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I'm looking for two things.

First Is a fic called Find A Way and it is by Gir_Hugs. If anyone has a copy it knows where I can find it I would love it have it.

Seconds is a fic I forgot the name of. I believe it was Tony centric. The avengers were watching a news cast that went deep into all of their personal history. The avengers were angry but by the end when it was Tony's part it got serious. They talked about how Howard Stark abused Tony. I think there was a video of him torturing Tony to simulate a kidnapper trying to get information from him, information being a password of some sort. I think Tony cracked, the password being Steve's birthday. The footage was given to the news by an old maid.

Sorry about that big paragraph of words. If you have any questions just ask me. Thank you!
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I'm looking for a fic where Tony is abused by a child and Tony meets the other avengers who are also children. They try to save him and everything angst and fluff ensued. I think there my be couple fics out there like this. I am open to any of them.

Also, while I'm here i'm looking for the standard Tony whump package. (abuse,arc reactor, overworked, misunderstood, etc.) The works.

Good luck to you all and thank you!
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I am looking for a few things:

1. Specific fic- it was about the news or whatever going deeper into Tony's dark past like how crappy Howard stark treated him (physical abuse?)and Afghanistan etc. the team is watching this and is surprised. I think like a lady came forward with some evidence or something of child abuse (might be a different fic)I don't remember where I read it exactly but I think it was ao3 but I'm not sure.

EDIT: I also remember them going through all the other avengers stories and got dirt on them too.

Fic recs:
2.a fic like the fic I was looking for
3. Press conference or interview with Tony or team
4. Tony helping out team with media
5. Somebody seeing how well Tony handles the press or the mask he wears for it.

Thank you!
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So I finally got 'round to watching Civil War and it gave me a LOT of Tony/Rhodey feels... so I'm looking for

- 5+1 type fics where 5 times Rhodey takes care of Tony n one time Tony care of Rhodey
- Tony n Rhodey as parents
And last but not least
- Tony being really possessive of Rhodey (Give me back my Rhodey)

I'd prefer bottom/sub!Tony but it's fine either way.

P.S. any other Tony/Rhodey long fic recs are good too :D
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I'm reading a pretty long 3-parter where Steve and Tony break up suddenly and everyone automatically blames Tony for breaking Steve's heart, like they knew he would all along even after five years of marriage.  Natasha breaks his face, Pepper kicks him out of the tower, and they all shun him. (And that only the beginning of a lot of Tony!whump.)   While I love the story, all the while I'm reading this part I'm wondering if their any stories where, for once, the team/family blames Steve, instead of falling back on Tony's playboy rep and just KNOWING that he's in the wrong.

Anybody know of any such stories?  Where it's not Tony's heart that torn to pieces every other page.

(most of the tags can be labelled 'maybe?')
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I'm leaving fortwo days (3 hours of train, a night with nothing good on tv and possibly two to ten hours to wait at the train station and 3 other hours of train or whatever I'm returning home in) so I'm really in need of some good reading material.
What i'm looking for :
+Tony-centric fics
+gen if possible (slash is totally okay, but no Loki/Tony please)
+either very long or very well-written
+complete or as good as
+angst and hurt-comfort more than okay unless he cries every five minutes
+anything with drama around the arc-reactor or extremis, i'm also very fond of young! or mutant! or shifter!tony
+I've read something about a brother (Arno ?) if there is any fic about it I would love to read it.

Bonus if it's a civil war fix-it, I still have too many feels over that movie...

Thank you !
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So I read this story long time ago and now can't find it. Loki wins, become a King and hold Tony captive as his play thing. I remember that he like torture him and lock him highly wonded in some room without windows for days and THEN give him golden apple so he can heal instanty. At the end Tony had developt Stockholm Syndrome
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hi looking for Tony fics with any of the following, Sleep Derived, exhausted Tony
Hurt, Non con.
Reckless Putting is life in danger
sick Tony
Tony with concussion
Tony centric domestic avengers

Also trying to find these to any hel would be great,

Read a fic before and can never seem to find it, it was about Tony have a bad concussion, sorry to be so vague, dont remember the details but just remember loving the fic

2. the other fic im looking for when something like it was after a battle and a exhausted Tony is trying to stitch himself u but falls asleep or Passes out. Steve comes down and finds him calls Bruce they stitch him u and i remember Bruce gives Tony a sleeping Pill. i remember Tony saying Bruce gave him something big and blue and sleepy.

