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I had a couple of stories queued up to read, but then had problems and had to shut my laptop down, which made me lose the list.  So I figured I could just expand the list to other such stories.  All I remember about the list was Tony getting back at Thunderbolt Ross for his actions against the Avengers, mainly but not limited to Bruce.  I'm thinking publicly beating back an attack agains tthe tower to capture the Hulk (I recall one where War Machine helped out).  Or shaming Ross online or at a press conference.  I recall one story where a Ross subordinate sets up Steve to tour a secure military base when none of the team is available to keep him from being detained.  Even stories where Betty publically turns on her father in favor of her boyfriend.  Any and all stories gladly accepted.  Slash, het, gen, and any combination thereof.

(Don't bother suggesting "Dolls and Guys" from the series "Love is For Children" by Ysabethwordsmith.  I already have that one.  In fact I think I'll re-read it now.  And I have to recommend going to AO3 and checking out that excellent series.  Gives a bit of alternate view of the team dynamics.)
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I am looking for a few things:

1. Specific fic- it was about the news or whatever going deeper into Tony's dark past like how crappy Howard stark treated him (physical abuse?)and Afghanistan etc. the team is watching this and is surprised. I think like a lady came forward with some evidence or something of child abuse (might be a different fic)I don't remember where I read it exactly but I think it was ao3 but I'm not sure.

EDIT: I also remember them going through all the other avengers stories and got dirt on them too.

Fic recs:
2.a fic like the fic I was looking for
3. Press conference or interview with Tony or team
4. Tony helping out team with media
5. Somebody seeing how well Tony handles the press or the mask he wears for it.

Thank you!
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Hi, I know this has been asked several times, I asked about it a year ago, but I haven't been able to find it, maybe now someone can remember??

I'm talking about a fic where Tony Stark is the actor in the Sherlock Holmes movies. He, as Tony Stark played Sherlock in the movies.

If anyone, remembers the name, part of the name or the author please tell me!!

Thank you, be well, Monica
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Hey y'all. I am really looking for some good fics where you get to see Tony really being a genius. I would love it if those could also include the team being amazed by something Tony is doing or thinking or creating. Could be something like Tony being a polyglot and surprising Natasha by speaking Russian or something, or him solving complex problems in a few seconds, or building something amazing, the team seeing him working in the lab for the first time etc. I remember a fic where Tony meets Charles from the X-Men for the first time and Charles is unable to read his mind because he is thinking about too many things at once and thinking so fast that that cannot get a grip on his thoughts. Anything like this I would really appreciate!
I'm not picky at all over pairings or other tags, so go wild. THANK YOU!!!!!
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fics where the team or some of the team go to an event/fundraiser/gala and Tiberius Stone is there. They realize how uncomfortable Tony is around him, or how much of an ass Stone is, or Stone threatens him and the team get protective/angry. Even if it isn't Stone, maybe someone else that Tony doesn't like or is afraid of.
Thank you!
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There's a fic already on AO3 where Steve has these little sketchbooks that he keeps in a backpack that he takes everywhere and some kid gets paid by a tabloid to go through his stuff while he's volunteering at a community center and Steve chases him and nearly beats the stuffing out of him but Tony stops him and tells the kid that he should consider himself lucky that it was Steve almost tearing him a new one and not Natasha or Bruce or something...

I think it's Steve/Tony but I'm not sure.

I'd like to re-read it myself but it was this prompt over at the kink meme that reminded me of it and I wanted to rec it to the OP since it seems right up their alley even if it doesn't fit the prompt.

Thanks in advance!
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FOUND: the reason you ruminate the shadowy past by Mizzy [Search answered by both Mizzy2k and dinara_n, thank you both so much!]


Okay so I am possibly conflating two fic into one, but I feel like it was a single one. I would very much appreciate any help finding it (or them if that turns out to be the case.) I know that I read it on AO3, but of course that doesn't mean it is only available there.

Facts/Clues: I believe the overall basis of the fic was that Steve kissed Tony in public quite impulsively to make a point (in front of some police officers or fire men perhaps who were making homophobic remarks?) In order to avoid public backlash against Tony and subsequently the company, Pepper comes up with the plan for them to date for a year before breaking up. Of course, the two end up falling for each other, but think the other is just waiting for the year to be over.

