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Ugh, I'm so unhelpful, I know! I read this fic a couple years ago where Deadpool and somebody (I think Spidey???) were somehow forced into sex by one of the usual tropes-- sex pollen, fuck or die, or aliens made them do it. All I really remember is they were fighting baddies but maybe subdued them before giving in? Deadpool was the one doing the fucking, and afterwards he said something about, "you aren't the only one who was just raped." And maybe it was aliens but maybe not? Aaand I feel like there was an idea that they had been preslashy at one another but now it's ruined.

I think it was on AO3, but I also used to haunt LJ and kink memes a lot.

(Requesting tags for Deadpool, fuck or die, aliens made them do it, Spideypool)
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Am new to this fandom and am trying to find some great/epic Bucky(Solider)/Steve fic.

Needs to be complete, long (like to get emersed into a story) and have angst . Prefer it to be after Winter solider movie and have Bucky dealing/remembering/recovering.

Have been trolling Ao3 but only finding one offs and and heaps of bottom!Steve, which really isn't my thing.

Any suggestions
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I only remember bits of this story, but these are the things I remember:

1.  Steve attacks/assaults (sexually, I believe) Tony in Tony's workshop.  Tony is then wary of the place that used to be his sanctuary.

2.  Steve is contained/held, possibly by SHIELD, but someone gives him a cell phone, which he maybe uses to contact the media?

3.  At some point, I think Steve gets out of his room/cell and is attempting to access the workshop via the airducts?

Sorry, that's all I recall.  Thanks for any help!

FOUND!  -- Paths We Walk by TiffanyF --
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Preferably ones with no pairings or romance between the characters. Something where the baddies captured the team and Steve is singled out to be tortured before them and they are helpless to do anything about it. Can be fics that go as far as rape.
I feel like I read a fic under this subject once but can't remember. I know a fic or two involves the team watching Tony tortured, but here I'm asking they are watching Steve.
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hi looking for Tony fics with any of the following, Sleep Derived, exhausted Tony
Hurt, Non con.
Reckless Putting is life in danger
sick Tony
Tony with concussion
Tony centric domestic avengers

Also trying to find these to any hel would be great,

Read a fic before and can never seem to find it, it was about Tony have a bad concussion, sorry to be so vague, dont remember the details but just remember loving the fic

2. the other fic im looking for when something like it was after a battle and a exhausted Tony is trying to stitch himself u but falls asleep or Passes out. Steve comes down and finds him calls Bruce they stitch him u and i remember Bruce gives Tony a sleeping Pill. i remember Tony saying Bruce gave him something big and blue and sleepy.

Thanks guy, only recently joined this community but love it, you guys are awesome
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Looking for non-con fics between Coulson/Steve where Coulson takes his Captain America obsession very far, and Steve is the victim. Can also include somnophilia if Steve is still asleep in his frozen state and Coulson comes to watch over him but does more than that. Steve doesn't consent and not looking for a romantic outcome, but what you can find. I've come across evil Coulson with Clint in a non-con, so surely there must be some with Steve.
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I can't find this fic at all. Help?

Loki and Steve are hit with a spell - I think by Amora during a fight, but I am not sure about that - and end up getting together.

I distinctly remember that the Avengers are searching for Loki because Steve is suffering under the spell, and he turns out to be holed up in a castle in Scotland or England somewhere.

Loki learns that Steve isn't doing well - I think he overhears Clint and Natasha searching in the abandoned castle where he lives? - and realizes that the spell will eventually kill Steve if they don't have sex. One scene that stood out is Loki testing out the effects of the spell on rats in the castle and being increasingly worried as they all die.

He kidnaps Steve and dub-con ensues, where both parties are interested but both are also under a mind-altering spell to make them interested. After it's over, Loki flees because he thinks Steve considers him a rapist.

Can anyone help?
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I'm looking for a fic (possibly two) where Steve rapes Tony and Clint comforts Tony after the fact. There is most likely also mention of Steve having done it before to other people (after the serum as payback) and the military covering it up, as well as an unpaid bet between Steve and Howard where Howard had told Steve he could have anything he wanted and Steve took that to mean Tony. (just to clarify yes Howard is dead)

I'd of sworn i had this fic bookmarked on AO3 but i can't find it.
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Hello! I feel so silly because I was sure I had saved the story. I am quite sure it was on avengerskink.
All the avengers had been kidnapped and I remember that the villain knew Tony but Tony probably didn't know him, and I don't remember him having a specific name. The first part of the story is all hurt and Tony is raped by the villain with the threat of hurting the other avengers, all the others are there with him and in the moments the villain is out of the cell they comfort Tony. I remember a scene where Tony hugs them or probably Natasha. This had happens for some time with different breaks where Tony can catch breath and be comforted by the avengers or tried to.
The second part of the story (probably incomplete?) was about the recovery.
As I never finished reading the recovery part I would like to continue it out check if it has been continued. Thank you!

