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Sadly, I think this was deleted so if anyone has a copy i will w e e p.

It was an AU where Steve, who I think was a lawyer, and Bucky (a barista?), are having strains in their relationship. Steve is looking after Peggy, who's been depressed and it makes him neglect Bucky to the point where he considers leaving Steve. Natasha gets freaked out at this and she recruits Sam to help rope them into a surprise roadtrip to get them back together.

At some point, Bucky confesses to Steve that he's thinking of going on a break and of course Steve is heartbroken.

The fic only had about two chapters but I think it was deleted from AO3. Anyone at least have a name/author?
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Hey guys!

Looking for quite a few fics.

1) anything where any of the Avengers (other than Tony) feel left out or left behind, either in reality or perception

2)any fic where Steve 'runs' away from SHIELD or the Avengers; I remember a specific one where he disappeared from New York, then turned up at Tony's house in Malibu

3)your favourite fic (preferably gen, but I'm not terribly picky) about Steve finally catching up to the Winter Soldier (or vice versa)

4)fic that highlights friendship between Steve and Clint, and Steve and Thor

Thanks guys!!!
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Hey!! So recently I've read some darcy&bucky fics and i am deciding that that is my new fav. So specifically I am looking for some fics where Darcy is the one who comes across Bucky while he is still trying to get his head on straight and is ultimately the one who gets to bring him in to the avengers. I've read "The Extraordinary Friendship of Darcy Lewis and James Buchanan Barnes" by cosmicocean, the one where she finds him in a diner eating pancakes and then they have to run from hydra, and the 'Run verse pieces. Anything else that you guys would suggest?? I'm fine with any pairing really, darcy and bucky could be together or they could just be friends or bucky could be with someone else or darcy could be with someone else, whatever you find where Darcy is the one that brings bucky in is great!

and if you have any darcy&bucky fics that you think are just generally fantastic feel free to recommend those as well, always on the lookout for some great new reads!!!
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I'm looking for a story I read once and, of course, can't find again.  One of the problems is that, while I know what the term means, that's not part of my life or any one close to me.  Clint (and Phil?)  is off taking time on his own.  The Avengers go off somewhere and discover that's where Hawkeye is, a well know member of a yearly LARP group.
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I think it was on Ao3, but thay is practically is all that I remember.
So, the fic was written from a third face. It is nowadays. A guy (may be Bucky's grandson), is telling a story about his parents at first, his problems, and all this ends up him hanging with his grandmother, who tells him all about her childhood or her own big family where her father in the early 30s, as far as I remember, after learning that her little brother was in love with Steve, made him out of the house and his family because their father was such a big dick. After returning of the cap back home in '00, she asks him (a grandson) to bring her to Steve for asking him to forgive them for that or some kind. And the grandson agrees. And there was a couple of their other relatives may be too, who also took this road trip with them and there was a happy reunion at the end of the story because by the time Steve found Bucky, they were together in their own house and all that young again.
I will be grateful for any help :))
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Hi all! I am delurking hoping someone might be able to help me find a fanfic I read of Ao3 a little while back. I remember that Steve was on a roadtrip on his motorcycle. The scene that stands out to me is that he got pulled over by the highway patrol for not having a helmet. The two police officers made the connection that he was Captain America, but before that, they connected him with some sort of war. From what I remember, one or both of the officers had done a tour of duty in Iraq and recognized some minor PTSD symptoms in Steve. I'm pretty sure it's not "It Will Probably Accelerate", but I might be wrong. Any help would be absolutely amazing!
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There have been a lot of these, but the one I'm thinking of ended with Steve coming back to Stark Tower to find Tony had given him his own parking space, marked with a star.

Other details, though I'm less clear on them, are Steve visiting the son of one of his Howling Commandoes and possibly going to England. (If those turn out to belong to a different road-trip fic, then I apologize in advance.) I do remember that Steve made his trip essentially alone--the other Avengers might have sent cards and letters hoping he was okay, but they didn't follow him on this one.



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