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Hello there, I am looking for two specific fics and I was hoping this community could help me find them! C:

  • The first fic I'm looking for is basically a groundhog day. It's in Tony's point of view and he figures out he's reliving the invasion over and over again. (Not believing it himself at first, believing it to be a dream, until it happens again.) He wakes up to Jarvis warning him that Pepper is on his way up for a meeting? And that's how it starts the first and second time. Once he figures out that this is actually happenin - and that he's the only one on the team that remembers - he tries to stop clint from becoming mind controlled whilst also trying to save Phil.  In one of the loops he lets New York blow up from the bomb, in another Phil is leading the Alien invasion, etc. He figures out that Loki also remembers the time loops and they figure out that a time loop starts over when one of them dies. I believe it's Loki/Tony and I never finished reading... Also a stray detail I remember is that to get Fury to believe Stark, Tony tells Fury the code word 'Pink Tutu'

  • The second fic is a bit vague - I apologise - since I haven't read it in a long long while, and the details are kinda fuzzy. However I know that in the fic Tony Stark was a mutant. I know his mutation caused him to grow wings. I know they grew in as a child; and that Maria and Jarvis (The butler) helped Tony hide them from Howard. I know the Ten Rings cut them off when he was in Afghanistan. I know they started to grow back when the Avengers moved in. I also know he tried to hide them with a long brown trench coat. It might have been the middle of Summer? I vaguely remember Hawkeye being suspicious because it was summer and he was wearing a long and thick ass trench coat. I also remember that once they found out and everyone was cool with it, (I think they were living in the Malibu house and not the Tower or maybe they were vacationing at the Malibu house?) Hawkeye challenged him to do a really hard trick that fighter pilots do, or something like that. It was a really complicated Pilots move, that he did pull off with little effort. That's it. That's all I remember. Sorry it's a tad vague. Thank you guys for the help! C:

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Hi, all!

I'm looking for a story that I don't remember too many details about, BUT what I do remember is that Loki, who was raised Jotunn is on the run with one of his older brothers who is abusive and injures Loki multiple times while they're looking for shelter. I'm not so sure on why they're on the run - I'm assuming that Laufey was overthrown at some point and the royal family is being hunted/executed. Loki's older brother debates with himself on at least one occasion about whether or not he should just kill Loki to lighten his burden (and because Loki is such a weakling, he'll probably end up dying anyway). But Loki's older brother thinks that killing Loki would be a kindness. They have a very weird relationship.

I'm 95% sure that the story was slash (since that's the bulk of what I read), but I have no recollection of the pairing. Thanks to anyone who can find this!
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There was a fic on AO3 (I think) that I need help finding. I don't remember a lot of details but black raven's deliver a message that Loki is turned into a slave. I also remember that Tony/Stark Industries technically 'owns' Bruce as that was the only way to protect him from Ross. I think it was Clint/Phil and Tony/Pepper?
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I don't remember most of the fic, just that Loki is the son of Laufey and Odin. Odin is also the father of Fenrir, by Loki, perpetrated when Loki discovered Odin and Laufey getting it on. Loki was also sleeping with Baldur for a time, before Baldur was married off and raped Loki as a "goodbye".

Somehow Loki ends up teaming up with the Avengers to get his various kids back. Frigga joins as well, with Tyr (and I think Heimdall?), and declares war/rebells against Odin, taking over Asgard. At some point in it all Baldur is assassinated by... Clint I think?
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Hello there! I've searched everywhere and for the life of me I can't find it(not even in my history*sulks*). Anyway, it was post-Avengers, where Loki is taken to Asgard for his punishment/trial. A spell is used on him, to a time before he turned "evil". To everyone's shock, he turned into a child. I can't remember the reason, but Thor takes him to Midgard, where he slowly bonds with the Avengers and they learn of his abuse and neglect from Odin and Asgard(Thor never knew). The main scene I remember is that Loki and Tony are sledding down a hill, Loki looking to the sky saying they are "calling me home" before being taken by frost giants. Laufey is very protective and learns of the abuse by Odin.

Any help is appreciated!

