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Does anyone know of any stories set pretty soon after The Avengers where Clint is nervous/scared around Thor because he associates him with Loki? Like, he knows that Thor has some magic too and could possibly do what Loki did and just doesn't trust him? And then they slowly become friends?
[identity profile] impala1967.livejournal.com

Am new to this fandom and am trying to find some great/epic Bucky(Solider)/Steve fic.

Needs to be complete, long (like to get emersed into a story) and have angst . Prefer it to be after Winter solider movie and have Bucky dealing/remembering/recovering.

Have been trolling Ao3 but only finding one offs and and heaps of bottom!Steve, which really isn't my thing.

Any suggestions
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I have seen a lot of civil war fix it stories but I am looking for an alternative ending were Tony manages to kill the winter soldier or at the very least arrest him.
Please someone tell me it exist.
Also I could go for one were he manages to arrest Steve xD

Hurt Steve

May. 24th, 2016 08:50 pm
[identity profile] zirconrose.livejournal.com
Hi! I was wondering if there was anything where Steve is captured, gets hurt, etc, but he isn't fine right away? I've read a lot where he bounces back really quickly and there's little to no recovery process. I'd really like to have some comfort with the hurt. Thanks!
[identity profile] raincitygirl.livejournal.com
I'm thinking of a long but excellent post-CA:TWS fic I read and thought I had bookmarked, but apparently not. Bucky is caught by the remnants of SHIELD and released into Steve's custody, along with a bag of candy. I don't remember why he had the bag of candy but he had one. He has a long and gruelling period of adjusting and makes a little toy figurine that he bakes in the oven. I think Steve ordered it off Amazon or something. The figurine becomes significant later. As he he gradually starts to improve, HYDRA tries to snatch him, and in the aftermath, Coulson's SHIELD crew do snatch him, and basically force him to participate in their missions. Any of this ringing a bell for someone?

Also, I know there are tags in this comm, but I haven't figured out how to work them yet (this is only my second post), so I'm just going to leave this entry untagged. Sorry if that creates extra work for a community admin.

Thank you in advance.

Edited to add: And thanks to the fabulous [livejournal.com profile] dinara_n, I have re-found this fic. It's Sing Me the Alphabet, by TheSardine.
[identity profile] zirconrose.livejournal.com
1. I remember that Steve had an aversion to smooth peanut butter and they had to buy chunky peanut butter and put their names on the lids.

2. Steve would wash his hands for a really long time to he point of doing damage and I remember someone saying how Bucky was the only person who had ever gotten him to stop.

3. Any where Steve is afraid of medical people like doctors or won't go see the medics after a battle.

4. Any really good fics with Steve and Bucky as the main two. They don't have to be in a relationship but I'd rather not have any sex scenes. They can be in a relationship, but I'm a little tired of scrolling past a million pages because I'm just not in the mood lol.

5. Any where someone was an ass to Steve and he took it to heart.

Note: any pairings and they can have sexy times, just let me know if they do please, I'd appreciate it!
[identity profile] chompey-boy.livejournal.com
Hey guys!

So i had a dream about Steve and Bucky last night. Basic gist is Bucky was telling Steve about all the things he'd done as the winter soldier, and they were both crying. Any fic along that idea?

Also i've read six million fics where the others support tony, realise he's a genius, threaten steve if he hurts him, etc. I'm looking for the same idea, but with Steve being supported.

Thanks guys!

Ps: gimme your favourite Bucky centric fic. He's my new fave!
[identity profile] meatball42.livejournal.com
Hello friends!

I've lost a Bucky- (maybe Stucky-?) centric fic that I don't believe I ever finished. All I can remember is that Bucky as the Soldier was conditioned to have certain responses to certain foods. In one scene, Steve encourages him to eat I think it was potatoes? or something at a diner, and Bucky thinks Steve read about the conditioning in his file and is telling him to vomit for some mission-reason, so he eats, and then does. Steve and Sam(?) are horrified (as is, presumably, the lady who has to clean up the diner).

Anyone remember? Thank you in advance!
[identity profile] simonejester.livejournal.com
There's a fic already on AO3 where Steve has these little sketchbooks that he keeps in a backpack that he takes everywhere and some kid gets paid by a tabloid to go through his stuff while he's volunteering at a community center and Steve chases him and nearly beats the stuffing out of him but Tony stops him and tells the kid that he should consider himself lucky that it was Steve almost tearing him a new one and not Natasha or Bruce or something...

