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Ok, so Steve date some guy and Clint follow them to check you is this guy. Date was set up in the central park where they watch same movie. After that Clint find out that the guy was Tony Stark. I think no one know he is Iron Man and IM being villain in this story.
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Because I am a sad camper, all I can remember of this fic is one scene and some vague context. Some (I believe) Happy Stony has been going on up until this point, but Tony fucks up (might have been an identity thing with Iron Man/Tony Stark not being out to the team as one person), and Steve is mad.

Cut for... weird, potentially unhappy-fying sex )

Anyway then I'm pretty sure they repair their relationship and have happy handjobs into the sunset, or some such.

Help me plz?
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I meant to request this a while back, but I guess I forgot... decided to ask since I just remembered it. Anyways, a while ago, I watched this BRILLIANT (bollywood) movie, Mardaani (shameless pimping, btw) about a seriously bad-ass female cop, who more or less single-handedly takes down a sex-trafficking ring after they kidnap one of the girls she is fostering. But what really struck me, apart from the kick-ass heroine, was the role of her husband... who is a decidedly NOT bad-ass civilian married to the heroine, i.e. basically the male counterpart of Laura Barton in AoU...

So, I am wondering if there are any such stories in the Avengers where fandom which has a lot of kick-ass women... Natasha, Maria Hill, Sif, Sharon Carter, Peggy Carter, Wanda... hell, even the Agents of SHIELD agents.

Established Relationships prefered, obviously, but if the guy is totally turned on by how bad-ass she is and wants to marry her on the spot, then that is good too. Please no gender-bending or Trans-characters. I want the women to shine for once without being over-shadow'd by the men.   Also, no dom/sub... etc etc. I just want a normal domestic relationship (kids optional).

In summation, I'm looking for any fics (complete) where the kick-ass heroine is married to a civilian (OMC prefered) who basically exists so that she can come home to someone... Hell, he could even be a damsel-in-distress while she does all the heavy lifting and takes down the bad-guys.

P.S. NO BRUCE/NATASHA... coz I think there are few of those which might fit, but in my head Bruce will always be the Hulk and can take care of himself... making it impossible to enjoy the story.

P.P.S. In case, my request in still unclear, think Zoey and Wash from Firefly, but w/o Wash being a bad-ass pilot.
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Hey!! So recently I've read some darcy&bucky fics and i am deciding that that is my new fav. So specifically I am looking for some fics where Darcy is the one who comes across Bucky while he is still trying to get his head on straight and is ultimately the one who gets to bring him in to the avengers. I've read "The Extraordinary Friendship of Darcy Lewis and James Buchanan Barnes" by cosmicocean, the one where she finds him in a diner eating pancakes and then they have to run from hydra, and the 'Run verse pieces. Anything else that you guys would suggest?? I'm fine with any pairing really, darcy and bucky could be together or they could just be friends or bucky could be with someone else or darcy could be with someone else, whatever you find where Darcy is the one that brings bucky in is great!

and if you have any darcy&bucky fics that you think are just generally fantastic feel free to recommend those as well, always on the lookout for some great new reads!!!
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Okay, so I have recently started reading Avengers-fanfiction, and I find that I really, really like it. I mostly prefer fics with slash-pairings, but gen is good too.

I really hope you can help me, because this has been bugging me. Because I can barely find any of these, and I really hope there's more.

1. I read a fic where Steve was one of the soldiers with Tony in the humvee, and he goes temporarily deaf. So I was wondering if there are any fics where Tony becomes permanently/temporarily deaf, blind or mute either while in Afghanistan or during the Avengers? Or comes back from Afghanistan permanently injured (that is not the arc reactor, but he has that too), maybe he had to amputate an arm? Maybe even no one knows of this injury?

2. Any fics that closely follow the original timeline (MCU), but Howard Stark isn’t dead? Or he is brought forward in time? And then he is either a really good father, a bad father or a mix between them.

3. I also read a Howard/Steve-series, The Joys of Step-Parenting, where Steve becomes Tony’s Step-Father, so I was wondering if there are any other fics like that because I literally fell in love. Steve as Tony's step-father. I really liked that idea.

