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Hello, I have already read a lot of Loki fanfics but. I. NEED. MORE. hehehe
I´m looking for long multi.chaptered fanfics. They could contain preferably:
Loki whump meets avengers
Loki /oc relationship
Loki/sigyn relationship
Loki, Thor, Warriors three friendship
Loki Post TDW where loki is King and falls in love

Or any other!!! as long as is a long fic.
Please, NO SLASH.
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Hello fellow fans,
Thinking about civil war next year make me ill. So I want to cheer myself with something romantic or fluffy. Can you recommend story where Tony being courted? By fellow Avengers or villain (like Loki or Doom) or other people.
Thank you in advance <3

AU Fics?

Jul. 12th, 2015 01:30 pm
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Hello everyone,

I just read "with a decent happiness" by torigates and loved the story and now I crave for more!

Can you point me some other AU stories (Steve/Tony would be great, but other parings are fine) - I don't mind angst, or hurt but I need a happy ending :)

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I'd really like to read about Tony flirting with Steve (the more obviously the better), so if you have any recs for fics in which that happens, please feel free to let me know. :) Happy endings prefered.
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Heya All,

I am in the mood for fics that have Clint in the air vents. It can be the main focus of the fic or just a part of it, but I really want to have some fun with Clint sneaking around the air vents in SHIELD, Avengers Tower, Etc and overhearing conversations, seeing a couple in flagrante delicto, butting in on conversations when people think they are alone, maybe some smutty tension (via the air vents) with Coulson or the like. The fics can have Clint in the main pairing or not (I prefer slash either way) and any rating/length is good.

Thanks for the help!!!
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Hello all,
I am looking for a fic (probably on fanfiction.net) that I read where Loki visits Tony in his tower. Tony is freaked out at first because Loki is supposed to be in jail. It is then revealed that Loki, is in fact, still in jail on Asgard but is projecting his likeness to visit Stark. I remember one scene is them drinking at Tonys bar and Loki playing with the ice, this somehow reveals to Tony that Loki is just a projection.

There meetings continue for awhile, sporadically,and they both bond through talking and getting to know one another. If I am not mistaken, Loki does eventually either get released/escape from prison and Frigga makes a brief appearance at the end?

LF Fic

Oct. 28th, 2014 07:28 pm
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Just watched https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDyZ5WQUujE  Sooo Highly recc'd btw. Know any fics along those lines?

Just a random thought.... kisses for any possibilities.


Sep. 21st, 2014 12:53 am
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Hey guys,

So recently i read a story that had Tony/Bucky in it and I absolutely fell in love with that pairing; so I've been looking for any stories or fics, Au or avengers universe it's all great, with that pairing please :)

Also if a Tony/Bucky/Steve pairing could be avoided that'd be great! Not a huge fan of all three of them as a pairing just Tony/Bucky!

Thank you!
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My favourite super-rare-pair is Rhodey/Natasha. The AO3 tag for the pairing gives 6 stories with this awesome pairing and I wonder if there's more somewhere. Maybe stories where it's a theme but not tagged? Maybe another location?
I'm not really interested in Natasha-as-inhuman-battleaxe. I'm much more imagining that Rhodey's 'normalness' (yes, he knows about the Avengers and flies in a suit, but he probably also has a family to visit at Christmas) might be intimidating to Natasha

Actually, any recs for general Rhodey-getting-along-with-the-team fic? No Tony whump stuff please
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I know I've read a few, but just the other day I was hit with the need for more than those few.

What I'm looking for is for someone (anyone, any pairing, no pairing, ot3, ot4, ot6, Loki, ANYONE AND EVERYONE) wanting to show Tony that he is special, and flirt and generally try and woo Tony.

Tony being generally confused would be awesome (and heartbreakingly adorable) cause he's used to people wanting things from him, and not necessarily he himself.

Any recommendations for some Tony lovin'?
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Hello everyone!

Today, I'm on the hunt for any fic that you have which would have Professor Charles Xavier and our beloved Tony Stark interacting. I mean, in any significant way. Fics where there are throw-away references to the x-men make me chuckle, but I'm looking for fics in which Tony and Charles know each other, whether they are good friends or whether they know each other more biblically.

I'll take pretty much any pairing because Tony is my fandom bicycle, but I'm partial to slash of the Tony/Loki, Tony/Bruce, Tony/Steve, though I'll also accept Tony/Pepper because I love Pepper. But I'd hate to break up Charles/Erik, which is another OTP of mine. I'll even take Gen, I don't mind. I don't mind whether Tony is a mutant, or whether he knows Charles from the schmoozing circles of the New York rich and famous, or whether Charles tried to stop Howard's abuse. Seriously, I'll take whatever.

My aim in this search is to have the team find out that actually, Tony's got a life outside SI and the Avengers, and that that life is actually pretty awesome. Even if it's fics about the people Tony Stark knows, or something. I'm on my knees. I have a BURNING NEED.

Thanks in advance all you lovely people!

Lady Merlin
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Looking for either Steve/Tony or Clint/Coulson. One where there's a lot of good-natured flirting, but neither realizes that the other is actually serious.

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