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I'm looking for a story where Loki is sent to Charles Xavier's school so that the Professor can try and heal his mind after Thanos' control of him.  After some time and a lot of friction Loki improves and starts teaching classes.  After and attack by Stryker's forces and an out in the press about the mutant menace Thor assumes the worse and comes to the school in attack mode, demanding his brother to take him home in chains.  A lot of Loki's progress is knocked back but he is heartened when the students stand up for him and defend him to his angry (and misinformed) brother.
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I can't find this fic at all. Help?

Loki and Steve are hit with a spell - I think by Amora during a fight, but I am not sure about that - and end up getting together.

I distinctly remember that the Avengers are searching for Loki because Steve is suffering under the spell, and he turns out to be holed up in a castle in Scotland or England somewhere.

Loki learns that Steve isn't doing well - I think he overhears Clint and Natasha searching in the abandoned castle where he lives? - and realizes that the spell will eventually kill Steve if they don't have sex. One scene that stood out is Loki testing out the effects of the spell on rats in the castle and being increasingly worried as they all die.

He kidnaps Steve and dub-con ensues, where both parties are interested but both are also under a mind-altering spell to make them interested. After it's over, Loki flees because he thinks Steve considers him a rapist.

Can anyone help?
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Hello, I have already read a lot of Loki fanfics but. I. NEED. MORE. hehehe
I´m looking for long multi.chaptered fanfics. They could contain preferably:
Loki whump meets avengers
Loki /oc relationship
Loki/sigyn relationship
Loki, Thor, Warriors three friendship
Loki Post TDW where loki is King and falls in love

Or any other!!! as long as is a long fic.
Please, NO SLASH.
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I'm looking for a short story where Loki's son was being held by Thanos which is why he took part in the invasion. The Hulk rescued the child and Loki stopped the chitauri.

Thank you.

EDIT: Found. Link in comments.
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Kid/JiM Loki ends up in Avengers movie, MCU Loki thinks kid Loki is his son and makes brainwashed Clint protect him. I remember kid Loki hugging his 'dad,' wondering if he can help free Clint and Selvig, and wearing a shirt that implied he's lying.
I'm fairly certain this was a kink meme fill but can't recall if it as norsekink or avengerkink...
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I am looking for a slightly older fic where it turns out that clint and barney's mother was actually loki. Barney was married and had a child who was large and blue, at first they believed that he was a mutant but it is soon figured out to be that his jotun side is dominant.
Please help.
Found- Hawkling or Say What
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I read this lovely Loki-Mpreg yesterday, where Loki decides to go for World Domination by sleeping as many Superpowered people as possible and birthing his own Super-Jotun army of rugrats. But what I loved most was the Loki/Von Doom slow-building dynamic where Vic starts being loving a surrogate dad to Loki's monster-kids (Doombots as nannies, ftw!).

I wondering if there are any more Loki/Von Doom where they are a loving/caring fluffy couple... while being evil geniuses hell-bent on world domination.
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I've been looking for a fic where Coulson is accidentally deaged by Tony and Bruce. In the fic, Tony and Bruce are messing around in one of the labs. I think the plan (at least Tony's) was to shrink Coulson but instead they turn him into a kid. Loki ends up at the tower as well and ends up saving young Coulson 3 times before "dying."
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Okay I believe I found this fic before through this community but I can't find it now so hopefully you guys know what I'm talking about.

It was Tony/Loki or eventually became Tony/Loki. For some reason Loki, Tony, and I think Thor and Steve had been captured and they put Tony and Loki in the same cell. They realized they were being watched and I think the captors expected Tony and Loki to attack each other. So somehow they come up with a plan to fake a rape between Loki and Tony(with Loki being the 'attacker'). They actually are just having really rough but still consensual sex but they are so convincing the Thor thinks Loki actually raped Tony and Tony I think was unconscious or just really injured when they were rescued/escaped and couldn't explain what really happened before Thor attacked Loki.

That story was part one, I know there was at least three stories in the series and the second part happened on Asgard and both Thor and Tony get uber protective of Loki when Odin goes to far punishing Loki for the perceived rape. In the second part we also learn that Loki was tortured by the Chitauri and they might come back to Midgard for revenge against him which I think was the theme of the third fic which I didn't read. I don't know if there was more to the series but like I said it definitely had three parts.