Thanks guy, only recently joined this community but love it, you guys are awesome
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Looking for any tony hurt noncon fics have read lots of great one so if any one is look for a few suggestions I may also be of help ☺

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Hello All,

I am in the mood for some hurt, no comfort required (ok, maybe a little, revenge would be cool too). Slash or gen where Tony is just, ouched. Torture, betrayl, overworked, ignored, taken advantage of, you name it I want it. Thanks in advance!

No ABO AU, BDSM AU (BDSM is ok, just not that everyone AU thing), No-Powers AU (taken away? Cool! Never had 'em, never going to get 'em, this ain't a superhero universe? Not right now ^^), or genderbends please ^^

Super duper thanks! I looked at the rec lists and just didn't see any trope specific lists. I miss the days of Smallville lists XD.

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In Iron Man 3, after Tony is taken, Killian shows he's had his men give Pepper extremis, a clearly torturous procedure. So instead of that, I wondered if any fanfiction existed where Killian forced it on Tony. Maybe making him a test subject or desiring to force him on his side or whatever reason to put him through that.
The movie was my first awareness of extremis in Iron man stuff, so I'm not familiar with it past that, like how it's in comics and stuff. So fics based on the presentation of it in the movie is much appreciated. Where Tony receives it against his will and does not previously have it or enjoy it. All the better if he can't sort himself afterwards like he was able to sort out Pepper.
Not looking for slash pairs. Just this plot that takes an alternate route from the movie.
Thank you guys :)
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Hi! I've been searching for two fics in particular, and I have another general rec request.

The first fic is long, begins pre-ironman and is Tony-centric. (Also, I love angst so it probably had a healthy helping of that). I know it has Loki, and I know it has Fury -- in this fic, Fury has a huge soft spot for Tony. Tony also thinks of Fury in a more paternal way. In any case, the scene that I really remember is where Fury says "Ant. Boot." to Loki, and Tony thinks that that is so badass (and just like Fury). I think Tony was smirking or smiling? I don't know... I've been looking all over for this fic and I can't find it! Oh, and it was, because of the nature of the fic, either gen or pepperony.

The second fic (it may be the same) is also another long Tony-centric fic, but in this one, for whatever reason, Tony doesn't drink, and when he's giving his speal to Loki, Loki notices and Tony winks at him. I'm pretty sure it was tea that Tony was drinking?

Lastly, and I'm sorry that this is so long, I'm looking for any really long Tony-centric fics that start from his childhood? Preferably slash -- any pairing, but I am more of a Stony girl.

Thank you so much!
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I'm looking for fics where Tony is in an abusive relationship, preferably with "one of the good guys." An Avenger or someone close to the Avengers, Pepper, etc. Just someone who no one would ever really expect to be abusive but is regardless. Any universe works, and so does any form of abuse.

Does anyone know of any good fics like that?
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I'm going on a looooong drive tomorrow and need a lot of podfics to keep me awake.
They have to be Tony/Steve, and I prefer BottomTony, I especially love whumpTony as well as BAMFTony, you know the usual everybody is so mean to poor abused/misunderstood Tony until Steve makes it all better,...or worse ;) the usual spiel.

Can someone help me out? Using the podfic tag on AO3 doesn't filter the stories, and some of the fics that have podversions haven't added the tag yet :/

Thanks ahead

P.S.: I don't think there's a podfic tag...?
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Looking for any fics where Tony is something that Howard (the world even) considers lesser, weak, not good enough in general so he sends Tony to a camp to "Fix" him. I thinking along the lines of in a Sentinel and Guide world, Tony is a guide, in an A/B/O world Tony is an omega, in a D/s world he is a sub etc etc etc. The Fix in general and in the long run is damaging mentally possibly physically for those who experienced it. Something like what Justin Hammer's parents did to him in the Trickster Souls series on AO3.

Along those lines, there is a specific fic that i can't seem to find, where there is a vivid description of Tony's mindscape, where is it just devestation, just crumbles and ruins and broken walls everything including his inner minds depiction of himself. In his mind Tony is a broken robotic version of himself with missing pieces and rusted wires exposed insides. There may be a mention of the Sword of Damocles as sort of a code word or process that is mentioned to help with some sort of bonding???, I believe pepper knows what to do (if that is from a separate fic i'd like that one too)
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Hi! I saw this once on this website, but it seems the post beens deleted or something? Anyway, the premise is basically that Tony does everything for the Avengers but they dont realize.