I think it's Steve/Tony but I'm not sure.

I'd like to re-read it myself but it was this prompt over at the kink meme that reminded me of it and I wanted to rec it to the OP since it seems right up their alley even if it doesn't fit the prompt.

Thanks in advance!
[identity profile] ozeanaugen.livejournal.com
I remember reading a fanfic just a few months ago which I am desperately looking for. It was a WIP. During the Skrull War, Tony was kidnapped and held in one of their concentration camps. The fic centered around his PTSD and trauma. I remember a few key points.

-He was starved and very focused on food. Began hiding food at one point.
-All people from the concretation camps had some sort of headache/nosebleed afflication.
-Tony and Steve were together before the war.
-The fanfic was written post-AOU I think, since Clint's kids were in it.

Can anyone help me out? I'm afraid it might have been deleted.
[identity profile] http://users.livejournal.com/_thelostcity/
I feel like this fic may have been on a kinkmeme, but I can't recall. The Avengers are fighting the MOTW and Steve is thrown into a body of water and subsequently has a rather nasty flashback to the plane crash. Tony rescues him and they land maybe on the roof of a building. Steve throws up, and then I think they sit there quietly for a few minutes. It may have been pre-slash Steve/Tony but I'm not entirely sure.

Thanks in advance!
[identity profile] chompey-boy.livejournal.com
Hey guys!

Looking for quite a few fics.

1) anything where any of the Avengers (other than Tony) feel left out or left behind, either in reality or perception

2)any fic where Steve 'runs' away from SHIELD or the Avengers; I remember a specific one where he disappeared from New York, then turned up at Tony's house in Malibu

3)your favourite fic (preferably gen, but I'm not terribly picky) about Steve finally catching up to the Winter Soldier (or vice versa)

4)fic that highlights friendship between Steve and Clint, and Steve and Thor

Thanks guys!!!
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Another story lost in the crowd.  Help!  I found "Broken" and "Never Gonna Happen" in the last few days but neither of them is the one I wanted.  Steve and Tony are in love and their relationship is groing great.  Then Bucky is found and suddenly all Steve's attention is on his oldest friend.  Tony is understanding, but as the week go by and Steve spends less and less time with his lover, Tony's heart breaks more and more each time he's forgotten.  He makes reservations for a dinner date, but Steve never shows up, forgetting it's their first (fifth?) anniversary.  Steve doesn't mean to ignore the man he loves, it's just that Bucky needs him right now.  He's sure Tony understands, not really realizing how much time has passed since they've spent time together.

I'm not sure if this part is from the same story or another tale.  Steve and Tony are going out and making plans to go out together, but it always seems to be the three of them now.  Steve is anxious for his best friend and his lover to get along but doesn't realize that they're both resentful of each other and of the time he spends with the other man.
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I know I read a couple of these but unfortunately I don't seem to have bookmarked them - I'm looking for fics where post-Winter Soldier and Bucky and Steve reconnecting, Bucky realises that Steve is really not in a good place himself and tries to help. If he points out to other Avengers that stoic and sad is not actually Steve's default character that would be a bonus, but I'm pretty much looking for anything with this theme.
[identity profile] bethifer.livejournal.com
Hi all,

I am looking for a story and unfortunately I don't remember a lot about it, like name or author, but I know I read it on AO3. I think it was a series, but it could just have several chapters. I remember that Clint was speaking with Tony and Tony spoke about Afghanistan and how he didn't eat as much as he should because everything tasted like mud/sand. Later, Clint told Coulson, who was cooking, about what Tony said and that he should add more garlic to the soup for Tony. I think it was a team learning about each other fic, but I have been reading a lot of those, so I could have that mixed up. I hope that someone can remember it.