Any other brainwashed/controlled Loki fics would be great but not necessary.

The main general fic I'm looking for is any of the Avengers or any of the extended family getting injured or sick but the focus on the fic being on the Avengers, or others, taking care of them in their convalescence. Like making sure they take meds, changing dressings, basically acting as Nurses or even 'Mother Hens' to the sick/injured person. It can be fluffy or angsty but happy endings preferred.

Thank you and happy readings to y'all!

Loki fics

Mar. 24th, 2015 06:55 pm
[identity profile] bmlhillenkeene.livejournal.com
Hhey, I was hoping someone might be able to help me out before I start tearing out my hair. Loki fics set before the Thor movie, when they were still brothers. I've looked through this site and devoured what I could.

But please, prefilm only. Thor and Loki being brothers.
[identity profile] kismetsdance.livejournal.com
1) I'm looking for the FrostIron fic where Loki falls in lust/love with Tony to a point that he has to kiss him and think about him all the time. I think Thor questions him about his motives. One scene played in the kitchen with Loki forcefully kissing Tony, Tony being scared etc. Maybe some courting later on? Happy ending. That is all I know.

2) Are there any stories that are similar? Loki falling in love first, courting (reluctant or oblivious) Tony?

3) Protective/Possessive/Smitten Loki (I've recently gone through the tags in A03, so maybe some newer recs, or recs from other websites?) E.g. I really like "1001 Tales of Once Upon a Time" by lucius_complex (WIP).

If you have stony stories that fit in 2) or 3), rec them please! I prefer bottom!tony and happy endings.
Thanks in advance!

Edit: (1) Found by anon: It Isn't Always Easy written by Schadenfreudessa
[identity profile] jellybean034.livejournal.com
Hey kind of new to this so here it goes...

So I wanna read any fics where tony turns out to be asgardian or a god or something also fics where loki turns out to be Tonys parent would be awesome.. I read a story recently where tony turns out to be asgardian, and I would love to read more!

Also I'm not a huge fan of Steve/tony so if that particular pairing could be avoided that'd be great!

Thaanks! :)
[identity profile] cosmic-ironic.livejournal.com

Hi guys!

I read a fic a while back and i would like to read it again but i can't seem to find it.

I think it was a complete fic, set before the Thor movie. I remember it was about a quest with thor, loki, sif and the warriors three. I think they went to another realm but i'm not sure. What I do remember is that they had to fight a giant spider and Loki tricked it to help them out and got injured in the process, possibly poisoned too. He wouldn't tell Thor but i think Sif (or maybe Hogun?) noticed he was injured and Thor mother-henned him until they got to the bifrost. That's all i remember.

Also, I would really love to read other pre-Thor fics, especially ones with emphasis on Loki's skills. I really like fics that show that Loki was a capable, intellegent member of their group and i LOVE fics where Thor, Sif and the warriors three finally realize this.

If anyone has fics like that, that would be amazing!

Thank you <3

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I'm looking for fics where Loki is Thor's husband wife spouse, whether it follows canon and the Avengers didn't know or an AU where Loki isn't the bad guy. Jotun!Loki is fine; mpreg is fine; arranged marriage is fine, though preferably, Thor and Loki were friends before getting married.

[identity profile] kismetsdance.livejournal.com
Hi everyone!
I'm looking for a frostiron fic that had a very sick Tony in it, it was a WIP and at that time it only had 1-2 chapters.
I think because of an emergency Tony was left behind (tower) with no one watching over him. I remember that he was out of it, kinda druggy due to the medicine or sickness. Loki, who was still an enemy to the avengers, visited him to maybe cure or stalk him (the sickness could be magical, not caused by Loki). Loki was surprised at Tony's behaviour and charmed (?), I think Tony had this "randomly spouting truth bombs due to his drugged state thing" going on.
Loki was (maybe) already in love with Tony. In my search I found a similar fic, with the premise that prior to the sickness he was already befriending the avengers and later Loki was asked by Bruce to take care of sick!tony. The fic is called "Mornings After" by EtLaBete.