  • it has past mpreg, Tony's daughter's name is Michelle and she lives in the NY mansion, the Avengers dont know about her. He brings her to the tower under the pretense of her doing a school project and that she is the daughter of one of the maids. She is actually the one who asks Tony why they dont say thank you.

  • Steve likes(?) Tony and keeps sleeping with him when he's in heat. Tony thinks he's just, like, stress relief, and eventually ends up getting a collar-type thing to protect his neck from Steve accidentally biting him (like mating bite or something)

  • the collar, i know, is made of leather and has symbols on it, of a rattle (for michelle) and steve's shield

  • Tony cooks all their breakfasts, he knows what everyone likes and makes pancakes often, and only eats the first, burnt pancake. he always eats smaller portions than everyone else.

  • some of the other avengers try cooking instead, and tony gets upset that everyone has the wrong meal and that someone else got the burnt pancake and was saying things about how the other person didnt deserve to have the bad pancake

its just a lot of insecurity and sad but if anyone knows what this is, i would be v grateful!

thanks! -Elsa
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Hey ya'll!

Looking for any fics where somebody is cheating on Tony and he finds out? Slash is prefferred but please, give me anything you can find.

Any fics where Tony is in an abusive relationship

And any good AU stories, Again, Slash is preferred but will take anything! If some of these could be where they're kids that'd be great!

Any fics where he's raped? I see that a lot with Bruce or Clint, but any with Tony would be good.

Thanks guys!
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Any stories were tony is vilified by the press and the team publically stands up for him?  It could be about his arms sailes, or hs slut-boy rep, or lies about Iron Man harming citizens, or any bit of Tony-gossip. (Like why he doesn't show up for some event; he on a bender.  But he's actually working hurt or working on the suit or something for the team.)  Or it could be lies about Stark Industries (which would tatally get Pepper riled up).  It could be a Hollywood gossip rag, a daily newspaper, serious or social newcast.  And the team writes the paper in response, or calls a press conference or stands up for him immediatlly, however you will.  And how does Tony react?  Does he agree with the attack?  Is he surprised by the teams adament support.
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Tony and Steve kidnapped
August 18th, 22:50
I'm looking for a fic, Ao3 I think, in which Steve and Tony are both kidnapped by guys who want some information from Tony that he can't give without like people dying or something. First they get Tony and I remember they drug his wine and give him some really salty pasta so he drinks it. Later on they get Steve.
Also there's this room they can both go to to see each other (otherwise they're just in their own cells) where there's always music playing and if they break any of the rules (one was that they can't give each other their food) it gets really loud to the point of pain.
Most of the time they don't do a lot to Steve while Tony's the one they torture, like they make his room pitch black and at one point I think he's electrocuted.
Also there's one attempted escape that fails when they crash a car into a tree before they successfully escape.
Thanks guys :)
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After reading a couple of stories with a similar storyline I'd like to find any where Tony and (insert Avenger name here) are together and the others are 'protective' of the other person.  Nobody, not even Pepper, bothers to look past Tony's reputation as a raging playboy so they're all just waiting for him to start cheating on his new lover (usually Steve but I'll accept anybody on the extended team).  When the other person's attitude changes, everyone assumes it's because Tony's been cheating (or any other reaston to assume) but it's the other way around and Tony knows telling the truth won't do him any good.  So he's silent while his heart breaks and the others turn on him and support the silent cheater.  That could be either emotionally or physically.  I've already read two such stories which either got lost in the shuffle of new fic or a WIP that I marked but didn't download.  The first starts out with Natasha punching Tony and breaking his cheek.  Tony later falls in love with another guy who dies of cancer.  The second one has Tony coming home early to find Steve having sex with a woman on the couch.  Steve's a jerk in this one, hating the fact that he's in love with a man and not liking the woman he's staying with only because he knocked her up.  (Both of those stories I found searching this site, so they can be found with a bit of work...okay, the first one is "Newborn" at fanfiction.net)  Thanks, all.
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Hi I'm looking for any tony feelings fic where he's either

-Silently grieving ( I hope your able to find one fic about it)
-Last to know
-Team neglecting him
-pregnant and the father doesn't want anything to do with him or the baby

A must

-Either it's a gen or a slash (slash is preferably)
-Preferably if completed
-A happy ending
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Okay, I originally posted this to the cap-im-finders livejournal. But, having no luck there, I thought I'd give it a go here.