EDIT: Found! in comments!
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So, I've been wanting to reread the fic where after the whole mess, Bruce does xrays and they figure out Loki is actually, as in physically, still a teenager and that whole thing with the horse happened when he was *nine* so they keep him. Also, this made me think of Fury giving him a pile of magazines about being transgendered and also, the one where in Germany they get him on the plane and Steve figures out Loki is just freaked and exhausted and talks him into to trusting them. Also, where Loki is on the carrier with his kids (and maybe pregnant?) and he's reading them Harry Potter. All of these could be from the same fic but I can't find any of them... possibly because I just got off five 12hr overnight shifts in a row and I'm so tired I can't sleep which you don't need to know and bleah.

Any and all help will be appreciated including links to fic not of the above but you think I might like based on the above. Thank you and good night. Bleah.
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Hope someone can feed my newest addiction...

I just finished ConeyCat's amazing Housemates 'verse, where she delves deep into her interpretation of Loki's character, the misunderstandings that caused the events of 'Thor', the failings of Frigga & Odin's A+ parenting, etc etc.  I'd love love LOVE to read more fics in this vein:  where Loki's choices were caused by loneliness and misery, not by an evil streak, where redemption is possible; fics where Thor realizes he truly loves his brother, despite how he has ignored and excluded him in teh past.  Fics where Odin didn't bring home a changeling child simply to use him to further his own kingdom, but rather because he couldn't let a baby die of exposure.  Fics where Loki was the outsider growing up, was abused or neglected, etc etc etc.

Gen, Slash or Het welcome, just no Thor/Loki, unless you feel it is a truly amazing read.  Happy endings (or at least hopeful) preferred, but I don't mind a good hard cry either!

Thank you in advance!
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Okay I believe I found this fic before through this community but I can't find it now so hopefully you guys know what I'm talking about.

It was Tony/Loki or eventually became Tony/Loki. For some reason Loki, Tony, and I think Thor and Steve had been captured and they put Tony and Loki in the same cell. They realized they were being watched and I think the captors expected Tony and Loki to attack each other. So somehow they come up with a plan to fake a rape between Loki and Tony(with Loki being the 'attacker'). They actually are just having really rough but still consensual sex but they are so convincing the Thor thinks Loki actually raped Tony and Tony I think was unconscious or just really injured when they were rescued/escaped and couldn't explain what really happened before Thor attacked Loki.

That story was part one, I know there was at least three stories in the series and the second part happened on Asgard and both Thor and Tony get uber protective of Loki when Odin goes to far punishing Loki for the perceived rape. In the second part we also learn that Loki was tortured by the Chitauri and they might come back to Midgard for revenge against him which I think was the theme of the third fic which I didn't read. I don't know if there was more to the series but like I said it definitely had three parts.

Any other brainwashed/controlled Loki fics would be great but not necessary.

The main general fic I'm looking for is any of the Avengers or any of the extended family getting injured or sick but the focus on the fic being on the Avengers, or others, taking care of them in their convalescence. Like making sure they take meds, changing dressings, basically acting as Nurses or even 'Mother Hens' to the sick/injured person. It can be fluffy or angsty but happy endings preferred.

Thank you and happy readings to y'all!
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Good morning/ afternoon/Evening :)

Im looking for fics where Loki gets close to the avengers (intentionally or accidentally) while he is in disguise be it a male, female, or even an animal.

If this happens pre/post avengers or thor its fine either way.

bonus if he is in a relationship with one of them. However Gen is fine with me.

And if u have a time im also looking for A hurt (or Angsty) but in the same time Bamf Loki.

Aaaaaandd (this is the last one, promise) I was wondering if you could rec me your favourite Loki rec lists where he is well written.

Thank you 😘
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1. I remember it is a pre-Thor fic/au. An arranged marriage between Loki and Thor. Loki is always!female and raised on jotunheim. Thor is very abusive. Eventually he realizes how horrible he is after Loki becomes preganant. He allows her to leave the palace and live in the mountains. I've been thorough the female loki tag, arranged marriage, forced marriage, and jotunn loki. Nada

2. Loki is stuck in the Hulk cage with Bruce. In response he takes on his jotunn form. It's not the one where he takes charge and shape shifts then gets pregnant. Instead it's all instinctual.

Any help would be most appreciated.
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I'm looking for a fic I know I read on AO3.

It's set after they beat Loki, but before they send him back to Asgard.

SHIELD does some medical scans and stuff on Loki, and discovered something odd about his bones? (i think). That even though he looked like a fully grown adult, according to the scans of his bones... he was still in his mid-ish teens. And that he had apparently been pregnant.

