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Hi! I'm back! This time it's just for general recommendations - I've been seriously craving flustered/blushing/innocent/sweet Tony. Small/short Tony also works. I've read through most of the sub!Tony tag on ao3, just as a side note. Also, bonus cookies if the fic includes Tony!whump. My favorite slash pairing is definitely Tony/Steve, but almost any pairing is fine. I'm not a huge fan of Frostiron, though, and Tony/Thor only works for me if there's another person/people in the relationship.

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1) I am looking for any fics that talk about how the serum has affected Steve Rogers sexually (multiple orgasms, long orgasms, penis becomgin bigger, even knotting!). Any pairings welcome! Even crack fic welcome.

2) I love the whole "suffering in silence" trope. So I am looking for fics focusing on Steve or Clint doing this. Could be emotional or physical suffering. Any pairings or gen welcome, no character death please.
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I know in comics there is Uatu and other Watchers. But in MCU we kinda didn't see them yet, Stan Lee's particulary suspicious cameos notwithstanding :) So are there any cool fics playing with watchers or something similar? It doesn't have to be the main theme, just they should play role big enough , not just two lines in the middle of 100k epic, you know?

So recs, plz :)) Thanks in advance.
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I was wondering if there are any fics out there dealing with a height kink. Can involve almost any pairing, but Tony/Loki or Steve/Tony would be preferred.
Thank you in advance! ^^
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I can't seem to find this one Loki/Hulk fic. I think it might be only on avengerkink since I tried searching through AO3.

For whatever reason, Shield managed to contain the Hulk in the same glass cage Loki's in, and they end up getting it on.

The most memorable line from the fic is when Tony mentions it's like "watching a badly-animated hentai" upon seeing Hulk fucking Loki's brains out.
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!!The five comments at the bottom don't answer my search!!

Hello again!

I was wondering, if anyone knows any fics where Loki is paired with a Frost Giant and the fact that he's so much smaller turns him on something fierce. Or it can be the same scenario with Thor or anyone really, I'm just looking for a good Loki!centric size!kink fic.
Please and thankyou!


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