Thanks in advance!
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Doesn't have to be the main element of the story, but I'm looking for some Clint-heavy fics (including AUs) with Clint as the little brother of the team that everyone feels the need to look out for. Maybe some where he's been aged down to fit more into that role? Woobie and/or Competent Clint, whatever the situation.

Also, any fics that contain emphasis on a platonic, protective relationship between Clint and Loki.

All pairings and kinks welcome and appreciated. 
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loki's son is a fan of captain america and loki kidnaps the captain for his son's birthday
[identity profile] dante-s-hell.livejournal.com

I was wondering if there were any fics out there with Loki being protective of Tony. Tony/Loki would be great, but pre-slash, and gen is good too.

[identity profile] elgared.livejournal.com
Hey, I'm lookig for a specific fic where Loki realizes that Avengers are only mortals and they geting old some he made diversion to keep Thor away I'm kidnap whole team and force theme to eat golden apples. They eat apples for few weeks before he let Thor find them. Steve and Bruce must eat twice numbers of apples than rest because they are superhumans. Rings any bells??
[identity profile] pitac89.livejournal.com
Anyone know some good fics where Thor is in danger or hurt and Loki gets pissed off and protective. There don't seem to be many of them.

Can be gen or slash.
[identity profile] cest-moi-01.livejournal.com
All of these, I will take in either gen or Thor/Loki:

1) Outside!POV of Thor and Loki together.

2) Any fics that really highlight the cultural differences between Earth and Asgard or emphasize the fact that, yeah, these really are gods or god-like beings. (Maybe they've been holding back in some way? I dunno.)

3) Stories in which Thor and Loki are protective of each other. (And how that protection is enacted or enforced can be as light or as dark as you wish.) I especially like stories where Loki helps Thor out even though they're "enemies" and stories where Thor stands up for Loki in front of Odin. Ooh, or where they're protective of each other as kids.
[identity profile] marie72.livejournal.com
Are there Steve/loki fics where Loki is protective of Steve?



Aug. 29th, 2013 02:10 pm
[identity profile] natalie-barton.livejournal.com
Help! I'm uber bored and i need help finding some fics! ;

1. OT6 pairing or friendship
2. Science BF's
3. Science Bro's
4. Loki!Whump
5. Hurt!Loki
6. major Tony!Whump
7. IronWidow
8. Natasha protective over Tony
9. IronHawk
10. Clint protective over Tony
11. IronAgent
12. Coulson protective over Tony
13. Tony is a mutant any kind
14. MerchantOfDeath!Tony
15. Competent!Tony
16. Insecure!Tony
17. SpidyPool with superfamily
18. Doctor!Tony
19. Artist!Tony
20. anything that deals with tony not being a stark but someone different , like being thors son, coulsons son, clints brother , lokis son, odins son, laufeys son , a potter, a winchester, ect. stuff like that.
21. Tony growing up different, like being an assassin or a Shield agent, maybe even growing up with natasha and/or clint, or being raised by fury(+100 if you can find that!)
23. arc reactor !whump
24. role reversal (tony centric)
25. anything that has tony having another identity, preferably from another fandom.
26. Bamf!Tony
to mods; i will try to tag this properly, but i might miss some, sorry if i do!

to readers; HELP!!!
[identity profile] afton89.livejournal.com

I have read some Loki/Tony fics where Loki has all the problems, be it illness, insanity, injury, etc. and where Tony is the strong one.

Are there any fics where Tony is the weak one with all the problems? He is the human after all.

Please someone rec some for me?!
[identity profile] columbialion14.livejournal.com
So, I've been reading a lot of fics focusing on Loki lately, and I was hoping that some extremely kind people could possibly help me out in continuing my addiction. ^_^

I'm really craving some works where the author focuses on the fact that Loki isn't simply your next door neighbor, but the immortal God of Mischief and Chaos with all the sheer awesomeness that that incurs. In particular, although I am a huge FrostIron fan, so anything in that nature would be very much appreciated, I'm also looking for one particular type of Loki fic that I'm having trouble finding.