FOUND in the comments
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Hey ya'll!

Looking for any fics where somebody is cheating on Tony and he finds out? Slash is prefferred but please, give me anything you can find.

Any fics where Tony is in an abusive relationship

And any good AU stories, Again, Slash is preferred but will take anything! If some of these could be where they're kids that'd be great!

Any fics where he's raped? I see that a lot with Bruce or Clint, but any with Tony would be good.

Thanks guys!
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Hi all,

I know that I am going to kick myself when someone answers this, but I really don't remember where I read it. Steve and Bucky come back from the war, and go see Howard where they meet a young Tony. Howard doesn't pay much attention to Tony because he is an omega. It turns out that once Tony is a teenager, Steve and Bucky are his mates.

Trigger warning Non-con:

Howard attempts to molest Tony during his first heat (Tony was early), since Howard had not found an alpha to be with Tony during his heat.

Thank you lots!

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The fic I'm looking for is an AU. Loki is sentenced in Asgard. As reparation, he has to give Thor an heir. A year later, after birthig a healthy boy, Loki demands his freedom and leaves for Midgard.
Odin, as one more insult, went back on his word and didn't give Loki his magic back, but Loki was not surprised.
On Earth, Loki finds a job in a stop-motion studio. After some time, Tony Stark starts funding the studio (i don't remember if he did so because he knew Loki was there or not). Either way, Pepper is a frequent guest at the studio, to check up on their work. She and Loki get to talking, and he eventually tells her what his sentence had been (Tony promises not to tell Thor where he was).
Loki and Pepper get closer, start dating and eventually marry. Their first child has Down Syndrome. Loki tells Pepper that if he had had such a child on Asgard, both of them would have been killed cause Asgard would believe that Loki birthed a not-perfect child to spite them. Had he'd birthed a girl, he would've been given back to Thor to try again). I think Pepper and Loki also had twins later on.
They got a house, and they were very happy in their lives. Then Thor came by, and pleaded with Loki to return to Asgard because 'their' son misses him. Thor said that the boy is very unhappy because he is not treated well by either Odin or the rest of Asgard (i think). Loki's reply to that is 'what did you expect, he came from me'. Loki refuses to go, and Pepper chases Thor away.
In the last part, Loki finds a silver hair and realises that Odin took away his immortality along with his magic, possibly as one more spit in the face. Except it turned out for the best, as Loki won't have to watch his entire family grow old and die around him.
The End

Wow, that is specific. Does anyone recall a fic like that? Please? I'm fairly certain it was on lj somewhere, but where exactly escapes me.

FOUND: Under Calico Skies by ConeyCat
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Okay, this story I know for SURE is on avengerkink but I can't find the exact thread.

The Avengers are returning from battle, and Tony has a broken arm/leg (can't remember which). The Avengers get called back out, but obviously Tony can't go back out. Bucky is there, and he is not very fond of Tony. However, he offers to look after an injured Tony while the others go back out. While the Avengers are out, Bucky starts attacking Tony, and I remember at one point Bucky has Tony on the floor and is planning on violating him. Right before he does so, he gets pinned to the wall by a pissed off Steve and all the other Avengers form a protective wall around Tony. I can remember Steve punching Bucky, and the story was established Stony.

Can anyone find this?
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Hello, I'm looking for a Tony/Steve fic that I read a while back on ao3 but I can't find it now despite trawling the non con/ humiliation tags.

Tony marks his victims with a black tear and Tony has Jarvis to film him taking advantage of Steve where he subsequently uses it as leverage in their relationship. Also, Tony bars Steve from his room and Steve sleeps in a room where there's no toilet and he ends up relieving himself on the bed or some sort. Tony also implants an inner armour in Steve that only responds to his commands and he capitalizes on it to torture Steve and Steve doesn't know how to admit to Natasha about his situation.

