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It's driving me crazy because I can't find it and I'm not even sure when I read it to look at the posts of that time and I have this feeling it was deleted.

-It was a Soulmate AU.
-After meeting your soulmate you develop powers.
-tiny!Steve and Bucky share a small apartment and Steve sleeps on the couch since he's so small it doesn't bother him.
-Steve wakes up one day after meeting Tony and he's got all of the powers he has in canon as well as being so huge that the sofa is uncomfortable.
-Tony doesn't wanna make weapons but Howard wants him to so he has him kidnapped to put him back to work making them.
-Tony stays with Steve and Bucky after telling Howard he doesn't want to make weapons.
-Bucky's soulmate is Natasha.
-I'm pretty sure they're in college/university and Steve is an art major.

That's all I really remember.
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so I was wondering if you can help me?

I love stories where Tony falls in love with Steve who is short sick and scrawny....weather Steve was super soldier and then turned back to his past self or not. I like to see the tenderness, the sweetness between these two and to see Tony caring for sick Steve.

only Bottom Steve please.

thank you
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I'm looking for this Steve/Bucky fic I read a couple of months ago on AO3 that for some unfathomable reason I forgot to bookmark. Steve doesn't receive the serum, and I forgot if he and Bucky are childhood friends or meet as adults after the war. Howard plays a prominent role - Bucky was captured with him during WW2, they think the other is dead, and when they meet each other again post-VE day they basically bond together. Steve and Bucky end up working for Stark Industries - Steve as Howard's PA and Bucky as an engineer. It's a slow burn with a lot of mutual pining and longing glances and Steve thinking that Bucky and Howard are together when actually they're not.

I'd really appreciate it if someone could help me find it!
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Are there any fics dealing with pre-serum Steve’s health issues in the modern day? I would love to find any fics where Steve gets reverted to skinny Steve and he is SICK! Any length or pairing , but only fics with a happy ending please 
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Hey! I'm looking for Modern Starbucks recs with deaf/ colourblind/ blind Steve. Preferably bottom-Steve in case of smut :D

Also, any good non-AO3 recs for Starbucks with Sub/ bottom/ omega Steve and Dom-Bucky?
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Hello, I am looking for a fic. I don't remember much about it but I think Steve got de-serumed. He remained in his post-serumed body because it was coded into his DNA or something but got all of his ailments from before the serum. I vaguely remember Steve being given a watch to monitor his vitals and Vision being protective and caring of Steve in his own way. Sam looked after him and maybe there was some Sam/Steve moments? i'm not sure. Although Sam was pretty freaked out about Steve when he almost died multiple times???? Someone help me please.
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Took a break from Starbucks for a while... so I'm looking for more RECENT Starbucks fics with Possessive/Dom/Alpha/Top Bucky and Submissive/Omega/Bottom Steve.

P.S. If anyone has good Bruce/Tony recs with Bottom/Omega/Sub Tony, those are welcome too :D
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I've already read 'Simple' by Osidiano (so good, please go read it). I think I've come across scenario this in other fics but I don't remember which ones. The angstier the better! Especially if Bucky sees 'Steve Rogers' as friend and Cap as foe and refuses to reconsile the two. Happy endings are appreciated!

Please no fics that pair Steve with someone who is not Bucky or vice versa. Mentions of canon other love interests is ok though. Gen fics are also fine :) Top!Bucky/Bottom!Steve is preferable to me if the fic contains sex.
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Hey all, I'm really hoping someone can help with this fic as it's driving me crazy not being able to find it...

Ok so the fic I'm looking for is actually part of a Time travel/AU 'verse where Bucky from before the War and Winter Soldier Bucky switch places. The main story actually focuses on Captain America Steve and Bucky's relationship but I keep thinking about the 1st story that is told from Pre-serum Steve's pov as he helps the Winter Soldier and gets totally pissed off that someone has hurt his Bucky. Is this ringing any bells? I think I maybe read it on LJ - can't find it on AO3 at any rate. Any help would be much appreciated!

