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I'm sure there must be some amazing artists among the Avenger Fans *grin* so I have to ask:

Are there videos on youtube made by fans for fanfiction stories?

I tried finding some but at the moment I'm not happy with my results (aka I've found none!)

I know this question has not much to do with stories but I hope it's okay for me to ask nevertheless

Thank you!
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Are there other fics where Black Widows escaped the Red Room/ HYDRA like Natasha did? Just curious.
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This isn't really Avengers related, but it will help me find a lot of Marvel stories I'd noted and saved, so please forgive me if this is the wrong place to ask.  There is a site were you can open a personal page under your own name to note chosen stories and sites, listed under tags.  I've been going through my list of sites and bookmarked pages for the last week and can't find it.  Hope someone can help me here.  It's really bugging me.


Jul. 27th, 2015 12:30 am
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I want fics about Tony being a total goofball and being his hilarious self infront of the team. I want him to be making jokes and just being a little shit. Also, I want the team to be laughing with him and surprisingly enjoying his company. I just want them to encounter a side that nobody has really seen of Tony. Thaanks !
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That's a weirdly specific request, I realize, but I'm an MCU Loki fan of the "all sympathetic interpretations and/or redemption arcs all the time" variety, so while I'd really like to play a video game with Loki in it (even better if he's a playable character), I'm not overly interested in one where he's just a one-dimensional villain...and I don't exactly have the time or money to try everything myself. So I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions--maybe experience with the games I've listed under the cut, or something totally different. Read more... )
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Hey all!

I'm trying to find a story(or maybe series) I read that contains the following:

Clint and Coulson go to Malibu to watch Tony because he is depressed and drinking too much. I think they do something to protect Tony from Fury's manipulations.

I believe its the same story/series that also has Tony helping out with Clint because he realizes after Coulson dies (or everyone think hes dead) that Clint is a sub.

Does this or anything like this ring a bell with anyone?



Apr. 15th, 2015 02:37 pm
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I have a new love - podfic! and I'm hoping some diserning readers/writers/listeners or podders(?) will have some suggestions.

-Any lengths is fine, alhugh the longer the better.
- Stony preffered, gen also fine. Threesome/moresome also acceptable, so long as they involve Tony, or better yet, Stony (I have a bit of a thing for Steve/Tony/Thor and Stark Spangled Banner. And CLint/Tony. Also, poly, becasue Avengers.) Actually? Shipping not an issue :)
- Any genre- Angst, fluff, smarm, pron, h/c, humour. Is all good.
- I have trawled AO3 and Jinjurly(?)quie a bit, and while I'm sure I've missed some, suggestions from elsewhere are extra appreciated.

Thanks for any suggestions you can come up with :)


Hope I tagged at least semi-correctly.


Apr. 12th, 2015 05:42 pm
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Hi I'm looking for any stories where someone is obsessed with Bucky/Winter Sholdier or Steve or Tony.
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Hello all,
I am looking for a fic (probably on fanfiction.net) that I read where Loki visits Tony in his tower. Tony is freaked out at first because Loki is supposed to be in jail. It is then revealed that Loki, is in fact, still in jail on Asgard but is projecting his likeness to visit Stark. I remember one scene is them drinking at Tonys bar and Loki playing with the ice, this somehow reveals to Tony that Loki is just a projection.

There meetings continue for awhile, sporadically,and they both bond through talking and getting to know one another. If I am not mistaken, Loki does eventually either get released/escape from prison and Frigga makes a brief appearance at the end?
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(ETA:  The radiant & splendiferous [livejournal.com profile] karambura found fics on LiveJournal, AO3 & fanfiction.net, and provided the link to a Stark/Stark search on AO3!  *\o/*  See comment.  :-)

Hi!  I didn't see any tags that seemed to apply to this pair so I don't think it's been requested before; apologies if I'm wrong.  /o\

I'm looking for any fic that features Tony Stark & Nathan Stark (from EUReKA, a Sci-Fi1 cable TV show).   One of EUReKA's creators is a comic book aficionado &, according to the actor who played Nathan Stark, his character was modeled on Tony Stark in the Iron Man comic books.

Crossover, fusion, cameo appearance, slash, gen--I'm only familiar with the Marvel movie!verse but I'll take whatever you may find & be dam' grateful for it!   :-D   Thanks for your time!

1 It was the Sci-Fi Channel when EUReKA started & I refuse to dumb down the name.   >¦^Þ~

Mods, if it's appropriate could there be a search: fic (crossover) tag [or would it be search: fic (genre)]?  And if there are fics that match my request you might want to add crossover: eureka, &/or a theme: family/relatives tag [as distinct from theme: kid!fic; theme: incest; or theme: stepbrothers tags].  Ugh, I don't know--better you than me....
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I've remade my account and am re marking some fics.

I'm looking for any fics about Loki falling to earth and ends up on stark tower so somewhere post avengers where he is injured/ill/has PTSD. I know there's a few of them but I just can't find them ! I'm particularly after ones involving Tony - I remember one particular one where he finds Loki in a heap on the roof ??

I'd really appreciate the help. You can link me any LJ or A03/ whatever if it's allowed on here :)
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1) I'm looking for the FrostIron fic where Loki falls in lust/love with Tony to a point that he has to kiss him and think about him all the time. I think Thor questions him about his motives. One scene played in the kitchen with Loki forcefully kissing Tony, Tony being scared etc. Maybe some courting later on? Happy ending. That is all I know.

2) Are there any stories that are similar? Loki falling in love first, courting (reluctant or oblivious) Tony?

