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I've been reading different fandoms of fanfic for about a decade now and have run across this scenario in the likes of The Sentinel, Magnificent Seven, Buffy, Criminal Minds, and X-Files. Woke up this morning wondering if anyone had written such stories for The Avengers/Iron Man/Captain America/Hulk. Still working as part of the group, one member is kept/pushed outside of the circle socially or during downtime. Or forgotten once the battle is over and left to make their own way home. When parties or nights out are planned one person is left out, not even thought of to invite. Not so much like, "Oh, Bruce won't come, he doesn't drink," but the odd man out coming to the kitchen for a late night glass of water to find the others just getting in from a party he/she knew nothing about.

I just read most of the series First Impressions and Second Chances by lilsmartass where Steve and Clint, with the backing of Fury and Hill, let Tony know that, outside of the actual battles, he wasn't wanted, wasn't part of the team, even rejecting every gift or weapons upgrade Tony brought them. Harsh story but it left me wondering if there were any more like that, with any of the Avengers family left 'out in the cold'.

And the tags are just guidelines for what I'm looking for, not set in stone.

Update: Reading the stories suggested in a post from January I found "An Acceptable Loss" by RandomSlasher where Coulson wakes up alone in a Pennsylvania hospital about 4 months after the Battle of New York, with no sign of any visitors and no change in his apartment when he finally makes his own way back to NY. He feel totally abandoned and thinks that he was wrong in thinking that any of the team or even Fury were his friends. Turns out to be a paperwork glitch that made everyone think he was dead.

Any story like that one, where someone thinks that he/she is on the outside, even though it was never the case, also covers what I'm looking for here. And check out that story; its a good one.
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Hey I'm looking for any tics where clint is
talked down to,
beat up,
or any thing else along those lines. i don't care who does it,
how it ends or if it is a AU (i like high school fics).
I also want any fics where clint gets harassed or any of the things in
the list above done to him while at shield or by a shield agent.
Thank you sooooooo much!!!!
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Hi, I'm searching for a specific fic (series?) that I read on ao3. The most I remember is that the roles of the various avengers were switched, for example Natasha was Captain America, while Steve was the Black Widow(er?). Tony ended up being the only one able to lift Mjölnir and made the Iron Man armour for Thor. And Clint was an army volunteer for Bruce's project, which ended up with him turning into the Hulk and fleeing toghether with Bruce, who was quite good with bow and arrow.
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In the Incredible Hulk, Ross stated that Bruce had no idea he was working on the super soldier project/had been lied to about his work, but in the Avengers, Coulson tells Steve that Bruce was trying to replicate the serum (also implying Bruce was in on the idea).

Fanwanking to assume that the military changed the story to make Bruce look more at fault for the accident, I'm looking for any fics that deal with Steve/the team/whoever finding out the truth and/or being surprised by the fact that Bruce hadn't been trying to turn himself into Captain America.

(Note: I've already read 'What We Pretend to Be', but if there are more like this out there it'd be great!)

Any pairings/genres/etc (I'm pretty much down with anything), so long as it addresses this issue in some way...

Thanks in advance!


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