4. (added this as I noticed I had managed to hit a wrong tag.. hidden identity) I have read a lot of these, where iron man's identity is hidden. This got me thinking. Are there any fics where everyone wears masks to hide their identity, so that even the Avengers don't know who they are actually fighting with?

I would be really happy for any fic-recs received. They don't have to be spot on, but similar is good. I'll accept any pairings, even if I am more inclined to read slash-pairings, I can even read fics with no pairings or with het-pairings. I just really want to read more fics like this if it was possible. The length of the fics don't really matter, although I love longfics, I can read shortfics too. Just not any crack, please.

Thank you so much in advance!
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Does anyone know of any fics where Thor is really a god instead of merely a high tech alien from another solar system?

I'm not referring to fics where the Asgardian characters are erroneously referred to as gods when they're just aliens, but ones where they actually are the Æsir of Norse tradition and responsible for the deeds attributed to them by their worshippers and their powers aren't just technology at its finest. Any fics where this is the case, especially if the Avengers and/or world find out that literal gods are walking among them would be fantastic.

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I am looking for Tony with powers recs. Mutant, magick or extremis. I am ok with slash
I am also looking for fics where Maria Stark survives car crash. Do any exist cos I cannot find any
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Hi guys, i hope you can help me with this. I am on a very specific Steve search for a friend of mine -- we have indepth discussions about this! But fic must be Stony, with Top!Steve:

1) Steve "pretends" to be nice /sweet but he has a dark side

2) Steve is crazy in love with Tony but angsts in silence because he still has a 1940s mindset about homosexuality and thinks men in his time weren't really "gay". He may be an asshole to Tony but in the end he grows comfortable with his feelings for TOny and understands how things are different in this era.

3) Evil, alternate Steve

PWPs, character pieces -- any type and help would be gratefully accepted!
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I am once again looking for a fic that I have lost. Except this time, I either read it in private browsing mode or read it using something other than my laptop. Therefore looking through my browser's history is useless.

Fic Details )

The author also had some drawings associated with the fic. The one drawing I remember is one where the author drew out each realms crest and showed where each person was actually sitting in that scene. (I.E. The drawing showed the seating arrangement of those participating in the feast.)

Edit (6/2/2015): I found the fic I was looking for; it's Dance a Little Dance by . The fic is a FrostIron story.
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So yes, I did see someone post the same thing just a couple of days ago. But while I know that there are a lot of fics like this based around both of the characters hiding their secret identity, I was wondering if there were any with just one of the characters doing so.
For example....Steve and Tony dating, where Steve is just an ordinary guy, with no superpowers whatsoever, but where Tony is secretly Iron Man, or vice versa (it doesn't have to be Steve/Tony, all pairing are welcome)

I know it's a pretty long shot because I've literally gone through all the tags, but I'm just wondering!
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Hey all,
I've read a few fics where the Soldier was working for SHIELD/HYDRA and Steve got to know him pretty well through work.  The specific fic I'm looking for had Steve and the Soldier starting to date and the Soldier getting his memory back right around CA:WS events.
Of course any other fic where Steve befriends the Winter Soldier whilst unaware of his true identity would be fantastic.  Steve/Bucky is highly preferred.
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I've read some good fics where no-one knew Tony Stark was Ironman. Like Beneath the Armor and Secrets of a Successful Marriage and The Problem With Secret Identities and Truth Behind Masks . Any recommendations for more? Whether Tony is an Avenger or a 'villain' doesn't matter. It can be any verse, with pairings or without. Just looking for some really good hidden identity being discovered fics.

Also, I was wondering if someone could tell me how the Avengers found out Ironman's identity in the comics. I know it was originally a secret but I'm not a big comic reader and can't seem to find out how it was discovered. Did he tell them or was he accidentally revealed?
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Hello my lovlies! Pretty much as the title says. I love the idea of 'little miss social media' not making the connection between Steve and Capatain America. Her drooling over CA's abs in front of Steve, or his arse in uniform would be ideal. Darcy all nervous over Jane meeting 'her new guy' and Jane being like 'oh, hi Steve, Thor wants to know if you are still on to spar tomorrow morning?'. A Bucky who finds it all HILARIOUS would just be icing on the cake.
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Okay, I read this ages ago and I could have sworn I bookmarked it but well... any way.

