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Hi, looking for a specific fic here. The main thing I remember about is Tony creating new/improve tablet sketching/art software for Steve. Tony's complaining about Steve leaving charcoal smudges everywhere even though Steve has a tablet for drawing. Steve tells him that the tablet doesn't replicate the charcoal very well and the printing process doesn't work too well either. Tony, being Tony, takes it as a challenge to improve said technology and uses Steve for feedback. I believe that Stark Industries starts selling the improved tech. I'm pretty sure that I read it on AO3. Help a girl out?
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There's a fic already on AO3 where Steve has these little sketchbooks that he keeps in a backpack that he takes everywhere and some kid gets paid by a tabloid to go through his stuff while he's volunteering at a community center and Steve chases him and nearly beats the stuffing out of him but Tony stops him and tells the kid that he should consider himself lucky that it was Steve almost tearing him a new one and not Natasha or Bruce or something...

I think it's Steve/Tony but I'm not sure.

I'd like to re-read it myself but it was this prompt over at the kink meme that reminded me of it and I wanted to rec it to the OP since it seems right up their alley even if it doesn't fit the prompt.

Thanks in advance!
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Now that it's complete, I'm reading the Avengers/Supernatural/Night Vale crossover series by Setcheti called The Last Chance Diner at AO3.  Steve admires Dean's protection tattoo and bemoans the fact that he can't get a tat because they fade quickly.  With a little help from Bruce they figure out how Steve can keep a tattoo fresh (drawn on instead of inked in).  I don't usually like a lot of tattoos because they tend to look messy and not particularly artful, but the thought of a shirtless Steve Rogers with a full sleeve or chest done is intriguing, to say the least.  So...my first question is does anyone know of any drawings or artwork showing Cap with tattoos?  Question #2 is a search for any stories with Steve getting one or more tattoo.  How about the same for any of the other Avengers or the family (Jane, Pepper, Darcy, Phil, Bucky).  There is some fiction out and about with Clint and/or Coulson with ink from their military days;  that's too easy.  I was thinking more like a whole sleeve, maybe telling a story or about an event.  In Setcheti's story it a picture incorporating memories of Bucky and protection sigils.

I'm just tagging any and all possibles I think may fit.
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I'm looking for a Steve/Bucky fic I know I read on AO3. Steve has got an as-and-when job drawing smutty pictures for one of those old dollar zine things. Bucky offers to model for him, though Steve changes it so Bucky's a girl in the pictures. Eventually I think Bucky dresses up as a girl for him, but I don't remember properly.

Anyone know the fic I'm on about?
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I search a stony fic where Steve draws comic "Avengers". It's a modern fic and I guess that Tony, Steve, Natasha and cie are still at college.

Thank you in advance !
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I'm looking for some Seteve/FemaleOC works where the girl doesn't work for SHIELD or is involved in the whole superhero thing, like AT ALL. I just want something where Steve falls for a normal kind of girl. It can have smut or not, I don't really mind. If it isn't chessy the better. Also, if it got something more than just romance, like a little friendship or angst, h/c whtvr.

++++ If the girl isn't American
++++++++++++ If the girl is british (Bc, #libertea people, that's a thing)

Really thankful for the help!!!
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I'm looking for a specific fic I read once, I think it might have been a big bang fill, but I don't know for sure. All I remember about it was a scene where Steve starts sketching a lesbian couple while at the grand canyon, and the couple notices, and freaks out at first, before they realize he means no harm/isn't homophobic? I think? Like, one of the couple had just come out to her parents, and it hadn't ended well, so she's sure that the guy watching them is also being homophobic.

That's all I remember, that and that he's alone during this; it's definitely a solo road trip.
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Steve just came from a war and lost everyone, why is he ok with that? I want fics where he is suicidal and I don't care how it ends. Any help would be great.
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I'm looking for a fic that has Steve exhibiting paintings that he has done that symbolically represent the rest of the Avengers - they aren't portraits, but images that fit each of the others. I remember that he has done so secretly from them and under a pseudonym and that Natasha finds out by accident because she goes to the gallery - she isn't happy about it at first, but then (I think) she sees Steve there and realises that he painted them and I think she might end up buying one of them?
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Hello all!

