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I don't remember much - but the story was an IM1 canon divergence fic, where Pepper finds out that Tony's been kidnapped and goes to Jarvis. Together the two of them figured out what had happened and Pepper ends up killing Stane with her very expensive high heel. She does it while she's in the middle of negotiating with the Ten Rings for Tony's release. I think they toss Stane's body to the sharks? Possibly this was a series of fic but I don't remember for sure. Would really appreciate any ideas about where to find this story...
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Hi! I've been searching for two fics in particular, and I have another general rec request.

The first fic is long, begins pre-ironman and is Tony-centric. (Also, I love angst so it probably had a healthy helping of that). I know it has Loki, and I know it has Fury -- in this fic, Fury has a huge soft spot for Tony. Tony also thinks of Fury in a more paternal way. In any case, the scene that I really remember is where Fury says "Ant. Boot." to Loki, and Tony thinks that that is so badass (and just like Fury). I think Tony was smirking or smiling? I don't know... I've been looking all over for this fic and I can't find it! Oh, and it was, because of the nature of the fic, either gen or pepperony.

The second fic (it may be the same) is also another long Tony-centric fic, but in this one, for whatever reason, Tony doesn't drink, and when he's giving his speal to Loki, Loki notices and Tony winks at him. I'm pretty sure it was tea that Tony was drinking?

Lastly, and I'm sorry that this is so long, I'm looking for any really long Tony-centric fics that start from his childhood? Preferably slash -- any pairing, but I am more of a Stony girl.

Thank you so much!
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Im looking for this fic and im gonna kick myself when i find out what it is bc it seems obvious
SO all i remember is that Steve was kidnapped and they keep drugging him so it taints the blood sample and he talks to tony through a gap in the wall bc they're supposed to become friends for leverage and they do and then they escape together. I'm pretty sure everyone thinks tony is dead but i might be mixing fics there. Im also pretty sure it was on ao3 but once again not sure.
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I was wondering if you could help me find a story.
I dont remember where I found it, it might be on Ao3, LiveJournal or Fanfiction . net. I remember this part where tony and steve where being interviewed/talking to the press and tony kisses steve and steve gets angry and tony thinks its because steve is homophobic.
I remembered steve telling tony that he had loved a man back in 1940's and tony saying something like. "Knowing you it was either the dullest guy or a bad boy." I've been looking for this fic for months now, I would be really grateful if can help me out.
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I am reading a Rough Trade entry where Tony travels in time/to a different reality and Obie is still a good guy and confides in him about what happened and why he thinks Obie turned on the Starks. It has made me want to read other good!Obie stories, whether due to time travel or otherwise, featuring Tony as a big character. I don't want stories where they just think he is a good guy and find out the truth later but ones where he actually is a good guy and it is someone else who set Tony up or it is before Afghanistan. Time travel is plus but not required. Howard can be a good guy or not, as long as Obie is good. If there are any fics like this. Thanks.

I used a lot of tags to cover everything.
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Looking for fic where Stane had kidnapped Tony, kept him bdsm room, blindfolded most of the time. Steve kills Stane with his sheild whilst he is in the iron monger suit, Tony thinks Steve is his new master.
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1) I am looking for a specific fic that I read probably 2-3 years ago, but I can't remember much about it so finding it is proving a challenge. Basically what I remember is that it began before all of the movies going throughout Tony's childhood and then into the movies (maybe??).... Steve was still frozen in the ice and I think he was a ghost (or something like it) who only Tony could see. It was a slow build Steve/Tony fic and I remember something having to do with Obadiah Stane, but that's it really. I think it was a longer fic, probably at least 20k-30k words and I am fairly sure I read it on AO3.

2) Specific Themed Recs - I am in the mood for fic somewhat along the same lines as the specific fic I am looking for... basically, I want AU fics where Steve and Tony meet before the Avengers. Maybe Steve was de-thawed early and helped Tony when he was in Afghanistan, or more where Steve is a ghost, has a soulbond with Tony so they interact while Steve is in the ice, etc. Just basically fics that have a younger Tony interacting and falling in love with Steve long before, during or soon after he becomes Iron Man.

Thanks in advance for the help!


Jun. 27th, 2014 05:44 pm
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I would really appreciate it if someone could help me find a story (or possibly two that I thought were one but may be separate fics).

What I can remember is that Loki first meets Tony when he's a young child, about 8 years old.  He's being picked on by some older kids and Loki helps him out.  Loki meets him again a few years later and decides he'll keep an eye on Tony and help him when he needs it.

