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I have seen a lot of civil war fix it stories but I am looking for an alternative ending were Tony manages to kill the winter soldier or at the very least arrest him.
Please someone tell me it exist.
Also I could go for one were he manages to arrest Steve xD
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I'm reading a pretty long 3-parter where Steve and Tony break up suddenly and everyone automatically blames Tony for breaking Steve's heart, like they knew he would all along even after five years of marriage.  Natasha breaks his face, Pepper kicks him out of the tower, and they all shun him. (And that only the beginning of a lot of Tony!whump.)   While I love the story, all the while I'm reading this part I'm wondering if their any stories where, for once, the team/family blames Steve, instead of falling back on Tony's playboy rep and just KNOWING that he's in the wrong.

Anybody know of any such stories?  Where it's not Tony's heart that torn to pieces every other page.

(most of the tags can be labelled 'maybe?')
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What I really want right now are some fics where Steve makes a bad mistake--maybe it's the wrong call on a mission, or a brainwashing thing, or I dunno, an ABO dubcon thing or whatever--and feels terrible about it, and another character--preferably Bucky but I'll take others--forgives him and gets him back on track.

Please note that I do not want any darkfic where Steve acts cruelly but doesn't care. It's very important that he feel regret. (This request may or may not be my method of coping with a certain recent development in the Earth-616 continuity.)

As for the other character(s), they can be all comforting and understanding or they can take the drill-sergeant attitude of "Snap out of it, soldier, we've got work to do!" (kind of like we've seen Clint do for Wanda when she freezes up), I don't care which. The point is that they correctly gauge what Steve needs to hear to get him back to his normal tree-beside-a-river self.

Any ships are fine, just let me know what they are.

(P.S. How is "steve(remorseful)" its own tag? Am I about to discover a whole new subgenre, or what's the deal?)
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Sadly, I think this was deleted so if anyone has a copy i will w e e p.

It was an AU where Steve, who I think was a lawyer, and Bucky (a barista?), are having strains in their relationship. Steve is looking after Peggy, who's been depressed and it makes him neglect Bucky to the point where he considers leaving Steve. Natasha gets freaked out at this and she recruits Sam to help rope them into a surprise roadtrip to get them back together.

At some point, Bucky confesses to Steve that he's thinking of going on a break and of course Steve is heartbroken.

The fic only had about two chapters but I think it was deleted from AO3. Anyone at least have a name/author?
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I've come across a couple of 'Civil War' inspired fics where Steve ends up getting killed by Tony's hand and Tony feels guilty. I wondered if anyone did the reverse where it was Steve ending the war with Tony's death, no slash though. Total Gen, and Steve feels guilty for it.
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I'm looking for a fic I read a few years ago.

Tony and Steve are stuck in a cell somewhere with a heavy door separating them to the corridor outside. When the Avengers arrive to rescue them, Natasha tells them (through the door) that they'll need to wait a bit since she can't open the door. Steve ("no need to wait") than gets the idea to use Tony's arc reactor ("I'll just borrow this") to power the electronic on the door to open it. The thing is, Steve doesn't know that the arc reactor is Tony's life support, so when the door open and Natasha sees Steve proudly holding the arc reactor up, she freaks out, takes the arc reactor from his hands and rushes to Tony, who is quietly having a heart attack in the back of the cell. Steve is of course remorseful on the plane ride back home, Natasha is protective and glaring at him, and Tony ends up forgiving him.

I think Tony might have been injured, freezing, or just not in good shape while in the cell, but I'm not sure.

Any help finding this fic would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

EDIT:Thank you [livejournal.com profile] hungrydinosaurs for finding it: Don't Go Breaking My Heart
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I'm desperate to read a fic that has been searched for in two other posts on different journals- and I thought maybe this amazing community might have the answer :)

This is the original description-

The Team are celebrating Steve's birthday and Tony is late. The rest of the team starts to put Tony down (I can't remember the exact way but it was along the lines of him obviously not caring about Steve or the team, that he was untrustworthy etc) and then they hear a noise.

They go to the door to find a present sitting by the door (To Steve, From Tony) and the team starts to feel guilty and wonder aloud if Tony heard what they were saying, to which JARVIS replies (in a way that implies his anger) that he had.


Anyone find this familiar?

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Last time I saw this it was unfinished. I'd like to see if it went any further and read it again. Tony was always flirting with Steve with big romantic gestures and Steve thought it was all a joke/game. It finally came to a head with Tony or someone asking why Steve didn't return the feelings and he said "because you're Tony Stark!" at which point I think Clint exclaimed that Captain America is an asshole.
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Do you know any stories that feature how Tony and Steve became friends after the less then stellar start of their acquaintance on the Helicarrier?

