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The fic is an older one, I know it was posted before Age of Ultron and Civil War, possibly before Winter Solider. It has to due with Stark being depressed and trying to commit suicide multiple times in his life. Rhodey is there and has helped him since they met. The first time he tried he was very young and had tried a crazy amount of times since then.

There is another fic, or it could be the same one, where I believe it is Rhodey, but it could be someone else, that is trying to explain what it is like for Tony being a genius. How he multitasks more than others, how his brain never shuts off or slows down and that this causes a lot of misunderstandings.

Any help would be appreciated.
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I'm reading a pretty long 3-parter where Steve and Tony break up suddenly and everyone automatically blames Tony for breaking Steve's heart, like they knew he would all along even after five years of marriage.  Natasha breaks his face, Pepper kicks him out of the tower, and they all shun him. (And that only the beginning of a lot of Tony!whump.)   While I love the story, all the while I'm reading this part I'm wondering if their any stories where, for once, the team/family blames Steve, instead of falling back on Tony's playboy rep and just KNOWING that he's in the wrong.

Anybody know of any such stories?  Where it's not Tony's heart that torn to pieces every other page.

(most of the tags can be labelled 'maybe?')
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So, I've been looking for this fiction for ages, and I completely lost it. It's about Tony, and I'm not absolutely sure if there is a pairing in it- I think it was mostly a tony-centric avengers as family fic. It was about Tony, through his entire life, writing in a notebook/journals all the reasons that he should kill himself. All the mistakes he made, all the things he was told were wrong by his father. He told himself that when it was full, he would commit suicide. It was found by his team, I think just a few pages from being filled. They take it and ask him where the good one is, the one to balance it out. There isn't one- so they each write one. Reasons why they are glad he's there for them. It was really sweet and I was just hoping to read it again. I hope someone here recognizes it and is able to point me in the right direction. I appreciate any help at all!
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I want fics that will cause me pain they're so angsty.

I want Tony to be depressed, suicidal, insecure, abused, have PTSD, any type of mental disorder honestly, eating disorder, heart condition/arc reactor, panic attacks, dying, fics where he is cheated on, any form of him not okay. I want it. I just want him to be hurt.

Any pairing but preferably Steve/Tony or no pairing.

Happy ending is not required.
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Hey guys!

Looking for quite a few fics.

1) anything where any of the Avengers (other than Tony) feel left out or left behind, either in reality or perception

2)any fic where Steve 'runs' away from SHIELD or the Avengers; I remember a specific one where he disappeared from New York, then turned up at Tony's house in Malibu

3)your favourite fic (preferably gen, but I'm not terribly picky) about Steve finally catching up to the Winter Soldier (or vice versa)

4)fic that highlights friendship between Steve and Clint, and Steve and Thor

Thanks guys!!!
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Any stories with Rhodey being protective with Tony. The Rhodey in the movies made me so mad with taking the armor and stuff, I'd like some nice Rhodey.

Stories where Tony attempts/succeeds in Suicide. I'm in a depressive mood so I'm looking for depressing things. Which makes no sense...*mutters to self*

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After reading a couple of stories with a similar storyline I'd like to find any where Tony and (insert Avenger name here) are together and the others are 'protective' of the other person.  Nobody, not even Pepper, bothers to look past Tony's reputation as a raging playboy so they're all just waiting for him to start cheating on his new lover (usually Steve but I'll accept anybody on the extended team).  When the other person's attitude changes, everyone assumes it's because Tony's been cheating (or any other reaston to assume) but it's the other way around and Tony knows telling the truth won't do him any good.  So he's silent while his heart breaks and the others turn on him and support the silent cheater.  That could be either emotionally or physically.  I've already read two such stories which either got lost in the shuffle of new fic or a WIP that I marked but didn't download.  The first starts out with Natasha punching Tony and breaking his cheek.  Tony later falls in love with another guy who dies of cancer.  The second one has Tony coming home early to find Steve having sex with a woman on the couch.  Steve's a jerk in this one, hating the fact that he's in love with a man and not liking the woman he's staying with only because he knocked her up.  (Both of those stories I found searching this site, so they can be found with a bit of work...okay, the first one is "Newborn" at fanfiction.net)  Thanks, all.
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I've been reading different fandoms of fanfic for about a decade now and have run across this scenario in the likes of The Sentinel, Magnificent Seven, Buffy, Criminal Minds, and X-Files. Woke up this morning wondering if anyone had written such stories for The Avengers/Iron Man/Captain America/Hulk. Still working as part of the group, one member is kept/pushed outside of the circle socially or during downtime. Or forgotten once the battle is over and left to make their own way home. When parties or nights out are planned one person is left out, not even thought of to invite. Not so much like, "Oh, Bruce won't come, he doesn't drink," but the odd man out coming to the kitchen for a late night glass of water to find the others just getting in from a party he/she knew nothing about.

