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Could somebody please give me the title of the story where the team discovers that the tower is crawling with electronic bugs (maybe in the shape of spiders) between the walls and in the ductwork.  Tony and Jarvis figures that they were introduced by someone in the lobby and spread throughout the building.  Tomy calls Reed Richards and tells him that the Baxter Building has also been invaded.  (And maybe SHILED, but I'm not sure on that.)  I'm sure I have the story saved but I can't find the right word to search that doesn't give me 30+ entries.  Soe just the title or author would be a great help.  Thanks

*Found it!  It called "Sick Days" by Setcheti.  It's an Avengers/Fantastic Four crossover, with a twist ending with the team from Medical Investigation thrown in the mix.  Setcheti's work is at AO3; wonderful reading in several fandoms.
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I am looking for fics where one of them is not in SHIELD. No preference as to who is and who isn't. No BDSM please. Long or short. Tony being stopped from 'Spilling the beans' would be great!
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A recent post reminded me of a fic (or it may be the same one) Where Tony is in some remote place on earth (maybe in asia) and I believe he somehow uploads his consiousness (or is forced to) into his Stark satellites and then all satellites, causing them to malfunction and for all electronics to black out for several minutes, which causes all the flying airplanes to crash, killing many. I'm not sure if his body dies, but I don't think it does. It was very angsty. Later there's an investigation into Stark Ind. because of the fact that the stark satellites were effected first. any help?
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I just read American Patrol by Copperbadge (an author I highly rec) again where someone attempted to hack Jarvis, shutting down the tower completely, but was defeated in a 30 hour cyber battle with Stark, Banner, and a team trained by Tony just for such an event .  I wondered if there were any other fics where someone tried to hack Jarvis in what would be considered murder or kidnap if he was human.

In a search of AO3 for anything like the above story, I came across a synopsis where Stark is on trial for rape.  Since I really could see Tony Stark raping anyone, I wondered if there were any other stories where an Avenger, or a member of the "family" was accused and put on trial for a crime that those that know them know they'd never do, even though the evidence my be strong.  Something like Steve accused of rape or murder.  Or Jane or Darcy for treason.
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Are there any fics dealing with pre-serum Steve’s health issues in the modern day? I would love to find any fics where Steve gets reverted to skinny Steve and he is SICK! Any length or pairing , but only fics with a happy ending please 
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I really want to reread 2 different fics and its bugging me that i cant find them.

The first is Tony and i think phil.
Tony is into BDSM but his partner abuses him. Phil? Finds out and looks after him. Lays down the law and says any prospective partner must be checked out and approved by JARVIS first. The end was the person liking Tony so much that they submit themselves to JARVIS approval.

The second is a Loki and Steve? fic. The person works out that loki only kills on 1 day a year and the number goes up by 1 esch year. Works out that this is his birthday and he kills because no one remembers. They find where he is living and take him a cake the day before. There is an attack the next day but no deaths. A relationship then develops.
FOUND - details in the comments.

Hope you guys can help as my search so far have been unsuccessful.
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I only remember one scene, which, I think, takes place in England possibly after Thor: Dark World events.  Darcy is waiting for Phil and his AOS team to return to their (hotel?) rooms after having been out doing something .  The Avengers aren't supposed to know Phil is alive but have discovered he is and hasn't told them.  They're Not Happy about that, so they (esp. Tony & JARVIS) plan their revenge.  They send Darcy to ask Phil a/some question(s); setting off the revenge process is based on Phil's answers.  Phil answers "wrong", and as Darcy walks away from Phil and his AOS team, she tells Tony/JARVIS (via phone?  via JARVIS hacked into security cameras?) to start the process.  (I'm assuming that this ruins Phil financially, among other things.)

This scene gives the sense "sucks to be you, Coulson" and "shoulda thought of the consequences before you decided not to be honest with us, Coulson".  Darcy may even actually say as much.

The story's probably on AO3, but I haven't been able to locate it again.  It's not a short, drabbly story, and it may be part of a series or multi-chaptered work,
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Hi! I've been searching for two fics in particular, and I have another general rec request.