[identity profile] helenabrown.livejournal.com
Basically, I'm hankering after a fic where Steve is kind to Bucky hugs/smiling/stroking his hair. Bucky can be recently back from Hydra or whatever, I don't mind. Explicit is welcome :)

Thank you!
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I can't remember what pairing this story is, just a scene where the characters are in a nightclub and there's a song with gunfire that triggers one of them. They end up outside, trying to come down from the flashback. Pretty sure it's a non-powered modern AU and the character in question is a veteran. I'm also pretty sure I've seen fanart for this story, so I don't know if it was part of a Bang or just had art done for it.
[identity profile] 2dreamfire2.livejournal.com
Hello, I'm looking for multiple things:

1. Any fics that focus on Tony struggling or dealing with PTSD and/or panic attacks, specifically during or after the events of Iron Man 3 (IM3). It can be Gen, Pepper/Tony, or Steve/Tony. I'd prefer if the focus remained on the PTSD and not on any romantic relationship. I also enjoy friendship between Tony and any of the Avengers.

2. Any fics that are Tony-centric that focus on any of the following mental health issues: depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, anxiety, OCD, self-harm, and/or suicidal thoughts.

3. Tony with self-esteem issues

4. Overworked Tony

5. Fics focusing on Tony's relationship with Jarvis or that have Jarvis caring about Tony

6. Really angsty Tony fics in general... It's evident to see what type of mood I'm in xD I prefer for it not to be an alpha/beta/omega AU

I've read Burning Candles by kerravon (I've read all her fics basically), Burnout Phase, all of scifigrl47's fics, Butterflies by everythingispoetry, almost everything by romanoff, and so much more
[identity profile] walmer92.livejournal.com
I know that many people may not agree with me, but I was frankly appalled by how Pepper treated Tony in Iron Man 3. She responded to PTSD symptoms by attempting to guilt him into behaving better. She acted as though his previous, admittedly quite anti-social, behaviour which she had dealt with as his PA, not his girlfriend, somehow justified treating him like a child who had used up all his trust, and who should always place her above playing with his "toys", which were in fact a huge part of his life, his work, and his safety blanket after living through many traumatic events. It's perfectly reasonable to say that you can't cope being in a relationship with someone who lives a dangerous life, or has PTSD; it's quite another to try and yell or guilt them into changing, especially when they're traumatised.

OK, rant over.

With that in mind, are there any fics out there which don't portray Pepper in a good light, or which more specifically deal with her treatment of Tony in IM3? And if possible, could they either be gen or Stony? Science Bros and FrostIron are great ships, and I get why people ship them, but Stony was established as my OTP well before the movies came out, and I've tried reading the new ships to no avail, they just don't work for me.

So, after that appallingly long preamble, does anyone know any gen or Stony fics which portray Pepper in a bad light, specifically in reference to her actions in IM3, or which at least deal with the fact that she acted badly? Thanks! 
[identity profile] veritablevoyage.livejournal.com
hey all,

I'm looking for recs where the avengers find everything about each other the hard way. they don't seem like a group with particularly good communication skills, but team!fics usually gloss over what must have been a rough beginning. I can't imagine that getting to know each other went very smoothly. So, recs?
[identity profile] widowgirl101.livejournal.com
Im in need of new stuff to read.

1) winged avengers where theres more then one

2) major ptsd by the whole team

3) everyone in the team has an awful childhood and they find out

4) human experimentation

5) warm fuzzies

6) age difference in the team. The actors are far apart in age so the team members might be too. This includes kid!fics

7) fantasy au werewolves vamires dragons ect...

8) suicide attempt

9) anything else thats good

Thanks so much. Even if you just have some random story that you think is the best ill take it!
[identity profile] kh910.livejournal.com
Hi, I'm hoping the kind folks on this site can help me out with finding 3 fics I have read in the past a gazillion years ago and would love to find again!

FIC 1- AU fic set when Tony is a teenager when Afghanistan happens, Howard is still alive. He makes it home same as in the movie but is issue having with Howard trying to help, but he has been an absent father so long its not so easy. Clint and Natasha are his BFFs, I think it was maybe Clint/Tony pre-slash. He goes off to uni but is later withdrawn due to PTSD. Bruce was maybe his shrink?

FIC 2- Again Tony with PTSD - I'm really loving hurting him at the moment. He is shot or something on a mission, but when his teammates or a SHIELD medic applies pressure he freaks and goes back to Afghanistan, so he fights them - full on broken bones and strength that he should have when so injured terror response. Team!fic.

