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so I was wondering if you can help me?

I love stories where Tony falls in love with Steve who is short sick and scrawny....weather Steve was super soldier and then turned back to his past self or not. I like to see the tenderness, the sweetness between these two and to see Tony caring for sick Steve.

only Bottom Steve please.

thank you
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Hi, sorry to bother, but I'm looking for an older fic that deals with dragon rider/paladin Steve, after waking up after being inside a crystal for long time and people have dragons and magic and all.

Thor and his dragon, Loki taking out for a ride 'cause the people in the flying fortress where he is doesn't want to let him out.

He gets to a village where Tony and some of the Avengers live and they make friends and then more. I think, Amora, wanted Steve's heart but it was so sad that she had to wake him up and let him make friends and more so that she could use his heart.

Steve had a Dragon, I think is Peggy?? And then a smaller dragon starts to look for him, I think Bucky?.

Please help!! is driving me crazy!! Hugs!! Be well

Edit: Still searching, please help!!

Edit: Found!!! They where Griffins, not Dragons!! I'm completely clueless!! Be well

The story is "Flight" by Sunryder'
Here's the link : http://archiveofourown.org/works/393803
Thanks to theleewit1 :)
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1. I remember that Steve had an aversion to smooth peanut butter and they had to buy chunky peanut butter and put their names on the lids.

2. Steve would wash his hands for a really long time to he point of doing damage and I remember someone saying how Bucky was the only person who had ever gotten him to stop.

3. Any where Steve is afraid of medical people like doctors or won't go see the medics after a battle.

4. Any really good fics with Steve and Bucky as the main two. They don't have to be in a relationship but I'd rather not have any sex scenes. They can be in a relationship, but I'm a little tired of scrolling past a million pages because I'm just not in the mood lol.

5. Any where someone was an ass to Steve and he took it to heart.

Note: any pairings and they can have sexy times, just let me know if they do please, I'd appreciate it!
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I want any fic that has steve so sweet and humble, maybe stuck in his pre-serum mentality; as in he doesn't understand how he is loved for who he is. and of course Tony is in love in him, and wants to give him the world and pamper him but steve is just confused and never asks for anything. I would love to read any hurt/comfort, angst with a lot of cute bottom steve.

thank you
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Hi, I'm looking for a fic where Steve is still uncertain about the future and exploring his sexuality. He has feelings for Tony and after they start a relationship he's desperate to keep it a secret to protect Tony and himself because he doesn't know how everyone else will react, but he doesn't communicate this well to Tony and Tony thinks he wants to keep it a secret because he's ashamed of him.

If you know any fics like that I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much!
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Hey guys!

Looking for quite a few fics.

1) anything where any of the Avengers (other than Tony) feel left out or left behind, either in reality or perception

2)any fic where Steve 'runs' away from SHIELD or the Avengers; I remember a specific one where he disappeared from New York, then turned up at Tony's house in Malibu

3)your favourite fic (preferably gen, but I'm not terribly picky) about Steve finally catching up to the Winter Soldier (or vice versa)

4)fic that highlights friendship between Steve and Clint, and Steve and Thor

Thanks guys!!!
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so it was in my mind, what if steve was being tested on and being studied, so he still goes to missions, work with the team but always called in to be tested and some of these tests are hard on him physically and emotionally but he does not think it is something to be frowned upon, or something he should protest on, he does not think he could say NO. then the team finds out or not, they help him or not does not matter as long as the story is with in this limit.

I would prefer it to be Stony (with bottom steve) of Gen but any other pairing is acceptable

please help me
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Hey!  I'm looking for any story that has the team (one or all, preferably Tony, but any) finding out that Steve was abused as a child.  I prefer gen, but I'll read preslash, especially if it can be read as gen.  :)

Thank you so much!
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Here I mean Steve's mind seems to relapse in which he has moments where he forgets he's in the future and is frightened and confused by what he sees around him. He thinks it's the 1940's and asks for Howard, Peggy, Bucky, etc. He asks this of his own team, until his mind clears and he remembers where he is. It happens here and there, maybe even during missions and the teams' worried for his mental health. Maybe he even thinks the war is still going on.
So, are there fics like this? Please no Stony, no pairings. Just gen. Where his mind seems to go back and forth.
Thank you.
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I believe it does end up being Tony/Steve by the end (if it wasn't already to start with).  There's this group of bad guys that everytime they fight them they find a way to get Steve naked - so much so that Tony starts carrying extra clothes for Steve.  I think the team even tries to get the bad guys more interested in Thor (which I think works?) but I'm not totally sure.  Does this sound familiar at all?  Sorry it's so light on details.