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I think it was on Ao3, but thay is practically is all that I remember.
So, the fic was written from a third face. It is nowadays. A guy (may be Bucky's grandson), is telling a story about his parents at first, his problems, and all this ends up him hanging with his grandmother, who tells him all about her childhood or her own big family where her father in the early 30s, as far as I remember, after learning that her little brother was in love with Steve, made him out of the house and his family because their father was such a big dick. After returning of the cap back home in '00, she asks him (a grandson) to bring her to Steve for asking him to forgive them for that or some kind. And the grandson agrees. And there was a couple of their other relatives may be too, who also took this road trip with them and there was a happy reunion at the end of the story because by the time Steve found Bucky, they were together in their own house and all that young again.
I will be grateful for any help :))
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Hi...so I am new to this community so "HI" :)

I am also new to reading in this fandom...but I took a HUGE liking to Captain America so I am in desperate need of reading some angsty hurt sick Steve...I would love to read his internal conflict, how things affect him and he hides them from the team...how the team starts to notice and try to help...I want to cry and wish to hug Steve.

if you have anything with him having a very sick heart, or facing a very hard and dangerous pregnancy ( I do not mind Mpreg). I love it when he is in a relationship with all the avengers but if I had to choose it would be Tony or Bruce...Bucky not so much he is the best friend.

I know its a tall order but I am counting on you so please help me :)
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I *think* these fics were part of a series, but I could be wrong.

In the first one I'm looking for, Tony gets turned into a dog (I think, maybe a cat?).  He and Steve have just had a fight because Steve's a bit homophobic and freaks out when Tony touches him (Tony wasn't into him, but that argument plants the idea...).  I remember Steve won't let Tony eat whatever he wants or get into trouble.  And Tony is furious.  Then Tony and Clint are fooling around and Tony gets hurt- runs into something and hits his head, I believe- and Steve is super protective.  Gradually they start cuddling, and Tony winds up sleeping in Steve's bed.  Where he transforms back for the first time.  Steve freaks out.  He turns back into a dog, and continues turning back and forth until Steve gets over his homophobia.  There are sneaky hotdogs with Happy and dog!Tony (who isn't allowed onion rings, I think) and maybe also Clint?  They get in trouble with Steve.  And Clint dresses Tony up- maybe as Hawkeye?- at one point.
Oh!  This all happens because Loki is in an abandoned mining town and they all go looking for him, and Tony goes down the mine by himself, which Steve gets mad at him about, and winds up with the crystal Loki was looking for.  Bruce puts the crystal on a collar that allows Tony to talk.

I *think* this was part of a series, and that the next fic was a later installment, I might be wrong though.  If they're separate, I'm desperately seeking both.

Steve winds up transported to an alternate universe (by Loki who wants something from him and is trying to trick him into revealing it, maybe?) where the serum didn't muscle him up, it put him in a coma.  He wakes up 70 years later.  Howard is stll alive, and Bucky is Captain America.  Howard and Bucky do *not* get along.  Tony is living in this isolated house of Howard's drinking himself to death and working for Stark Industries.  For some reason, Howard (who I think is creeping on Steve?) decides Steve should live with Tony.  Tony drinks a lot and hits on Steve sometimes, but Steve is heartbroken, because he loves Tony and this broken, defeated alcoholic is a Tony who doesn't love him?  Steve works at Stark Industries as Tony's assistant and brings him food at lunch.  He finds sodas they both like with marbles in the necks one day.  Steve also buys a punching bag, but he can barely use it.  Tony drinks a lot and Steve tries to get him to eat.  Tony is WAY different (flirty, I think for sure- also friendly?) when he's drunk and it confuses Steve.  Tony also has to sleep with a girl of Howard's choosing a certain number of times a year to get an heir to the Stark family.  He hates it and leaves her in his room to come see Steve.
I think there's some sort of super villain attack right in their front lawn and they get involved?  I might be wrong.  And that Loki is there, as a beautiful woman who's sleeping with Doom?  And he was also in Steve's hospital room when he woke up as a beautiful woman?  And that this is all a plot to get the red stone that turned Tony into a dog in the first story.

These might be totally separate things, but I've looked everywhere and can't find them, so any help would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!
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So I read c/c most of the time but I just read this one stucky fic and it left me smiling like a loon. It was a college AU, pre-serum Steve and there was a litte bit of Bucky feeling all protective of bullied Steve which left me craving more.

If you're interested, it's over here.