The next thing I remember is Loki being yelled at by Odin and Thor is there too.  Tony is in Afghanistan at this point and Loki suddenly feels his pain and knows that he could die.  He panics and begs Odin to let him go to Midgard. Odin can feel some of what Loki is feeling and tells him to go but to not interfere.  I think Yinsin is able to see Loki later but none of the Ten Rings can.    At the battle of New York Tony figures out that Loki is being controlled and after Loki gets Hulk smashed, he watches Tony fall.  He is the one to save Tony and Tony asks him if he's ok now, if he's "back".  Loki says he's back and alright and Thor realizes that Tony is Loki's favoured one.

I remember so much about it but I can't find it anywhere.

The part that I remember that I'm really starting to think is a separate fic is that Yinsin survives the Ten Rings and goes back to Stark Tower with Loki and Tony.  Yinsin stays with Tony through everything and Nick Fury turns out to be Tony's god father or something? But to keep Tony safe, nobody but the two of them know about it, until he drops by after Stane's betrayal and then Yinsin and whoever else was there finds out too.

Does anyone know either of these stories?  This has been driving me nuts for days now.

Thank you in advance!

Edited to add:  I am definitely looking for 2 separate stories.  Both stories have now been found!  It's Guardian Angels Series by Batsutousai.

The second story is Lost Halves by SiniseSnakeEyes.

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More accurately, proof I am not going insane. I have this image in my head of Howard Stark basically going, picking up Obadiah and showing him a field/desert space and telling him that this is where he's going to build his new factory/company.

I know it was from before Iron Man 2, but I can't remember where it was. Does anyone else remember this or have I completely lost my marbles? (I'd like to know if I have, it's supposed to be quite fun)

Mods, as ever if this isn't allowed, I apologise and feel free to delete me
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Hiya! I'm new to this so sorry for any mistakes!

I'm looking for any stories involving Tony being used as leverage/hostage against someone/the avengers or any stories where Tony cannot, for whatever reason, use/get to his suit during a fight or attempted kidnapping and so gets into trouble/needs to be protected or something along those lines.

I'm also looking for any stories having to do with Tony and Obi; maybe a different take on what happened. (AU where Obi shows his true colors while Howard is still alive and uses Tony against him or something like that?)

Also, are there any good RP fics floating around? Preferably gen but I'm not too picky.

Thanks in advance :)

p.s. not sure if I did the tags correctly :S


Aug. 29th, 2013 02:10 pm
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Help! I'm uber bored and i need help finding some fics! ;

1. OT6 pairing or friendship
2. Science BF's
3. Science Bro's
4. Loki!Whump
5. Hurt!Loki
6. major Tony!Whump
7. IronWidow
8. Natasha protective over Tony
9. IronHawk
10. Clint protective over Tony
11. IronAgent
12. Coulson protective over Tony
13. Tony is a mutant any kind
14. MerchantOfDeath!Tony
15. Competent!Tony
16. Insecure!Tony
17. SpidyPool with superfamily
18. Doctor!Tony
19. Artist!Tony
20. anything that deals with tony not being a stark but someone different , like being thors son, coulsons son, clints brother , lokis son, odins son, laufeys son , a potter, a winchester, ect. stuff like that.
21. Tony growing up different, like being an assassin or a Shield agent, maybe even growing up with natasha and/or clint, or being raised by fury(+100 if you can find that!)
23. arc reactor !whump
24. role reversal (tony centric)
25. anything that has tony having another identity, preferably from another fandom.
26. Bamf!Tony
to mods; i will try to tag this properly, but i might miss some, sorry if i do!

to readers; HELP!!!
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I am looking for any and all law&order crossovers that have tony stark as the victim.

Also looking for any Tony fics that have tons of tony angst in them .

Also looking for arc reactor angst fics.

As well as any fics that have tong as a agent of SHIELD.

And any Tony-Is-Sherlock would be loved.
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Because I am apparently in a cruel mood lately, I'm looking for any recs of these two types of fics:

1.) Modern slave AUs, or any sort of treating of the Avengers as 'assets' rather than people.

2.) Any Steve-abusing-Tony fics. Preferably the actual Steve rather than some sort of imposter or enchantment, but I'll take those, too.

3.) Steve/Tony fics that involve or center around Tony's past abuse by Howard or Obie (or both).

Please and thank you! :)

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1. I am looking for a story where it is the anniversary of Stane's death, and Tony has to be on the morning shows talking up the Stane memorial scholarship or something. I think he tells Bruce about the cover story from IM. (found)

2. Recs for moar stories where the Avengers find out/are told about the Stane cover story would be super appreciated.

ETA: #1 was found and there is a rec for #2, but I am still hoping for more recs where the Avengers find out the 'plane crash' wasn't what killed Stane. Does anyone knowcongratulate Pepper pushed the button?


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