I'm hoping to get some help finding a couple fics I didn't bookmark.

1. An AU where the whole group works on comic books. I think Steve was an independent artist and eventually gets signed with Stark Comics? Or he started with Stark Comics and then signed on with Shield Comics. Something like that.
I want to say it was Tony/Steve, but the more I think about it, the more I think it may have been Phil/Steve.

2. An Alpha/Omega fic, that I didn't bookmark because silly me thought it would be easy to find later on. I was wrong.
I'm 99% sure it was Tony/Steve. What I remember is the main focus of the part I had read was about a memorial going up for some Omegas who had... died or were injured while protesting Omega rights in the 20s or 30s. There was a part with a party that the Avengers were supposed to go that Steve didn't attend and Fury was very angry with him. Steve had already talk to... some big wig that was there, a mayor, senator, maybe the President, and had told him he wouldn't be attending or something.
I think there were also parts done as interviews with surviving family of the people the memorial was going up for.
What really sticks out to me was a reference to an old custom for Omegas to be completely covered, something that had gone out of fashion over the years that Steve was frozen.

I'm pretty sure both were at AO3, but I could be wrong. Anyone have any guesses?

Please and thank you! :D

Both fics have been found! Links are in the comments!

Also, I was apparently very wrong on the core basics of fic #2. Oops.
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Please help me find this story.

Steve is at an art gallery I think with Pepper. The is a nude portrait of a very thin young man. People think it is an artists exaggeration on starvation during the Great Depression. It is actually pre-serum Steve. Has anyone else read this? Thanks.
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Okay, I literally only remember one thing from this fic: Steve draws a webcomic about a guy that time travels through the different decades that Steve was in the ice for. Natasha finds out (after she sees some research Steve printed out?) and comments on the comic saying it needs more female characters. So Steve writes her into it.

I'm pretty sure it was only a small part of a larger fic.

Secret Identities by copperbadge
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Hello! :)

1) Could anyone point me toward fics that either mention or focus on;

a) People noticing that Steve is the same Captain America from the 1940's;
b) People wondering if now!Captain America is the same as 1940's!Captain America;
c) People's perspectives on Steve as he re-integrates into normal life as a 'normal guy' (whether in school or his neighborhood);
d) General consequences of Steve's cowl coming off in the fight;
e) Any general in-fic media/public opinion discussion on Steve, Cap, and/or the Avengers - OCs and outside POVs welcome!

2) There are some wonderful Clint-Barton-is-everyone-Renner-has-ever-played fics. Any recommendations on fics that show reunions between Clint and characters from SWAT/Hurt Locker/Mission Impossible?

Many thanks!
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Hi all!~

I'm not looking for a specific story, but for recs - slah (Stony) preferred, or gen, where Steve is an art student. Or heck, even a teacher is fine - just Steve back to school/ or normal!AU is fine too, but non-AUs preferred.

I just have this crawing, so please feed the rabid fangirl x3
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I keep spamming the comm... I'd apologize but my desperation has no shame! This time I am looking for specific stories:

1) probably a oneshot; Tony is kidnapped and the team manage to locate him. There is a plan to infiltrate and extract, but then Clint calls in that the arc reactor was being used to power the bad guy's base. The Avengers haul ass to get the arc reactor back in Tony.

2) FOUND! Steve tries to locate Captain America cards to autograph for Coulson but can't get them. Instead he paints them--not sure if he painted all or just the missing ones. ETA: the fic spent some time on the actual artistic process of painting the cards, and I think Phil was thinking these 'cards' were the most valuable possible, hand-painted by Captain America himself. (http://archiveofourown.org/works/416100)

3) Somewhen in the future, the Transformers use the Allspark to give JARVIS consciousness; he uses the Iron Man armor as his body... something to do with a promise made to Tony before he died? ETA: definitely Optimus Prime was explaining things to JARVIS. Probably written post IM1 or IM2...

Many, many thanks!


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