Geeze this is embarrasing. I found it, I totally didn't think it was part of this story but it's a scene from Mr. July  http://archiveofourown.org/works/268811 by jibrailis.  Excellent read, I definitely recommend it!
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Hi guys, i hope you can help me with this. I am on a very specific Steve search for a friend of mine -- we have indepth discussions about this! But fic must be Stony, with Top!Steve:

1) Steve "pretends" to be nice /sweet but he has a dark side

2) Steve is crazy in love with Tony but angsts in silence because he still has a 1940s mindset about homosexuality and thinks men in his time weren't really "gay". He may be an asshole to Tony but in the end he grows comfortable with his feelings for TOny and understands how things are different in this era.

3) Evil, alternate Steve

PWPs, character pieces -- any type and help would be gratefully accepted!
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I'm in a weird mood right now and having focus issues. Trawling through Ao3 like this is basically resulting in me just scrolling through the pages without actually seeing them. So if anyone could help me out, that would be awesome!

Things I want to see -
Pairings - Romance not necessary, but if it's there, I prefer Tony/Steve, Clint/Steve, Sam/Steve, Tony/Pepper/Steve, Clint/Natasha/Steve. (I wouldn't say no to Steve/Pietro, Steve/Bruce or Steve/Coulson if someone knows any that are awesome, but I'm not actively looking for those)

Steve struggling with PTSD/depression/suicidal thoughts
Steve hurt and trying to hide it. hurt can either be physical or emotional (like one of Tony's jokes or jabs hits him right in the solar plexus and he can't really shake it)
Steve dealing (or not dealing) with being lonely
Asexual or demi-sexual Steve
Steve being afraid of losing these new people that he's let close
Steve being too afraid of losing anyone else to let anyone close

Someone (or everyone) noticing and helping him with/talking to him about any of the above.

AU or canon is fine, but I would prefer movie!Steve to comic!Steve

Things I don't want to see -
Pairings - Bucky/Steve or Natasha/Steve(without Clint) romantically together. Any Clint/Coulson should be as far to the background as possible and absent entirely preferred. Rather not with any Bruce/Natasha right now, either.

Actual suicide.
an overabundance of porn. (I skim porn, rather than actually read it so a story that is mostly porn would be pointless for me)
Steve being a bully

Thanks again! And really, if someone has an absolute favorite Steve-centric fic that doesn't fall under the nope-list, I would be happy to see that too. <3
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I'm looking for some Seteve/FemaleOC works where the girl doesn't work for SHIELD or is involved in the whole superhero thing, like AT ALL. I just want something where Steve falls for a normal kind of girl. It can have smut or not, I don't really mind. If it isn't chessy the better. Also, if it got something more than just romance, like a little friendship or angst, h/c whtvr.

++++ If the girl isn't American
++++++++++++ If the girl is british (Bc, #libertea people, that's a thing)

Really thankful for the help!!!
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Hi...so I am new to this community so "HI" :)

I am also new to reading in this fandom...but I took a HUGE liking to Captain America so I am in desperate need of reading some angsty hurt sick Steve...I would love to read his internal conflict, how things affect him and he hides them from the team...how the team starts to notice and try to help...I want to cry and wish to hug Steve.

if you have anything with him having a very sick heart, or facing a very hard and dangerous pregnancy ( I do not mind Mpreg). I love it when he is in a relationship with all the avengers but if I had to choose it would be Tony or Bruce...Bucky not so much he is the best friend.

I know its a tall order but I am counting on you so please help me :)
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Steve just came from a war and lost everyone, why is he ok with that? I want fics where he is suicidal and I don't care how it ends. Any help would be great.
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Hi everyone,

I've been looking do a story I read a while ago where Steve didn't go to Shwarma with the rest o the team and maybe could go the second thing they did together as well (?); I can't remember if it was because he was injured or debriefed...