FIC 3- Hurting Clint this time, and a little hurt Tony. Turns out Loki also raped Clint when he had control, he isn't doing so well with it. Tony approaches him one night and explains in his multiple experience ignoring it and hoping it will go away doesn't work. Clint asks about the multiple experience and Tony explains about the first time he was raped (in uni drugged by a guy who wanted revenge on Howard), and 2 subsequent times.

Any and all help would be appreciated, pretty please! !
[identity profile] hisugi-shuuhei.livejournal.com

I've recently read some Bucky fics where he's sort of attached or devoted to his handler(but not fics where Steve is the handler ><). Therefore, I'm looking for more fics where Bucky is attached to his handler :D. First time posting here so hope I get the tags right. Some of the stories that I have read related to the search:

[identity profile] alisese-anatea.livejournal.com
Hi! I've never asked for any fics until now. I'm looking for one specific story and maybe some related ones.

1) I remember reading a story where Avengers have some kind of a meeting or are gathered somewhere. Steve and Tony had an argument over Tony's behavior. I don't know the details, but one scene was for sure: Steve took out Tony's arc, believing it was just a piece of machinery and Tony was just using it to get attention. He then kind of panicked when Tony got weak and found out about Tony's condition. I'm pretty sure it was either no parings, Steve/Tony or Tony/Pepper. And I think it was chaptered.

2) I'm looking for al kinds of Tony whump!, but especially those involving the arc reactor. Somthing about Avengers not knowing about Starks condition and finding out or about them not knowing and trying to take the reactor out?

Thanks for help anyway.
[identity profile] renee fern
Hey ficfinders,

I'm back again, so soon! XD

I just read the "Kidnapping is a Bad Thing, Tony" series, and LOVED the Harley-and-Tony interaction. Can anyone recommend more fic that concentrates on them having a strong relationship, Tony taking Harley under his wing, family feels, maybe some protectiveness (from either or both).

If those are sparse, some good Tony-and-Peter Parker mentor/mentee family fic would also be welcome. I'm not overly familiar with comic verse though, so anything that strictly requires cannon knowledge is out.

All ratings, warnings and slash are ok, though if het is included it shouldn't be the focus.

Thanks in advance, friends!

Tony Fics

Aug. 14th, 2014 02:54 am
[identity profile] renee fern
Hey you lovely fic finders! :)

I'm looking for a couple things, all Tony-centric.

1. Young!Tony. I've looked at the previous posts, read AON and a few others. Now I'm looking for more lovely whumpy goodness. :) Raise differently AUs (kidnapping, red room, Loki, whatever), child abuse, team-meet-as-kids fic, deaging, anything along those lines. I wouldn't mind some gen team loving either. Superfamily with little Tony is always fun.

2. Platonic Tony and Natasha fics. I'm not interested in anything romantic, but anything with them developing a friendship, supporting each other, protectiveness, etc, all good.

3. Tony/Clint slash fic recs. It's such a tiny pairing, and I'm having trouble finding anything aside from the Dodgy Chinese and Only Different In The Details. Barring that, gen concentrating on their friendship would be good as well.

No restrictions on warnings or ratings, though if the fic has het it shouldn't be the focus.

Thanks everyone for your help! Fingers crossed!
[identity profile] binyah.livejournal.com
I am consumed with a sudden need to read Clint Barton fics. Here are some things I am looking for.

1. Clint whump. Mental or physical [abuse, mental disorders, torture, sickness, whatever].
2. De-aged Clint
3. The Avengers learning about Clint's (abusive/terrible) past
4. Clint with self-esteem issues

Any pairings or gen welcome. Happy endings please!
[identity profile] widowgirl101.livejournal.com
Any really good natasha-centric fics. Ive started to run out of things to search for but bonus points if

1) She's younger then everyone
2) she has a lot (more) emotional problems
3) her scared of hulk and/or injured
4) team helping her become more i dunno human?
5) anything to do with her dancing

Thanks in advance!

Steve Fics

Jul. 5th, 2014 09:56 pm
[identity profile] binyah.livejournal.com
Looking for three things.

1. Any fics involving Steve being able to wield Mjolnir.
2. Any fics where Steve is a supernatural creature. I'd love if it was a reaction from the serum (like the serum makes him turn into a werewolf). I also won't mind any fics where the serum turns him into a monster/non-human like Hulk.
3. Fics where Steve has a pet. Any pet.