Steve is relieved much later when the Avengers find out about it and it's revealed that Bruce also has a black tear that he's ashamed of.

I hope that somebody will be able to help me! Thanks a million bunches beforehand!
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Hi All!,

I'm pretty new to the fandom and did a search on the rec page here but didn't find anything. I hope this is ok since Bucky isn't an avenger in the CA/WS movie world. I'm actually looking for some WS tortured! current Bucky fanfics..Graphic description doesn't bother me. Kindof like if WS recovered Bucky being kidnapped and was tortured for information/hydra/or sacrificing for teammates while the other avengers watch helplessly or perhaps they recovered recordings of the chair, ect. I usually see fics where the avengers see the tortured aftermath of Bucky, but I want to read fics that the avengers actually see Bucky being tortured instead of just hearing about it.I like gen or stucky. Thanks!
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Sorry if this is a bit vague, but I read a fairly lengthy story over on AO3 a while back where Steve is a cop trying to solve a series of murders and Bucky is a stripper, I think, who is also being coerced into prostitution (possibly the hold they have over him is a death he believed he had a hand in causing. Though I may be confusing my stories.) Either way, Bucky doesn't leave the club and has to service clients for the boss. I seem to recall that someone was messing with their memories, or maybe just Bucky's.

I think Bucky still had his cyborg arm. At one point Steve threatens someone who Bucky had been forced to go with, telling the man never to come back to the club, or to go near Bucky.

It ends fairly happily, with Steve and Bucky together. Though Bucky is understandably very messed up.

Title, anyone?

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Hi, I'm hoping the kind folks on this site can help me out with finding 3 fics I have read in the past a gazillion years ago and would love to find again!

FIC 1- AU fic set when Tony is a teenager when Afghanistan happens, Howard is still alive. He makes it home same as in the movie but is issue having with Howard trying to help, but he has been an absent father so long its not so easy. Clint and Natasha are his BFFs, I think it was maybe Clint/Tony pre-slash. He goes off to uni but is later withdrawn due to PTSD. Bruce was maybe his shrink?

FIC 2- Again Tony with PTSD - I'm really loving hurting him at the moment. He is shot or something on a mission, but when his teammates or a SHIELD medic applies pressure he freaks and goes back to Afghanistan, so he fights them - full on broken bones and strength that he should have when so injured terror response. Team!fic.

FIC 3- Hurting Clint this time, and a little hurt Tony. Turns out Loki also raped Clint when he had control, he isn't doing so well with it. Tony approaches him one night and explains in his multiple experience ignoring it and hoping it will go away doesn't work. Clint asks about the multiple experience and Tony explains about the first time he was raped (in uni drugged by a guy who wanted revenge on Howard), and 2 subsequent times.

Any and all help would be appreciated, pretty please! !
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Both stories are pretty old.

The first one was Loki/Thor and AU. It was in a universe where the war with the Jotun hadn't ended and Loki was raised by Laufey. They were both, Loki and Thor, fighting in this war. Loki was a powerful sorcerer with no reguard for who was hurt by his spells in battle, neither Aesir nor Jotun warriors were safe as long as he won. He got captured and was given as a slave to Thor, who Loki had almost klled. It was non-con, but Loki wasn't defeated and broken in the end. It was inspired I think but a beautiful piece of art with a Jotun Loki in gold jewelry being taken by Thor in his tent.

The second one is a very dark story. It is of a young Loki taking his first steps in shapeshifting. He turns into small aminals and roams the palace and finally decides to visit a restricted place in the library. There, a book makes him possesed which leads him being hurt from Odin. I can't remember if it was non-con Loki/Odin, but Odin was cruel to him for this one mistake when he was lenient with a constantly misbehaving Thor. I remember Loki was left broken after everything. Maybe there was a scene connecting this story to a fully grown canon-Loki.

Does anyone remember them?
Thanks in advance!

Second one found by amothea. It's 'A Little Knowledge' by apiphile (

First one found too, by catalenamara. It's 'Bitter Spoils' by Rayemars ( and the art is by Kisu-no-Hi

Thanks again! <3 ! <3 !
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Hello, everyone. I'm looking for a fic that I'm pretty sure was a kinkmeme fill (capkink or hydratrashmeme, not sure), but I can't actually seem to find it there.