The first fic is long, begins pre-ironman and is Tony-centric. (Also, I love angst so it probably had a healthy helping of that). I know it has Loki, and I know it has Fury -- in this fic, Fury has a huge soft spot for Tony. Tony also thinks of Fury in a more paternal way. In any case, the scene that I really remember is where Fury says "Ant. Boot." to Loki, and Tony thinks that that is so badass (and just like Fury). I think Tony was smirking or smiling? I don't know... I've been looking all over for this fic and I can't find it! Oh, and it was, because of the nature of the fic, either gen or pepperony.

The second fic (it may be the same) is also another long Tony-centric fic, but in this one, for whatever reason, Tony doesn't drink, and when he's giving his speal to Loki, Loki notices and Tony winks at him. I'm pretty sure it was tea that Tony was drinking?

Lastly, and I'm sorry that this is so long, I'm looking for any really long Tony-centric fics that start from his childhood? Preferably slash -- any pairing, but I am more of a Stony girl.

Thank you so much!
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Hello! Today, I am looking for a fic where Clint can play the violin. I only remember that he played a song that was written to be bad. The song was written to annoy others. I think JARVIS plays it when Clint wants the Avengers to do something or when Tony needs to go to sleep.

I am 99% sure I read it on archiveofourown, and 70% sure that wasn't the main point. But that's all I remember.

I'll also take recs of Avengers being able to play instruments. I don't care if they're AUs or not.
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Literally the only thing I remember about this fic is one quote. Tony is talking to Jarvis I believe and he says something like 'Coulson will take over the world and we'll all go down swearing we tripped because there's no way he would have done it.' That's all I remember about help appreciated as always.
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Are there any fics out there where JARVIS has a romantic/intimate relationship, other than Tony, where the other person does NOT turn out to be asexual? Or one where he is involved with a kinky Ace? 
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I'm looking for a story where the central character is a young woman who is just starting a job at Stark Industries.  The story is tole in either first person or third person singular.  I think she a delivery person, with a bike or moped right outside here garage office.  Jarvis is her main contact and they become good friends.  She thinks he's a young guy with agoraphobia holed up in an office somewhere, not realizing until the very end of the story that Jarvis is an AI computer.  She meets, I think, Pepper first, during her job interview, then Steve on the street when she gets sideswiped and crashes her bike.  She meets and becomes friends with Clint, Tony, and the rest of the team.
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I jsut read a story where Tony is hurt that the team forgot his birthday and at the end JARVIS threatens a bit of payback of they forget again next year.  (Search the AO3 archives 6-2-15 to find it.)  That got me wondering if there were any stories where JARVIS actually did get vengeful against the team for hurting Tony, not so much physically (that too), but hurt his feelings by dissing him or leaving him out of a team outing or just ignoring him when he tries to do something special for them.  I've read stories where they treat him badly (any new ones welcome here BTW), but what I'm looking for now is where JARVIS and/or Dummy, You, and Butterfingers step up to protect their 'daddy' from any further hurt.
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Okay, so it's past Father's Day.

But I was wondering if there are any fics where Vision attempts to 'honor' Tony for Father's Day.

Oh, heck... I'll even take fic where JARVIS or Dum-E or U attempt to do stuff for Father's day for Tony.
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I had a really awesome dream a few nights ago. This idea was only a small part of the 'story' and I wonder if I picked it up from skimming fic summaries since I don't read Tony fics.

Takes place pre-Iron Man.
Jarvis is a real person that Tony was having a secret relationship with. He tragically dies, which is what leads to Tony naming his AI J.A.R.V.I.S. all those years later.

Anything like this?


