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Are there any stories out there that feature Tony who is also an artist?  Like maybe something like after Howard dies Obie asserts his control over Tony by cutting off his funds so he starts selling his art and finds out he's actually really good at it (in my head canon he'd still be at MIT)? Or not media type art, maybe something featuring him being musically talented?
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age-old story. passed over a fic in AO3, then hours later i want to read it and can't find it. i remember that either the summary or the bookmarker's comments were talking about how many of the college!au tropes had tony as an impatient jerk of a TA who talked over the heads of his students, but that they wanted to see tony as a highly effective TA that taught people well (since you have to know the subject really well in order to teach it properly).

so basically, looking for a fic with tony as a TA who's good at teaching (or recs, if i can't get the exact fic). ringing any bells? super appreciated!

FOUND! The Chemistry of Love by inukagome15
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Tony is Steve's teacher..Steve sexts Tony without knowing it's him at first but figures it out later. They go away on a trip(class field trip?) and at some point Tony and Steve start sleeping together. The last I read Tony was singing and playing piano..but I figure it's complete now if anyone can help I'd appreciate it very much.

Also any other Teacher/student stony would be awesome.

Thanks :)
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Hello I'm looking for a few things..

1)Jealous!Steve-or-possessive!Steve-would-be-awesome(Stony,Steve/Clint,Steve/Loki, Steve/other het's fine)

2)Steve's interested in Tony but he seems obvious to it or it takes him awhile to get it or respond in kind.

3)Au Steve comes out the ice a different way or time (still prefer stony,but gen's fine too).

4)Au Steve and Tony meet alt version of them selves.

5) lovely het fics that deal with Steve/fem-tony(N stark) or xover Steve/female (I also like Steve/fem!Loki)--canon only please.

Any help would be awesome.
Thank you :)
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hi y'all~

in need of help searching for lost fics

1. steve goes back to college. i remember abt clint sitting in one of his class first. and steve uses roger stevens(?) as his alias.

2. no college-bound steve, but an angsty fic where tony watched steve being lonely, saving the city of ny from crimes. steve got shot and tony tend to the injury.

and perhaps rec on what steve do when he's not being captain america.

thank you!


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