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1. I'm looking for a specific fic where Tony de-ages himself (to about 12-14). Bruce tries to reverese the de-aging and accidentally de-ages himself, Pepper and Steve in the process (to the same age). Natasha and Clint shows up and tries to save the situation. Bruce is scared of Clint. Natasha takes Bruce out shopping. Pepper kisses Steve. I also think Pepper gives either Bruce or Tony a black eye? This fic is a part of a series and is on ao3. I've been looking for this fic for quite some time and would be grateful if anyone could point me in the right direction.

2. Could you recommend me one or two fics from this fandom that you concider to be the best? No lenght requirement. Any and all pairings and themes are welcome as long as the fic is extremelly well written (proper grammar, in character, emotional impact and so on).

Thank you! ♡

Found: in comments!
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Hi guyes!

I' looking for a fic that I can't find anymore. I'm quite sure that I read it on AO3.

Steve brings Bucky to the Tower and Bucky is quite nervous about meeting Tony (because of Tonys parents). But Tony isn't there and Bucky relaxes a bit. There is a boy and Bucky has no problem to bond with him - but that boy is Tony and no one of the Avengers thought to tell Bucky this fact.

It would be great if someone could point this story out :)
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Often with de-aged avenger fics, an avenger is de-aged to like five or older. I was wondering if there were any stories where they are de-aged to a baby, maybe even newborn. That as opposed to a young child who can speak and walk and play and whatnot. So looking for fics where someone is de-aged to a helpless baby who can't even crawl yet (or if they do it's fine, as long as they can't talk yet), and the rest of the group, or one of the avengers, must care for him/her.
Preferably gen with no slash pairs or previous relationship with the de-aged one.
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I'm looking for fics where Tony gets deaged, preferably to early childhood (no older than about 9), that are either not on AO3 or are not tagged with "Age Regression/De-Aging." Angst and fluff are both totally welcome.

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An alien race turns Clint into a child by exchanging his body with their young prince.

Any ideas?
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I just read a fic (though the name escapes me) where Steve is found after a few years and he and Peggy end up being the awesome aunt and uncle to a young Tony complete with saving him from various kidnappings.  I am looking for more like it.  This could also include deaged Tony who recognizes or latches on to Steve.  I'll take any thing whew a younger Tony doesn't hate Steve.  Also no slash please.
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I've been looking for a fic where Coulson is accidentally deaged by Tony and Bruce. In the fic, Tony and Bruce are messing around in one of the labs. I think the plan (at least Tony's) was to shrink Coulson but instead they turn him into a kid. Loki ends up at the tower as well and ends up saving young Coulson 3 times before "dying."
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Hi, I'm looking for a fic where Clint, Tony and Bruce are deaged.

There was a explosion where bruce, tony and clint are deaged.
I remeber that they didn't know that Clint was there, he was brought to the Hospital and the nurses were mad at coulson because they thought he was his fahter. They still have there own memories, but they act more and more childish as time goes by.

I hope someone knows what I'm talking about.
Thanks in advance!
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Hey guys! I need your help. There is this story about Steve gets deaged and Tony takes care of him. Later in the story someone invades the tower and kills tony. The end is tony's funeral and Steve says he was the best dad. Please help me find it. It has been driving me insane! Thanks a million!
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Two of my very favorite series are Family by f_romanoff_13 and love is for children by ysabetwordsmith. Now im looking for some really good family fics. The avengers having kids im fine with as long as they arent peter parker. I dont really like loki to be in them, though i once read a really good thorki kid one so i guess it doesnt matter. The avengers simply coming together as a great eam and family to each other (especially since none of them had a good one growing up) would be great as well. Or if they were all kids in an au. Ive read fury is father coulson is father orphans foster homes all of it is good. Ill also take deaged because another by f_romanoff_13 was them deaged and it was really good because they all became really close. Thanks in advance!
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Hi! I'm going crazy looking for a fic I read once and can't find now. Tony and Bruce were working on a machine that would shrink people, intending to use it on Fury as a joke. Coulson walks in the lab, and Tony tests it on him, and it de-ages him instead of shrinking him. Coulson ends up physically reliving his childhood, acquiring the same injuries he got as a kid, and also when he got stabbed. Loki turns up at some point and is forced to babysit and little Coulson liked him a lot, and I think Maria Hill was mentioned to be the cellist. Also, I think the overload of memories caused a brain tumor?