I just read most of the series First Impressions and Second Chances by lilsmartass where Steve and Clint, with the backing of Fury and Hill, let Tony know that, outside of the actual battles, he wasn't wanted, wasn't part of the team, even rejecting every gift or weapons upgrade Tony brought them. Harsh story but it left me wondering if there were any more like that, with any of the Avengers family left 'out in the cold'.

And the tags are just guidelines for what I'm looking for, not set in stone.

Update: Reading the stories suggested in a post from January I found "An Acceptable Loss" by RandomSlasher where Coulson wakes up alone in a Pennsylvania hospital about 4 months after the Battle of New York, with no sign of any visitors and no change in his apartment when he finally makes his own way back to NY. He feel totally abandoned and thinks that he was wrong in thinking that any of the team or even Fury were his friends. Turns out to be a paperwork glitch that made everyone think he was dead.

Any story like that one, where someone thinks that he/she is on the outside, even though it was never the case, also covers what I'm looking for here. And check out that story; its a good one.
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Hello, I'm looking for multiple things:

1. Any fics that focus on Tony struggling or dealing with PTSD and/or panic attacks, specifically during or after the events of Iron Man 3 (IM3). It can be Gen, Pepper/Tony, or Steve/Tony. I'd prefer if the focus remained on the PTSD and not on any romantic relationship. I also enjoy friendship between Tony and any of the Avengers.

2. Any fics that are Tony-centric that focus on any of the following mental health issues: depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, anxiety, OCD, self-harm, and/or suicidal thoughts.

3. Tony with self-esteem issues

4. Overworked Tony

5. Fics focusing on Tony's relationship with Jarvis or that have Jarvis caring about Tony

6. Really angsty Tony fics in general... It's evident to see what type of mood I'm in xD I prefer for it not to be an alpha/beta/omega AU

I've read Burning Candles by kerravon (I've read all her fics basically), Burnout Phase, all of scifigrl47's fics, Butterflies by everythingispoetry, almost everything by romanoff, and so much more
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Hi I'm looking for a that I 've read before in the story Steve tried to kill himself as a child as a teenager and as an adult.
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I want any story where Steve has to talk about the ice. either slowly being frozen to death or being awake in the ice. Any story that has this would be awesome.

the second one is kind of contacted to the first one. I want a story where steve has to talk (to any one) about the fact he was committing suicide by crashing the plane and he was fine with it.

Thanks for the help
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Looking for any fics that either Tony or Clint are brainwashed to serve hydra. Basically something like The Mechanic, The Soldier and The Captain or Idc what pairing/rating, but Stony or CC are preferred.
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Im in need of new stuff to read.

1) winged avengers where theres more then one

2) major ptsd by the whole team

3) everyone in the team has an awful childhood and they find out

4) human experimentation

5) warm fuzzies

6) age difference in the team. The actors are far apart in age so the team members might be too. This includes kid!fics

7) fantasy au werewolves vamires dragons ect...

8) suicide attempt

9) anything else thats good

Thanks so much. Even if you just have some random story that you think is the best ill take it!
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Steve just came from a war and lost everyone, why is he ok with that? I want fics where he is suicidal and I don't care how it ends. Any help would be great.
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Hey so,

I'm looking for a fic I read a long time ago it had to do with tony and it was about how tony tried to commit suicide when he was 16 or in MIT and the press tried to release a story about it but Howard paid them off or something and then years later the avengers find out about it somehow... That's all I can remember...

So if you know the fic PLEASE leave a comment!

