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I'm looking for a specific vampire fic.  Vampires are known in this universe.

The main characters are Clint Barton and Phil Coulson.  One of them is a vampire already (I think it's Clint, but it may be Phil), the other is not.  The non-vampire is severely injured, the vampire turns him to save his life, then takes him to a secluded place for the new vampire to finish the vampiring process.  The turning was not something that was pre-planned.

All I remember was the already-vampire making a stop at a Vampire Blood Bank (possibly a Vampire Bar) for "supplies" for the new vampire.  He was given priority service because he "has a fledgling out in the car".

I'm assuming that this takes place just after the Battle of New York, and that it's Clint saving Loki-stabbed Phil's life by turning him into a vampire.  It's not a new fic - I read it a year or two ago.

Thanks in advance. :)
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Um..hello.. This is my first time posting to this comm so I'm hoping I'm doing this right.

1. Well, I was looking through the tags and I didn't exactly find what I was looking for. I'm looking for fics where one of the Avengers (I don't mind which one), turns their back on the team, or turns evil for whatever reason (kind of like Clint in the first Avengers movie?). I don't mind if its because their being controlled, or even if they do it by choice (extra love if its fics like that!)

2. I am looking for vampire fics. Any and all, particularly those featured in the middle ages. Gen fics or all pairings welcome :)
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Im in need of new stuff to read.

1) winged avengers where theres more then one

2) major ptsd by the whole team

3) everyone in the team has an awful childhood and they find out

4) human experimentation

5) warm fuzzies

6) age difference in the team. The actors are far apart in age so the team members might be too. This includes kid!fics

7) fantasy au werewolves vamires dragons ect...

8) suicide attempt

9) anything else thats good

Thanks so much. Even if you just have some random story that you think is the best ill take it!
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I am looking for horror fics (in honor of Halloween)! Body horror, mind fuckery, possession, supernatural monsters/situations, end of the world, abandoned places, etc. This list might help: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/HorrorTropes

Short or long (but short, creepypasta style is best).

If short, anything goes (character, pairing, character death).
If long (more than 8000 words), I'd prefer fics with Steve, Loki, or Clint as the main character. But will take any that are suitably scary. I'd prefer no character death.

Horror themed fanart or fanvids also welcome.

Steve Fics

Jul. 5th, 2014 09:56 pm
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Looking for three things.

1. Any fics involving Steve being able to wield Mjolnir.
2. Any fics where Steve is a supernatural creature. I'd love if it was a reaction from the serum (like the serum makes him turn into a werewolf). I also won't mind any fics where the serum turns him into a monster/non-human like Hulk.
3. Fics where Steve has a pet. Any pet.

Any ratings/pairings are fine.

editing to add two fics someone else was searching for about a year ago but were never found. But they both look like fics I would love. These were the summaries she gave.

1.I remember that it was one of those Steve having trouble adjusting fic. He has good days and bad days. I remember after he has a bad day and the Avengers have a bad day, he doesn't want to be around them because he doesn't want to drag them down (he shouts at them, specific Tony, who probably takes it the wrong way/personally). Then he trashes his apartment and Bruce comes by and cleans up the glass and checks up on him. I think it might have been Steve/Tony, but I can't be sure, and if it was it was still pre-relationship/slow build (in the chapters I've read). Fairly certain that it's a wip, and not complete.

2. The scene that stands out to me is: the Avengers (plus Fury), have gathered for a meeting/debrief? and there is some tension/back-and-forth/comments between Steve and Tony which Steve reacts strongly to, stunning everyone when he gets up asks Natasha for the notes (which she silently agrees to do for him) and leaves before the meeting/debrief ends/possibly before it starts. I don't remember if it was shippy or not.
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Hi there,

I'm just wondering if anyone has come across any amazing (preferably real world, but not necessarily) AUs of Loki/Clint. I've read "I've Suffered Shipwrecks", "Gnossiene", "The Avengers High School AU" (by DonRicci, because that title is fairly vague), and was looking for more.

I'm fine with just about anything, but I am quite sick of the non-con/dub-con side of Clint/Loki's relationship... All the fics I come across seem to involve that in some way.

If anyone can also recommend some Kid!Loki fics (where he's an adorable cherub and not a criminal mastermind in the making, and where, preferably, the Avengers are looking after him) I'd also appreciate that.

Thank you very muchly.

I don't know if there's a tag for Kid!Loki so it's going to be deaged, I suppose.
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Hello everyone!
I'm looking for some vampire fic with anybody from the team get turned. Personaly prefer Vamp!Tony but it's not necessarily. If it's possible in canon universe not middel ages AU. You know simple story about turning and interacting with others or something like that.
Thanks guys!


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