Oct. 6th, 2015 05:28 pm
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Tony gets involved with Steve, but it's revealed in the story that it's a clone (LMD?) as the original actually did die during his time in the ice.

Note: it's not Lost a foe (found a friend)...that's a different story.
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Hello all,
I am looking for a fic (probably on that I read where Loki visits Tony in his tower. Tony is freaked out at first because Loki is supposed to be in jail. It is then revealed that Loki, is in fact, still in jail on Asgard but is projecting his likeness to visit Stark. I remember one scene is them drinking at Tonys bar and Loki playing with the ice, this somehow reveals to Tony that Loki is just a projection.

There meetings continue for awhile, sporadically,and they both bond through talking and getting to know one another. If I am not mistaken, Loki does eventually either get released/escape from prison and Frigga makes a brief appearance at the end?

2 Requests

Jan. 3rd, 2015 08:18 pm
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1.) Specific fic:
The avengers know about fanfiction, and there is a discussion about the pairings. I think I remember Clint being happy about being in one of the most popular pairings (Clint/Coulson)

2a.) General search:
Any fics where one of the team members are split into multiple versions of themselves, maybe by magic? LIke a good Tony and an evil Tony are running around?

2b.)Or maybe there is another AU version running around in there universe and they meet up.
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Came across this fic while on vacation and didn't write the name down, the plot is pre-serum steve and buckey are secret lovers and while at their house someone busts in and kidnaps them. At first they think its the morality squad going after homos but turns out to by Hydra from the future and then the Winter Solder shows up to rescue them.
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Please help!! I remember a fic where the team watches the Loki Comic-Con appearance and at first think it is real. But it is really just footage from another universe where all they have done is just in movies. Tony watches the first Thor movie and starts to side with Loki after seeing the truth of all that had happened. I think that part happens on Asgard.

I can't find it and I absolutely need to. Oh angels of storyfinding please help me.
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It was a fic on the kinkmeme (unfortunately haven't been able to find it) where the actors of the Avengers all exist in-universe as actors, and the Avengers watch movies with these arbitrary actors that just so happen to look exactly like them. I think Thor wanted to pay "his avatar"/'Chris Helmsworth' to get plastic surgery to look different because he didn't like one of the movies. And Tony wanted to ban a movie because something really bad happens to a Gwyneth Paltrow character.
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Anything like Understanding by Oceanbreeze7 where the team watches one of the movies?

I would love to read more if their are any. That was the only one I have found thus far. Also TomCruise/Jeremy fics out their? I read one when they were filming together, but that's it.
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Hi, I am looking for a fic I lost. In it, the Avengers discover that Coulson was actually an alien shape shifter and the real Coulson got snatched before his relationship with Clint began. There was a conversation in it between Clint and Coulson where Coulson tells Clint he changed the nature of their relationship to throw him off guard so he would be less likely to notice any inconsistencies.

Any help finding this story would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

Found: Dreaming by bendingwind


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