Jun. 2nd, 2015 11:07 pm
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So I had this strange thought. Tony created JARVIS so that it (he?) would take care of his needs right? And this has been proven time and again through the movies, and in several awesome fanfiction where JARVIS states that he was created to 'put his creator's needs before anyone else'. I was wondering...what if JARVIS took that literally?
Basically, I'm looking for fics where JARVIS takes Tony's programming to protect and serve him a little too far? For example, fics where JARVIS perhaps restrains tony or holds him prisoner in order to 'protect' him for whatever reason (this is just an example, anything is fine). Basically fics where JARVIS is a little bit twisted when it comes to taking care his creator and will do anything to 'protect' him (a darkly possessive JARVIS?).
I'm wondering if such a concept even exists because I've been having this idea in my head all day and I'd love to read something like it!
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Sometimes when you're reading a story a thought or suggestion makes you think 'what if...' and the idea occured to me 'what if JARVIS decided to act on his own to get revenge on someone who hurt Tony (or, hell, even Pepper).  I guess this is a stap past my previous post of the team or team member doing something 'against' Tony, something for his own good but losing his trust.  Even if Tony went away and tried to put the event/act behind him, or if he was unconscious, what if JARVIS decided to act ion his own n getting back at them. 
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Ok, so I know it's kind of weird, but I was wondering how many JARVIS slash fics there were? Because I was recently reading this fic J and I by Lady_Nightshade (Summary for those of you who haven't read it: Darcy just found out her Soulmate is an AI... ok, not your average day, she'll admit. But she's actually pretty cool with it. But how do you tell a team of super heroes that the newbie in the tower is matched with the AI they all depend on?), and I found it strangely endearing. So I was wondering how many fics there were revolving around these lines...with JARVIS being romantically involved with any other character. I have of course read a couple of Tony Stark/JARVIS fics, but are there fics with any other pairings?? ^^
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I like to read fics where (a) team member(s) travel into an other world/dimension. I read "The Gift of Idunn" and it is such a wonderful story - and now I'm craving for more.

Fics where someone travels back- or forward in time

Do you know such fics? I prefer the MCU, but all of the marvel universe is fine - I'm also a little down at the moment, so happy end fics would be great (but not necessary).

PS: I hope I got the tags right - it's my first time posting here :)
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Really though. So everyone knows that Tony programmed JARVIS to be the ultimate AI. He pretty much designed him to think for himself, can search for information at the blink of an eye and at times it's almost like he has a personality of his own. And a lot of JARVIS centred stories I've read focus on him turning human or helping Tony in ways that make his seem almost real. Good. But I was wondering...what if being JARVIS decided to go rogue? Because let's face it, if he did, the Avengers, and pretty much everyone would be screwed

So that's what I'm looking for today. Any and all fics where for whatever reason JARVIS decides to turn or is turned evil. (Kind of like Ultron?). I just think that would be really interesting to read and I haven't seen any fics like that so far. So...help please?
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Hello, I'm looking for multiple things:

1. Any fics that focus on Tony struggling or dealing with PTSD and/or panic attacks, specifically during or after the events of Iron Man 3 (IM3). It can be Gen, Pepper/Tony, or Steve/Tony. I'd prefer if the focus remained on the PTSD and not on any romantic relationship. I also enjoy friendship between Tony and any of the Avengers.

2. Any fics that are Tony-centric that focus on any of the following mental health issues: depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, anxiety, OCD, self-harm, and/or suicidal thoughts.

3. Tony with self-esteem issues

4. Overworked Tony

5. Fics focusing on Tony's relationship with Jarvis or that have Jarvis caring about Tony

6. Really angsty Tony fics in general... It's evident to see what type of mood I'm in xD I prefer for it not to be an alpha/beta/omega AU

I've read Burning Candles by kerravon (I've read all her fics basically), Burnout Phase, all of scifigrl47's fics, Butterflies by everythingispoetry, almost everything by romanoff, and so much more
[identity profile] decemberdove.livejournal.com
Yup, pretty much what the title says. Are there any fics like this? (I am of course, talking about the AI :P)


Mar. 13th, 2015 05:29 pm
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(ok, so I had a major brain fart and posted this to an sga community instead!  ooops!)

Hey guys, I need all your favorite fics where JARVIS (the AI) is a main character.  I was recently re-reading The Act of Creation and I need more of JARVIS as a major character.  I would love to see JARVIS as a main character with (hopefully?) a romantic pairing?  Please??