In it Tony travels back in time to WW2 and has to pretend to be Howard's brother. Howard thinks Tony is his nephew. Steve and Tony get together during this time and when he goes back to his own time he and Steve continue the relationship. Oh, and Steve in the future didn't know at first that past!Howard's brother(future Tony) was actually Tony. Until he got sent back.

Sorry if that's confusing. Any help would be great!!!
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So! I read this fic AGES ago, and I absolutely CANNOT find it!

  • Tony had a Norse name, it wasn't Tony. He preferred to be called Tony, though, as a nickname.

  • I think he and Loki were twins.

  • I can't remember exactly why, but he was thrown off the Bifrost by Odin. I think it might have had something to do with him realizing that he and/or Loki were Jotunn.

  • On Earth, Tony doesn't remember his time in Asgard.

  • When Loki invades, one of them recognizes the other, i think. There is a blast and both of them are thrown into the walls. When they wake up, Loki's cranial recalibration was done by the wall,, he's normal again, and Tony remembers.

If anyone knows the fic I'm talking about, please please please help me out!

                  Much love,

(p.s. this is tagged as harry potter crossover, but I was just wondering if anyone knows of a fic search site like this one but for harry potter, sorry if i misled you)

EDIT: About the hp search comms, thank you for the ones you've given! I had meant, though, a comm with tags and all, because I've found a couple of them, but they dont have tags and that makes it hard to find stories of a theme... sorry!
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Alrighty y'all!

I've just finished reading Breaking (Saving) You by Rainne on AO3, and I NEED MOOOORRRREEEEE like breathing!

So basically, give me all your assassin, HYDRA, RedRoom, Dark Darcy fics!

Fluffy assassin? Gimme!
Dark normal Darcy? Gimme!
Any fic you know that has any theme like it I want SO BAD!

Thanks all!
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So I've been searching through posts here looking for a fic that I found here not very long ago but I can't seem to find. The gist of the story I remember it was an AU where (1) Steve's a serial killer who seemingly goes after big wig bad guys and Tony did something that makes him or Rhodey believe that the killer will be coming after Tony next only instead of the killing kinda coming after Tony the killer starts leaving Tony some kinda gifts on his bed or in places without anyone really seeing it or something. -EDIT FOUND: Hiding Masks

#2 Found: What You Believe: One by one the Avengers seem to be turning on Tony, until he is isolated and alone, with no one left he can trust. Unsure what to believe anymore, betrayal seems to lurk around every corner. When he resolves to confront them, can anyone stand between him and what seems to be the inevitable destruction of the Avengers? Or is it already too late?

One last one, is a sort of AU but not really. (3) It was something about the team minus Tony getting kidnapped as bait to get Tony and when Tony showed up he was lacking the suit and there was some banter exchanged between Tony and the kidnappers. Tony also brought along some sort of tiny robots that wound up badly injuring/killing the kidnappers and then SHIELD showed up getting on Tony's case for not waiting for them to get there and Tony replied with something about running outta topics or something. I know there are a few stories that are almost the same but none of them have the killing robots and that was that part that stuck out the most in my mind so yeah if anyone can help with that one? -EDIT FOUND: Picture Perfect chapter 5

I've been searching for all three of these and I have no idea why I never bookmarked them when I had the chance and would love to be able to find them and read them again so maybe they would stop popping into my mind whilst I'm in the midst of reading other stories. Thanks!
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I don't have much to go on, but I remember that after the fiasco with the Bifrost, Loki fell to Midgard and became a SHIELD agent. The whole Chitauri thing was really a planned test for the Avengers, to see if they really could work together to save the world if it was ever necessary. Unfortunately, no one told the Avengers this. Loki went to Fury's office and chewed him out for letting the Hulk beat him up because this was not part of the plan, damnit! Also,, Coulson didn't die, it was an illusion or an LMD

No, it's not the Undercover Boogie, though I have read that, and it was pretty good.

