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so I was wondering if you can help me?

I love stories where Tony falls in love with Steve who is short sick and scrawny....weather Steve was super soldier and then turned back to his past self or not. I like to see the tenderness, the sweetness between these two and to see Tony caring for sick Steve.

only Bottom Steve please.

thank you
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Hi there,
I'm new to this fandom.
I mean I saw every movie but till I saw "Civil War"  I wasn't paying much attention.
That changed obviously and now I'm looking for stories.

So can you show me the way to your most favorite Bucky or Winter Soldier stories?
I take nearly everything *grin* and nearly every pairing (Steve/Bucky, Bucky/OC but I don't get the whole Reader thing)

Or the way to your most favorite Captain America stories?

Thank you!

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I know I have this story somewhere, but I can't find the scene I want.  Does this sound familiar to anyone?  Steve's been hurt, a head injury maybe in battle or a training excerice.  He's taken to SHIELD Medical (maybe on the helicarrier) but his regular doctor isn't there yet.  He's put under the care of a doctor/scientist the team has been wary of, and his assistant.  They strap Steve down, immoblizing him, hooking him up to machins to monitor him and his response to the pain of his wounds, but don't give him anything for the pain or any medical care at all.  His regular doctor (a woman) is locked out and Clint and the team are trying to find another way into the room.  Fury comes down to help them (and to keep them from killing the doctor, who just sees Steve as a lab rat to study).
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Hi! I've scoured AO3 for all the hurt!Steve and hurt!Peter I can find, but I still want more. :-) I'm looking for any stories where either of them get hurt - gen is preferred, but I'll gladly take anything. I LOVE fics where Peter's an Avenger or is otherwise involved with them.

I've already read It Was Probably The Pudding by Serendipity_Cometh and everything by MusicalLuna and thegraytigress (all of which are awesome!) - looking for something new. Self-recs are more than welcome, as are any other kind of fanwork with Peter or Steve H/C (art, vids, etc).

First time posting here, so sorry if I've goofed anything up. :-) Thank you!

Hurt Steve

May. 24th, 2016 08:50 pm
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Hi! I was wondering if there was anything where Steve is captured, gets hurt, etc, but he isn't fine right away? I've read a lot where he bounces back really quickly and there's little to no recovery process. I'd really like to have some comfort with the hurt. Thanks!
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1. I remember that Steve had an aversion to smooth peanut butter and they had to buy chunky peanut butter and put their names on the lids.

2. Steve would wash his hands for a really long time to he point of doing damage and I remember someone saying how Bucky was the only person who had ever gotten him to stop.

3. Any where Steve is afraid of medical people like doctors or won't go see the medics after a battle.

4. Any really good fics with Steve and Bucky as the main two. They don't have to be in a relationship but I'd rather not have any sex scenes. They can be in a relationship, but I'm a little tired of scrolling past a million pages because I'm just not in the mood lol.

5. Any where someone was an ass to Steve and he took it to heart.

Note: any pairings and they can have sexy times, just let me know if they do please, I'd appreciate it!
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Could you please recommend some steve-centric fics where:

1. Other people are surprised by how he acts - like maybe they had this preconceived image in their heads of how Captain America was, and are surprised when he doesn't really fit with this idea.

2. Fics where Steve is upset/depressed over the fact that he pretty much lost everyone he cared about and woke up to find his entire world changed. It may have been years since the war and his awakening, but for him he literally went down and then woke up in the 21st century - I want to see the effect that that has on him.

3. Fics where Steve comes across something that reminds him of the people he lost (like Bucky and Peggy), and ends up telling the other Avengers about them.

4. I recently read a fic where the avengers think that Steve's rescue of the 107th division had been authorised, and are shocked to find out that he'd defied orders and rescued them by himself, without permission. Are there any other fics like this?
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The problem is that I read so much Steve/Tony fic that it all starts to blur together after a while.

The only things I'm absolutely sure about for the fic I'm looking for

-I read it on Ao3
-It's Steve/Tony
-It's MCU based
-Steve gets hurt at one point
-The others (Tony maybe? Bruce maybe?) want to give him something for the pain but he comments that it won't work. They're like, well what have you tried. He says everything. Tony is horrified and asks him something like how that's supposed to work. Steve says that he heals up faster than normal and until then "Duck faster."Tony is suitably more horrified by that.

I think he starts making plans to upgrade Steve's armor into something that can protect him better?

*FOUND: It Will Probably Accelerate by northatlantic.
Rec part -
Also, I'm really craving fic that focuses on how much smarter Steve is than everyone expects. Especially if it's related to the serum making his brain function faster/better/etc. Eidetic memory and the like.