The fic is basically a "missing scene" from Captain America 2, between the battle on the highway bridge, and Steve, Sam, and Nat being held prisoner in the truck. In it, Rumlow rapes Steve. What I remember that one of the other HYDRA agents was recording it on their phones, but Steve lashed out and managed to destroy the phone. Also, before the horror/pain sunk in, Steve was largely exasperated by Rumlow's assault.

Please and thank you for all your help! :)
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Other people take advantage of Tony. drug him and stuff to have sex with him.

One I'm thinking about is where Tony thinks he's cheated on Pepper, but he was actually drugged and raped.

A second I remember is when Cap walks into a stairwell to find someone trying to rape a drugged or drunk Tony and punhes them hard.

The third I recall reading at some point was where a woman goes to the media with the story that Tony raped her, but eventually the truth comes out that she was the one who raped Tony.

If anyone knows these three I'd be grateful, if not, anything in a similar vein would be good. I'm especially insterested in the idea of a rape by a woman.

And does anyone remember a fic where Bruce finds out that whenever he talks about something Tony doesn't know much about, Tony goes away and reds all he can about that subject, so that he can discuss it properly. Bruce is really surprised and Tony is all "I don't want you to think I'm stupid or not interested." I have a feeling it was part of a much longer fic, but I don't know.

Thank you for your time.
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So I once read this fic where Steve raped Tony and didn't even regret it and I was wondering if there's more; with other characters too :)
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Hi all!

A while ago I read a fic where the male avengers were somehow lured into this place (warehouse maybe?) and dosed with some sort of sex-pollinish gas. The gas didn't effect Tony because the Iron Man suit protected him from it, but everyone else became really sexually aggressive and they ended up gang raping him. Does this sound familiar to anyone?
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I am consumed with a sudden need to read Clint Barton fics. Here are some things I am looking for.

1. Clint whump. Mental or physical [abuse, mental disorders, torture, sickness, whatever].
2. De-aged Clint
3. The Avengers learning about Clint's (abusive/terrible) past
4. Clint with self-esteem issues

Any pairings or gen welcome. Happy endings please!
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Hi! I am looking fora fic where tony is being sexually abuse by Howard, and steve not knowing tells tony he should stop fighting his father, so I an way he allows the abuse to keep happening. I remember in the end tony proposes to pepper and steve didn't want to go the wedding cause he still felt guilty

i really hope someone recognizes this 
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Hey guys I'm looking for two cross over fics with the X-Men/First Class.

1. Phil Coulson is the Human son of Charles and Erik I don't know if he was adopted or is the bio son of one of them, in the fic Erik stops visiting and when Charles finds Jean and other young mutants he neglects Phil.

Phil ends up cutting contact and changing his name, later Charles "feels" Phil "die" and looks for Phil when he's found it's made clear he'd not welcome.

2. This one might be full on non-con in it I'm not sure but Charles is attacked and both Erik and Raven don't believe him and lose patience with him when he suffers PTS. Charles runs away from them they don't see him till years later when they see him with Tony Stark one of his mates from Uni, they go looking and Tony warns them off.

Hope these ring a bell and thanks in advance.
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This is very vague, cannot remember which site I read it on but it was within the last couple of years.Think it was something to do with Asgard/Loki changing peoples view of Tony Stark, he as punished, sentenced to be used by public/avengers for sex? He is very traumatised and I remember I think it is Thor who is by Tony's bedside to apologise and explain what had happened.
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In this fic, the Avengers get drunk (I think) and start sharing their first sexual experience. I think it's told from Natasha's pov, and something about how there's a chance someone has been raped in the past but the she (or the narrator) still gets sad and shocked when Tony told the story.

I think it happened when he was 14 or so, and it was with a teacher, and Tony doesn't really want to think about it as rape.

I've been looking for this fic for about a week, I'd really appreciate it if you guys can help me find this!
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Hey I'm looking for any tics where clint is
talked down to,
beat up,
or any thing else along those lines. i don't care who does it,
how it ends or if it is a AU (i like high school fics).
I also want any fics where clint gets harassed or any of the things in
the list above done to him while at shield or by a shield agent.
Thank you sooooooo much!!!!


