Coulson/Barton caring for Stark


Looking for a fic that provides and alternative beginning to avengers. Coulson is assigned to check on Stark and he takes Clint with him.

He realised how much Tony is suffering with PTSD and cares for him.

I remember that clouson and clint share tonys bed but there is nothing sexual about it. Most of it is based in the Malibu house and Coulson stands up to Fury and refuses to leave Tony while he is still recovering.

Does this sound to familiar to anyone? I have had no luck finding it.

FOUND in comments

Lost Phil/Clint

Hey all, I was hoping you all might be able to help me find a fic I lost. It's a Clint/Phil where Clint thinks Phil is cheating on him with Steve but it turns out Phil and Steve were just on a mission. I think Thor may also have threatened to leave the team over it, but I may be mixing fics on that one. Thanks in advance for any amd all help!