Gen is awesome and I seldom find it since I almost always search via a pairing filter. For pairings, I prefer Tony/Steve, Bruce/Steve, Clint/Steve, or Sam/Steve. I'm not in a Bucky/Steve or a Natasha/Steve headspace right now unless it's a truly amazing fic.
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Hi! I was wondering if there were any fics out there dealing with how Steve can't take painkillers because they don't work. Anything is good and if there are any that have someone trying to find a way to develop pain meds for Steve that would be great too. Thanks!
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Preferably ones with no pairings or romance between the characters. Something where the baddies captured the team and Steve is singled out to be tortured before them and they are helpless to do anything about it. Can be fics that go as far as rape.
I feel like I read a fic under this subject once but can't remember. I know a fic or two involves the team watching Tony tortured, but here I'm asking they are watching Steve.
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hi, new to this site so not sure im using it write looking for a fic i read a while back, bruce is going to visit some old scientist friend with tony, steve and clint want to go too undercover for shield as they think scientist guy doing something shadey, tony then gets shot and bruce and steve try to save him, bruce has to remove the bullet while steve holds tony down, clint ends up wears the ironman armour and steve gets hurt to, sorry for my awful selling
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I want any fic that has steve so sweet and humble, maybe stuck in his pre-serum mentality; as in he doesn't understand how he is loved for who he is. and of course Tony is in love in him, and wants to give him the world and pamper him but steve is just confused and never asks for anything. I would love to read any hurt/comfort, angst with a lot of cute bottom steve.

thank you
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Hey! I'm looking for Modern Starbucks recs with deaf/ colourblind/ blind Steve. Preferably bottom-Steve in case of smut :D

Also, any good non-AO3 recs for Starbucks with Sub/ bottom/ omega Steve and Dom-Bucky?
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I feel like this fic may have been on a kinkmeme, but I can't recall. The Avengers are fighting the MOTW and Steve is thrown into a body of water and subsequently has a rather nasty flashback to the plane crash. Tony rescues him and they land maybe on the roof of a building. Steve throws up, and then I think they sit there quietly for a few minutes. It may have been pre-slash Steve/Tony but I'm not entirely sure.

Thanks in advance!
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Greetings. I am looking for works with Cap on the riverbank at the end of CATWS. It's such a powerful and emotional scene, I like to see authors' takes on how others respond to it. Second choice are scenes that take place directly thereafter. Any POV. I've read a few, (and certainly have read many "Avengers in the hospital room".) You are all so helpful, I'm sure there are many I have missed. Pairings are not my favorite, but I know some of the best-written stories have them. Thanks!
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Hello, I am looking for a fic. I don't remember much about it but I think Steve got de-serumed. He remained in his post-serumed body because it was coded into his DNA or something but got all of his ailments from before the serum. I vaguely remember Steve being given a watch to monitor his vitals and Vision being protective and caring of Steve in his own way. Sam looked after him and maybe there was some Sam/Steve moments? i'm not sure. Although Sam was pretty freaked out about Steve when he almost died multiple times???? Someone help me please.
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Hi, I'm looking for a fic where Steve is still uncertain about the future and exploring his sexuality. He has feelings for Tony and after they start a relationship he's desperate to keep it a secret to protect Tony and himself because he doesn't know how everyone else will react, but he doesn't communicate this well to Tony and Tony thinks he wants to keep it a secret because he's ashamed of him.

If you know any fics like that I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much!
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Hey guys!

Looking for quite a few fics.

1) anything where any of the Avengers (other than Tony) feel left out or left behind, either in reality or perception

2)any fic where Steve 'runs' away from SHIELD or the Avengers; I remember a specific one where he disappeared from New York, then turned up at Tony's house in Malibu

3)your favourite fic (preferably gen, but I'm not terribly picky) about Steve finally catching up to the Winter Soldier (or vice versa)

4)fic that highlights friendship between Steve and Clint, and Steve and Thor

Thanks guys!!!
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I'm looking for two different stories were Steve gets seriously hurt or poisoned falling into water.  The first one is a series (or very long story)  There's been an attack and the team is trying to evacuate or clear the cars off a bridge in NYC.  I can't remember if it was a bad guy or just a panicked civilian driving but an 18-wheeler pushes its way through the smaller cars.  Steve is on the bridge or on a crane on the bridge.  I think something explodes and hits him, he loses his grip and plummits into the water.  The next part or chapter of the tale starts either right after he falls or right after they get him out of the water with extinsive facial injuries.  I'm pretty sure this one is Tony/Steve, and maybe the 2nd one too.

