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I have seen a lot of civil war fix it stories but I am looking for an alternative ending were Tony manages to kill the winter soldier or at the very least arrest him.
Please someone tell me it exist.
Also I could go for one were he manages to arrest Steve xD
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So I've been told the whole "Ross is the villain and threatens Tony to get Cap out" are becoming common these days. Problem is I don't have the time to check through Lj sites or AO3 to find those ones. I search for those for a small time on occasions, but can't seem to find them. Might be that I'm too sleepy at the time to fully process what I'm reading.

So I just want to read as many "Tony-mpreg stories with Ross as a villain out to get Cap through Tony" fics as I can get. Feel free to rec non-mpreg stories, too. I don't mind them as long as Ross is the villian and is using an unwilling or willing Tony to get Cap out of hiding.

I'll read any version of the marvel universe, MCU, earth 616, anything. I guess this may seem like an obvious stony fic request, but I can take any additonal pairings and gen fics.
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I'm thinking of a long but excellent post-CA:TWS fic I read and thought I had bookmarked, but apparently not. Bucky is caught by the remnants of SHIELD and released into Steve's custody, along with a bag of candy. I don't remember why he had the bag of candy but he had one. He has a long and gruelling period of adjusting and makes a little toy figurine that he bakes in the oven. I think Steve ordered it off Amazon or something. The figurine becomes significant later. As he he gradually starts to improve, HYDRA tries to snatch him, and in the aftermath, Coulson's SHIELD crew do snatch him, and basically force him to participate in their missions. Any of this ringing a bell for someone?

Also, I know there are tags in this comm, but I haven't figured out how to work them yet (this is only my second post), so I'm just going to leave this entry untagged. Sorry if that creates extra work for a community admin.

Thank you in advance.

Edited to add: And thanks to the fabulous [livejournal.com profile] dinara_n, I have re-found this fic. It's Sing Me the Alphabet, by TheSardine.
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Just found this com, so I'm hoping I'm doing this right.

Does anyone have any post Captain America: Civil War fics that don’t woobify either Tony Stark or Bucky? (or more specifically, that don’t make either Tony or Cap the bad guy. Preferably no fics claiming Steve Rogers is arrogant, that’s an instant no for me.

Extreme bonus points for fics where someone calls Tony out for bringing a child into a battle. Like say, where Cap finds out that Spider-Man is only 15, and is pissed of, both with himself, and with Tony, for a child being put in danger like that.

In fact, I’d love any Spider-Man centric post Civil War fics (and none that pair him up with adults, like say Deadpool) Also please no ‘reader’ fics, also an instant pass.

That and anything with T-challa, Sam or Rhodey in a major role would be awesome. It’s just so hard to find any character specific fics on ao3
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I'm leaving fortwo days (3 hours of train, a night with nothing good on tv and possibly two to ten hours to wait at the train station and 3 other hours of train or whatever I'm returning home in) so I'm really in need of some good reading material.
What i'm looking for :
+Tony-centric fics
+gen if possible (slash is totally okay, but no Loki/Tony please)
+either very long or very well-written
+complete or as good as
+angst and hurt-comfort more than okay unless he cries every five minutes
+anything with drama around the arc-reactor or extremis, i'm also very fond of young! or mutant! or shifter!tony
+I've read something about a brother (Arno ?) if there is any fic about it I would love to read it.

Bonus if it's a civil war fix-it, I still have too many feels over that movie...

Thank you !
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Hey guys!

So i had a dream about Steve and Bucky last night. Basic gist is Bucky was telling Steve about all the things he'd done as the winter soldier, and they were both crying. Any fic along that idea?

Also i've read six million fics where the others support tony, realise he's a genius, threaten steve if he hurts him, etc. I'm looking for the same idea, but with Steve being supported.

Thanks guys!

Ps: gimme your favourite Bucky centric fic. He's my new fave!
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Hello all. I'm looking for a specific fiction that takes place after civil war where Tony took the bullet for Steve and died. This work is different in that Pepper and Rhodey confront the avengers so that they may find closure. The avengers then take turns explaining why they fought on the side they did. Sound familiar to anyone at all? Thanks.
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I've come across a couple of 'Civil War' inspired fics where Steve ends up getting killed by Tony's hand and Tony feels guilty. I wondered if anyone did the reverse where it was Steve ending the war with Tony's death, no slash though. Total Gen, and Steve feels guilty for it.
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I've looked through what I think are all the correct tags but can't find this one.  It's a civil war fix it with Steve and Tony as the pairing.  The fantastic four are in it along with spiderman. Reed Richards gets Tony and Steve to drink something during a meeting that causes the two of them to have sex whenever they start arguing about registration.  Any ideas what this is please?

Thanks much! 
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Okay, I'm looking for a specific Steve/Tony fic. I'm pretty certain it was set during Civil War, and basically, Steve and Tony end up meeting up amd having pretty violent sex, with Tony bottoming. Tony ends up coming but Steve keeps going, and when Tony says it's pointless to try to get him to come again, I think Steve says something about it not being about Tony's pleasure.