There's a scene where a reporter or photographer sneaks into the workshop (via car trunk?) and just finds the two playing cards together, or something along those lines. I believe this helps convince the media and public that they really are together and it isn't a stunt.

Very specifically, I feel like the beginning and part of the end include roughly the line "Justin Hammer is a knob." Because he unleashes an evil, robotic, giant TV on some sorts. When this happens, I believe Tony leaves Steve sleeping in the hotel room to go fight this creation. Possibly from another story, cannot confirm for certain whether this goes with the above, but I feel like it does?

The end possibly involves a passage or two in italics about how they grow old together in a retirement home (or something along those lines) and Tony makes Steve an electric blanket. This could of course be from an entirely different story. I just feel like it was maybe involved here.

I recently lost all my AO3 bookmarks [long story], but even if I hadn't they were a bit of a mess and I probably wouldn't have found this fic in them. I've tried searching what I believe to be the relevant tags on AO3 and haven't turned it up just yet. Sorry I am by turns quite certain in placed and very uncertain in others. It's been a while since I read it and it quite suddenly came to mind. I would appreciate any help, of course, and if someone can locate it I'll edit that into the main text!

FOUND: the reason you ruminate the shadowy past by Mizzy [Search answered by both Mizzy2k and dinara_n, thank you both so much!]
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This scene is very vague in my head so I don't know if it's part of a fanfic I read some time ago, or just an idea that came to me in the headspace between waking and sleeping when your head wants to sink back down, but your body's saying 'get up'.  So any story with this type of scene would be nice to read.  It's right after either a mission or a responce to a team member being attacked by the public or press.  Or it could be a press conference called then or later.  The team is introducing their newest member, the Winter Soldier -- yes, THAT Winter Soldier -- and no matter what he was maide to do in the past, he is a valued and trusted member of the team.  Questions and criticism follow; the team says get over it, yadda, yadda, yadda.  There may or may not be one or two other new members -- War Machine, Falcon.  Steve and Bucky may or may not come out as a couple; or may or may not even be a couple.  You get the picture.  Anything along those line would be appreciated.
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I only remember one scene, and the team was watching Lord of the Rings. Thor and Loki recognized some of the story from real events in the other realms. Also, I think there was some discussion of storytelling, but I could be making that up.


Edit: Damaged Defenders, link in comments. Thank you!
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I'm looking for recommendations for these types of fics please:

-Supernatural crossover(Dean-centric)
-Sherlock crossover(John-centric)
-Reunions with family, schools, or people they used to know (like the circus carnies for Clint or people who lived in the or hometown)
-People seeing them on TV and being shocked that one of them is an Avenger or something along those lines
-Clint is too thin, underweight, etc.(not necessarily an eating disorder)
-Interviews/Press Conferences/Social Networking
-The team being cute and protective and family-like(preferably Clint-centric)
-Good Clint-centric fics

Thank You.
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I am looking for any story that has Steve Rogers dealing with the press.

I am also looking for any story where the Avengers find out that they don't really know Steve Rogers. Any story where people find out that there is only a Captain America because there's a Steve Rogers.

Also, any story where Steve can lift or more Thor's hammer would be great as well.

Thank you in advance for any help.
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I've search for and enjoyed the fruits of other peoples searches for Captain America and the Avengers team dealing with all manners of the press.  What I had in mind today was Steve Rogers appearing on Oprah or being interviewed on one of the FAUXNews shows. I can just imagine them thinking he'd be on their side and Steve being appaled by their brand of conservatism.  Any story I haven't seen yet.  (What's the one where a painting of skinny and almost naked Steve in an art gallery where Papper, Tony, and the team are attending a party or fund raiser, the real long story.  I've read that, and saved it to read again.  I just don't feel like looking up the title this second.)
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I'm a California girl, born and raised in the land of earthquakes. I've also live in the south and midwest where there's the danger of nasty thunderstorms, flooding, or tornadoes. I wonder if there are any stories out there of the Avengers (and maybe the X-Men or Batman assisting) helping out victims of natural disasters. Things like hurricanes, tornadoes, quakes, floods, or maybe a building explosion or collapse. Maybe the story could be how the media covers the event afterwards and their bias toward or against certain team members.