Also, if anyone knows what I'm talking about here: I'm pretty sure it was a huge fic rec, and the url or title was something like "thehawkisinhisnest".

If anyone knows either of those, it would be greatly appreciated!
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The story I'm looking for takes place before any of the movies, Thor and Loki are children. Loki wants to go sledding, even though it's summer, so they go convince Heimdall to send them to Midgard. Thor steals his father's shield to use as a sled. The story has the realms as branches of Yggdrasil, so when Thor and Loki careen off a huge mound of snow, they end up crash-landing in Jotunheim. They're taken prisoners, and Odin goes to convince Laufey to set them free. Odin offers to trade the Casket of Ancient Winters for his children, and Laufey, who by this point has worked out that Loki is not Odin's child but his own (It was really cold in Jotun dungeons and his blue skin showed up) says very specifically, that he is willing to trade Odin's offspring for the Casket. Loki is not biologically Odin's offspring, so Laufey gets to keep him. Odin doesn't pick up on this, agrees, but doesn't get Loki when he comes back the next day with the casket. He's not willing to go to war though, so he leaves with Thor. Thor is extremely angry at this, I think he throws some things in his room and yells at Sif and the Warriors 3. Loki finds out he's a prince of Jotunheim, has a sister named Helblindi and a brother named Byleistr. Laufey had not abandoned him, (Really though, if he really was left to die, why was he in a temple? Sacred Ground!) but had hidden him there for safekeeping, thinking no one would dare trespass on Sacred Ground. Loki tries to get used to this new life while Thor fights to get his brother back.

I don't remember any more, but hopefully, someone out there knows what I'm talking about. Also, there's a picture for it on deviantArt, if someone could give the link for that too, it'd be awesome.

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Hi everyone!

Am looking for a fic - I’ve only got a vague recollection, but it's one where Steve is a teacher (at a high school in Brooklyn?) when he’s not out being an Avenger (but of course no one at the school knows who he really is - but he's not undercover, it's an actual real job). And because he’s Steve, he’s obviously awesome at it. But then, in the fic, can’t remember exactly when, the private and professional life collide when the school gets attacked.

Steve being Steve, gets his students (and some other teachers?) everyone safely locked inside a classroom(?) and then Steve being Steve, leaves said classroom to fight the threat, ignoring the concerns from the people locked in the classroom with him (the other Avengers and SHIELD eventually shows up to help out too - or are already there - can't remember) and ends up a little beat up but ultimately kicks ass (because again, he’s Steve). And at the end, obviously everything gets resolved, though I can’t actually remember if his secret identity is blown or not.

Not sure if the fic was Steve-centric or if the above-mentioned was just an arc of a longer fic, but I think it was Steve-centric, at least mostly. Any ideas which fic I’m talking about? *hopes desperately*
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Hello guys,

I'm searching for a Tony/Loki fanfic which I read maybe one year ago, probably on fanfiction.net or AO3. Definitely not on LJ.

Tony meets an incognito Loki during a business conference. Loki has a small business, which is growing bigger and later makes a deal with Stark's company. Anyway during the conference they become friends and in a special meeting Loki plays around with a cherry to distract himself and Tony, much to the embarrassment of the guy holding the presentation.
In the end of the conference Tony kisses Loki and then runs away...

But this is only the beginning of their relationship.

Thor, Asgard and the rest all exists. Loki just decided to become human and is undercover.

That's pretty much all that I can remember. Any one who remembers it? I would be very thankful.
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I know in comics there is Uatu and other Watchers. But in MCU we kinda didn't see them yet, Stan Lee's particulary suspicious cameos notwithstanding :) So are there any cool fics playing with watchers or something similar? It doesn't have to be the main theme, just they should play role big enough , not just two lines in the middle of 100k epic, you know?

So recs, plz :)) Thanks in advance.
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I'm looking for some good stories with Peter Parker/Spiderman where he isn't one of the avenger's kid, anyone got suggestions?

