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I posted this about a month ago, but I just remembered something that may help.
In this fic Loki is Hela's parent and she is chosen to be the goddess of Hel and it's a big deal, like everyone in Asgard was jealous. Loki was able to go with her to Hel for her for some time so he could help her get acclimated to Hel. I remember Hel rode Slepnir to Hel. I hope this addition will help!

The original post is below:
I'm looking for a fic and I don't remember much. It was probably Loki/Thor or Loki/Tony, because that's primarily what I read, but honestly it could be any paring or even no paring. I only remember two scenes: Loki has a kid with Odin's brother (his uncle) who is the God of light or something like that. And for one scene they are in the woods together. The other scene I remember, Loki is at a feast with his kid and the father is there as family (of Odin, no one knows who the father of this kid is). For some reason the kids last name is mentioned and everyone realizes that this kid belongs to Loki and his uncle.
Sorry that's all I can remember, but I have so much faith in all of you. Thank you!!!
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I don't remember most of the fic, just that Loki is the son of Laufey and Odin. Odin is also the father of Fenrir, by Loki, perpetrated when Loki discovered Odin and Laufey getting it on. Loki was also sleeping with Baldur for a time, before Baldur was married off and raped Loki as a "goodbye".

Somehow Loki ends up teaming up with the Avengers to get his various kids back. Frigga joins as well, with Tyr (and I think Heimdall?), and declares war/rebells against Odin, taking over Asgard. At some point in it all Baldur is assassinated by... Clint I think?
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Good morning/ afternoon/Evening :)

Im looking for fics where Loki gets close to the avengers (intentionally or accidentally) while he is in disguise be it a male, female, or even an animal.

If this happens pre/post avengers or thor its fine either way.

bonus if he is in a relationship with one of them. However Gen is fine with me.

And if u have a time im also looking for A hurt (or Angsty) but in the same time Bamf Loki.

Aaaaaandd (this is the last one, promise) I was wondering if you could rec me your favourite Loki rec lists where he is well written.

Thank you 😘
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Hey Guys,

I believe this was a one shot but here it goes:

For whatever reason Loki decides to shift into a woman to the shock of Thor not really the parents Odin I believe just pretended that this was normal anx Frigga was like "oh my" and then starts looking for old dresses to let loki have I remember her telling Thor that she always wanted a daughter when he came to ask how is be supposed to react.At a feast Fandral asks for the right to court Loki which everyone plays off but then all the guys aound the table start to toast to Princess Loki which pisses Thor off leading to either Throne sex or table sex

Good luck
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So, I just finished reading Refracted, by BeesKnees and now I have a craving (especially as while the story was great, it didn't end the way I'd been hoping).

1) Are there any other fics out there that are similar to this? One where the Avengers/Thor/Everyone gains a better understanding/appreciation for Loki? Maybe they realize that he hasn't been treated very well (probably before his, um, misdeeds) for him to feel so isolated and bitter and unloved? Or after for him to have turned out like this? IDK, maybe some horrible things have happened to him (before, after, whenever)? (I loved how Thor from the alternate reality treated Loki in the above mentioned fic!)

I'm a big fan of angst where there's abuse, suicide attempts, torture, rape, and other dark happenings going on with Loki so long as there is a happy ending (and a lovely hurt/comfort recovery process)! ♥

2) Or, barring that, are there any fic (Loki/Thor would be lovely, but Gen or other Slash ships are fine too) where Thor is especially protective/overprotective/just wants to hang out with/loves the best he can with Loki? Kind of like this fic.

Basically, I just want Loki love and appreciation from basically everyone (while still as in character as they can be) even if there has to be some hurts beforehand. I want them to be made better and, if it's not angsty/hurty/dark, a long-suffering Loki is best.

Loki Fic

Aug. 5th, 2014 08:19 pm
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Somehow, all of my bookmarks for my favorite Loki fics disappeared and I found most of them, but there is one in particular I can't seem to find. It was on A03 and it's either general or Thor/Loki... it could honestly go either way, I don't remember.