I read a story once a long time ago where Loki showed up to Tony in his childhood and in Afghanistan, but it was a WIP and stopped before the Avengers. If anyone has any recommendations for some fiction where Loki meets Tony in some other way than in the canon, especially if it was in his role of God of Chaos/Creation, I cannot tell you how awesome that would be! I especially would like to see some fiction where the idea of religion and worship plays a part if any exists.

Any type of Loki as a God fic would be appreciated, be it pre-avengers, during Avengers, ANYTHING. ^_^ This is my first time posting a request, so I'm super-excited to see what happens!

Thank you!


Jul. 30th, 2013 11:33 pm
[identity profile] calistomyth.livejournal.com
Hey guys, hope someone can help me!

I'm looking for all recs featuring Loki with his kids.

Any pairing, any verse, any genre be it fluff, angst, horror...

Thanks in advance :)
[identity profile] falsechaos.livejournal.com
I'll be moving upstate in a few days and would really appreciate some fic recs to dump on my ereader! I'm looking primarily for stories that are epic in length, 50k words at least. Most of my reading so far has been in the Thor/Loki part of the fandom, but I'm branching out to Loki/Tony a bit as well. Completed fics are preferred, but active WIP are very welcome as well!

I tend towards slash fics, but am open towards het pairings or OT3+ pairings as well. Slow buildup for romance is great, although fics that deal with already established relationships are also good. Lots of drama! High tension! But also some comedy or fluff to balance it out. (Pretty much anything by scifigirl47 for example. XD ) I like fics that can hit a range of tone but still come together coherently.

I am an absolute stupid sucker for the following: jotun!Loki, competant!Thor, Tony being a smartass, Clint living in vents, Pepper being awesome, Avengers family feels, Tony's robots, space pirates (I blame Bend Around the Wind for that), Norse mythology ala Asgard, mythology remixes, putting the "universe" in MCU, exploring Jotenheim, exploring Jotuns, intersex!Jotuns, Loki getting 'redeemed' but still being a snarky little morally gray bastard, arranged marriage, the Avengers going from a team to a family, Natasha keeping her cool while everyone else loses their shit, etc.

Death!fics and heavy angst fics I have to take on a case by case basis. I can get immense satisfaction out of fics that put me through the emotional wringer, but don't enjoy stuff that makes me feel like I'm getting punished for reading it.

tl;dr : Moving, need long fics, so what's your favorite pairing/trope and what would you call its must read epics?

(FLAG [Fanfiction Lightweight Automated Grabber) is pretty damned awesome for folks trying to download from fanfiction.net and a tidy handful of other websites! )
[identity profile] afton89.livejournal.com
Are there and really good Loki/Tony fics out there?

When the movie Avengers came out last year, I kept up with the Loki/Tony fics on Ao3 but have since then gotten lax in that area. I tried looking the past few days but couldn't really get into the fics I clicked on.

Are there fics any where loki is not the hurt party, but tony? I'm not talking about small little fills. Tony is mortal, loki has to deal with that. I would prefer the fics to be complete but if their updated regularly that's fine.

And I read on fic called I think, A Billionaire in King Odin's Court, where tony was trapped in Loki's body and ended up getting his punishment. Are there anymore out there like that? Not like the one I saw where they switch body but I think it was humorous? Not that.

Any help would be great!!
[identity profile] perylee.livejournal.com

Hey guys!

For quite a long time I have been finding myself not much enjoying the stories I read anymore. You see, Loki is my favorite character and I love it when he is strong, witty, self-confident - where do these stories hide?
Can you help me finding a Loki-centric fanfiction where he:

- is a strong (maybe a little cold), fierce, royal character - a MAN (people seem to forget that)

- knows how to fight, even without magic (what we saw at the end of Thor, thank you very much)

- joins the Avengers out of his own free will - not because Thor brought him back to earth as a punishment etc. Maybe Loki even came to earth first, leaving Asgard behind because he grew tired of it's hostility towards him.

- connects with people - finds friends, a lover, becomes a father, I don't care. I don't mind slash (but, please, refrain from recommending mpreg-fics)

- learns from his faults and becomes stronger through it?

