIT: found thanks to opusnone. link in comments. :)


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