Feb. 4th, 2014 09:10 pm
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I need help finding this fanfic because it is driving me crazy!!!!!
All I can remember is that it started out with Tony complaining that none of his past sexual partners could push him as far as he wanted to go. Jarvis catologes this, and later fulfills Tony's desires. He sneakily binds Tony up with cables (tentacles? I don't remember what they were called) and then penetrates him with other tentacles. Also, at some point, Jarvis pulls up a screen so Tony can watch himself get f*cked. I think there is some kind of dirty talk, but not sure.
Please help and if you can't find it, post recs for similar fics.
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So, kinda a vague, but I hope someone can make something of this.
Looking for a fic where Loki is punished/controlled by marrying/binding to Thor. He hates it and hates Thor even more when he realizes that Thor loves him and wanted them to marry all along. But in order to complete the ritual, they must consummate the marriage and Thor says something along the lines of "I don't want to rape you, but I will not let you die, beloved..." Cue lots of angst. I think there's a happy ending though.
Thanks in advance!
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I'm looking for a specific Steve/Tony fic that I think was on the avenger kink meme, but I'm not sure.

Tony thinks that Steve is thinking of taking him off the team, he overhears Steve talking to one of the others (Clint?) saying how he can't be on the same team as Tony. So Tony tries to do better in fear of being kicked off the team.

Then Steve starts coming on to Tony and Tony thinks this is his way to keep himself on the team so he goes with it. He think Steve is using him for sex in exchange for staying on the team and Tony actually hates it. At some point Steve says they should tell the other Avengers and Tony is reluctant because he's ashamed.

But it turns out that Steve was actually in love with Tony and just came onto him because he liked him and is horrified to find out that Tony felt forced into what happened.

I've looked all through my bookmarks and I can't find it anywhere!

Thanks so much for your help!
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Hi guys!

Pure curiosity: can you rec me fics where Tony coerces/forces/manipulates Steve into a realitonship with him?
I've read a search (with no luck) for one specific with this theme - so if you know a fic (or more) like that, pretty please toss it/them to me! <3

//also dub(/non)-con stories with bottom!Steve are highly welcomed.
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Hi y'all. I'm looking for a fic in which one character (I think it's either Phil or Steve or Clint) in a relationship with another (I think it's either Tony or Bruce or Clint) where they think it's a healthy, functional, consensual relationship but the other person thinks its a coerced relationship and they must provide sexual services to stay on the team. They sort thing out in the end.
I found this fic
But it's not the one I'm thinking of


May. 27th, 2013 12:51 am
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I'm looking for any stories where Clint slept with Loki while he was under Loki's control. Especially the aftermath.
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I read a fic when I was just getting into this fandom and not ready to commit to bookmarking yet. Basically the Avengers guys get trapped by some big bad and there's this gas that makes them all really horny and violent (except Tony because he's in his suit) and they gangrape Tony. It was terribly angsty and hurty and oh so good. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Also, any fic where for one reason or another Tony is abused/raped/attacked by one of the others?
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Hi peoples!!!

I was hoping ya'll could rec me some good fics where Tony is hurt, sick, insane, etc.

Pairing Loki/Tony

Also any like what I mentioned above but with Black Widow/Tony ship.

Help please!!!
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I'm looking for Fics where Tony is abused can be physical, sexual, or emotional. Gen and slash are fine length doesn't matter.
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My first and last request was answered super-quickly, so I'm asking to make my day once more!
Recently I've been reading a lot of fluff and happy-going and -ending stories so now I crave for some angst. But with HE! /wince/ Sorry, I'm primitive like that.

I'm looking for slash, any pairing though Steve and Tony and Bruce are my favourites. Can be get-together or established.

Basically, I want some trust or self-esteem issues. It could be heavy - like being previously tortured or experimented on by military (Bruce). A bit lighter - like bad relationship in the past, not necessarily with abuse or non-con, maybe just not being appreciated and thinking he should always offer something in return. Wanna see how the couple deals with it, the other partner knowing all along or gradually finding out, doesn't matter.
Can be an AU without superpowers, 'm not picky)

Some examples:
Assume a Defensive Stance AO3, Clint/Bruce, Clint thinking himself being a good lay is the only thing he can offer and Bruce being wonderful and protective)
Red Against White AO3, Bruce/Tony, team finds out about Ross experiments )
Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be AO3, pre-Bruce/Tony, Stark drags Bruce out of the research facility, wary Bruce and awesome Tony. But there's no promised slash in the end, sniff ;( )
this grey house where I come from AO3, Steve/Tony, Tony's previous boyfriend was emotionally manipulative)

A bit weird but I hope you get the idea.
Plotty, longish and well-written are always a plus!



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