The things one comes up with when the brain wanders.
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I'm looking for any stories where someone/everyone gets angry about how Tony's represented in the media or how he's treated by people who don't take the time to get to know him properly.

I'd also like any stories where the public or SI employees adore him even if he drives people in power crazy.
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I'm looking for a fic about Bucky post-CATWS where he is tracked and helped by ordinary people - a cup of coffee, library books, medical care, all signs of support by people who care. I believe in this fic (or maybe there are a couple of fics along the same line?) there's a "Bucky-watch" in social media for people who want to help. I've been racking my brains for the title to no avail, but I'm pretty sure it was on the kink meme. Thank you in advance :)
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Fanfic where Tony Stark and Steve Rogers have interview with xenophobic TV host, and start switching languages. I'm reasonably sure that some of the languages where Irish Gaelic, French, Russian, Italian, and German. I think it was on either http://archiveofourown.org/ or livejournal.
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I was hoping you can help me to find some fics where media really talks Tony down for dating Steve? Like all the paparazzi say awful things and Tony pretends like it's okay but in reality it hurts like a bitch? So like insecure Tony?
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I'm looking for any marvel fics written in the style of news articles, blog posts, courtroom transcripts, tweets, media interviews, etc. I've read some really fantastic stories in this style that I absolutely recommend reading:

http://archiveofourown.org/works/2304905/chapters/5071058 - "United States v. Barnes, 617 F. Supp. 2d 143 (D.D.C. 2015)" by fallingvoices and radialarch - Steve/Bucky fic about Winter soldier trial

http://archiveofourown.org/works/1758087/chapters/3758717 - "tin soldiers" by idrilka - Steve/Bucky fic about public reactions to events of CA:TWS and them coming out

http://archiveofourown.org/works/1599293 - "Steve Rogers at 100: Celebrating Cpatain America on Film" by eleveninches, Febricant, hellotailor, M_Leigh, neenya, & tigrrmilk - Steve/Bucky fic about them watching captain america movies that came out while they were frozen

These are just the ones that I can think of off the top of my head but I know I've read others and I really love this style. These three just happen to all be Steve/Bucky recs but I'll take any pairing! Happy reading and please leave recs in the comments! Thanks!
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Heya All,

I'm in the mood for a couple of certain types of fics, so I am hoping all of you can help me find some. :)

1). I was one hold today and there was an old Eric Clapton song on the hold-line and it got me thinking about what Steve Rogers would think of the song (I know, completely random thought), but once I started thinking of that I started thinking of his thoughts, feelings, reactions, etc to the modern world and now I am craving fics like that. I am looking for Steve/Tony centric fics (either, pre-slash, first-time or established relationship) and basically Tony/the Avengers/etc introducing Steve to new things about the modern world from music to TV/Movies to slang, food, clothes, etc. :-D Any rating is welcome!

2). Okay, so I was introduced to this kind of trope through the Arthur/Merlin fandom, but I am looking for Steve/Tony fics that center around (or feature scenes about) how the public reacts to Captain America and Iron Man dating/getting/married/having kids, etc. Basically I am just looking for fangirls shippng "Stony" and them finding out about it, news media constantly posting articles about them, reporters vying for interviews, speculation about their sex life, etc. This can be pre-slash, first-time or established relationship. Any rating is welcome!

Thanks in advance!

X-Posted at [livejournal.com profile] cap_im_finders
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I read through a bunch of avengers fic last year, and I remember one in particular where Steve corrects a conservative politician on television who assumes Steve shares his vales, when in fact, due to his upbringing, Steve is very liberal. I can't FIND it! I'm looking for that, or any like it.

There was also a fic where Steve outs himself as either gay or bi by accident on television, and I think it ends with Steve/Tony. Anybody know what I'm talking about?
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What is the story where during a press conference, Tony is asked what his preferred "type" of woman is? He has a brilliant response where he basically refuses to answer because any answer he gives will just make someone feel bad.