First, Steve acted imo very out of character - judging someone without knowing? Sounds like bullying to me, and I always thought that Steve don't like bullies...
And second, Tony don't seem like a person who can easily forgive and I had the impression that he was hurt by the things Steve said.
I think that Steve began to realise how wrong he was after Tony flew the nuke into the portal...

So, the Avengers ignored that, but are there any fics about it?

I do not care if the story has a happy ending or ends with Tony unable to trust Steve or slash or something else.

Thanks! :)
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Hi guys, i hope you can help me with this. I am on a very specific Steve search for a friend of mine -- we have indepth discussions about this! But fic must be Stony, with Top!Steve:

1) Steve "pretends" to be nice /sweet but he has a dark side

2) Steve is crazy in love with Tony but angsts in silence because he still has a 1940s mindset about homosexuality and thinks men in his time weren't really "gay". He may be an asshole to Tony but in the end he grows comfortable with his feelings for TOny and understands how things are different in this era.

3) Evil, alternate Steve

PWPs, character pieces -- any type and help would be gratefully accepted!
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I couldn't really remember which one punched who, so I may have the roles reversed. I seem to remember some sexual tension between Tony and Steve, so they might be together or some UST between them. I think they were toward the end fighting the bad guys. The disagreement over their different views of Howard Stark had been going on for awhile and Tony made one smart comment too many. In a flash of anger, regretted almost immediately, Cap lashes out and cracks a helmetless Tomy on the jaw, full force.

Anybody recognize this? Or is this a product of my sick imagination? I flit back and forth from story to story, so I quickly lose one that has a scene that I can't get out of my head. To bad the title and author of such stories don't stick around too.
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I'm looking for some Seteve/FemaleOC works where the girl doesn't work for SHIELD or is involved in the whole superhero thing, like AT ALL. I just want something where Steve falls for a normal kind of girl. It can have smut or not, I don't really mind. If it isn't chessy the better. Also, if it got something more than just romance, like a little friendship or angst, h/c whtvr.

++++ If the girl isn't American
++++++++++++ If the girl is british (Bc, #libertea people, that's a thing)

Really thankful for the help!!!
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Steve just came from a war and lost everyone, why is he ok with that? I want fics where he is suicidal and I don't care how it ends. Any help would be great.
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Hi! I am looking for an AU where steve is sent to seduce tony and in the process he felt in love with him. When tony finds out he breaks up with him and leaves the city. While steve quits SHIELD and becomes "the nomad". Also Coulson was very angry at Cap.
I believe it was a WIP but I am not sure 
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Hi, I am looking for a omega verse fic where the baddies take steve and tony hostage, so that tony can built them stuff but they didn't know that tony was an omega and was in heat, so they leave him and the cap alone during the heat. Steve had never been with an omega in heat but believes is rape so he tries as long as he can to hold back but eventually he gives in and is super careful (not common for an alpha first heat) but sutil feels extremely guilty about it 
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So today I finally read some of the civil war comic (just the stony parts xD) and I keep thinking what if Steve didn't stop and he actually killed tony, so please is there any fics like that
Also I am looking for fics where steve doesn't get killed, and actually has a trial for treason
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I am going crazy looking for this fic! Someone please help!

All the Avengers are doms except for Tony, and Steve, having just woken up finds his behaviour very inappropriate for a sub. Obviously, things have moved in in society, but nobody bothered to tell Steve that subs are more or less equal now. He gets sick of Tony 'acting out' and 'disciplines' him the way he was taught at school (forcing him down, and coming on him)

The others are all horrified, and look after Tony, who does forgive Steve eventually.
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Tony and Steve are married, and Steve cheats on Tony with Rhodey, and Tony is blamed for their marriage breakup.  It's a series of fics, I think a total of three.  I read them, and then must not have bookmarked them, because I just went through all of my Avengers bookmarks and couldn't find it.

I thought it might have been a Big Bang story, but couldn't find it there either.

I am sure I read it on AO3.

Thanks for the help

Found, link in comments.
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I've tried everywhere I can think of to find this one, and just can't find it based on what I remember...

Clint (an alpha) wants Coulson but thinks he's a bad alpha. Steve ends up fighting Clint for Coulson, and nearly kills him. Coulson breaks his wrist/hand in Steve's face. I think Thor or Iron Man have to take Steve down, and he gets suspended.

It's a multi chapter fic, not sure if it's still a WIP.

Found here.
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My powers of Google are failing me :(

I'm looking for a fic where Steve attempts to apologise to Tony for his remarks when they first meet on the Helicarier in Movie!verse. Tony rebuffs his apology, insisting that Steve doesn't know what he's apologising for. The rest of the fic was about Steve and Tony's developing relationship and Steve realising how awesome Tony is. He later apologises again, admitting that Tony was right -he hadn't known what he was apologising for.

The fic was Steve/Tony.

Ta! :)

Status Update: Found! Fic in comments. 


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