So, knowing the Norse legends, they do some checking about and discover that some of those legends are horribly, horribly, true.

I can't remember much else about the story, including the name or author, but I am 100% certain I read it on AO3 (whether it is still there or not).
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Both stories are pretty old.

The first one was Loki/Thor and AU. It was in a universe where the war with the Jotun hadn't ended and Loki was raised by Laufey. They were both, Loki and Thor, fighting in this war. Loki was a powerful sorcerer with no reguard for who was hurt by his spells in battle, neither Aesir nor Jotun warriors were safe as long as he won. He got captured and was given as a slave to Thor, who Loki had almost klled. It was non-con, but Loki wasn't defeated and broken in the end. It was inspired I think but a beautiful piece of art with a Jotun Loki in gold jewelry being taken by Thor in his tent.

The second one is a very dark story. It is of a young Loki taking his first steps in shapeshifting. He turns into small aminals and roams the palace and finally decides to visit a restricted place in the library. There, a book makes him possesed which leads him being hurt from Odin. I can't remember if it was non-con Loki/Odin, but Odin was cruel to him for this one mistake when he was lenient with a constantly misbehaving Thor. I remember Loki was left broken after everything. Maybe there was a scene connecting this story to a fully grown canon-Loki.

Does anyone remember them?
Thanks in advance!

Second one found by amothea. It's 'A Little Knowledge' by apiphile (http://archiveofourown.org/works/515587).

First one found too, by catalenamara. It's 'Bitter Spoils' by Rayemars (http://archiveofourown.org/works/581169?view_adult=true) and the art is by Kisu-no-Hi http://welcometoasgard.tumblr.com/post/35890281106/kisu-no-hi-who-doesnt-like-some.

Thanks again! <3 ! <3 !
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I'm looking for a fic where Loki was tortured by Asgard's guard and Odin while in prison. I can't really remember if Thor saved Loki or Odin sent Loki to the avengers on Midgard after doing some pretty torturing. I remembered Loki have some sort of headgear(it was embedded to his head?) which covers his eyes and Odin said something along the line of "Be a good boy and wear it for daddy". I also remembered a scene where Loki misunderstood Tony and thought he wanted a blowjob but Tony freaked out and stopped Loki before he could start anything. I'm pretty sure I read it in Ao3.

Thanks!! :D

*Found!* Link in comments
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Looking for story where Tony was kidnapped by I think Justin Hammer, kept in the desert and made to walk/crawl miles in the sun, kept chained under a jeep? various other tortures. Eventually rescued by the other Avengers. Think it was Steve/Tony though not sure.
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So, I just finished reading Refracted, by BeesKnees and now I have a craving (especially as while the story was great, it didn't end the way I'd been hoping).

1) Are there any other fics out there that are similar to this? One where the Avengers/Thor/Everyone gains a better understanding/appreciation for Loki? Maybe they realize that he hasn't been treated very well (probably before his, um, misdeeds) for him to feel so isolated and bitter and unloved? Or after for him to have turned out like this? IDK, maybe some horrible things have happened to him (before, after, whenever)? (I loved how Thor from the alternate reality treated Loki in the above mentioned fic!)

I'm a big fan of angst where there's abuse, suicide attempts, torture, rape, and other dark happenings going on with Loki so long as there is a happy ending (and a lovely hurt/comfort recovery process)! ♥

2) Or, barring that, are there any fic (Loki/Thor would be lovely, but Gen or other Slash ships are fine too) where Thor is especially protective/overprotective/just wants to hang out with/loves the best he can with Loki? Kind of like this fic.

Basically, I just want Loki love and appreciation from basically everyone (while still as in character as they can be) even if there has to be some hurts beforehand. I want them to be made better and, if it's not angsty/hurty/dark, a long-suffering Loki is best.
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Hey everyone,

I'm looking for fics where Loki develops a fan base, after the events of the movie or later on.

I'm also looking for fics where the public turns against the avengers in favour of loki, for good reason or not.

Any fics in like that or on that vain would be greatly appreciated.


(P.S. sorry about the grammar and spelling I'm not the best writer.)

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I'm looking for an old one. Not sure where I read it, but I couldn't find it on AO3.