The second story has the team dealing with a terrorist attack.  Some crazy scientist is attempting a stolen chemical or virus into the tanks of a water treatment plant.  (The old I'm going to prove that terrorists can poison our water by poisoning our water because no one will listen to me schtick.)  He's shot(?) and drops it into the water.  Steve jumps or falls into the tank.  The water flow is cut off before the area's water supply is tainted but Steve becomes ill from the virus and procedes to get sicker.  I think this story is posted rather recently; at least for me it's new, within the last month or so.  I just can't seem to find either story and I've been searching every word or phrase I can think of.

Raped Steve

Oct. 2nd, 2015 05:51 pm
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I apologize if it a trigger request, but I was looking for fix that have Steve Being raped. they have to be stories after he took the serum, and all the avengers are overprotective of him, also Loki and Bucky are overprotective too. I want to see the process of the rape to see his suffering and the pain inflected on him, maybe how he is lost and losing his faith in people and the new world.

please as much hurt and vulnerable Steve as possible.

also, if there are any stories with Steve/OMC, where the other man is the top but he is nice and very loving of Steve. the team may be shocked to know him later
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so it was in my mind, what if steve was being tested on and being studied, so he still goes to missions, work with the team but always called in to be tested and some of these tests are hard on him physically and emotionally but he does not think it is something to be frowned upon, or something he should protest on, he does not think he could say NO. then the team finds out or not, they help him or not does not matter as long as the story is with in this limit.

I would prefer it to be Stony (with bottom steve) of Gen but any other pairing is acceptable

please help me
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Hey!  I'm looking for any story that has the team (one or all, preferably Tony, but any) finding out that Steve was abused as a child.  I prefer gen, but I'll read preslash, especially if it can be read as gen.  :)

Thank you so much!
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Here I mean Steve's mind seems to relapse in which he has moments where he forgets he's in the future and is frightened and confused by what he sees around him. He thinks it's the 1940's and asks for Howard, Peggy, Bucky, etc. He asks this of his own team, until his mind clears and he remembers where he is. It happens here and there, maybe even during missions and the teams' worried for his mental health. Maybe he even thinks the war is still going on.
So, are there fics like this? Please no Stony, no pairings. Just gen. Where his mind seems to go back and forth.
Thank you.
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Hey!  I'm looking for any stories where Bucky never fell from the train.  Did he save Steve so he never went into the ice?  Did he search for Steve if he fell in the ice?

If that's the case, I'd love if Bucky had already been experimented on enough that he wasn't aging or something, so that he can be there when Steve wakes up?  That would be cool.

I prefer gen, but preslash is okay, if it can be read as gen.

Thank you so much!!  :)
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Im looking for this fic and im gonna kick myself when i find out what it is bc it seems obvious
SO all i remember is that Steve was kidnapped and they keep drugging him so it taints the blood sample and he talks to tony through a gap in the wall bc they're supposed to become friends for leverage and they do and then they escape together. I'm pretty sure everyone thinks tony is dead but i might be mixing fics there. Im also pretty sure it was on ao3 but once again not sure.
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Hi - this is my first request here - I hope I'm doing this right. About 6-8 months ago, I read a long fic (multi chapter or maybe part of a series?) where the main plot was that Steve was the victim of an assassination attempt - shot in the head, traumatic brain injury. The Avengers move him to a remote farm to recuperate - Peggy Carter goes to stay there, eventually Bucky comes too. Avengers come to visit in secret, but for Steve's safety, the world is let to believe he is dead. Hydra (I think?) features in a battle scene later on in the fic/series, and Natasha & Bucky face down a new Black Widow (who may have been the original sniper but I'm hazy on that point). Pretty sure the story was on AO3, but having no luck finding it myself. Would appreciate any help locating it - thanks so much.

EDIT: See comments for link to Domenika Marzione's 'Freezer Burn' series.
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I'm looking for an older fic, I'm sure the main pairing was Steve/Tony.

Basically Tony leaves Steve sleeping in bed, after a battle with bad guys the day before. Hours later he discovers that not only is Steve still sleeping, he hasn't even changed position. He can't wake Steve, and the team is called in. Steve isn't just sleeping, he's in a coma from the engery expenditure the day before, possibly being injured?, and going to bed (and possibly burning more calories during sex?) without eating. Once they figure this out, they can treat it and Steve eventually wakes and Tony takes care of him.