The story is a series I read on ao3 and now I can’t find it. It has dark, abusive!Steve who beats Tony. It’s in Tony’s POV for the series and I remember a part where Tony mentions Steve wasn’t abusive before they got married, but the first instance happened about a week after they returned from their honeymoon. Steve and Tony were in the kitchen, cooking spaghetti, and something happened and they ended up spilling the spaghetti all over the floor, and they end up on the floor, Tony just laughs, and he expects Steve to do the same, but Steve slaps him across the cheek. Both are startled, and Tony runs away. Of course, Steve apologizes, saying he’ll never do that again, but of course that is not the case. From what I can remember from the story and the rest of the series, Tony tells how Steve has dragged him across the floor and has even broken some of his ribs. There’s a part where Tony says Steve doesn’t realize he’s killing his own husband. And people have asked Tony about his bruises and Tony blames it on being Iron Man, of course. And there’s parts where Tony suspects other people like Bruce and Natasha know he’s being beaten, but won’t come forward to help him.

Does anyone know how to find this fic? It was beautifully written and you just wanna cry for Tony. I will sell my soul to the person who can find this story/series.
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I'm looking for a couple of types of fics.

#1. Any good Stony or Tony/Bucky (or even those in a threesome) fics. Any length is fine but the longer the better:) I don't care of it's AU

#2. Someone (My fave couples are Steve/Tony, Bucky/Tony, Clint/Tony and some Bruce/Tony) cheats on, breaks up with, or abandons Tony.

#3. Any Hurt, sick, kidnapped, abused, insecure Tony fics. It can be slash, AU, Gen, I don't care.

Thanks for your help
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Hey all,
I was wondering if there were any complete tony/loki fics where Tony is not happy with the Avengers or doesnt fit in or is ostrszed by the team and finds himself growing closer and closer to loki. not in the going evil way, just finding companionship and comfort in loki. Ive read lots of ones where it is the other way and loki finds solace in being with tony, but I'm in a real tony! whump kind of mood.

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Hello, I'm looking for multiple things:

1. Any fics that focus on Tony struggling or dealing with PTSD and/or panic attacks, specifically during or after the events of Iron Man 3 (IM3). It can be Gen, Pepper/Tony, or Steve/Tony. I'd prefer if the focus remained on the PTSD and not on any romantic relationship. I also enjoy friendship between Tony and any of the Avengers.

2. Any fics that are Tony-centric that focus on any of the following mental health issues: depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, anxiety, OCD, self-harm, and/or suicidal thoughts.

3. Tony with self-esteem issues

4. Overworked Tony

5. Fics focusing on Tony's relationship with Jarvis or that have Jarvis caring about Tony

6. Really angsty Tony fics in general... It's evident to see what type of mood I'm in xD I prefer for it not to be an alpha/beta/omega AU

I've read Burning Candles by kerravon (I've read all her fics basically), Burnout Phase, all of scifigrl47's fics, Butterflies by everythingispoetry, almost everything by romanoff, and so much more
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Hello to all! My first language is not english so please excuse me my gram error

I'm searching this fic I read one or two months ago. I'm not sure if it was on ff.net or AO3 and if the story was complete or wip.

The Avengers are attending a gala/charity event/whatever and Tony meet a person of his past. This man is making him very uncomfortable and when the two of them go alone out on the balcony the team is worried and follow.

The man here attemp to abuse tony while making him remember how he had abused him years ago in the library of some mansion while recording all with the security cameras (the man is the son/owner of the security group that works at events like this) and he has done this with others and then blackmailed them (I think)

I remeber Clint climbing the wall outside and using an arrow with a mic to listen on the conversation
When the man start beating tony against the wall and trying to undress him, the team finally step in and stop the man.

While tony is recovering, the avengers search the video surveillance videos stored in a secret hd for evidence and then find the video where a young tony is being abused.