Loki fic

Nov. 29th, 2013 05:02 am
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Hello, I am looking for a Loki fic and I apologize in advance for vague details. Loki is on Midgard and disquises himself as a woman. His "cover" is he works in a museum or something in the arts. He thinks all along he is fooling the Avengers. He becomes involved with Tony (i think) and eventually a few years past. When his true identity is revealed, they knew all along. I think I read it on Archive.

Thanks for any help.
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I read this fic awhile ago and unfortunately cannot remember much of what happens but it was a fairly decent length and for most of it the public is speculating as to who Captain America is after the Chitauri event and so Steve lays low for awhile. Not sure if he leaves NYC on his bike but I remember one scene where he's in a bar by himself enjoying the anonymity when people start to notice him and he gets uncomfortable and leaves.

Steve goes to Tony and decides to "out" himself by revealing that he's actually Captain America because he's tired of having people constantly speculating about him. Tony sets up an interview and a crew comes to the Tower and they do a live interview with a guy who isn't informed of who he's supposed to interview in advance. So he sees Steve and he's confused like "sorry, but I don't actually know who you are" and Steve basically tells him he's Captain America and they chat and Tony pops into the interview to say hi.

Think it was on AO3? If it was I forgot to bookmark it (I assume). Thanks in advance everyone!


Aug. 29th, 2013 02:10 pm
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Help! I'm uber bored and i need help finding some fics! ;

1. OT6 pairing or friendship
2. Science BF's
3. Science Bro's
4. Loki!Whump
5. Hurt!Loki
6. major Tony!Whump
7. IronWidow
8. Natasha protective over Tony
9. IronHawk
10. Clint protective over Tony
11. IronAgent
12. Coulson protective over Tony
13. Tony is a mutant any kind
14. MerchantOfDeath!Tony
15. Competent!Tony
16. Insecure!Tony
17. SpidyPool with superfamily
18. Doctor!Tony
19. Artist!Tony
20. anything that deals with tony not being a stark but someone different , like being thors son, coulsons son, clints brother , lokis son, odins son, laufeys son , a potter, a winchester, ect. stuff like that.
21. Tony growing up different, like being an assassin or a Shield agent, maybe even growing up with natasha and/or clint, or being raised by fury(+100 if you can find that!)
23. arc reactor !whump
24. role reversal (tony centric)
25. anything that has tony having another identity, preferably from another fandom.
26. Bamf!Tony
to mods; i will try to tag this properly, but i might miss some, sorry if i do!

to readers; HELP!!!

Tony fic

Jul. 17th, 2013 03:15 am
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Hi folks,

I'm looking for two types of fics.

Identify Porn! Basically Tony doesn't reveal that he's Ironman.

Fics where Tony has turned into a complete recluse - I've read one, and I'm sure there are others but can't find them in my bookmarks.

Many thanks.
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Hello every body. I have a few requests here if you could give me a hand in finding some good fics. In general I love fics with either Tony or Steve (mostly Tony) going unrecognized and being taken for granted like Peter Parker.

1) Any of you watch Iron Man 3 yet? You know that part where he's "undercover" in the small town? I love the idea of him being in a small town so removed from the rest of the world that no one recognizes him and maybe treats him like a drifter. I also love a struggle so the more opposition he has in leaving and the less technology available the better. Bonus points if his engineering ingenuity abilities are highlighted. Something written "Doc Hollywood" style would really make my day.

2) I would love to see an Avenger's version of "Easy Rider" minus the drugs and fiery deaths.

3) Any fics where Tony's identity is still secret from the team, until something big happens and his cover is blown.

