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Basically, I'm hankering after a fic where Steve is kind to Bucky hugs/smiling/stroking his hair. Bucky can be recently back from Hydra or whatever, I don't mind. Explicit is welcome :)

Thank you!
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We all know that Tony Stark almost always has a glass of somehting in his hand or a bottle of alcohol within reach, and is often drunk.  Yeah, right.  My attention wanders and I'm in the midst of reading about 6 or 7 stories right now so I can't seem to find which one had the scene where first Hawkeye, then Bruce (by the Other Guy's stronger sense of smell) figures out that the amber liqued that Tony just poured from a crystal decanter is a rooibos tea, not scotch or whatever everyone else assumes it to be, and that Tony's tipsy-to-drunk act is just that, an act.  I'd like to find any-other stories like that, where Tony Stark is just putting up the drunken playboy front and hasn't really had a drink in years.  (I'll post the title ot the story I read here when I figure out which one it is.)
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Hi, I know this has been asked several times, but I know I have this fic!! I just can't remember the name or the author!!

If anyone, remembers the name, part of the name or the author please tell me!!

Thank you, be well, Monica

Edit: I'm talking about a fic where Tony Stark is the actor in the Sherlock Holmes movies.
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I'm looking for a fic where Tony is abused by his boyfriend, whose name I don't remember. I think it started with an M but I'm not sure.

I remember that when he tried to subtly tell the rest of the Avengers about it, he said "Sometimes he gets physical." The Avengers laughed and said they knew, but they thought he was talking about sex, not physical abuse. Tony figured that meant that they knew what The Boyfriend was doing and approved of it, so he eventually thought that he deserved it and that The Boyfriend really was trying to help him.

Another thing I remember is that The Boyfriend told Tony that Rhodey only liked him for the War Machine suit and that he actually had to pay Pepper to spend time with him.

Anyone know what I'm talking about?
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I don't have much to go on, but I remember that after the fiasco with the Bifrost, Loki fell to Midgard and became a SHIELD agent. The whole Chitauri thing was really a planned test for the Avengers, to see if they really could work together to save the world if it was ever necessary. Unfortunately, no one told the Avengers this. Loki went to Fury's office and chewed him out for letting the Hulk beat him up because this was not part of the plan, damnit! Also,, Coulson didn't die, it was an illusion or an LMD

No, it's not the Undercover Boogie, though I have read that, and it was pretty good.

Also, if anyone knows what I'm talking about here: I'm pretty sure it was a huge fic rec, and the url or title was something like "thehawkisinhisnest".

If anyone knows either of those, it would be greatly appreciated!
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Hey everyone!

I'm looking for fics in which Tony isn't as "happy" as he's portrayed in fics and the movies. As in, okay, everyone knows that he's not actually happy, and that he's had a really bad past, and he's broken in so many ways, just as badly as anyone else on the team. Just because he went through a different type of torture to Clint and Natasha doesn't mean it was any less devastating. But I think people on the team, and in SHIELD forget it because he's so lighthearted and "happy" all the time, and it's difficult to imagine him having a past even comparable to the rest of the Avengers, who are darker, and more somber.

I'm looking for fics in which something happens and Tony shows his anger, and his darkness. And I want the others to be surprised. I want him to be angry, and cold, and dark, and absolutely nothing like the Tony Stark we (they) know. And then the others realise that it's a mask, and a lie, and that they've been underestimating him all this while. And maybe Tony will realise that he's slipped and he'll pull his mask back on, or something.

Okay, maybe too specific, but I'm essentially looking for fics in which Tony is covering his darker nature and temperment and it slips one day, and the others realise they've been duped all this while.

Anyone? I really hope I'm not blathering on, but. Yeah. I'm good with most pairings but for these kinds of fics I love Tony/Loki.

Thanks in advance!

Lady Merlin
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I read a fic a while back, in which Steve takes up his old acting career in the new century.  I believe it begins with a cameo role as a soldier, and then leads to a big part in a modern film with which he surprises everybody with his performance.  

Can someone direct me to that fic?  I don't recall if there are particular relationships but it is set post Avengers.  They may all be living in the tower.  There may also be something along the slash lines within.  I am sure I read it on AO3.  (I've been plowing through the fic in this fandom, and I don't always remember to bookmark the good stuff.)  

Thanks a bunch!


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