*Found!* Link in the first comment!
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This plot idea has been on my mind for almost a week now and I don't know where it came from; I don't recall ever reading an Avenger story like it.  Here goes:  An Avenger (your choice) is slowly slipping into madness.  It could be hearing voices.  Or spells of catatonia.  Or falling into an uncontrollable rage and lashing out.  (No Bruce for this one; the behaviour can't be nornal for them.)  Maybe swift mood changes; going from rage to giddy to weepy.  Or they're showing alzheimer's symptoms where they don't recognize their teammates or surroundings for several minutes.

How does it take for the person and the team ro recognize somethings wrong.  How does the person cope.  How does the team cope.  How about public backlash when they're affected in public during a mission or public appearance.  I think a lot of interesting thing can be done with this idea.  How 'bout it, hun?
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Any fics where Steve is experimented on by f. ex. the army (or threatened with experimentation)? So basically fics that involve unethical human experimentation with Steve as the central character. If there's a pairing, I'd prefer Steve/Tony. Oh, and no non-con please.
[identity profile] korpikarppi.livejournal.com
I'm looking for fics in which Steve has a stalker, if such fics exist (I'm relatively new to the fandom). Protective Tony would be a great plus. If there's a pairing, I'd prefer Tony/Steve. I quite like hurt Steve, but please no non-con. If you know any fics like this, it'd make my day if you'd share them with me. :)
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I'm new to LiveJournal and this is my first post, I hope I'm doing this right. :)

I'm looking for two specific fics + some general recs:

1. In the first fic Steve has trouble believing that he's actually woken up in the future and so he's come up with five alternative theories that could explain what he's experiencing (he's hypothermic&hallucinating / he's crazy etc.). At some point - to test one of his theories - he jumps off of a building believing that either Tony or Thor will catch him. There might have been a Steve/Tony pairing, but I'm not sure. FOUND by winterstar95: Weighing His Options by Winterstar

2. In this fic Steve is either bisexual or gay, but is having hard time accepting this. He grew up believing that it was unacceptable and even disgusting. Somehow it comes up that Tony is into men too, and at first Tony thinks Steve is just homophobic but once it comes clear that Steve's actually having more of a coming-to-terms crisis, he's understanding and tries to more or less subtly help Steve to deal by leaving him pamphlets to see and stuff. Steve talked to Bruce at some point and Bruce asked Steve if he had ever considered that there was "nothing to fix", or something along those lines. Steve also called some LGBT help line and gradually learnt to accept himself for who he was. I'd say it was a Stony fic. It might have been a verse other than the movie one. FOUND by dinara_n: Silence Suppression by rufflefeather

3. Any fics that involve Steve almost drowning or being really cold and reminded of his time being frozen? Happy endings prefered, and either gen or Tony/Steve, please, if you happen to know any.

Thank you in advance to anyone who takes the time to answer!
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I'm in a weird mood right now and having focus issues. Trawling through Ao3 like this is basically resulting in me just scrolling through the pages without actually seeing them. So if anyone could help me out, that would be awesome!

Things I want to see -
Pairings - Romance not necessary, but if it's there, I prefer Tony/Steve, Clint/Steve, Sam/Steve, Tony/Pepper/Steve, Clint/Natasha/Steve. (I wouldn't say no to Steve/Pietro, Steve/Bruce or Steve/Coulson if someone knows any that are awesome, but I'm not actively looking for those)

Steve struggling with PTSD/depression/suicidal thoughts
Steve hurt and trying to hide it. hurt can either be physical or emotional (like one of Tony's jokes or jabs hits him right in the solar plexus and he can't really shake it)
Steve dealing (or not dealing) with being lonely
Asexual or demi-sexual Steve
Steve being afraid of losing these new people that he's let close
Steve being too afraid of losing anyone else to let anyone close

Someone (or everyone) noticing and helping him with/talking to him about any of the above.

AU or canon is fine, but I would prefer movie!Steve to comic!Steve

Things I don't want to see -
Pairings - Bucky/Steve or Natasha/Steve(without Clint) romantically together. Any Clint/Coulson should be as far to the background as possible and absent entirely preferred. Rather not with any Bruce/Natasha right now, either.

Actual suicide.
an overabundance of porn. (I skim porn, rather than actually read it so a story that is mostly porn would be pointless for me)
Steve being a bully

Thanks again! And really, if someone has an absolute favorite Steve-centric fic that doesn't fall under the nope-list, I would be happy to see that too. <3
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Hello, I'm looking for a Tony/Steve fic that I read a while back on ao3 but I can't find it now despite trawling the non con/ humiliation tags.

