May. 28th, 2016

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I just began reading fics recommended in the post placed in the community earlier here but soon enought I understood that I needed much more.
Please, if you have your own favourites on Clint/Phil, give me some recs.
I know only some english authors inside the fandom and this pairing was my certain first crush in the universe. But I'd like to ask you some fic because whant your opinion. And, if ossible, let it be those fics that are more on the trusted side - or that you want to reread later or anything. Lohg, maybe. With sport type Clint, and Coulson as a wall of understanding and disciline, maybe. Drama, slash, gen - all will be appreciated. Maybe some flirting, first kissing or... something.
Except maybe BDSM or kink games. Not my cup of tea just, yeah.

Please, help!

(And thank you once again, dear asker, who gave the request earlier that day about the pairing - as well as all those who helped him with your favourites or recs, they are simply gorgeous!)


May. 28th, 2016 08:13 am
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Hi, I'm looking for fics where the Avengers are part of sports team (either existing sports team or an Avengers team) or in general, are human (no super powers) athletes and that's how they know each other.

Any sport is great hehe, it's okay if they're not team mates and if they're competing against each other. If they have to deal with media then that's fun also.

Steve/Tony is preferred but a gen team fic is great too!

(Can i request for a Sports/athlete tag also please HAHA)
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I have been looking for this specific fic for a while and I know theres a few out there with the same situation but Loki is staying at the tower it might be gen or frostiron. Loki identifies as both male and female and in Asgard he is looked down upon for this even more so then his magic use. So when it comes up when they are all going shopping for a charity event he is surprised by Midgards acceptance about it and that the avengers switching pronouns so easily. I jut remember Loki being female at the event (maybe so he isnt identified as the alien that tried to destroy new york....maybe).
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I'm looking for an old Steve/Tony fic with cis girl Tony, in which she is a former Miss America.  I've searched every way I can and found this one by gyzym, which is an awesome Tony/Rhodey fic, but I swear I remember one that was Tony/Steve, because I'm sure there was a joke in there about Captain America dating Miss America.

Any help is appeciated!


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