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This plot idea has been on my mind for almost a week now and I don't know where it came from; I don't recall ever reading an Avenger story like it.  Here goes:  An Avenger (your choice) is slowly slipping into madness.  It could be hearing voices.  Or spells of catatonia.  Or falling into an uncontrollable rage and lashing out.  (No Bruce for this one; the behaviour can't be nornal for them.)  Maybe swift mood changes; going from rage to giddy to weepy.  Or they're showing alzheimer's symptoms where they don't recognize their teammates or surroundings for several minutes.

How does it take for the person and the team ro recognize somethings wrong.  How does the person cope.  How does the team cope.  How about public backlash when they're affected in public during a mission or public appearance.  I think a lot of interesting thing can be done with this idea.  How 'bout it, hun?
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Okay I believe I found this fic before through this community but I can't find it now so hopefully you guys know what I'm talking about.

It was Tony/Loki or eventually became Tony/Loki. For some reason Loki, Tony, and I think Thor and Steve had been captured and they put Tony and Loki in the same cell. They realized they were being watched and I think the captors expected Tony and Loki to attack each other. So somehow they come up with a plan to fake a rape between Loki and Tony(with Loki being the 'attacker'). They actually are just having really rough but still consensual sex but they are so convincing the Thor thinks Loki actually raped Tony and Tony I think was unconscious or just really injured when they were rescued/escaped and couldn't explain what really happened before Thor attacked Loki.

That story was part one, I know there was at least three stories in the series and the second part happened on Asgard and both Thor and Tony get uber protective of Loki when Odin goes to far punishing Loki for the perceived rape. In the second part we also learn that Loki was tortured by the Chitauri and they might come back to Midgard for revenge against him which I think was the theme of the third fic which I didn't read. I don't know if there was more to the series but like I said it definitely had three parts.

Any other brainwashed/controlled Loki fics would be great but not necessary.

The main general fic I'm looking for is any of the Avengers or any of the extended family getting injured or sick but the focus on the fic being on the Avengers, or others, taking care of them in their convalescence. Like making sure they take meds, changing dressings, basically acting as Nurses or even 'Mother Hens' to the sick/injured person. It can be fluffy or angsty but happy endings preferred.

Thank you and happy readings to y'all!
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I was hoping you can help me to find some fics where media really talks Tony down for dating Steve? Like all the paparazzi say awful things and Tony pretends like it's okay but in reality it hurts like a bitch? So like insecure Tony?

Hurt Thor

Jan. 16th, 2015 09:57 pm
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I haven't touched LJ in over ten years, you guys are special. I'm looking for anything that features Thor being physically or otherwise hurt, de-powered, and the rest of the team taking care of him. Or really just the team caring for Thor. Thor is often off on his own world in fics and I really like him interacting with the team, seeing them as friends and protectors. The slashier the better.
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Anyone know some good fics where Thor is in danger or hurt and Loki gets pissed off and protective. There don't seem to be many of them.

Can be gen or slash.
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Ok, so I just read something that had one point that went something like "and Odin took the Casket of Ancient Winters, leaving Jotunheim to rot and literally (the entire planet) left to fall to pieces slowly into space." So, I'm wondering if anyone knows of fic where Odin is really callous and judge/jury/executioner, in the way that this action implies.
But wait, there's more! )

Fic Recs

Aug. 25th, 2013 08:32 pm
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Hi there! Are there any:
1. fem!Steve fics?
2. fics that tell what the other Avengers were doing during Iron Man 3?
3. fics that have Loki earn his redemption? (I love Loki as a villain, but Thor still sees him as a brother and Odin and Frigga loved him just as much as Thor in my mind so no abused!Loki please, but I do think he was bullied.)
4. hurt!Thor fics? (Ones with rape/non-con are encouraged to be recced, but only if it deals with or focuses on the aftermath. And bottom!Thor please because while I think that penetration is the only thing that makes rape rape, Viking culture was critical of men being the bottom and I'd like to see how Thor deals with that.)
5. protective!Steve that does not like anyone messing with his team?
6. deaged!Avengers that don't people's expectations? (Thor's quiet, Bruce is loud, Steve is a bit of a brat, etc.)
7. fics where Darcy is Tony's daughter, known or not?
8. fics that show how Steve affected people through half of the 20th century by being Captain America? (All characters. Avengers, Love Interests, Side Characters.)
9. omega!Thor?
10. Thor and/or Steve settling into Earth/21st century? Or Thor coming to Earth sooner or staying longer as a mortal? Steve being awakened earlier?

Thanks! Also, any long stories with Thor/Steve, Bruce/Natasha, Steve/Darcy, and Steve/Natasha that don't really meet any of these requirements would be loved. :) Just no Thor/Loki unless it's evil!Loki combined with number 4 and Thor only thinks of him as a brother, or an AU where they weren't raised as brothers that also meets one of these requirements. Thanks again!
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Hi All.

I am looking for a short fic that I think was on a meme. Basically was Loki torturing Thor with a laser pointer while the Avengers watched.
Any help?
Any good/was controlled by the Chitauri Loki in which he is freed would be most appreciated too.

Thanks in advance.
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Hey, I am searching for 2 fics.

1. This one i can barely remember, The Summary goes something like this: Odin dies in the Odinsleep, Thor is banished and Loki must learn to be king... (that is all i remember of it) Key pieces I remember is that Frigga helps Loki by talking W3+Sif to stop them from going to Thor. Loki visits Thor from time to time and gives him a blue stone (?) Loki also talks to Sif, only to find out later that it was not Sif but an impostor (frost giant i think.) I am not 100% sure, i might be mixing up my stories (i have read loads, its hard to keep track) I am sure that I read it on AO3.

2. This Story is called Redemption Song by Helenoftroy and it WAS on Fanfiction.net but it was abandoned and deleted but it was such a brilliant story even though it was only 11 chapters (i think). I just wondered if the storie is posted somewhere else or someone has a copy of it... the story is about Loki helping Thor who lost his hammer to the frost giant Thrym(?), Loki was awesomely written, his magic and his unstable thoughts and feelings and his interactions with the Avengers... I really want to read it again even though its abandoned. <<< if you find stories similar to this one I would be happy to read them. =]

Edit: First fic has been found! Thanks Sarcasticval =)
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Hi again everyone! I'm looking for one specific fic, and a few general ones with the same theme sorta. I'm probably going to kick myself because it'll be an obvious one that I have bookmarked somewhere, but for the life of me, I can't seem to find it. All I remember is one scene where Thor asks Bruce to talk to the "Hulk" so that they can keep their battles off the field as it was distracting. Sound familiar to anyone?

On that note, I'm looking for general fics where Thor speaks to Banner or the Hulk about why the Hulk doesn't seem to like him, or from Bruce's/Hulk's perspective (basically about the relationship between Thor and Hulk

Thanks in advance, sorry this is so vague!
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I would like to be recced any fics where one of the Avengers is in obvious and extreme physical pain, especially Tony, Clint, Steve, or Thor. Thanks in advance!


Dec. 8th, 2012 05:38 pm
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Ya'll are awesome at finding stories... so...
I'm looking for something where the Avengers talk about all of their scars and how they got them ect.
Thanks in advance.
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First i am looking for fics where Thor gets feeds up with Loki attitude or gets mad enougth at him that he hide somewhere not wanting to see him ever again. Cookies if once realise that Thor disapeared that he wants him back and spend time to try to find him. Hot chocolat and cookies if Thor got a new bf/gf while hidding from loki

Second, is there some kind of big bang for Thorki fics or the Avengers ? Love small fics but i so prefer long one :)

thanks for any helps !


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