Thanks! :)
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So, I just finished reading Refracted, by BeesKnees and now I have a craving (especially as while the story was great, it didn't end the way I'd been hoping).

1) Are there any other fics out there that are similar to this? One where the Avengers/Thor/Everyone gains a better understanding/appreciation for Loki? Maybe they realize that he hasn't been treated very well (probably before his, um, misdeeds) for him to feel so isolated and bitter and unloved? Or after for him to have turned out like this? IDK, maybe some horrible things have happened to him (before, after, whenever)? (I loved how Thor from the alternate reality treated Loki in the above mentioned fic!)

I'm a big fan of angst where there's abuse, suicide attempts, torture, rape, and other dark happenings going on with Loki so long as there is a happy ending (and a lovely hurt/comfort recovery process)! ♥

2) Or, barring that, are there any fic (Loki/Thor would be lovely, but Gen or other Slash ships are fine too) where Thor is especially protective/overprotective/just wants to hang out with/loves the best he can with Loki? Kind of like this fic.

Basically, I just want Loki love and appreciation from basically everyone (while still as in character as they can be) even if there has to be some hurts beforehand. I want them to be made better and, if it's not angsty/hurty/dark, a long-suffering Loki is best.

Loki Fic

Aug. 5th, 2014 08:19 pm
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Somehow, all of my bookmarks for my favorite Loki fics disappeared and I found most of them, but there is one in particular I can't seem to find. It was on A03 and it's either general or Thor/Loki... it could honestly go either way, I don't remember.

What I remember: Thor ended up capturing Loki and bringing him back home. Odin cannot let his deeds go unpunished, but neither does he sentence him to death. Instead, they lock him up in this tower/place he cannot leave. Loki conducts a plan and slow begins to starve him -- people rarely visit him (Thor, mostly, but I believe he's back on Earth). As long as the tray of food is empty, it won't arouse suspicion.

A long time passes and with no one else for company, Loki makes friends with a bird. Eventually, Thor comes back and through some event (I can't remember what), he ends up killing the bird accidentally (unaware that it meant so much to Loki). He's also horrified to see how think Loki has gotten.

He brings Loki to his father and a hospital like place (there may be something more wrong with him -- maybe he jumps from the tower?? I don't remember), but Loki refuses treatment and the nurse refuses to do anything to Loki against his will as part of her oath -- even if that means Odin's wrath. Everyone gathers around Loki to watch him die and Odin, Frigga, and Thor beg him eat/allow himself to be treated.

Loki refused to do this because what's the point if he cannot be free? He would rather be dead then trapped in a gilded cage for the rest of his life. It gets to just moments before his death that Odin finally agrees to free him if he would just eat from a golden apple (I think) and heal/live. Which, basically, was Loki's plan all along. And he does so. I don't really remember much after this.

Can anyone please help me find this fic? I'd really appreciate it! <3
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I'm looking for a fic, I think it might have involved suicide, where Tony identifies almost to strongly with the Langston Hughes poem. I think it might have been a suicide note or video? I think Steve found it at some point which was how it was brought to light.

Anyone else remember this fic? I might have been pre-slash Tony/Steve but it might have been gen.

Any ideas?


This is a song for the genius child.
Sing it softly, for the song is wild.
Sing it softly as ever you can -
Lest the song get out of hand.

Nobody loves a genius child.

Can you love an eagle,
Tame or wild?
Can you love an eagle,
Wild or tame?
Can you love a monster
Of frightening name?

Nobody loves a genius child.

Kill him - and let his soul run wild.
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Well basiclly what the title says, Im looking for Loki centric fics that'll make me weep from all the feels.

Gen or Slash (basically any pairing is good to me but my favorite is Loki/Tony and Loki/Steve. )
Also any length is fine. And any rating.

I really hope id find good recs...

Thank you...
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Hi! I'm looking for a fic where Tony intentionally takes out the arc reactor when all the Avengers are having a debrief (or something like that). He wonders how long it will be before anyone actually notices what he's done. I'm pretty sure it's Steve who finally realizes, but Tony refuses to put it back in. I think I read it on AO3.

If you could help me out, I would really appreciate it! It turned out to be a surprisingly hard thing to search for.

