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Hey y'all. I am really looking for some good fics where you get to see Tony really being a genius. I would love it if those could also include the team being amazed by something Tony is doing or thinking or creating. Could be something like Tony being a polyglot and surprising Natasha by speaking Russian or something, or him solving complex problems in a few seconds, or building something amazing, the team seeing him working in the lab for the first time etc. I remember a fic where Tony meets Charles from the X-Men for the first time and Charles is unable to read his mind because he is thinking about too many things at once and thinking so fast that that cannot get a grip on his thoughts. Anything like this I would really appreciate!
I'm not picky at all over pairings or other tags, so go wild. THANK YOU!!!!!
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I'm a California girl, born and raised in the land of earthquakes. I've also live in the south and midwest where there's the danger of nasty thunderstorms, flooding, or tornadoes. I wonder if there are any stories out there of the Avengers (and maybe the X-Men or Batman assisting) helping out victims of natural disasters. Things like hurricanes, tornadoes, quakes, floods, or maybe a building explosion or collapse. Maybe the story could be how the media covers the event afterwards and their bias toward or against certain team members.

The things one comes up with when the brain wanders.
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I'm bopping back and forth between reading three or four different series of stories (not all of them Marvel) and I've come across the mention of Captain America saving the President at the White House (maybe with the team, or alone; can't remember which). Was this in the fiction and I missed it while jumping from story to story. Or was this in one of the Avenger movies I didn't see? I'd like to find a fanfic with that story line. Can anyone point me in that direction? Thanks. And happy 4-20 day, everybody!
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Came across this fic while on vacation and didn't write the name down, the plot is pre-serum steve and buckey are secret lovers and while at their house someone busts in and kidnaps them. At first they think its the morality squad going after homos but turns out to by Hydra from the future and then the Winter Solder shows up to rescue them.
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Hi All,

I'm looking for a specific fic where Cap and Hawkeye are on a mission where their helicopter/plane crashes and Cap is captured. The fic switched perspectives then from the Avengers trying to figure out how to infiltrate the compound to get Cap out, and Cap's time as a prisoner. Specific things I remember:

  • Cap tries to escape and is locked in a freezer as punishment.

  • There's an auction to bid on Captain America, which the Avengers infiltrate.

  • Bruce and Natasha go undercover (Bruce as a bidder), with his interest made credible because of his experience with the Super Soldier serum.

  • I believe it was posted on ff.net.

Thanks, everyone!

lost fic

Jul. 29th, 2013 01:30 pm
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I'm sorry I keep losing fics


There's a stony fic, in which the team haven't got enough time to get rid of these bombs, and they have to defuse them in time and Tony is defusing his own bomb and tells them to cut a certain wire which is the correct one. They are all preparing themselves for the worst and are going to cut the wires at the same time, and if I remember right, Tony and Steve either confess they love each other over the comms or they simply ask each other out. But, because everyone loves Tony whump, Tony accidentally cut the wrong wire from the one he was supposed to cut and the bomb by him exploded, but the others are all okay.

I also remember that Nat and Clint were defusing a bomb together and were very worried, and I can't remember if its them as friends or in a relationship, if this information helps at all

Does this fic exist or am I imagining things?

thank you!
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I'm looking for a specific fairly long Clint/Phil fic set pre-Avengers. Clint and Phil are on a covert(?) mission in a hostile country when everything goes south. They're possibly captured in the beginning, and have to escape and get out of the country while being pursued and without help from SHIELD. I think they escape in a vehicle which crashes and Clint(?) is severely injured and Phil has to get a reluctant local family to hide him while he finds a telephone to make a coded phone call to Fury, which is compromised. So then Phil gets captured and an injured Clint has to save him, and they eventually make it to safety.
Sorry for the rambling description but does anyone know which fic this is?

Edit: FOUND, link in comments

NOTE TO MOD: could genre:action/adventure, genre:pre-avengers, theme:bamf!clint, theme:bamf!coulson, and theme:mission tags be added to this post?


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