Any ratings/pairings are fine.

editing to add two fics someone else was searching for about a year ago but were never found. But they both look like fics I would love. These were the summaries she gave.

1.I remember that it was one of those Steve having trouble adjusting fic. He has good days and bad days. I remember after he has a bad day and the Avengers have a bad day, he doesn't want to be around them because he doesn't want to drag them down (he shouts at them, specific Tony, who probably takes it the wrong way/personally). Then he trashes his apartment and Bruce comes by and cleans up the glass and checks up on him. I think it might have been Steve/Tony, but I can't be sure, and if it was it was still pre-relationship/slow build (in the chapters I've read). Fairly certain that it's a wip, and not complete.

2. The scene that stands out to me is: the Avengers (plus Fury), have gathered for a meeting/debrief? and there is some tension/back-and-forth/comments between Steve and Tony which Steve reacts strongly to, stunning everyone when he gets up asks Natasha for the notes (which she silently agrees to do for him) and leaves before the meeting/debrief ends/possibly before it starts. I don't remember if it was shippy or not.
[identity profile] binyah.livejournal.com
I want any recs involving mental illness. It can be any kind; PTSD, OCD, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, phobias, personality/mood disorders, borderline personality disorder, schizophrenia, ADHD, eating disorders, etc. Really, any kind.

And I would prefer if any of these are the characters suffering from the illness. Steve Rogers, Loki, Clint Barton, or Bucky Barnes (Tony is okay if it is a VERY good story). Any pairings/ratings welcome. The mental illness does not have to be the complete focus of the fic, but it needs to be a prominent. No Character Death.

Thank you!
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[identity profile] loriel-eris.livejournal.com
This is film based Steve/Tony fic, read on AO3 in the past 4 or 5 months, but I couldn't say when it was first published. This story was probably in the realm of 30k words. Could well have been longer, may have been shorter - it was a decent length of fic though, not something short. The fic was set post-Avengers and all (most?) of the Team were staying in Stark Tower.

The main focus of the story was Steve dealing with PTSD (I think this was how the story defined it, but the symptoms struck me as being very like OCD). Steve's symptoms revolved around a series of numbers which included 1, 2 and 9 (and one other, maybe 4?): he always woke at 2:11am and spent the next x hours running (x is the number I can't remember!); he always had to lock doors twice; his night-time bathroom routine involved doing things (brushing his teeth? washing his hands) 9 times (I think, 9 was involved in some way). There may have been others, but these are the main ones I remember.

One night Tony catches Steve leaving his room at night to go running. Steve is evasive about what he's doing and Tony follows him (I think) but has to quickly give up when Steve completely out paces him. The following night Tony joins Steve again, but this time in the suit.

Tony doesn't know what's up with Steve, but he knows that something is wrong. After the first night, he joins Steve in his Iron Man suit and flies along. Steve totally doesn't want this and tells Tony so, but Tony just ignores him and basically talks at Steve for the entire 4? 5? hrs that Steve runs. This continues on for a while and Tony is sometimes able to distract Steve enough that he can forget the compulsion to run.

At some point, Steve realises that Tony is definitely not getting enough sleep as a result of spending his nights following Steve around. Not sure what happens at this point.

Steve and Tony eventually get together. They talk about Steve's PTSD. Stuff happens?

Steve is very self-conscious about his symptoms. The one bit I remember, from towards the end of the fic, is that they're both getting ready for bed. They may or may not have had sex at this point, but it's the first time they've slept together and Tony has witnessed Steve night time routine. Tony is being amazingly understanding of Steve's compulsion to do things 9 times, and after each time, he tells Steve one things that he likes about Steve. There's an epilogue scene x number of years later, and Tony is still doing this, and he's never repeated himself, nor do any of his 'likes' revolve around Steve's body. Steve is also able to manage his symptoms better, so that they're not controlling his life quite so much. He still has times when he lapses back to the old behaviours, but mostly he can direct the compulsion elsewhere.

The numbers do have a significance - I think they're a year (1942?) - but I can't remember what the significance was.