Tony manages to put a bug on Loki and he ends up with a camera in Loki's lair (or appartment). He keeps his spying a secret and is amused to find out that Loki unwinds from his long days of villiany by having sex with his clones. Then one day Loki loses a battle really bad and he comes home and has his clone kick the shit out of him as punishment, stopping just short of getting killed.
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Hey! New member here! This has been driving me nuts for awhile. I'm looking for a specific fic about Loki having mental health issues after the Avengers movie and being almost child-like. The other Avengers take him in and take care of him and treat him like their own. I'd appreciate any help I can get for this :)
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Well basiclly what the title says, Im looking for Loki centric fics that'll make me weep from all the feels.

Gen or Slash (basically any pairing is good to me but my favorite is Loki/Tony and Loki/Steve. )
Also any length is fine. And any rating.

I really hope id find good recs...

Thank you...
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Hello. :P

I'm very new to this fandom. (Long time canon lover, first time reader of this fandom's fanfiction.) I once watched The Dark World three times back to back through the credits and pressed play again. I've been getting by using my previous fan fiction finding knowledge, however I'd really love some help. As much as I love the tags here, I'm really looking for length.

I've just finished Allegiance by Robin_Mask http://archiveofourown.org/series/87262 And THAT was the bee's knees.

I love long and dark Thork. I'm talking 100k + I'd love it Asgard based but I'm happy to read anything.

Angst, mpreg, loki!whump, hurt/comfort... anything darker, anything goes. I crave it so.

Also if there are any communities with regular thorki posters, I'd be happy to receive them too.

Thanks in advance. :) 
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Hi, I hope these description rings any bell...

This is post-Avengers fic. Loki is defeated and somehow ended up having his magic taken by Odin, though not the glamour. Deemed no longer dangerous, Odin cast him out of Asgard and somehow he ended up in Avengers Tower (Thor I think, because there are issues with Thanos? The only safe place for magicless Loki is the Tower). With no magic, Loki soon fall into depression with healthy dose of PTSD due to Chitauri torture, Odin A++ parenting and basically living with the enemy.

In the end, Loki helped all the Avengers battling enemy with robot-mutant thingies using his Jotun heritage (He's blue, armed with ice shards and basically proving to everyone that even with no magic he's still a BAMF) and almost died due to blood loss. He hurts his feet, and get stabbed in the lungs I think. Bruce lost him twice in the elevator.

The chapters are broken by each interaction with every Avengers and how they deal with him being there. Jarvis is naturally, become the first 'person' he's okay with. I remember Thor gave him a calender, Bruce left him with tea bags and thermos full of hot water because the only things he eats are toast and fruits (and lots lots of tea). The Avengers didn't warmed up to him easily though, only by increment. And Loki tends to stay away from them too, even if they lives on the same house.

Its not in AO3 or FFn though; I read it in LJ and kinkmeme (for the love of everything, I didn't remember what kinkmeme is that...) though perhaps the author has posted it elsewhere since then....

Any kind of help is appreciated!
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Hey! :D

So, I've been looking for this fic for a week and it's making me crazy. It might be a Tony/Bruce, Tony/Loki or Tony/Steve, not sure which.

What I remember: Tony and Bruce have a drinking live science party at the tower an evening (there might be Peter Parker present, and/or two or three interns/trainees).
I remember that they broadcasted the science party and there was mention of a teacher stopping his lesson to show his kids "real science happening" and the NASA keeping notes and Bruce and Tony trying to make space ship happen for real?/discussing what would be applicable for space ships/space colonies?

Does it ring any bell? I'm about ready to scream ;D

EDIT: It's the Power Ballad series, by Ringshadow ♥.♥ (found it completely by chance ^^;;; )
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Hi. I have read this story about a year ago. All I can clearly recall is that  after Avengers Odin had punished Loki to be prisiner of S.H.I.E.L.D.  Loki was tortured there and when part of Avegers (Stark and Rogers I think) had learned about that they had rescued Loki and hide him in Strak Tower. Later they one by one had told about that to other Avengers. Well something like that. Sorry for my English) My reading skills are much better than writing.
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Ok, I've got a secific ficthat I'm looking for, butI'm also cool with other relevant recs!

So in the secific one, Loki falls to Earth and lands somewhere in a hilly region in the countryside or something, gets found by a local and taken to hospital, where he's nursed back to health. When they ask what happes he says 'I fell' which makes them think he was abused by someone. When it's time to check out of the hospital, he has nowhere to go but the woman who found him lives in a library and has a spare room, and she invites him to stay with her.
He comes to love his new home, and the people, and then Thor appears with the Avengers and he hides for the duration of their visit, making the locals think he's been abused even more.
Then there's feels, and stuff happens.