Ringing any bells?
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I think this was a 5+1 fic (or maybe a 6+1 or something like that). Anyway, it's different times Tony helped the others deal with the media and I think one time at the end where they helped him. I'm pretty sure it's gen, but I'm not completely certain.

I also welcome recs where Tony deals with Avengers related media, even if you don't think it's the specific fic I'm looking for. Any pairing (including none) welcome.

Tag note: I've just gone ahead and used all the movie verse Avengers in the tags, but I can't remember whether or not all of them are included in the fic.
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I read this fic awhile ago and unfortunately cannot remember much of what happens but it was a fairly decent length and for most of it the public is speculating as to who Captain America is after the Chitauri event and so Steve lays low for awhile. Not sure if he leaves NYC on his bike but I remember one scene where he's in a bar by himself enjoying the anonymity when people start to notice him and he gets uncomfortable and leaves.

Steve goes to Tony and decides to "out" himself by revealing that he's actually Captain America because he's tired of having people constantly speculating about him. Tony sets up an interview and a crew comes to the Tower and they do a live interview with a guy who isn't informed of who he's supposed to interview in advance. So he sees Steve and he's confused like "sorry, but I don't actually know who you are" and Steve basically tells him he's Captain America and they chat and Tony pops into the interview to say hi.

Think it was on AO3? If it was I forgot to bookmark it (I assume). Thanks in advance everyone!
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Hi everyone,

I know this fic exists on AO3 but I can't find it for the life of me! The team is participating in a group interview on live tv. All the questions for Natasha are incredibly misogynistic and the rest of the team comes to her rescue by answering the questions instead. I think Steve answers one about what he wears under his uniform (nothing). I remember the author notes explaining their inspiration came from the awful questions Scarlett Johansson got asked during Avengers press.

Anyone have the link?
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Hi all,
Having recently read a fic where Tony gives Bruce half his company(No more going it alone by Zphal http://archiveofourown.org/works/434169), and one where Tony marries Bruce to make him a public figure(a marriage of convenience by enigmaticblues http://sciencebros.livejournal.com/41150.html), I'm now hankering for any longish, domestic fics between Tony and Bruce, either friendship, slash, or threesome, that show the two integrating their lives-living together, being awesome together, basically being better together than they ever could have been apart, and realizing it. I'd particularly love any fics that show the two in the public spotlight, as a couple or whatever, emphasize how good Tony is with the hulk, etc. Also, if anyone knows of any other fics where the two get married, or where Tony gives Bruce part of the company, I'd be ecstatic : )
Also, any fics where Bruce acts as Tony's doctor in any capacity would be great : )
Thanks-sorry for the long request, but I need my science bros : )
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Hi! I'm looking for this fic where Steve saves someone in a picket line from a homophobic person and then ends up joining the protest. And generally being sweet and patriotic at the same time. I think I remember Tony strolling by and helping out too and he may or may not have a martini.

In general, I would also welcome fics where Steve is supporting gay rights and American values and maybe charming the media with his charming.

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] teyke Phil Coulson is Not the Avengers' Public Relations Manager by Scifigrl47 is found!

[identity profile] ashenblack.livejournal.com
I'm looking for recs of Tony/Pepper from any POV that is not Tony or Pepper, such as another Avenger, or a SI employee, former flings, etc. I'm looking for a significant portion of the focus to be on Tony and Pepper's relationship though, not just a background thing.

Second, I'm looking for any fics featuring media coverage of Tony and Pepper's relationship.

I particularly like super-awesome-competant!Pepper, and both protective!Pepper and protective!Tony. Anything with any of the Avengers or the media outlets underestimating Pepper would be frosting on the cake.

Any help is much appreciated!
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Hello! :)

1) Could anyone point me toward fics that either mention or focus on;

a) People noticing that Steve is the same Captain America from the 1940's;
b) People wondering if now!Captain America is the same as 1940's!Captain America;
c) People's perspectives on Steve as he re-integrates into normal life as a 'normal guy' (whether in school or his neighborhood);
d) General consequences of Steve's cowl coming off in the fight;
e) Any general in-fic media/public opinion discussion on Steve, Cap, and/or the Avengers - OCs and outside POVs welcome!