Found by Spirals: Routine by Wordsplat
[identity profile] deancas91190dc.livejournal.com
Hi all,
I'm looking for a specific fic I read a while back on AO3 where Bucky was over at Avengers Tower, temporarily released from SHIELD into Phil's custody I think, and there was a barbeque or something. Somebody noticed that Bucky's metal arm was bleeding, and when they removed it, his real arm was slowly starting to regenerate/regrow underneath the metal. Help?
Any fics where Bucky's arm regenarates, or where Bucky chooses not to wear the metal one, or that generally deal with the fact Bucky is actually a disabled veteran, would also be great : )
On another note, I'm also desperately searching for any fics where Bucky becomes part of the Avengers Team, that detail/show him being accepted into the team-fics where the Team-ie, not just Steve-defend Bucky/rescue Bucky/fight for Bucky would be great : )
Thanks : )
[identity profile] eblossom.livejournal.com
Captain America 2 made me realize that I need more fics, so I'm here asking for some! Self-rec's welcome!

1. Steve-centric fics where
a.) he's struggling with depression and/or PTSD.
b.) he's not an innocent virgin who blushes at the mere thought of sex.
c.) he's a sarcastic son of bitch.
2. Steve/Natasha fics either as a romantic couple or as best friends.
3. fem!Steve fics.
4. bisexual!Steve fics.
5. crossover fics with him being friends with and/or having known Logan, Erik Lehnsherr, or Peter Parker.
a.) fics where he's a mutant would be loved.
6. time-travel!fics
7. Steve helping Bucky recover from what Hydra did to him. (no romance between them please)
[identity profile] kitsuneyujji.livejournal.com
I can only recall one scene from the specific MCU fic I'm searching for. There was a fight with some kind of sea creature and it's going fine until Steve ends up getting knocked into the water and has a flashback. Tony pulls him out and at first he fights it until he manages to pull out of the flashback.

I can't remember anything more specific than that, but I hope someone recognizes it regardless. I do know that it's Steve/Tony and that I read it on Ao3. I want to say that it was a fairly long fic, but I'm not sure.

Also, any recs where Steve is dealing with PTSD from either Bucky's fall or his own icy crash would be most welcome. Thanks in advance!

Found: many names in history, none of them are ours Thank you, [livejournal.com profile] rakelnott!
[identity profile] http://users.livejournal.com/_thelostcity/
Hi all,

I'm looking for a fic that may have been Tony/Steve (possibly pre-slash), but I only remember a specific scene. The Avengers have been fighting evil and Steve and Tony are talking after the battle, part of which took place in or near a cave. Tony is paying attention to Steve but also very much paying attention to where the shadow of the cave entryway is so that he can be standing in the sun and not anywhere near the shadow or mouth of the cave.


ETA: Found! Link in comments
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[personal profile] lynnenne
I've had a day full of grief and death. I'm in the mood to read something where Loki goes on a justifiable (by Loki standards) intergalactic rampage and tries to destroy everything, and Tony decides to help. Bonus points if Thor signs onto help, too. Can anyone recommend some fics that may assuage my black, black heart?

[identity profile] jazmin22.livejournal.com
1. Steve has a bad reaction waking up to see that it's snowing outside; shivering really badly, etc. PTSD symptoms triggered by the cold, winter weather. Possibly Jarvis calls it to Tony's attention, Tony comes to Steve's aide. Steve/Tony slash

2. I remember that it was one of those Steve having trouble adjusting fic. He has good days and bad days. I remember after he has a bad day and the Avengers have a bad day, he doesn't want to be around them because he doesn't want to drag them down (he shouts at them, specific Tony, who probably takes it the wrong way/personally). Then he trashes his apartment and Bruce comes by and cleans up the glass and checks up on him. I think it might have been Steve/Tony, but I can't be sure, and if it was it was still pre-relationship/slow build (in the chapters I've read). Fairly certain that it's a wip, and not complete.

3. The scene that stands out to me is: the Avengers (plus Fury), have gathered for a meeting/debrief? and there is some tension/back-and-forth/comments between Steve and Tony which Steve reacts strongly to, stunning everyone when he gets up asks Natasha for the notes (which she silently agrees to do for him) and leaves before the meeting/debrief ends/possibly before it starts. I don't remember if it was shippy or not.
[identity profile] jazmin22.livejournal.com
Steve has a bad reaction waking up to see that it's snowing outside; shivering really badly, etc. PTSD symptoms triggered by the cold, winter weather. Possibly Jarvis calls it to Tony's attention, Tony comes to Steve's aide.


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