Sep. 3rd, 2014 11:22 pm
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I'm looking for any good kid fics of the Avengers. It can be au of deaged though I prefer it to be where they lost memory. some topic ideas...

-obviously any good deaged ones although I've probably read them all I might've missed soon something
-any foster family
-anything where maybe one of the Avengers is an older sibling or something where they have custody of the other Avengers
-fury as dad/caretaker
-Coulson or Maria as caretaker
-Coulson being guardian of young Natasha and/or Clint
-any elementary school au there's usually only high school though I'll take that if it's good
-anything else y'all can think of

I'm obsessed with kid fics and if you have ANYTHING good really I'll take it. I'd anyone knows of any not on AO3 there might be a better chance I haven't read it though don't let that dissuade you from posting anything and everything you've got
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I'm looking for an au fic.

When the brothers were both little, Odin cursed Loki to an eternal sleep (like Sleeping Beauty). He left Loki in a glass casket in the vaults and told everyone that Loki died of a fever or some rot.
The fic I'm looking for is actually a two parter. Very possibly by two different people.
Anyway, the first part was a short ficlet. It explained what happened and had Thor basically coming down to the vault to visit his sleeping brother.
The second part was longer and shown how Thor grew up knowing that his little brother was in the vaults like a discarded thing. That made him grow up differently, he was less anger-prone and thought more. And he plotted, all his life, how to free Loki of the curse. He roped in the Warriors Four, he met Helblindi (found out Loki was actually the youngest of Laufey's kids), married Sif, had a son, and eventually got crowned King. First thing he did was free Loki. Because of the curse, Loki hadn't aged at all, so now Sif and Thor are raising both Magni and kid!Loki as their precious sons.

I'd love to read them, so please help.

EDIT: Nevermind, I remembered ConeyCat wrote the second part: it's called True Love's First Kiss http://archiveofourown.org/works/340755
There a link to the first part as well.
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I am consumed with a sudden need to read Clint Barton fics. Here are some things I am looking for.

1. Clint whump. Mental or physical [abuse, mental disorders, torture, sickness, whatever].
2. De-aged Clint
3. The Avengers learning about Clint's (abusive/terrible) past
4. Clint with self-esteem issues

Any pairings or gen welcome. Happy endings please!
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Hello, I have some time looking for fic in wich Tony is a kid and is abused and/or neglected by Howard (or Maria idk) or a deaging fic or kid!fic in wich kid!Tony shows signs of neglect and/or child abuse and the team comes to notices just now, or others when adult!Tony does something that let the team (or just Steve) know about his crappy childhood. Steve noticing that Howard was a son of a bitch and fluff, protective, and fluff Jarvis (AI or butler) could do too. I already had found some in AO3 and Fanfiction.net, but if somebody has something like that I would be very thankful since I lost all my bookmarks in AO3.
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Okay! I'm looking for a fic where Tony adopts a baby Loki who apparently fell from the sky. (This happens before the Avengers Movie.)

I'm really sorry, I don't remember much at all about it, but I remember this one specific thing: Baby!Loki was drooling on the Iron Man helmet and Tony said, "Baby, don't do that, that goes on Daddy's head."

I know it's not very much at all to work on, but please please please if anyone knows the story I'm talking about, It would be very much appreciated!   ^-^

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I'm looking for a story where Phil is accidentally de-aged by Tony and Bruce. It takes awhile to return him to normal and in the meantime, Loki pops in needing help. Loki gets a vision/message that he will save someone 5 times and then he will die. All the Avengers are in the story and Phil was an abused child and ends up relieving some of the abuse.
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Does anyone know any good fics where natasha is a kid? she can be deaged (although i think ive read all those) or it could be au, im not picky. Bonus points if shes really untrusting. (ill also take any where shes just plain untrusting of the other avengers)
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Doesn't have to be the main element of the story, but I'm looking for some Clint-heavy fics (including AUs) with Clint as the little brother of the team that everyone feels the need to look out for. Maybe some where he's been aged down to fit more into that role? Woobie and/or Competent Clint, whatever the situation.

Also, any fics that contain emphasis on a platonic, protective relationship between Clint and Loki.

All pairings and kinks welcome and appreciated. 
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Hi there,

I'm just wondering if anyone has come across any amazing (preferably real world, but not necessarily) AUs of Loki/Clint. I've read "I've Suffered Shipwrecks", "Gnossiene", "The Avengers High School AU" (by DonRicci, because that title is fairly vague), and was looking for more.