What I remember: Thor ended up capturing Loki and bringing him back home. Odin cannot let his deeds go unpunished, but neither does he sentence him to death. Instead, they lock him up in this tower/place he cannot leave. Loki conducts a plan and slow begins to starve him -- people rarely visit him (Thor, mostly, but I believe he's back on Earth). As long as the tray of food is empty, it won't arouse suspicion.

A long time passes and with no one else for company, Loki makes friends with a bird. Eventually, Thor comes back and through some event (I can't remember what), he ends up killing the bird accidentally (unaware that it meant so much to Loki). He's also horrified to see how think Loki has gotten.

He brings Loki to his father and a hospital like place (there may be something more wrong with him -- maybe he jumps from the tower?? I don't remember), but Loki refuses treatment and the nurse refuses to do anything to Loki against his will as part of her oath -- even if that means Odin's wrath. Everyone gathers around Loki to watch him die and Odin, Frigga, and Thor beg him eat/allow himself to be treated.

Loki refused to do this because what's the point if he cannot be free? He would rather be dead then trapped in a gilded cage for the rest of his life. It gets to just moments before his death that Odin finally agrees to free him if he would just eat from a golden apple (I think) and heal/live. Which, basically, was Loki's plan all along. And he does so. I don't really remember much after this.

Can anyone please help me find this fic? I'd really appreciate it! <3
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Hi! I am looking fora fic where tony is being sexually abuse by Howard, and steve not knowing tells tony he should stop fighting his father, so I an way he allows the abuse to keep happening. I remember in the end tony proposes to pepper and steve didn't want to go the wedding cause he still felt guilty

i really hope someone recognizes this 
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I'm looking for fics where Loki is Thor's husband wife spouse, whether it follows canon and the Avengers didn't know or an AU where Loki isn't the bad guy. Jotun!Loki is fine; mpreg is fine; arranged marriage is fine, though preferably, Thor and Loki were friends before getting married.

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Hello. :P

I'm very new to this fandom. (Long time canon lover, first time reader of this fandom's fanfiction.) I once watched The Dark World three times back to back through the credits and pressed play again. I've been getting by using my previous fan fiction finding knowledge, however I'd really love some help. As much as I love the tags here, I'm really looking for length.

I've just finished Allegiance by Robin_Mask http://archiveofourown.org/series/87262 And THAT was the bee's knees.

I love long and dark Thork. I'm talking 100k + I'd love it Asgard based but I'm happy to read anything.

Angst, mpreg, loki!whump, hurt/comfort... anything darker, anything goes. I crave it so.

Also if there are any communities with regular thorki posters, I'd be happy to receive them too.

Thanks in advance. :) 
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I've tried and tried but I can't find an author and their amazing thor/loki fanfiction.

Sadly I can't remember much more than that they where written BEFORE the Avengers had gotten out in the cinemas, so I'm guessing they wrote it in 2011 or early 2012.

In one of their fics Thor has just brought back Loki from Midgard after the havoc in New York. He and Loki argue on the bifrost (I think) and when they kiss there's such a lovely description of how their hair mix in the wind, stark contrasts of black and gold.

They also wrote a Lady Loki/ Thor fic, and a fic where they have sex for the first time after a drunken night of celebration (probably one of Thor's birthdays).

I also remember they had this picture as their icon: http://generalgeekstuff.tumblr.com/post/81746654456

And god, I'm sorry for being so vague, and I'm sorry for my terrible English as well.
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Salutations all! I am trying to find a Thor/Loki fanfiction where Loki is Thor's uncle.

Odin has imprisoned Loki, his beloved little brother, for treason. Thor often visits and has feelings for Loki, which aren't returned. Loki is chained while a special prison is being built for him.

Sorry, but that is all I recall at the moment!

Thanks in advance,
Jado the Shadow


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