Tony marks his victims with a black tear and Tony has Jarvis to film him taking advantage of Steve where he subsequently uses it as leverage in their relationship. Also, Tony bars Steve from his room and Steve sleeps in a room where there's no toilet and he ends up relieving himself on the bed or some sort. Tony also implants an inner armour in Steve that only responds to his commands and he capitalizes on it to torture Steve and Steve doesn't know how to admit to Natasha about his situation.

Steve is relieved much later when the Avengers find out about it and it's revealed that Bruce also has a black tear that he's ashamed of.

I hope that somebody will be able to help me! Thanks a million bunches beforehand!
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Hi all,

I'm looking for a specific fic where Steve is trapped in the hive of some kind of bug-type enemy. They have some kind of spaceship (or at least a ship that floats in the air) and Steve is entombed in a pod within it. It's sort of reminiscent of being trapped in a Wraith ship in Stargate:Atlantis, though this enemy is definitely not the Wraith as it's not an SGA crossover. Tony is the one who rescues him, using a combination of explosives and heat-seeking radar-something. Rhodey is also there, I believe. They have to travel through the ship, which has no light inside it. This fic is probably Steve/Tony slash or pre-slash.


[identity profile] shiralyndee.livejournal.com
Hi I'm looking for a that I 've read before in the story Steve tried to kill himself as a child as a teenager and as an adult.
[identity profile] taya2100.livejournal.com
I want any story where Steve has to talk about the ice. either slowly being frozen to death or being awake in the ice. Any story that has this would be awesome.

the second one is kind of contacted to the first one. I want a story where steve has to talk (to any one) about the fact he was committing suicide by crashing the plane and he was fine with it.

Thanks for the help
[identity profile] writersheart13.livejournal.com
Okay I believe I found this fic before through this community but I can't find it now so hopefully you guys know what I'm talking about.

It was Tony/Loki or eventually became Tony/Loki. For some reason Loki, Tony, and I think Thor and Steve had been captured and they put Tony and Loki in the same cell. They realized they were being watched and I think the captors expected Tony and Loki to attack each other. So somehow they come up with a plan to fake a rape between Loki and Tony(with Loki being the 'attacker'). They actually are just having really rough but still consensual sex but they are so convincing the Thor thinks Loki actually raped Tony and Tony I think was unconscious or just really injured when they were rescued/escaped and couldn't explain what really happened before Thor attacked Loki.

That story was part one, I know there was at least three stories in the series and the second part happened on Asgard and both Thor and Tony get uber protective of Loki when Odin goes to far punishing Loki for the perceived rape. In the second part we also learn that Loki was tortured by the Chitauri and they might come back to Midgard for revenge against him which I think was the theme of the third fic which I didn't read. I don't know if there was more to the series but like I said it definitely had three parts.

Any other brainwashed/controlled Loki fics would be great but not necessary.

The main general fic I'm looking for is any of the Avengers or any of the extended family getting injured or sick but the focus on the fic being on the Avengers, or others, taking care of them in their convalescence. Like making sure they take meds, changing dressings, basically acting as Nurses or even 'Mother Hens' to the sick/injured person. It can be fluffy or angsty but happy endings preferred.

Thank you and happy readings to y'all!
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I'm looking for some Seteve/FemaleOC works where the girl doesn't work for SHIELD or is involved in the whole superhero thing, like AT ALL. I just want something where Steve falls for a normal kind of girl. It can have smut or not, I don't really mind. If it isn't chessy the better. Also, if it got something more than just romance, like a little friendship or angst, h/c whtvr.

++++ If the girl isn't American
++++++++++++ If the girl is british (Bc, #libertea people, that's a thing)

Really thankful for the help!!!
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Hi...so I am new to this community so "HI" :)

I am also new to reading in this fandom...but I took a HUGE liking to Captain America so I am in desperate need of reading some angsty hurt sick Steve...I would love to read his internal conflict, how things affect him and he hides them from the team...how the team starts to notice and try to help...I want to cry and wish to hug Steve.

if you have anything with him having a very sick heart, or facing a very hard and dangerous pregnancy ( I do not mind Mpreg). I love it when he is in a relationship with all the avengers but if I had to choose it would be Tony or Bruce...Bucky not so much he is the best friend.

I know its a tall order but I am counting on you so please help me :)
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1) I am looking for any fics that talk about how the serum has affected Steve Rogers sexually (multiple orgasms, long orgasms, penis becomgin bigger, even knotting!). Any pairings welcome! Even crack fic welcome.

2) I love the whole "suffering in silence" trope. So I am looking for fics focusing on Steve or Clint doing this. Could be emotional or physical suffering. Any pairings or gen welcome, no character death please.


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