I'm fine with just about anything, but I am quite sick of the non-con/dub-con side of Clint/Loki's relationship... All the fics I come across seem to involve that in some way.

If anyone can also recommend some Kid!Loki fics (where he's an adorable cherub and not a criminal mastermind in the making, and where, preferably, the Avengers are looking after him) I'd also appreciate that.

Thank you very muchly.

I don't know if there's a tag for Kid!Loki so it's going to be deaged, I suppose.
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I'm searching for a fic where Loki was turned into a child. There are a lot of these and I adore them all, but the one I'm looking for has Clint basically raising him with the help of the other Avengers.  Specifically (as there are a few of these) the scene I remember is of Clint and Tony helping out with the cleanup after a battle.  Clint is snappy, fidgety and obviously just wanting to get out of there as soon as possible and subsequently pissing off the cops/firefighters/medics at the scene.  Then Tony somehow gets little Loki on speaker phone of some kind and the people around them figure out that Clint is just wanting to get back to his sick kid.  One of the guys starts being sympathetic and talks to Clint about being a parent.  I think the guy tells Clint and Tony to get back to the Tower, that they can finish up the job here.

I've been going nuts for a couple of days over this one.  Does it ring a bell with anyone?  Thanks in advance.
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Does anyone know any good Darcy fics? I'd rather not have her paired with anyone, so please, no Darcy/Loki, or Darcy/ anyone.

I'd rather like to see one where Jane gets all big sisterly with her, or where Thor, Jane and shelving are all protective of her (or any of the avengers really). Because she's the youngest. Or she gets kidnapped or whatever. I just love Darcy!

Just good, gen Darcy fics please and thank you.
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Hi all!  I am looking for what I think is a series of fics (versus just a multi-chapter story) where each of the Avengers is de-aged (including Coulson). Nat & Clint were de-aged together and the culprit(s) were Loki-Worshippers? I thought I read it on AO3 but cannot find it for the like of me now. Thanks in advance.
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I've pretty much read any de-aging fic i have found but most of them seem to focus around other members of the team.
What i'm after is a (hopefully long) fic featuring a young de-aged Natasha. Either just her, her and other members or the whole team
If you can suggest any good ones it'd be much appreciated! Many thanks
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I'm looking for a fic that had de-aged Tony. He couldn't speak English, because he was young enough to have only talked with his mother, who only spoke Macedonian (?) to him, so that's all he could talk. IIRC Tony tried to accuse the Avengers of trying to kidnap him or thought they were all his father's business partners. Thor came back at some point and translated.

That's all I remember. Hope that helps!

Fic Recs

Aug. 25th, 2013 08:32 pm
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Hi there! Are there any:
1. fem!Steve fics?
2. fics that tell what the other Avengers were doing during Iron Man 3?
3. fics that have Loki earn his redemption? (I love Loki as a villain, but Thor still sees him as a brother and Odin and Frigga loved him just as much as Thor in my mind so no abused!Loki please, but I do think he was bullied.)
4. hurt!Thor fics? (Ones with rape/non-con are encouraged to be recced, but only if it deals with or focuses on the aftermath. And bottom!Thor please because while I think that penetration is the only thing that makes rape rape, Viking culture was critical of men being the bottom and I'd like to see how Thor deals with that.)
5. protective!Steve that does not like anyone messing with his team?
6. deaged!Avengers that don't people's expectations? (Thor's quiet, Bruce is loud, Steve is a bit of a brat, etc.)
7. fics where Darcy is Tony's daughter, known or not?
8. fics that show how Steve affected people through half of the 20th century by being Captain America? (All characters. Avengers, Love Interests, Side Characters.)
9. omega!Thor?
10. Thor and/or Steve settling into Earth/21st century? Or Thor coming to Earth sooner or staying longer as a mortal? Steve being awakened earlier?

Thanks! Also, any long stories with Thor/Steve, Bruce/Natasha, Steve/Darcy, and Steve/Natasha that don't really meet any of these requirements would be loved. :) Just no Thor/Loki unless it's evil!Loki combined with number 4 and Thor only thinks of him as a brother, or an AU where they weren't raised as brothers that also meets one of these requirements. Thanks again!
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Hi, some time ago I found this fantastic drawing of all the avengers deaged, except Clint and Natasha that acted as their father and mother. I was thinking if maybe there is some fic inspired in this picture? Or this picture was inspired by a previous fic? I tried to find one, but I have been unable. So I will be very grateful if someone could suggest a fic with Clint and Tasha as fathers of one or more avengers. If they are protective and caring the better. If there is some drama, it would be perfect. Clint and Natasha don´t have to be necessarily together, any other pairing is fine too.
Thank´s so much.
[identity profile] http://users.livejournal.com/_thelostcity/
Hey there,

Anyone have any recs for fics that have Tony being good with kids? I'd particularly like it if he is unexpectedly good with them, as in the rest of the Avengers/whoever expect him to be terrible.