Something that fits the criteria above, it doesn't have to contain all of  them but I'm sure you get the idea. 

Thank you so much. I wonder if you can come up with something :)

And because I love to share:
Live in Reverse

[identity profile] obsessionality.livejournal.com
Hi guys!

I hope this one's easy to find - I'm sure it's been recced somewhere but I cannot for the life of me find it.

I'm looking for that specific fic in which it's discovered that Loki only attacked Earth for his child. It had vaguely cracky undertones, if I remember correctly, and Loki implied that he wouldn't have bothered with Earth if not for his child. He's also sweet and gentle to the baby.


Thanks in advance!

[identity profile] obsessionality.livejournal.com
Hello folks!

I'm feeling rather cold at the moment, so I'm looking for something *fiery*. Okay, let me explain. I love Pepper, I really do. I think she's amazing. But I don't think she and Tony are meant for each other. As in. I love Tony too. But they're totally different people. Like, polar opposites. And while I understand the initial attraction I don't see anything in the long term. TBH while I love Steve/Tony too, I think Steve's too nice for Tony, who can be a dick at the best of times.

I'm looking for fics in which Tony gets together with Loki, and I don't particularly care about the circumstance, but I would like it to be (eventually) a monogamous relationship between them, but like no other. Something heated and fierce and rough. Not to say they don't love each other, and I'm not just looking for hot kinky sex either (though it helps). But something passionate, and burning. Because only Tony can understand the dark, desperate, angry, loneliness inside Loki, and vice versa. Am I making any sense?

So yes, essentially I'm looking for Frostiron fics, but on the dark side. I don't want Loki to turn out to be sweet and fluffy and romantic, and I don't want Tony to change into something he isn't just to have a relationship. And I want them to fit in their rough edges and anger and desperation, and knowing what it feels like to be unwanted and unloved and mistrusted at every turn.

God, I'm so sorry if I'm wasting your time with this! I really hope someone knows what I'm talking about and can help me out!

Thanks in advance!

Loki's kids

Dec. 4th, 2012 10:49 am
[identity profile] amelielb.livejournal.com
So I just finished reading "Lost Boys" by thisisnotwhoyouthink - http://archiveofourown.org/works/453030/chapters/777437

and now I'm craving stories where Loki gets his kids back.

Bonus points if the fic mentions Thor feeling guilty for how things went down.

[identity profile] obsessionality.livejournal.com

I don't think there's been a search like this before, so here goes.

I'm looking for fics in which Loki is a fantastic parent (mother or father I don't care) to his children. Or children in general. But preferably his children. I'm fine with slash, or gen, and would prefer to avoid but Thorki but I'll take what I can get.

Just basically somethin which shows that Loki can, and will go to the ends of the Earth, to hell and back for his chidren. I'm not looking for sap (but it's fine if it's there) but something where he seriously protects his babies to the best of his abilities, and loves them like he was never loved by his own father.

And preferably something where the Avengers see this, and Thor admits that it had always been cruel to take Loki's children away from him because he had loved them so much.

Anything with parent!loki, please!?

Thanks in advance!

[identity profile] mahaut375.livejournal.com
I was wondering if they are any fics where Thor is abused (sexually, mentally) and Loki only realise it way later. Like maybe Odin asked from Thor to use his body to win some negotiation and Thor do it to protect Loki and at some point Loki realise that Thor life wasn't as perfect he thougth it was.

Beside that i was also wondering if they are some fics where Thor is either a slut or a prostitute for x reason. I saw many of them about Loki being one but none on Thor :(

thanks for any help :)
[identity profile] seranita.livejournal.com
I was wondering whether anyone has fic recommendations where Thor has managed (be it through his fault or not) to land in a situation detrimental to himself/Asgard/Midgard and Loki comes to help him out. Maybe Thor knows about it, maybe Loki keeps his intent concealed from him (because he can't have Thor knowing that he does still have affection for him, no way). Can be pre- or postmovie. I'm actually not looking for classical rescue/healing-situations, but more like... political stuff, blackmail, Thor lost this really important artefact, things like that.

Thank you in advance!


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