3) Protective/Possessive/Smitten Loki (I've recently gone through the tags in A03, so maybe some newer recs, or recs from other websites?) E.g. I really like "1001 Tales of Once Upon a Time" by lucius_complex (WIP).

If you have stony stories that fit in 2) or 3), rec them please! I prefer bottom!tony and happy endings.
Thanks in advance!

Edit: (1) Found by anon: It Isn't Always Easy written by Schadenfreudessa
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I am looking for horror fics (in honor of Halloween)! Body horror, mind fuckery, possession, supernatural monsters/situations, end of the world, abandoned places, etc. This list might help: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/HorrorTropes

Short or long (but short, creepypasta style is best).

If short, anything goes (character, pairing, character death).
If long (more than 8000 words), I'd prefer fics with Steve, Loki, or Clint as the main character. But will take any that are suitably scary. I'd prefer no character death.

Horror themed fanart or fanvids also welcome.
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Hello fellow avengers-addict ;)
I have read Avengers fic adapted from What's Your Number, where Tony visiting his ex to find his true love with Steve's help.
My bookmarks gone, so anyone could show me the link of the story?
And anyone know other stories that adapted TV series, movies, book, even animes/cartoons and songs?
As long as it featured Tony I will love it. It can be Gen or Pairing.
Thank you so much!
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Hi guys,

I'm looking for this amazing kinkmeme prompt fill put up ages ago. Basically, the prompt asked for Loki travelling all over the world (I can't remember if it was set before or after Avengers) and basically becoming this internet phenomenon with people taking photos of him showing up all over the world. I think he was named something like The Man in the Scarf??? I'm not sure, but it spawned this amazing thread where a lot of fillers put Loki in their hometowns and basically described the experience of seeing him and then posting it on tumblr. I think the very first fill was during a baseball game.

I really hope to find it, since it was an incredible (meta) read.

[identity profile] seranita.livejournal.com
Exactly what the title suggests. I'm looking for recommendations focussing on the ladies, especially Pepper (!), Darcy, Natasha and Jane. I don't mind them being paired with anyone, really, but I would love something focussing on their character and/or how incredible they are at what they do.

Also, if anyone knows any good fanvids about any of the above or all at once, I will give you my eternal gratitude, possibly my firstborn too.

Thanks in advance. =)
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Hi, I'm completely new to this fandom so bear with me!

I've trolled around a little and read some great Thorki fics, but I suck at finding more- so if ya'll could rec me some I'd die happy :)

I would love mpreg, jotun!Loki, or AUs! Other than that, not a whole lotta guidelines :)
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More accurately, proof I am not going insane. I have this image in my head of Howard Stark basically going, picking up Obadiah and showing him a field/desert space and telling him that this is where he's going to build his new factory/company.

I know it was from before Iron Man 2, but I can't remember where it was. Does anyone else remember this or have I completely lost my marbles? (I'd like to know if I have, it's supposed to be quite fun)

Mods, as ever if this isn't allowed, I apologise and feel free to delete me


Dec. 11th, 2013 09:56 pm
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I mostly read fics on AO3, but I recently got an app that lets me download fics from FF.net onto my phone.

Can anybody recommend some good epic-length Avengers fic that's archived on ff.net?

I read just about everything but deathfic. Het, slash, OT3, angst, fluff, AU, crossover - I'm just looking for some long, well-written stories to enjoy during my commute.

[identity profile] seizethebutt.livejournal.com
I do apologise in advance that this isn't the most usual of requests. I'm just currently doing an RP and have no access to any comics or the film to get what it was.
If someone could let me know what the last thing Steve said to Howard Stark was, that would be great. Alternatively, the script would be great.
Thank you!
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Are there any vidding communities for Avengers, or anywhere that I can try to find somebody to collab with on vids?

Also, anybody know of any Clint/Coulson vids?

[identity profile] cat-13145.livejournal.com
Hope this is allowed, as it isn't strictly a lost fic.
I know where the fic is, it's on my computer, but I can't find the prompt I was writing it for and I want to check I'm remembering/following the promptee's requests.

the prompt was for Howard Stark making Fury promise to protect his son soon after the First Arc reactor (the big one) is designed. Fury keeps an eye on Tony and makes a few problems go away, but doesn't really think much of it, until Tony tries to fly the bomb into the void. then he recognises that what Howard was asking him to protect TOny from was his own self scaraficing tendancies. Think it was on Avengers Kink, but I can't find it.
If you recognise your prompt or know where I can find it, please let me.
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I've been having a super feely weekend and basically I want all the fanvids/fics for superwhoavengelock you can find. I've already read most of the ones on archive, and I have an entire playlist on youtube here that basically makes me cry.

please and thank you! :)
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Hello, I am looking for a Clint/Coulson fic were Clint gets to go back in time and redo things a different way. I already read A Chance Which Does Redeem All Sorrows by gwynhefar, but I would love more along those lines. And I have already been going through Thorkink, Capkink, avengerskink and norsekink all day.

Also not sure if this is allowed or not, but anyone know were I can find a good Avengers mood theme by any chance?
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A little while ago I found, somewhere on the internet, an awesome Black Widow fanvid -- basically, it showed Natasha being completely badass. I can't remember the song or anything else about it, really, so I know that's not very helpful. So I'll just ask for general recs, I guess...does anyone have any links to fanvids focused on the Black Widow?

(Uh, it's all right to search for vids on this comm, right? If not, please feel free to delete this post, mods.)


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