Also, anyone have any good recs for de-aged Avengers? I'd prefer it involving Tony and/or Steve, individually or with the rest of the team.

For all of the above gen or Steve/Tony would be ideal, but I'll take anything. Thanks!
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This is my first time posting to this page but I'm trying to find two avengers fanfics: Fic A is a de-aging tony, to about six months, but the avengers notice that Tony doesn't behave quite like normal babies. I know Thor brings Loki who does a spell that helps but that's about all that I can remember about it. Fic B is about Tony being in a meeting with the Avengers and removing his reactor and counting the minutes to see who notices.  Anyone who knows these two fics, I would be greatly appreciative.

Deaged Tony

May. 5th, 2013 12:21 pm
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Halp! I've been looking for this one for weeks now, been through all the deaged tags on AO3 and still failed to find it.

Tony (and maybe some others?) are deaged. Specifically in this fic, Tony and Pepper are together and Pepper's pregnant. She turns up then laughs saying she's already got one baby Stark to look after so she's not going to babysit two of them and they're on their own.

I thought it was on AO3, but since I can't find it there, might have been LJ?
[identity profile] saj-te-gyuhyall.livejournal.com
Hi everyone! I've read tons of deaged fics on all the various sites where Avengers are archived, but since the fandom is, well, MASSIVE, I know I'm probably missing tons.... I'm looking for one very specific type of deaged fic though, one I (frustratingly) have yet to find.

I am looking for a fic where the team is deaged to preteen/teen age, but still posses all their memories.... And it's permanent (or nearly so, they spent a LONG time kids anyhow). ANY pairings are fine; het, slash, gen, 's all good! Crossovers are fine too. I'd prefer if the fic was complete or at least off to a promising start, but I'm willing to take anything at this point, *G*.

Does this exist? Or am I doomed to want a fic that shall never be? LOL
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Hi all,

I'm looking for a story I'm sure I read on Ao3. Basically, Loki was fighting the Avengers, and I think a spell backfired on him turning him into a little kid. The Avengers took him in and Clint ended up being the parental figure to him. I don't remember the reason, but I think the Avengers were having Loki do something, and every time he did, the adult Loki personality would come back a little more. In the end, the true Loki personality decided to basically kill himself as long as they promised to always love and protect the nice kid Loki. I also think there was a scene in which the Avengers had dressed Loki up in Thor pajamas.

I know it's confusing, but that's the best way to describe it. I really liked that story and hope someone knows what I am talking about. Oh, and it's not the story in which Phil/Clint raise Loki. This is purely Clint being solely responsible for Loki.

Thank you to any and all help.


Edit: Found! by the amazing [livejournal.com profile] jejo763 The story is Amateur Theatrics and the story I mentioned above is the Kid Loki Series
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A while back I read a comment fic where Loki deages Darcy Lewis, and the Avengers have to take care of her until they can fix it/make Loki reverse it. Most of what I remember about it was that she had hilarious tea parties/play dates with Deadpool, I'm fairly sure there was a Darcy/Clint component, and I know it was multi-part and pretty long. If I remember correctly, it was in response to a meme, but I can't remember which one and my GoogleFu is failing me. Help!
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Hello! Can anyone rec some deaged!Tony fics? I'd prefer slash (Steve/Tony or Bruce/Tony), but at this point, anything is fine. I've read A.I.s and Lullabies by Echo and searched through the tags, and any additional help would be lovely. :)
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Hi everyone, looking for a fic I lost when my computer crashed:

I think it was called "Finders". It was either on avengers kink or norsekink where Loki is deaged to a baby when he lands on earth into Tony's home; Tony adopts him and calls him Clark; Loki doesn't remember who he is but still has magic/is super smart/sometimes turns blue.

Any help is appreciated since I'm going crazy trying to find it.

Found by the awesome mremre! It's Finders Keepers by purplemoon3

Thank you :)


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