Thank you all for you help
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Hi All,
I'm looking for any AU fics where the Tony is a kid/teenager who meets the Avengers in some way, and gets taken under their wing. I'd especially love it if there's some Bruce bonding with kid/teenager/young Tony bits. Thanks : )
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So I'm searching for recommendations which has Tony being kidnapped by some evil forces (Hydra?) and somehow brainwashed or tortured to be on their side (help them with his intelligence? Or trained to become a superhuman of sorts?)

Is there any fics like this? I'm fine with any pairings. Please and thank you!
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I *think* these fics were part of a series, but I could be wrong.

In the first one I'm looking for, Tony gets turned into a dog (I think, maybe a cat?).  He and Steve have just had a fight because Steve's a bit homophobic and freaks out when Tony touches him (Tony wasn't into him, but that argument plants the idea...).  I remember Steve won't let Tony eat whatever he wants or get into trouble.  And Tony is furious.  Then Tony and Clint are fooling around and Tony gets hurt- runs into something and hits his head, I believe- and Steve is super protective.  Gradually they start cuddling, and Tony winds up sleeping in Steve's bed.  Where he transforms back for the first time.  Steve freaks out.  He turns back into a dog, and continues turning back and forth until Steve gets over his homophobia.  There are sneaky hotdogs with Happy and dog!Tony (who isn't allowed onion rings, I think) and maybe also Clint?  They get in trouble with Steve.  And Clint dresses Tony up- maybe as Hawkeye?- at one point.
Oh!  This all happens because Loki is in an abandoned mining town and they all go looking for him, and Tony goes down the mine by himself, which Steve gets mad at him about, and winds up with the crystal Loki was looking for.  Bruce puts the crystal on a collar that allows Tony to talk.

I *think* this was part of a series, and that the next fic was a later installment, I might be wrong though.  If they're separate, I'm desperately seeking both.

Steve winds up transported to an alternate universe (by Loki who wants something from him and is trying to trick him into revealing it, maybe?) where the serum didn't muscle him up, it put him in a coma.  He wakes up 70 years later.  Howard is stll alive, and Bucky is Captain America.  Howard and Bucky do *not* get along.  Tony is living in this isolated house of Howard's drinking himself to death and working for Stark Industries.  For some reason, Howard (who I think is creeping on Steve?) decides Steve should live with Tony.  Tony drinks a lot and hits on Steve sometimes, but Steve is heartbroken, because he loves Tony and this broken, defeated alcoholic is a Tony who doesn't love him?  Steve works at Stark Industries as Tony's assistant and brings him food at lunch.  He finds sodas they both like with marbles in the necks one day.  Steve also buys a punching bag, but he can barely use it.  Tony drinks a lot and Steve tries to get him to eat.  Tony is WAY different (flirty, I think for sure- also friendly?) when he's drunk and it confuses Steve.  Tony also has to sleep with a girl of Howard's choosing a certain number of times a year to get an heir to the Stark family.  He hates it and leaves her in his room to come see Steve.
I think there's some sort of super villain attack right in their front lawn and they get involved?  I might be wrong.  And that Loki is there, as a beautiful woman who's sleeping with Doom?  And he was also in Steve's hospital room when he woke up as a beautiful woman?  And that this is all a plot to get the red stone that turned Tony into a dog in the first story.

These might be totally separate things, but I've looked everywhere and can't find them, so any help would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!
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So I just read an avengerskink WIP about this and I've got a craving :)

Anything where Pepper abuses Tony, physically or verbally while they're together will be great XD
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So! I read this fic AGES ago, and I absolutely CANNOT find it!

  • Tony had a Norse name, it wasn't Tony. He preferred to be called Tony, though, as a nickname.

  • I think he and Loki were twins.

  • I can't remember exactly why, but he was thrown off the Bifrost by Odin. I think it might have had something to do with him realizing that he and/or Loki were Jotunn.

  • On Earth, Tony doesn't remember his time in Asgard.

  • When Loki invades, one of them recognizes the other, i think. There is a blast and both of them are thrown into the walls. When they wake up, Loki's cranial recalibration was done by the wall,, he's normal again, and Tony remembers.

If anyone knows the fic I'm talking about, please please please help me out!