Mar. 12th, 2015 10:24 pm
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Hello all!
I am looking for a Bucky Fic. I think it might be a specific fic, but I could be a mix of fics. What I remember is that there is a poison in Bucky's arm and he was recovering at the tower and Bruce was taking care of him. The other part is that Bucky is stalking the Avengers in the Tower. Clint and Natasha report that they see him out of the corner of their eyes while they are watching television. Tony asks Jarvis to track Bucky's walk a outs and they always end up back at his room and it looks like he is following Steve. That's all I can remember. :(
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I am looking for an au fic in a world where Tony is significantly younger than the rest of the Avengers. An AI (Jarvis, but they don't know that) takes over the world, and when SHIELD sends the rest of the usual Avengers in to rescue kid!Tony Stark from the AI they find Jarvis, who was created by Tony to keep him safe. I remember a scene with Jarvis (in a robot body I think) interacting with the Avengers when Tony comes down the stairs saying he is sick and Jarvis sending one of the Iron Man suits to help him I think. And Bruce goes along to check on him. Basically, tinygenius!Tony and overprotective!Jarvis and the Avengers getting caught up in it. Please help me find this, it's driving me crazy!
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I barely remember the fic but I do know it here were a few notable items in it
1). Tony used various metals as code words to indicate his safety with Jarvis.
2). Tony had been kidnapped and arranged his own escape while the rest of the team complained that he was out of reach. He never told them what happened to him but the team found out. Steve ends up killing one of the guys in an interrogation room.
3). Happy has know Tony since Canada, where when he was younger Tony was going thru chemo. He knows the metal code words.
4). Tony never gave Jarvis limits, just asked Jarvis to tell him up front if he was going to betray him.

Please help me find this Awesome Fic!
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Okay, I lost a fic. I thought I bookmarked it, but when I went back to my link, It wasn't the right fic. What I remember is this:

1. It was pretty big. Can't remember if there were a lot of chapters, or if they were just long. And it was unfinished last I saw.

2. Tony, Clint (and Barney), and Phil had all at a point where they were children, been dosed with the super soldier serum, but it never does the same thing to each person. Later Betty Ross is also dosed by her father.

3. Steve collapses at some point because he isn't eating enough.

4. There is a wedding for Bruce and betty on the Hellicarier.

5. Tony secretly has an actual medical degree, and an alterego to go along with it.

That's all I got folks. Can anyone help? I don't recall pairings, sorry.
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I have a feeling I once read a fic where JARVIS had a crush on Steve, but since I can remember no other details whatsoever this is more of a general search for any fics where there is a focus on Steve and JARVIS interacting and whether that is as friends or something more romantic doesn't matter. (Though if anyone does by some miracle find the specific one that I can't quite remember, I will of course be super grateful.) Oh, and I'm definitely looking for JARVIS the AI, not E. Jarvis the human here.
[identity profile] amokima.livejournal.com
Hi, I'm looking for fics where Clint is better friends with JARVIS than he is with the other Avengers. Anyone know any fics like that?


[identity profile] wesgibson.livejournal.com
I'm looking for any fic where Tony and JARVIS actually do find evidence that HYDRA has corrupted SHIELD during their hacking in the Avengers. Pairings don't matter here, I'd actually prefer gen I think.
[identity profile] lucifrix.livejournal.com
1. I THINK this was in the Avengers Kinkmeme comments, but I can't find it. The plot is that Bruce loves humiliation (the story includes a too-short scene), but can't stand aftercare, which leaves Tony worried and feeling like a bad dom. So Tony sets up JARVIS to do aftercare, monitoring Bruce's vitals and leading him through cleaning up and coming down, but in a sort of cold, formal way so as not to trigger Bruce's issues. It was called something like "Wasting My Time."

2. I only heard about this story at ConTXT: After the events of CA2:TWS, Bucky has disappeared. Tony hunts him down, ready to kill him, but when he finds him he's mentally unstable, without shelter, etc., and so instead of killing him he takes him to be with Steve.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!
[identity profile] ash-2698.livejournal.com
Hello, I have some time looking for fic in wich Tony is a kid and is abused and/or neglected by Howard (or Maria idk) or a deaging fic or kid!fic in wich kid!Tony shows signs of neglect and/or child abuse and the team comes to notices just now, or others when adult!Tony does something that let the team (or just Steve) know about his crappy childhood. Steve noticing that Howard was a son of a bitch and fluff, protective, and fluff Jarvis (AI or butler) could do too. I already had found some in AO3 and Fanfiction.net, but if somebody has something like that I would be very thankful since I lost all my bookmarks in AO3.
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Hey guys, I am looking for fics for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I would love to see Steve and Bucky rebuild their friendship and Bucky interacting with the team.  Something along the lines of By Choice or By Habit by [livejournal.com profile] sholio would be amazing.  (Btw, if you have not read Sholio's CA fics, please do yourself a favor.  :)