Dubcon-y by some standards, defibitely dark and painful.

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kind of an unusual request. i was re-reading like coming home by missbecky on ao3, and there's a mention of steve having a mind-control trigger phrase that erskin was forced to include during implementation of project rebirth (they talk about it in the part that starts: But he was here. He was alive. And he was Tony Stark.).

what i'm looking for is what the trigger phrase is. i distinctly remember steve telling it to tony later on in the fic, either as a precaution so tony knows what it is, or as a show of trust. it's driving me crazy. i've tried reading through but it's a long fic and i know i'm accidentally skimming bits in my hurry to find that scene. i'm almost convinced i'm getting this fic mixed up with another similar one.

please help?

edit: missbecky has replied and let me know that the scene i'm thinking of (in the second paragraph up there) is not in her fic, so now i'm looking for which fic has this steve-reveals-his-trigger-phrase storyline.
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I'm looking for a fic in which Tony wakes up to find out that the Civil War was all a dream. I think he had it because he was hit by a curse of some kind in a fight with Loki? It might have been steve/tony but I'm not sure about that either. I do remember there being a scene with him breaking down and apologizing to Wanda for not doing enought to help her.
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A while ago, I was in the middle of a fic that I'm fairly certain was on AO3, but I lost track of the link.

I'm pretty sure it was post-Civil War), with Steve and Tony trying to work out their issues and living under the same roof. The rest of the world doesn't know Steve is alive for a while (with the exception of Carol and maybe a few other people). They're taking care of a girl who is a clone (sort of, because she's female unlike Steve), and she was trained as a weapon and didn't have a real name when they got her. The little girl ends up being called Maria and has a lot of emotional issues and what basically amounts to PTSD because she was raised to be a murder weapon. She has trouble making decisions and asserting her preferences and wants, especially at first.

That's all I can really remember. If you know what fic I'm talking about, please help because I'd love to finish reading it. Thanks!
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Hello all! I'm looking for two things:

A) Fics wherein someone punches Howard. I'm partial to Steve but anyone would be good. It can be any verse, any point in time, I just want to see Howard get his. Steve/Tony preferred but not necessary.

B) Fics wherein someone gives 616!Steve a good talking to either during or post Civil War. I like it when it's alternates but anyone is good as long as they ream Steve (and possibly other Avengers) out. Steve/Tony please. Fics of this theme revolving around current events would also work.
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It's goodness knows how long until Cap 3 & Civil War, and I'm already dreading it. So my request is twofold: the fluffiest Steve/Tony you can find AND Civil War fixits bc, dammit in some media they need to live happily ever after.
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I'm looking for some recs. Most of my reading so far has been on Ao3 so it would be nice to get some fics that aren't on there as well. I prefer completed fics or regularly updated WIPs. Both plot based and PWP are fine. I've tended to read mostly MCU and 616 but feel free to rec other verses. I prefer stories that are more closely related to canon (i.e. they are still avengers) than full out AUs such as normal/high school/college settings. No warnings necessary.

I love Tony-centric fics but I also enjoy Loki-centric and Bucky-centric fics.

Pairings I read most often are FrostIron, Stony, Bucky/Steve, and polyamory (i.e. OT3's, OT6's, OT7's, OT8's, etc. as long as they include either Steve/Tony or Loki/Tony as part of the pairing). I will occasionally read Tony-centric fics that are Tony/Other where other is Pepper, Clint, Coulson, Bruce, etc. if the fic is very well written.

I also have developed an interest in Bucky/Tony, as well as, Bucky/Steve/Tony. I don't mind if the background pairings are different as long main pairing is one of my preferred pairings. Gen is also fine.

I really like H/C stories centered around my favorite characters. I prefer fics with a hopeful or happy ending but lots of hurt and angst in the beginning/middle is more than fine with me.

I read Resurection-verse by Elespethdixion and Seanchai and This time tomorrow (where were we?) by dorcas_gustine and am now craving Civil War fics preferably fix-its. I'd love it if someone could rec me some that don't place all the blame on one side or the other (i.e. where there is some acknowledgement that both sides could have done things differently).

Any fics relating to Secret Invasion/Skrulls, Brain-delete, time travel/time loops, fix-it fics, daemons, mutant, sparring, secret powers/abilities, my favorite characters being BAMF, and/or needing a hug.

Are there any fics where Tony ends up in the past and ends up joining up with and becoming friends with the Steve, Bucky, and the rest of the Howling Commandos like the glimpses we get in Man Out of Time by samptra? Either gen or slash.

Thanks for your time. :)

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So today I finally read some of the civil war comic (just the stony parts xD) and I keep thinking what if Steve didn't stop and he actually killed tony, so please is there any fics like that
Also I am looking for fics where steve doesn't get killed, and actually has a trial for treason
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I've been looking for this fic all morning. but I can't seem to find it. It's a post civil war 616 fic, where there`are all these statues appearing around the world that no-one notices - as in they psychically prevent people from caring about there presence - until Tony manage to catch on. Seems they are part of an invasion. Google if failing me. Please help.


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