Also generally fics where loki falls to earth and is a Good Person are awesome.

Love you all!!


Aug. 29th, 2013 02:10 pm
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Help! I'm uber bored and i need help finding some fics! ;

1. OT6 pairing or friendship
2. Science BF's
3. Science Bro's
4. Loki!Whump
5. Hurt!Loki
6. major Tony!Whump
7. IronWidow
8. Natasha protective over Tony
9. IronHawk
10. Clint protective over Tony
11. IronAgent
12. Coulson protective over Tony
13. Tony is a mutant any kind
14. MerchantOfDeath!Tony
15. Competent!Tony
16. Insecure!Tony
17. SpidyPool with superfamily
18. Doctor!Tony
19. Artist!Tony
20. anything that deals with tony not being a stark but someone different , like being thors son, coulsons son, clints brother , lokis son, odins son, laufeys son , a potter, a winchester, ect. stuff like that.
21. Tony growing up different, like being an assassin or a Shield agent, maybe even growing up with natasha and/or clint, or being raised by fury(+100 if you can find that!)
23. arc reactor !whump
24. role reversal (tony centric)
25. anything that has tony having another identity, preferably from another fandom.
26. Bamf!Tony
to mods; i will try to tag this properly, but i might miss some, sorry if i do!

to readers; HELP!!!
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The other day I read 'The straightest Path' by sinemoras09.

You can read a detailed summary under the spoiler cut or go read it yourself (it's only 4300 words). But basically it boils down to it that Loki offers a clever solution to a problem where brute strength fails repeatedly and gets vilified for it on Asgard because using your brain and/or magic is cheating and bodily strength is the only honorable way to get something.

Summary: There is an impenetrable gate built by the Dark Elves of Svartalfheim in Asgard. It protects some sort of amulet (not really important) but nowadays it serves as some sort of test for young warriors to show their mettle. It is said that no one in a thousand years managed to best that gate, except Odin. The warriors three and Sif beat on it and don't even make a dent. Thor only makes a tiny scratch with his hammer and Loki looks at the gate, sees that it is really impenetrable and walks through the rock instead to get the amulet. A very clever solution, except everybody calls him a cheater (except Thor), Sif even spits on him and Odin yells and heaps disappointment on him.

My first thought after reading it was 'Jane would hate that'. Then I thought, 'Tony would hate that too'. And then I realized that pretty much everybody of the Avengers would think this kind of reasoning ridiculous at best, dangerous and useless at worst.

Anyway, now I'm searching for stories where this cultural difference comes up. E.g. Someone tells Thor (or Odin or any other Asgardian) how stupid this kind of thinking is. An Asgardian realizes it on his/her own because of their interaction with the Avengers. Jane breaks her engagement to Thor because she could never raise her children in Asgard with an attitude like this. Really, anything with this kind of theme would work for me. Bonus points if Loki also plays a role and gets some kind of recognition, but its not necessary. It doesn't even have to end well. If Thor refuses to listen and nothing gets resolved then that's fine too.

Anyone have some recommendations for stories like these?

@Admins, I had a really hard time tagging this because nothing really fits. Could we maybe have theme tags like 'culture clash' or 'cultural differences' and 'Asgard' or 'Asgardian society' or 'Asgardians' tag? Not sure if it's really needed for just this one post.
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Hey guys,
I just recently discovered the wonders of emo/redeemed/hurt/misunderstood Loki, and I'm looking for a fic fix : )
Specifically, I'm looking for fics that focus on Loki interacting with the Avengers/becoming part of their team/family. Couple different types:
1. I'd love fics that have an abusive Odin, or fics that have Loki being tortured/coerced/forced into invading earth-like, there was more too it than met the eye, and the Avengers realize this and go all protective. I adore Loki whump, abused/tortured Loki.
2. I'd love fics where Loki is underage(not deaged, but actually physically underage) and the Avengers realize this and get all Bamf.
3. Fics where Loki is a single father, and maybe his child is being hurt/kept away from him.
4. Fics that deal with Loki being Jotun, and the racial prejudice he's faced on Asgard. Basically, fics that address the rather prejudiced/horrible ways Loki's been treated by his "family", and have the Avengers finding out/reacting too this.
Sorry for the massively long request post ; )
Thanks guys : )


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