4) I would love a fic where Steve tried to be normal at first with a secret identity and gets a 9-5 job or goes back to college, etc, and his "friends"/co-workers/classmates are mean/ rude/ make fun of him/ etc, until something big happens and his identity is blown. :D

Help a girl out?
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Hey, so I've posted on here once before and you lot were all so incredibly helpful so I'm posting again! ;)

Okay, this is going to sound strange (stranger than my last post and that was all over the place!) but I was wondering if there were any fics with robot!Tony... or something equivalent to that? I recently read My Greatest Creation by BatNeko: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8995603/1/My-Greatest-Creation which has made me craving some awesome robot fics! But also, on a side note, if you have any non-human!Tony I wouldn't mind that either, but as that was kinda like my last post and I got amazing responses to that already, so... I don't know ;)

Um, also I'm looking for a fic... I don't know what it was called but it featured Tony being able to see wings? No one else could, but Tony could feel them and he had to make his own clothes (?) because otherwise he had to cut slits out of them (or something). I also remember this scene where Tony finds out Coulson (who could also see wings) thought he was a sociopath because his wings didn't show emotion as Tony had learnt to control it....
It was Tont/Steve and I think Tony was a virgin? I have no clue, but it was an awesome fic so I really want to read it again! :)

Any help for either of those things would totally rock and I would love you forever! <3 xx

Oh yay! Fic found, link in comments!!
Fic recs still forever welcomed :D
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Hey y'all! Okay, so I know I am going to spectacularly fail at this; I am new to this community and this is my first post, so please be nice to me!! :)

Okay, well I hope you guys can help me: I'm looking for fics which are mostly Tony-centric, with him being majorly underestimated... Like, he is secretly kick-ass, but people don't know/realize because they can't get past arragant exteria...
I would also like Tony with powers, or awesome abilities of some sort... maybe Extremis!Tony, Mutant!Tony, Assassin!Tony, Hacker!Tony, Doctor!Tony... Basically anything like that!! I have to say I do like angst, but I don't mind either way.
I know this all sounds super vague, but it would be awesome if any of you guys could help me out!

I don't mind gen or het but I do lean more towards slash... ;)

Thank you!!

Okay, late edit but I literally just figured out how to!! Many MANY thanks for all the incredibly awesome responses, I am still feeling slightly overwhelmed by the sheer awesomeness of it all, you guys rock!!
More fic recs are still forever welcomed, and I'm changing my search criteria to be a little more specific, to non-human!Tony or at least complete BAMF!Tony!! ;) Many thanks all you awesome people; much love!
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Hello, lovelies! I need some help finding two types of stories.

#1. Fics that involve Phil and his family where his family or families friends don't think particularly high of him, especially if they then find out that he is badass/studly/otherwise awesome and not boring.

#2. Fics in which sex is expected out of Tony, and/or in which people assume Tony has slept with/is sleeping with someone he has not/is not.

Thanks in advance!
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Hello! :)

1) Could anyone point me toward fics that either mention or focus on;

a) People noticing that Steve is the same Captain America from the 1940's;
b) People wondering if now!Captain America is the same as 1940's!Captain America;
c) People's perspectives on Steve as he re-integrates into normal life as a 'normal guy' (whether in school or his neighborhood);
d) General consequences of Steve's cowl coming off in the fight;
e) Any general in-fic media/public opinion discussion on Steve, Cap, and/or the Avengers - OCs and outside POVs welcome!

2) There are some wonderful Clint-Barton-is-everyone-Renner-has-ever-played fics. Any recommendations on fics that show reunions between Clint and characters from SWAT/Hurt Locker/Mission Impossible?

Many thanks!
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Hey, I recently read a fic on AO3 but now I can't find it! I think it was a one-shot. What I remember is that Tony was continually getting upset because he thinks Steve looks at him like he is his father. But then Tony time travels and meets Howard, but is introduced to people as his brother (Gregory, I think). Anyways, he meets Steve, falls in love, comes back to present time, and realizes that Steve stared at him because he looked like Gregory, not Howard. I hope someone knows what I am talking about. Thanks.
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Hey everyone!

I'm looking for fics in which Tony isn't as "happy" as he's portrayed in fics and the movies. As in, okay, everyone knows that he's not actually happy, and that he's had a really bad past, and he's broken in so many ways, just as badly as anyone else on the team. Just because he went through a different type of torture to Clint and Natasha doesn't mean it was any less devastating. But I think people on the team, and in SHIELD forget it because he's so lighthearted and "happy" all the time, and it's difficult to imagine him having a past even comparable to the rest of the Avengers, who are darker, and more somber.

