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I've been looking for this for ages!

Somebody, I'm pretty sure it's Loki, hits the Avengers with a spell that draws out animal characteristics for each of them. From what I remember, Natasha is a snake(?) of some sort, I think Bruce was a rhino, either Thor or Steve was a dog. They got some physical characterisics, like Bruce had denser gray skin, Natasha had scales, and also behavioural characteristics were magnified. Clint got feathers in his hair and like enhanced bird-senses or something. It all started to fade after a few days, except for Clint's, which didn't fade at all, and they figured out it was because Clint was comfortable with the changes and accepted them. and then I'm pretty sure he used the enhancements to kick Loki's ass or something. Also I think it was Clint/Coulson? But I could be wrong.

Help me find the pretty story please? :)

FOUND: Let Them Call It Mischief by infiniteeight on AO3.
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I'm looking for a story where Steve was turned into a tiger. I'm pretty sure it was by Loki and the pairing was Steve/Tony.

Please and thanks in advance!
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I *think* these fics were part of a series, but I could be wrong.

In the first one I'm looking for, Tony gets turned into a dog (I think, maybe a cat?).  He and Steve have just had a fight because Steve's a bit homophobic and freaks out when Tony touches him (Tony wasn't into him, but that argument plants the idea...).  I remember Steve won't let Tony eat whatever he wants or get into trouble.  And Tony is furious.  Then Tony and Clint are fooling around and Tony gets hurt- runs into something and hits his head, I believe- and Steve is super protective.  Gradually they start cuddling, and Tony winds up sleeping in Steve's bed.  Where he transforms back for the first time.  Steve freaks out.  He turns back into a dog, and continues turning back and forth until Steve gets over his homophobia.  There are sneaky hotdogs with Happy and dog!Tony (who isn't allowed onion rings, I think) and maybe also Clint?  They get in trouble with Steve.  And Clint dresses Tony up- maybe as Hawkeye?- at one point.
Oh!  This all happens because Loki is in an abandoned mining town and they all go looking for him, and Tony goes down the mine by himself, which Steve gets mad at him about, and winds up with the crystal Loki was looking for.  Bruce puts the crystal on a collar that allows Tony to talk.

I *think* this was part of a series, and that the next fic was a later installment, I might be wrong though.  If they're separate, I'm desperately seeking both.

Steve winds up transported to an alternate universe (by Loki who wants something from him and is trying to trick him into revealing it, maybe?) where the serum didn't muscle him up, it put him in a coma.  He wakes up 70 years later.  Howard is stll alive, and Bucky is Captain America.  Howard and Bucky do *not* get along.  Tony is living in this isolated house of Howard's drinking himself to death and working for Stark Industries.  For some reason, Howard (who I think is creeping on Steve?) decides Steve should live with Tony.  Tony drinks a lot and hits on Steve sometimes, but Steve is heartbroken, because he loves Tony and this broken, defeated alcoholic is a Tony who doesn't love him?  Steve works at Stark Industries as Tony's assistant and brings him food at lunch.  He finds sodas they both like with marbles in the necks one day.  Steve also buys a punching bag, but he can barely use it.  Tony drinks a lot and Steve tries to get him to eat.  Tony is WAY different (flirty, I think for sure- also friendly?) when he's drunk and it confuses Steve.  Tony also has to sleep with a girl of Howard's choosing a certain number of times a year to get an heir to the Stark family.  He hates it and leaves her in his room to come see Steve.
I think there's some sort of super villain attack right in their front lawn and they get involved?  I might be wrong.  And that Loki is there, as a beautiful woman who's sleeping with Doom?  And he was also in Steve's hospital room when he woke up as a beautiful woman?  And that this is all a plot to get the red stone that turned Tony into a dog in the first story.

These might be totally separate things, but I've looked everywhere and can't find them, so any help would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!
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I've been trying to find this fic for so long I've started thinking I imagined it. or it's been deleted.

What I remember is that it was on ao3, Clint is transformed into a dog, and left for a while with a dog handler? Someone who doesn't know about the transformation anyway. It was either clint/coulson or gen with c/c feels. I searched the tags on ao3 but only found fluffy corgi!clint, I remember this as being more angsty and no corgi.

Please please for the love of ice cream help me find this fic! Or I'll have to assume it was a figment of my imagination.

ETA I love this fandom. Found in record time - Pedigree
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Hi ya'll. So, a couple of weeks ago, my laptop went flying off my coffee table via Giant Malamute airlines and I was not able to get anything off my hard drive. So, all my fics I had saved on there are all gone. I have re-found a fair number of them but there are some that I remember about that I'm still missing. I don't remember everything about the fics, but here are the few things I do remember.

Specific fics:
1) The US government (or the World Security Council) wants either Clint or Bruce (could possibly be someone else or the whole team) to pay for something and sets out to arrest them. I think the team finds out while they're away on a mission in some other part of the world. The team decides to start helping and improving their public image in other countries where they cannot be deported back until the government decides to drop all charges against the person.
Found! by [livejournal.com profile] semebay The story is: What the Deep Heart Means

2) After a drunken bar fight in a back alley, Clint finds a stray cat who pretends to be injured. He brings the cat back to the tower. He starts out being drunk most of the time and feeling "sorry" for himself but throughout the story, he gets better because he has to take care of this cat. I don't think the cat ever gets a name. There is a sequel where Clint loses his sight(?) for a little while.
Found! by [livejournal.com profile] semebay The story starts at: This is a Story About a Cat

3) Through some magical something or other, Clint goes back in time and is able to basically redo all the events of the movie, making them "end" in a better way. He does tell Coulson, Fury and Natasha that he's from the future and they eventually believe him. I believe the beginning of the fic is him going back to seconds before Loki touches him with the spear and Clint throws up a mental shield that someone has been teaching him for if it ever happens again. Clint thinks this is a dream at first because he's been having this dream over and over again. This story is for sure a Clint/Coulson fic.
Found! by [livejournal.com profile] parmalokwen. The story is: A Chance Which Does Redeem All Sorrows The story is a WIP.