Anyway, I can't find a tag here for protective!bucky, and ao3 quirky tags are great until you actually want a consistent system! So I'm asking for all your recs please :)

Thanks in advance :D
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Came across this fic while on vacation and didn't write the name down, the plot is pre-serum steve and buckey are secret lovers and while at their house someone busts in and kidnaps them. At first they think its the morality squad going after homos but turns out to by Hydra from the future and then the Winter Solder shows up to rescue them.
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So, Captain America 2 made me actually like Steve Rogers! I have been reading a lot of Steve/Bucky fic but now want to branch out into Steve-centric fic. What I am looking for:

-Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Woobie, Just whump in general
-Anything focusing on how difficult Steve's past was (I have read a couple of good ones discussing how starved Steve felt/feels)
-Fics discussing Steve being awake and aware when he was frozen
-Fics discussing how the serum negatively effects Steve (always hungry, heals to fast, etc)
-I would prefer gen but pairings are okay as long as they are not the focus.
-If pairings, a focus on the fact that Steve grew up in a time where being homosexual was dangerous
-Happy endings (or at least ambiguous)

Any of the above would be awesome or any other stories you can recommend.
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Both are very blurry, although I just read them a couple months ago. I could have sworn I saved them to my kindle, but now they're nowhere to be found.

The first has Steve suddenly back to his pre-serum self, and fighting along the avengers (I remember Tony/Iron Man), when he has an asthma attack. The Winter Soldier steps in and basically helps Steve through his attack, and after Steve says something like Bucky was the only one who could get him through an attack.

The second fic involves Steve and the Winter Soldier once again. Steve is captured by I think Hydra, and they're either torturing him or questioning him. All I remember is that the Winter Soldier told them to stop hurting Steve near the end of the fic.

I'm pretty sure both these fics came from Archive of Our Own, but possibly fanfiction.net. If you can help that would be so appreciated because I've been searching with no luck and am about to lose my mind!
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I have a problem. Steve/Tony was one of my favorites some time and I read everything I could find about them. Then I got addicted to the time travel fics where Tony is send back and meets Steve.
One fanfiction in perticular stayed in my mind but when I searched it with the tags I remember I came up with nothing :/

This is what I remember of the story: (It two or more years since I read it so I don´t know all)

The pairing was Steve/Tony, Tags: Time Travel,BAMF!Tony and it was finished.

The story is like this:
Tony wakes up on some hill, hung up and with some metall branded in his arm. He figures he did drunk engeniering again and something exploded. Then two police men showed up and asked who he was and stuff.
One of them looked at the wound in his arm and goes white and green. Tony thinks that the wound is nothing and that he got hurt more severly than this quite often.
He said than that he is Tony Stark and tells them to bring him to his tower. They are confused but think it´s because of his wounds so they take him with them to Howert Stark.
Here he slowly gets that this is not his time because of the cars and the lack of technology
The police brings him to his father. There he meets Steve(preserum) and the point of view shifts to him.
Steve brings Tony to a doctor who said he would heat up the metall untill they could move it out of the wound.
Tony then shouts him down, angry but controlled that before this metall is hot enaugh to meld his arm is burned off.
The rest of the story is kind of a blurr. I think Tony follows Steve on his way like in the movie discriped. ANd they get together but in the end Tony somehow is in the future again. Sorry if that is to vague.

Mostly though I love this fanfiction because how Tony is portrayed as a strong person and a genius even without the packup of his name and money. I searched a while but I can´t find it anywhere even thought I read it first on AO3.

My kidos to the person who would find it for me!

search: fic (specific), character: tony stark, theme: time travel, theme: tony (bamf), theme: steve (pre-serum), search: fic (delected)

Steve Fics

Nov. 16th, 2013 08:59 pm
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This is my first time posting here and I'm not entirely sure this is the place for one of my questions. I'm looking for fics that deal with Steve's transformation into Captain America. They can be set in WW2 or modern day. Maybe it's Bucky reaction to his best friend's new body or the other Commandos see pictures of Steve pre-serum? If the story has the Avengers, I'd prefer ones where Steve gets regressed back into his pre-serum body (temporarily) and the Avengers have to deal with it? I'd imagine they'd be shocked - knowing's one thing and seeing's another. I'm picky about length on this but I am picky on spelling and grammar. Minor issues are one thing but a story that's riddled with them is another.
P.S. If anyone does know of a dedicated community for Captain America fics, would they please post the link/name?
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So, i'm looking for some Stony fics that feature them together. i'm a huge Stony fan, and while i love the idea that Tony would love Steve no matter the muscles he wears, i'd love to see a fic with Tony admitting to Steve that he wouldn't be attracted to pre-serum Steve. i don't see anything wrong with the honesty in regards to his desires and what attracts him. And i'd prefer for Steve to not be offended by it for too long. i don't want Steve to break up with Tony because of the admission.