Anyway, he was also the last one to be asked to move into Avengers Tower and he begins to realise he is never asked to go to dinner or movie nights with everyone and feels left out. I think he ends up walking into a movie night and asking why the team don't like him. That's all I remember but I would really like to read it again so please help!!

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I'm just really craving some bottom!Steve fics.

My preferred pairings are Tony/Steve, Tony/Pepper/Steve, Clint/Steve, Peggy/Steve or Sam/Steve, but I can't think of any Steve pairing I wouldn't read.

The hardest part, though, is in the details, isn't it?

While I think it's awesome for fans of certain popular pairings that they're so popular that they even end up in the background of everything else, it's really hard to work around some of them in this particular search. So I'd really like to know if anyone has any recs that don't also include Thor/Loki, Natasha/Pepper, Tony/Bruce, or Clint/Coulson (unless it's Clint/Natasha/Coulson) anywhere in the fic. Especially Thor/Loki or Clint/Coulson.

Any level of sexual content is acceptable, from none at all to explicit. Any length. Any overall genre.

I love that Steve is able to lead everyone on the field, but I just really like Steve being a bit more submissive/uncertain/etc to his romantic/sexual partner off the field. (no, uh... crap, I don't know the right terms for everything, but no watersports, scat, or any similar kinks)

(also, I'm not sure I tagged this as well as I could have. I wasn't sure what all actually applied and most of what I'd actually use isn't in the list.)

Steve Fics

Jul. 5th, 2014 09:56 pm
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Looking for three things.

1. Any fics involving Steve being able to wield Mjolnir.
2. Any fics where Steve is a supernatural creature. I'd love if it was a reaction from the serum (like the serum makes him turn into a werewolf). I also won't mind any fics where the serum turns him into a monster/non-human like Hulk.
3. Fics where Steve has a pet. Any pet.

Any ratings/pairings are fine.

editing to add two fics someone else was searching for about a year ago but were never found. But they both look like fics I would love. These were the summaries she gave.

1.I remember that it was one of those Steve having trouble adjusting fic. He has good days and bad days. I remember after he has a bad day and the Avengers have a bad day, he doesn't want to be around them because he doesn't want to drag them down (he shouts at them, specific Tony, who probably takes it the wrong way/personally). Then he trashes his apartment and Bruce comes by and cleans up the glass and checks up on him. I think it might have been Steve/Tony, but I can't be sure, and if it was it was still pre-relationship/slow build (in the chapters I've read). Fairly certain that it's a wip, and not complete.

2. The scene that stands out to me is: the Avengers (plus Fury), have gathered for a meeting/debrief? and there is some tension/back-and-forth/comments between Steve and Tony which Steve reacts strongly to, stunning everyone when he gets up asks Natasha for the notes (which she silently agrees to do for him) and leaves before the meeting/debrief ends/possibly before it starts. I don't remember if it was shippy or not.
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1. Looking for a short fic that might have been on a kinkmeme. In it, Loki is a child but Thor's consort. Thor has never done anything with Loki and has no desire to until he is of age. But the Avengers meet Loki and question whether or not Thor has done anything (but Thor assures them he has not). I remember that Loki does something (maybe like pressing his fingers to Thor's lips?) that Thor thinks is clever because it is Loki's way of showing he loves Thor without it being creepy.

2. Any fics where Steve is tortured.

3. Fics where Steve is lonely or insecure (about his body post-serum or his life).

4. Fics that show Steve being protective over people he cares about (Avengers, Bucky, etc).

Any pairings/ratings. No character death.
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1. The avengers are making a chore chart and someone (Clint?) puts hug Tony as a chore. Steve gets the job.

2. Fics, preferably Stony, that focus on Steve dealing with PTSD.

3. I've seen lots of fics where Tony tries to change for Steve. Can anyone rec me some where Steve is insecure and tries to change for Tony. Like he studies up on sex and science.
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I'm just looking for fics where Steve is unfamiliar with modern technology, terminology, etc. I'd prefer something sweet, funny, or fluffy.

Any pairing is ok, but I am a Stony/SuperHusbands shipper at heart.

I also wouldn't mind a supportive team fic, maybe with some gentle snark.

Supportive!Tony and technologically impaired!Steve would be especially awesome.

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Are there any Fic inspired by the movie where Steve is upset/insecure about Tony calling him a lab experiment and that anything special about him came from a bottle. A happy fluffy Stony ending would be a bonus.



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