I'm looking for fics in which something happens and Tony shows his anger, and his darkness. And I want the others to be surprised. I want him to be angry, and cold, and dark, and absolutely nothing like the Tony Stark we (they) know. And then the others realise that it's a mask, and a lie, and that they've been underestimating him all this while. And maybe Tony will realise that he's slipped and he'll pull his mask back on, or something.

Okay, maybe too specific, but I'm essentially looking for fics in which Tony is covering his darker nature and temperment and it slips one day, and the others realise they've been duped all this while.

Anyone? I really hope I'm not blathering on, but. Yeah. I'm good with most pairings but for these kinds of fics I love Tony/Loki.

Thanks in advance!

Lady Merlin
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In this fandom, I see lots of fic where Pepper and Natasha are friends—even if it's only mentioned briefly—or Tony is “afraid” of Natasha in a playful, friendly way. I haven't been able to find a lot of fics that deal with them feeling any real fear or anger towards Natasha because what she did in Iron Man II (probably because Natasha is so awesome that we all love her). However, I'd love to be recced some! Because really:

  • She insinuated herself in their lives under false pretense
  • Lied about her intentions and person
  • To steal information on the Iron Man/Tony
  • And stabbed Tony in the neck with a needle (even though it was for his own good!)
  • All about five minutes after Obadiah happened.

I think there would be some anger there, and I would LOVE to read it.


[identity profile] obsessionality.livejournal.com

Hiya guys!

I'm always amazed at this comm and how you respond perfectly! So I've come to you looking for something else.

I'm looking for a different sort of reveal fic. Not the inter-avengers reveal, because I think that one's pretty much taken for granted anyway. I'm talking about outside the Avengers. And not just the general public. Like, families.

I read this epic series in which Darcy Lewis has a family and none of them know what she does, until they do, and it is EPIC. (Basic Bitches by twistedingenue).

I'm looking for things like that. Where people who still have links to the outside world (of sanity), like Phil, or Darcy, or Jane, or even Hill, have reveals to their family that actually, they work with SHIELD and their basassery is shown and stuff. I don't even care if it's OC or what. I'm happy with any pairing, any rating, any central character. All is good.

I hope there's something out there!

Thanks in advance!


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I am trying to find some fics where Steve is Loki and Thor's son. I don't know how he would get to earth but I would like it to be close to the Captain America verse where Steve is a sickly boy. whether he knows he is adopted or not I don't care, I just want the fics.
could someone point me in the direction of them?
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I'm looking for some fic recs in which it is not widely known that Tony is Iron Man.  Whether that means that no one knows, or just Pepper and Rhodey, or all the avengers and SHIELD know, but it is not known to the general public. 

Also, any fics in which whether or not people know that he is Iron Man, they don't know that the arc reactor is a part of him and not the suit and that it's keeping him alive.  So obviously he keeps that covered up when he's not in the suit.  (Gotta say it always seemed strange to me that he walks around showing that thing off when it is so obvious a weakness.)

I'm not really looking for identity!porn of the Tony/Iron Man/other variety.  Any pairing or gen is fine, MCU preferred.

Please and thank you!
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Hello! I'm looking for some fics where Tony is an assassin or super skilled at hand to hand combat. Or also, any fic where Tony shows physical strength and the others are surprised. Don't care about pairings.
(Example: Sivaas by Slatewalker)
Thanks! (:
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Hi Folk. I'm new to the fandom and have just recently learned that there are plural Marvel continuities where it is not known that Ironman is Tony Stark. Since "X learns Y's secret identity" is one of my favorite plots ever, I'm looking for fic along these lines (the angstier the better). I've dug up the following on AO3, but I'm sure there are others out there:

Alter. Ego. http://archiveofourown.org/works/485818?view_adult=true

Hidden Truths http://archiveofourown.org/works/117246

Bizarre Love triangle http://archiveofourown.org/works/362129

These happen to all be Steve/Tony but I'm very open on genre and pairing. Gen is great too! Thanks in advance!


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