Now, these are only the ones I remember about/reminded about because of other stories that have similar scenes. There are probably a ton more that I'm missing. So, I was wondering if you guys have any recommendations. No mpreg and VERY-little-to-no Loki. I like Clint/Coulson, Steve/Tony, Steve/Bucky, OT6, gen or canon pairings. Other than that, anything goes. And I'd prefer them on fanfiction.net or AO3 because the program I use (Calibre) is only able to get fics off of those sites. Thanks in advance.
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A unicorn shows up in the Mansion backyard and only Steve can get anywhere near it.

Past that I know nothing about the story. Any help is appreciated.

Steve Fics

Jul. 5th, 2014 09:56 pm
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Looking for three things.

1. Any fics involving Steve being able to wield Mjolnir.
2. Any fics where Steve is a supernatural creature. I'd love if it was a reaction from the serum (like the serum makes him turn into a werewolf). I also won't mind any fics where the serum turns him into a monster/non-human like Hulk.
3. Fics where Steve has a pet. Any pet.

Any ratings/pairings are fine.

editing to add two fics someone else was searching for about a year ago but were never found. But they both look like fics I would love. These were the summaries she gave.

1.I remember that it was one of those Steve having trouble adjusting fic. He has good days and bad days. I remember after he has a bad day and the Avengers have a bad day, he doesn't want to be around them because he doesn't want to drag them down (he shouts at them, specific Tony, who probably takes it the wrong way/personally). Then he trashes his apartment and Bruce comes by and cleans up the glass and checks up on him. I think it might have been Steve/Tony, but I can't be sure, and if it was it was still pre-relationship/slow build (in the chapters I've read). Fairly certain that it's a wip, and not complete.

2. The scene that stands out to me is: the Avengers (plus Fury), have gathered for a meeting/debrief? and there is some tension/back-and-forth/comments between Steve and Tony which Steve reacts strongly to, stunning everyone when he gets up asks Natasha for the notes (which she silently agrees to do for him) and leaves before the meeting/debrief ends/possibly before it starts. I don't remember if it was shippy or not.
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I'm looking for a hurt Tony fic I read sometime ago. Tony's hurt, and one of the Avengers, maybe Thor, gets him a dog. I believe they call her Lady. Lady gets shot protecting Tony. Sound familiar to anyone? Thanks!
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Hi guys! I read this fic a loooong time ago so I don't remember much:
-there were these small fluffy alien animals that got into shield somehow
-I'm pretty sure Tony befriended them and they acted like his pet
-Thor came back from asgard and everyone found out he could communicate with them
-it was probably Tony/Steve since that's the majority of what I read

I know it's not a lot of information but any help would be appreciated! Also if anyone has any similar stories involving alien pets to rec that'd be great too!
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Hello all! I'm hoping someone knows what fic I'm talking about and can point me to it. I remember that Clint was turned into a Hawk at the Avengers Tower and forcibly flown away by other creatures and the team had to journey to rescue him, particularly Coulson. I think it was a sort of quest to get him back human, but it was also about Hawkeye's secret past with his brother. Does this ring any bells? Thanks!
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1) I'm looking for a fic where Tony is transgenic, crossed with a hummingbird.  It's told from Pepper's PoV, and I remember that one of the reasons he drank so much alcohol was for the calories. FOUND in comments.  (Also, any transgenic Tony fics would be appreciated.)

2) Any fics where Tony is a mutant. I've read ALL OF THEM on AO3, so if you could rec outside of that, I would be eternally grateful.

Thank you!
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Recs involving puppies or dogs would be appreciated! They could adopt a dog, or one of them could be turned into a dog, or anything really. I'm just in the mood for some fluff and adorable puppy antics.
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Could I get some recs please?

1) well-written, reasonably realistic stories where the team (or one of them) gets a pet? I'm interested in life with the pet, not just how they acquire it. I'd prefer gen or at least light on pairings.

2) Smart & perceptive Thor - he's thousands of years old, he's not a big dumb lug, and I'd love to see some fiction where that really shows.

3) Smart / purposeful / confident Steve - I see him written as shy and uncertain so much, I'd love to read some fiction where Steve (outside of a combat situation) knows what he wants and goes for it. Pairings is fine - I prefer Het.

4)  Steve's sense of humour - I am madly in love with the Steve in To Be Modified As Necessary (you should read the whole thing, but I refer to rule 1 and 4) and I crave more of that Steve - the one who has a sense of humour and is totally willing to troll somebody with his supposed lack of knowledge about modern times and isn't worried about looking silly etc. Does anybody know of any other stories where this is a theme?
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Hey guys, I could really use some help here. I read a story in which Tony was Steve's kitten who had a heart problem since an accident with a bicycle. One day after Steves noticed him in pain they go to the vet, who said that Tony wouldn't survive.
Bruce, he was Steve's dog, had told Tony once that if he wishes for something very hard, it'd come true. So before he died he wished to become human, because he loved Steve so much, and as nice romantic fanfics go, the wish became true. Clint and Loki were cats also in this story (Clint was Natasha's and Loki Thor's), and later became humans. Bruce remained dog.

Yeah tha's about it. Since I couldn't find it again and no one could help me yet, I thought I imagined it or something, but, come on, I remember everything about it, so it must at least exist :D

Oh and in the end Tony even made a device so the humans could understand the animals as well.

Help? please?


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