My only stipulation is that the fics be gen, as that is all I read.  Thanks, guys!
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I'm looking for a certain post-Avengers story where the team is living in the tower. Here's what I remember:

  • Pepper, Natasha, Jane, Darcy, Betty, and Coulson are having a girls' night out

  • General Ross invades the tower

  • Steve and Bruce are experimented on

  • The girls and Coulson kick ass rescuing the guys

  • Natasha and Clint at one point had decided what animated princess everyone best resembled - Clint was Merida, Natasha was Flynn, Steve was Aurora, Tony was Mulan, Thor was Ariel, and Bruce was Fiona.

  • I remember reading it on AO3

If someone could at least provide the title, I'd really appreciate it. A link would be even better!!!
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Hey, So I just read Nonage and it got me craving human Jarvis stories. By human Jarvis I don't mean J.A.R.V.I.S being transformed into a human. I mean the old butler and Tony's former caretaker, Edwin Jarvis.

oceanandspace: a blue moon reflecting on the ocean (0-main-misc-keep calm kettle)
[personal profile] oceanandspace
Hey! :D

So, I've been looking for this fic for a week and it's making me crazy. It might be a Tony/Bruce, Tony/Loki or Tony/Steve, not sure which.

What I remember: Tony and Bruce have a drinking live science party at the tower an evening (there might be Peter Parker present, and/or two or three interns/trainees).
I remember that they broadcasted the science party and there was mention of a teacher stopping his lesson to show his kids "real science happening" and the NASA keeping notes and Bruce and Tony trying to make space ship happen for real?/discussing what would be applicable for space ships/space colonies?

Does it ring any bell? I'm about ready to scream ;D

EDIT: It's the Power Ballad series, by Ringshadow ♥.♥ (found it completely by chance ^^;;; )


Feb. 4th, 2014 09:10 pm
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I need help finding this fanfic because it is driving me crazy!!!!!
All I can remember is that it started out with Tony complaining that none of his past sexual partners could push him as far as he wanted to go. Jarvis catologes this, and later fulfills Tony's desires. He sneakily binds Tony up with cables (tentacles? I don't remember what they were called) and then penetrates him with other tentacles. Also, at some point, Jarvis pulls up a screen so Tony can watch himself get f*cked. I think there is some kind of dirty talk, but not sure.
Please help and if you can't find it, post recs for similar fics.
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The fic I'm looking for is Tony Stark/Steve Rogers

Tony is being sent to points in the future to save Steve. Every time Tony saved Steve he blacked out again and was told by a voice (JARVIS) what would have happened if Tony wasn't there. One time is about some virus, another about an acid monster and one about a shooting (I think) At the end, its Tony's past self who was behind it all
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1. Steve has a bad reaction waking up to see that it's snowing outside; shivering really badly, etc. PTSD symptoms triggered by the cold, winter weather. Possibly Jarvis calls it to Tony's attention, Tony comes to Steve's aide. Steve/Tony slash

2. I remember that it was one of those Steve having trouble adjusting fic. He has good days and bad days. I remember after he has a bad day and the Avengers have a bad day, he doesn't want to be around them because he doesn't want to drag them down (he shouts at them, specific Tony, who probably takes it the wrong way/personally). Then he trashes his apartment and Bruce comes by and cleans up the glass and checks up on him. I think it might have been Steve/Tony, but I can't be sure, and if it was it was still pre-relationship/slow build (in the chapters I've read). Fairly certain that it's a wip, and not complete.

3. The scene that stands out to me is: the Avengers (plus Fury), have gathered for a meeting/debrief? and there is some tension/back-and-forth/comments between Steve and Tony which Steve reacts strongly to, stunning everyone when he gets up asks Natasha for the notes (which she silently agrees to do for him) and leaves before the meeting/debrief ends/possibly before it starts. I don't remember if it was shippy or not.
[identity profile] jazmin22.livejournal.com
Steve has a bad reaction waking up to see that it's snowing outside; shivering really badly, etc. PTSD symptoms triggered by the cold, winter weather. Possibly Jarvis calls it to Tony's attention, Tony comes to Steve's aide.


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