2) There are some wonderful Clint-Barton-is-everyone-Renner-has-ever-played fics. Any recommendations on fics that show reunions between Clint and characters from SWAT/Hurt Locker/Mission Impossible?

Many thanks!
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Hey everyone!

I'm looking for fics which detail the absolute f*cking disaster NYC must have been, after the movie. Injured civillians, injured agents, soldiers, devastated infrastructure, devastated everything. Most fics mention it, but shoot straight past it. I don't think it would have been that easy.

Give me something that shows just how shocking the destruction would have been. Something that details the loss of life, and the overflowing hospitals, and the overworked doctors, and somehow there's nothing much the avengers can do. Maybe tony can help with tech, or donate money or space, but nothing hands on, and nothing anyone else can do. Something that details the rebuilding of life for the common person, you know?

I don't care what pairing but I'm good with anything, I'm good with gen.

Thanks in advance!

[identity profile] obsessionality.livejournal.com

Hiya guys!

I'm always amazed at this comm and how you respond perfectly! So I've come to you looking for something else.

I'm looking for a different sort of reveal fic. Not the inter-avengers reveal, because I think that one's pretty much taken for granted anyway. I'm talking about outside the Avengers. And not just the general public. Like, families.

I read this epic series in which Darcy Lewis has a family and none of them know what she does, until they do, and it is EPIC. (Basic Bitches by twistedingenue).

I'm looking for things like that. Where people who still have links to the outside world (of sanity), like Phil, or Darcy, or Jane, or even Hill, have reveals to their family that actually, they work with SHIELD and their basassery is shown and stuff. I don't even care if it's OC or what. I'm happy with any pairing, any rating, any central character. All is good.

I hope there's something out there!

Thanks in advance!


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1. Tony Stark/Bruce Banner -- Anything out of the way (i.e. not posted on fanfiction.net or AO3) 

2. Tony being bisexual -- A fic that actually has him or others talking about it. Don't care what the pairing is. Tony/Any or gen

3. Tony and the press. Avoiding them, what they report, him giving an interview etc.

4. Tony's work for Stark Industries, weather he went back to being CEO, as a shareholder, or involved in R&D.
    ----- Tony being over-worked recs are cool too. 

5. Fics with relationship negotiation, weather a polymory or a two-person relationship the boundariesthat are involved in a relationship. (Tony-centric)

Thanks you your help.
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So, there has been woefully a shortage of Thor/Tony fics, and I want to read the ones I haven't read yet! & I can't seem to find any Loki/Tony mpreg stories? (Tony is the one who's pregnant)

Much appreciated!
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I'm looking for a fic where Steve's got to give some kind of interview or press conference, but has really bad bags under his eyes. Pepper was helping him get ready and went off to find some concealer for him. In the meantime, Tony wanders in and starts babbling away while at the same time applying the concealer to Steve's face for the interview. I'm pretty sure I read it on AO3, and I'm pretty sure it was either gen or pre-Steve/Tony.


Found. live through this (and you won't look back by cicer.
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It was post movie where the news was disparaging the Avengers on TV. Tony gets fed up with the lady being so rude that he hacks into their network and let loose. He tells about her DUI (I think) etc... and then tells her not to cross him about the Avengers because they are his team, but the station can Bash him all they want. (I think)
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Hi there! I'm looking for an Avengers fic that I read maybe one/two months ago on AO3 and I can't find it for the life of me. 

The media (it may have been FOX News, but don't quote me on that) doesn't like or trust the Avengers. They complain about them on national TV (Tony is volatile and untrustworthy, Natasha is a russian spy, Clint is a high school drop-out...). Tony hacks their live broadcast and disses the reporter making those claims. He says that they can criticize him all they want, but his team is off-limits. 

I think it was Steve/Tony, but it was fairly gen. Maybe pre-slash? I can't remember.

Ring any bells?


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