                  Much love,

(p.s. this is tagged as harry potter crossover, but I was just wondering if anyone knows of a fic search site like this one but for harry potter, sorry if i misled you)

EDIT: About the hp search comms, thank you for the ones you've given! I had meant, though, a comm with tags and all, because I've found a couple of them, but they dont have tags and that makes it hard to find stories of a theme... sorry!
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Heya, i was looking for a breakup fic between Steve and Tony. I remember the breakup was because Steve was too busy with missions. He forgot to come to an event that Tony specifically arranged. Tony tried to call, texted and even emailed Steve "like a noob SHIELD agent", he didn't received any response.

Please helpppp


See you whenever (you got time), I guess

help pls?

Jan. 9th, 2015 08:21 pm
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I am searching for fics where Steve kind of physically/verbally abuses Tony and/or his robots without having any intentions to do so. Protective!Tony or protective!bots in the result
[identity profile] taya2100.livejournal.com
does anyone have copy of the fix nobody cares? its about tony sitting at an avengers meeting and taking out his arc reactor to see how long it takes anyone to notice. Thank you for your help
[identity profile] deductress.livejournal.com


Seeking general fic recs if i may?

i) Any shy!Tony Steve/Tony fics? As in, Tony still has all his bluster and feigned arrogance, but whenever he's with Steve that all dies down and he just becomes rather shy and quiet. Or anything along those lines. Just want shy!Tony instead of shy!Steve for a change.

ii) Any fics (preferably with Steve/Tony) where Tony has crushing low self-esteem. I am a sucker for Tony and his fake smiles.

iii) Abused!Tony fics? In any sense, by his father, by a past-partner, or even current partner. However i'd prefer none where Steve is an abuser, and double points if you can find an abused!Tony fic with Steve/Tony pairing. =]

Thank you!
(Hope tags are done correctly.)

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There are a couple of fics involving Tony and memory that I've been looking for that I haven't been able to relocate and I read them long ago which just makes it harder to hunt them down...plus there seems to be a number of various sections all over the place that they could be. I don't remember if they are actually relationships or if they're just general and I can only remember certain parts of it, but hopefully I remember enough for someone to help me find them.

1. Tony lost his memory completely, not really remembering anything and Steve had found him unconscious somewhere and taken him back to his apartment. Steve had a little brother (I think) and took care of Tony. I'm fairly sure that Tony and Steve began falling for each other and then Tony got his memories back and went back to his business and Steve thought he'd never see Tony again or something like that. Tony just kept showing up at Steve's place and in the end (I'm fairly sure) they got together and Steve and his brother moved in or something.

2. The team minus Tony are sent to do recon or something by S.H.I.E.L.D. and they stumble across Tony. Tony is hooked up to this machine that is using his mind for something and the enemy has him in some kind of...coma or something so that he doesn't need to eat/drink/sleep/etc. It was being hooked up to this machine that led SHIELD to send the team to do recon because Tony had sent out a signal. Steve steps in to save Tony from the situation.

And...that's all I've got so...hopefully it's enough for someone to help me find them.

EDIT: Both of these found. Thanks to those of you who knew which fics I was talking about!
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So I once read this fic where Steve raped Tony and didn't even regret it and I was wondering if there's more; with other characters too :)
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I'm looking for fics where Coulson is a giant bamf who protects and heals the Avengers team, particularly Tony. Specifically, I'm craving any and all fics where Tony is whumped/vulnerable/hurt and Coulson is the one who helps/comforts/protects him.
Thanks a million!

Tony Fics

Aug. 14th, 2014 02:54 am
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Hey you lovely fic finders! :)

I'm looking for a couple things, all Tony-centric.

1. Young!Tony. I've looked at the previous posts, read AON and a few others. Now I'm looking for more lovely whumpy goodness. :) Raise differently AUs (kidnapping, red room, Loki, whatever), child abuse, team-meet-as-kids fic, deaging, anything along those lines. I wouldn't mind some gen team loving either. Superfamily with little Tony is always fun.

2. Platonic Tony and Natasha fics. I'm not interested in anything romantic, but anything with them developing a friendship, supporting each other, protectiveness, etc, all good.

3. Tony/Clint slash fic recs. It's such a tiny pairing, and I'm having trouble finding anything aside from the Dodgy Chinese and Only Different In The Details. Barring that, gen concentrating on their friendship would be good as well.

No restrictions on warnings or ratings, though if the fic has het it shouldn't be the focus.

Thanks everyone for your help! Fingers crossed!


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