Thank you

Tony angst

Sep. 24th, 2013 09:43 pm
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Hi hoping someone can please help me. I am looking for a fic I can remember a few things but cannot for the life of me seem to find it.

What I do remember is Steve finding Tony with a gun, I think it was a revolver, Tony holds the gun to his head and pull the trigger, but there where no bullets in the gun. the next morning when he akes up he finds the whole team in the kitchen and Steve told them about Tony's attemted suicide, I also remeber that Bruce wasn't in the kitchen because the others where to scared of how he would react.

Some help with this will be greatly appreciated 


Aug. 29th, 2013 02:10 pm
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Help! I'm uber bored and i need help finding some fics! ;

1. OT6 pairing or friendship
2. Science BF's
3. Science Bro's
4. Loki!Whump
5. Hurt!Loki
6. major Tony!Whump
7. IronWidow
8. Natasha protective over Tony
9. IronHawk
10. Clint protective over Tony
11. IronAgent
12. Coulson protective over Tony
13. Tony is a mutant any kind
14. MerchantOfDeath!Tony
15. Competent!Tony
16. Insecure!Tony
17. SpidyPool with superfamily
18. Doctor!Tony
19. Artist!Tony
20. anything that deals with tony not being a stark but someone different , like being thors son, coulsons son, clints brother , lokis son, odins son, laufeys son , a potter, a winchester, ect. stuff like that.
21. Tony growing up different, like being an assassin or a Shield agent, maybe even growing up with natasha and/or clint, or being raised by fury(+100 if you can find that!)
23. arc reactor !whump
24. role reversal (tony centric)
25. anything that has tony having another identity, preferably from another fandom.
26. Bamf!Tony
to mods; i will try to tag this properly, but i might miss some, sorry if i do!

to readers; HELP!!!
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Hello! I was hoping that I might be able to ask for some help finding a fic that I've been searching for for a while.

There didn't seem to be any pairings, not to the point that I read. It focuses on Tony Stark and is very subjective in both the timeline and what 'really' happens. It's a captivity story, though it's not a typical one in that it's not the terrorists or enemies of SHIELD who take Tony hostage. There is a suicide attempt from Tony (he begins to repeatedly hit his head against the wall), but the reader finds out later that he wasn't 'serious' about it; he purposefully injured himself to the point where his captors (who we discover are the Avengers and Fury, though he doesn't know this) are forced to take him to a medical bay for treatment.

Tony is forced to see a therapist and it's during the written sessions that the reader sees just how truly subjective things are: he thinks that he's been stuck in the suite of rooms for 3+ months, but--in actuality--it's been... 2 weeks? 3 weeks? I can't remember. But it's right about then that the reader starts to realize that Tony's reality is distorted and things aren't really what they seem.

One of the most vivid scenes that I can remember is when Tony wakes up in the med bay and he's surrounded by all the other Avengers. He's happy and relieved and says "I knew you guys would come for me" (or something to that affect). Pretty much right then, the Avengers' faces fall because they realize that Tony doesn't remember just why he was put in the suite of rooms--a villain appeared who could control minds and focused on Tony. He manage to take over Tony's mind while he was wearing his suit and he ended up hurting his teammates and, before things got really bad, he told the others "Do it" and so they put him in confinement and had been searching for the villain ever since. Anyway, Tony completely blanks on this and distances himself from the Avengers because he feels betrayed and, eventually, decides to let JARVIS show him recordings to finally see what he can't remember. That's the last that I can recall of this story.

I honestly can't remember if I read it on fanfiction.net or ao3, but I've been trying to search both sites for the story and... no luck thus far. Does anyone know what I'm talking about and/or has a link to the fic?

Thank you!
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I am currently looking for a fan fiction that i believe is posted of archiveofourown but it might be on livejournal.
It is Avengers and at the beginning Tony gets a phone call from Fury saying that there has been an incident with Dr.Banner.
Tony flies to the location in his suit and he finds out that Bruce has tried to kill himself. After Bruce wakes up , Tony calls Pepper who says that she is coming to where they are. The last time i read it is wasn't finished. That is all i remember. If anyone has any idea what this story is or could be , please message me somehow to tell me. The fact that i can't remember is driving me crazy.


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