Tony has very expensive taste, and pre-serum Steve would not meet those expensive tastes, especially without the muscles and the bulk and the gorgeousness. And Steve is deprecating enough to know that people aren't attracted to him. It is a reality of his pre-war life, after all. Any help?

Thanks in advance!
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hey guys,

i'm looking for a specific omegaverse steve/tony fic. for the majority of the fic steve is still pre-serum but is an alpha. he is courting omega!tony, and i remember he gives tony engine parts as a gift. at the end of the fic steve takes the serum and becomes the big alpha he's always wanted to be for tony.

any help please? google hasn't been very helpful :(

i'm also looking for a dom!steven sub!tony fic, where tony is a sub that has no respect for any doms, he always pull pranks on them, and many doms talk behind his back. steve is the only dom who doesn't agree and he shows tony that he's the right dom for him.
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Please help me find this story.

Steve is at an art gallery I think with Pepper. The is a nude portrait of a very thin young man. People think it is an artists exaggeration on starvation during the Great Depression. It is actually pre-serum Steve. Has anyone else read this? Thanks.
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Hello I'm looking for a few things..

1)Jealous!Steve-or-possessive!Steve-would-be-awesome(Stony,Steve/Clint,Steve/Loki, Steve/other het's fine)

2)Steve's interested in Tony but he seems obvious to it or it takes him awhile to get it or respond in kind.

3)Au Steve comes out the ice a different way or time (still prefer stony,but gen's fine too).

4)Au Steve and Tony meet alt version of them selves.

5) lovely het fics that deal with Steve/fem-tony(N stark) or xover Steve/female (I also like Steve/fem!Loki)--canon only please.

Any help would be awesome.
Thank you :)
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Hello all,
Looking for a story I read recently, where Tony and Steve reverted to baseline: Tony losing the arc reactor, and Steve losing the Super soldier physique (and regaining his multitude of health issues). Steve continues leading the team via a control center that Tony builds for him, and in the end, he elects to remain in his pre-serum body when Bruce discovered that to change Steve back, Tony would have to be changed back, as well.

Anyone? Thank you in advance!

Found! By rae_isha:
(There'll Be Bluebirds Over) the Highway to Hell by what_alchemy.

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1. A specific story I believe I read on AO3--it had something about Steve mentioning to the team that "This is pretty much the first time in my whole life I've had enough to eat," and he was doing it mostly to distract Tony from brooding about something I think.

2. Rec request: anything that deals with Steve being the youngest member of the team.

3. Specific / recs: I remember reading a fic or two about the Army experimenting on Steve to see what the serum did to it--idk if it was 2 stories or 2 parts of one story, but Howard was running tests on him, and then the Avengers found out and Steve was kinda like "well, I am Army property. how did u think they discovered my limits?" and they were super pissed off. Any recs about similar stories (dealing with Steve being experimented on/ tested by the military) are yay~!
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So I remember reading a fic a few months ago, which I think was a WIP at the time, and now I can't find it again. It was basically about Steve's sexual history and how he isn't that inexperienced. One part I specifically remember is that pre-serum Steve lived in the same building as some prostitutes, he is friendly with them and then one seduces him, leading to (I think) a New Year's celebration where he ends up having sex with more than one at once? I think it was non-penetrative, but I can't be sure.

There may also be a part where he fools around with the women on the USO tour, or that may be a separate fic (and if it is, I wouldn't mind finding that one again too). Help?

Found: There Is Nothing Like a Dame by Anonymous.
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Hi! I was wondering if anyone had any Steve/Tony fic recs that feature Tiny!Steve (the serum has stopped working for a mysterious reason, enemy hijinks, whatever). Fics with a touch of angst or self-consciousness on Steve's part would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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