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I recently checked out a fic called Deface, by drusche published about 4 years ago, but the link no longer appears to be working. Although their Ao3 profile is still up, none of their work seem to be available, so I was wondering if anyone might know if it's still available or have a copy of the fic, unless the author has requested otherwise? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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I'm looking for two things.

First Is a fic called Find A Way and it is by Gir_Hugs. If anyone has a copy it knows where I can find it I would love it have it.

Seconds is a fic I forgot the name of. I believe it was Tony centric. The avengers were watching a news cast that went deep into all of their personal history. The avengers were angry but by the end when it was Tony's part it got serious. They talked about how Howard Stark abused Tony. I think there was a video of him torturing Tony to simulate a kidnapper trying to get information from him, information being a password of some sort. I think Tony cracked, the password being Steve's birthday. The footage was given to the news by an old maid.

Sorry about that big paragraph of words. If you have any questions just ask me. Thank you!
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It's driving me crazy because I can't find it and I'm not even sure when I read it to look at the posts of that time and I have this feeling it was deleted.

-It was a Soulmate AU.
-After meeting your soulmate you develop powers.
-tiny!Steve and Bucky share a small apartment and Steve sleeps on the couch since he's so small it doesn't bother him.
-Steve wakes up one day after meeting Tony and he's got all of the powers he has in canon as well as being so huge that the sofa is uncomfortable.
-Tony doesn't wanna make weapons but Howard wants him to so he has him kidnapped to put him back to work making them.
-Tony stays with Steve and Bucky after telling Howard he doesn't want to make weapons.
-Bucky's soulmate is Natasha.
-I'm pretty sure they're in college/university and Steve is an art major.

That's all I really remember.
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I was wondering if anybody who has been able to save Mercuric's fics would be kind enough to send copies my way?
I'm looking for Titanium Armor, Under a Silicon Aegis, and Diary of a Wealthy Genius particularly.
(This is pretty forward of me but my email's amethystasphodel@yahoo.com)
Please, pretty please, and thank you!
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Does anyone have a copy of this fic? I saw some fanart of it on tumblr and I went to look for it but it's been deleted :( It's a Steve/Tony fic. The summary reads:

Just when Steve Rogers’ finally became comfortable with the 21st century, he finds another difficulty he must overcome: his blindness. After a terrible incident during a fight, Steve loses his sight, and now he has to learn to live his life without it. With the help of his friends (and a new unlikely lover) Steve Rogers comes to realize that just because he’s a super soldier doesn’t mean he’s perfect.
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Hello everyone,
I'm looking for help on two matters...
>> The first is as it says on the title, an OT6/7/8 Tony-centric Soul Mark Fic. I'm pretty sure the pairings are Tony/Steve/Clint/Natasha/Bruce/Thor and then maybe Bucky and Phil as well. I remember that they each had multiple soul marks that they shared amongst themselves and these were pretty unique. I think Steve and Bucky shared a mark which was rail road tracks and the words 'til the end of the line? Clint had one that was the Hanged Man from the Tarot... (Natasha's I think had something to do with bacon ribbons, although this could be from a different fic altogether) Then in addition to the fic, it also had Pretty Artwork (not sure but I think it was also by the author) of each of the characters with their marks. I remember looking through them and the creator made a comment about how they had a hard time looking for pictures of Mark Ruffalo because he is super hairy, which made me laugh. Any ideas?
>> The second is not so much a search but a plea, to any and all kind souls out there who have been able to save Mercuric's fics, particularly Titanium Armor... I can't find it/other fics by/the author anymore?! if you could send me copies please? (amethystasphodel@yahoo.com) I really need it in my life right now TwT
Please and thank you in advance!
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Hi guys!

I've been driving myself crazy looking for a fic where Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, and Darcy Lewis played the lead parts in The Man From U.N.C.L.E. movie from 2015, with Darcy as Gaby, Bucky as Solo, and Steve as Ilya, iirc.

The fic follows the movie for the first part, but diverts a bit towards the end, with a Jane Foster subplot.

I know I read it on AO3, and none of my searches came up successful, so I tried he WayBack Machine, and wouldn't you know it, Katiedid wrote it, and the WayBack Machine didn't save it.

Does anyone have this fic saved somewhere? It was published on September 25th, 2015 by Katiedid. It's called "The Man From S.W.O.R.D."

I read it it before I saw the movie, and I would really, really, love to read it now that I've finally caught with all the cool people.

Thanks in (hopeful) advance!
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I was wondering if anyone had a copy of coconut and metal's The Start of a Bromance. It was on AO3 but it has since been deleted. I can't find anywhere to contact the author to ask for a copy or anywhere that discusses them not wanting it shared.

Thanks for the help!
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could someone who has Broken Wing by agarwaenloth (epub, pdf,...) be so awesome to send it to me? I've looked everywhere and I contacted those here who offered to share the fic before, but sadly they didn't answer or somehow didn't get around to sending me the file. Thanks a lot!
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I opened a story that started with Loki being removed from his cell on Asgard after some time, being taken to the throne room, and Odin saying something about him looking thin, or are you eating, or something. And Loki laughing, struck by how ridiculous that statement is.

Then I closed the document and it vanished!

I know that is such a small amount to go on, but does that ring a bell for anyone?
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Hi everyone (first post here!), I'm looking for some deleted Thorki fics by black_nata. Specifically, "as the waves break" (which was originally called "Lightning Strikes (The Pages Keep On Turning)"), "Extinction", "Avalanche", and "Sinking" (not Thorki but a Loki fic).

They still have a few Thorki fics on AO3 and lj but seem to have removed most of them for some reason. I checked both places and their tumblr for why but didn't find anything. They added me on lj when I asked about "as the waves break" but didn't reply about it being taken down, so idk what to think and just thought I would try here and see if any other black_nata fans had saved anything they'd be willing to share? I loved the ideas they always came up with for twists on Thor and Loki's dynamic (lots of bottom!Thor, which is rare) and I was so sad to see most of their fic gone. :( Of all the fics I had read and saw recced, the four above are the ones Wayback doesn't have (I used this most recent tumblr masterlist and this older cached version of their ao3 works page to find them, so idek if that's even all of them).

Wayback does have most of "as the waves break" but is missing chapter 13 somehow, as well as chapter 2 of "Avalanche" (which is only two chapters!).

I checked the deleted tag and did a comm search too, afaik there's not a post for their fics yet. Any help is super appreciated, I have seriously scoured every resource (I'm so bummed I only had them bookmarked!). Thank you :)

eta: "as the waves break" found! thanks so much!
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Does anyone has a copy please? I tried every single thing I could do to find it, but it seems the fic's been deleted completely.
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Does anyone know what happened to pointless_sensation's fic over at AO3? It shows up on a lot of rec lists, but seems to have been deleted. Does anyone have copies?
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Does anyone have a copy of "Because Tony Just Can't Have Nice Things" by toraten? It's a Steve/Tony AU with Tony as a teacher at Steve's high school. I wanted to reread it today, but I found out it's gone. :-(
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I just discovered (to my sorrow) that this fic has been deleted from AO3. It's a dark MCU AU, intercutting between past and present, as the Avengers are picked off by the Winter Soldier, one by one. Natasha and identity and the Winter Soldier - more details below the cut. If anyone has a copy, I would really like to get it, or contact info for Beardsley. The rest of Beardsley's work is still up, but I couldn't find an LJ or DW account for them to send a PM, and it felt weird to comment on a different story just to ask about one they'd clearly taken down.


Detailed summary, spoilers for the story, AU for MCU )
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I was wondering if you could help me find a story.
I dont remember where I found it, it might be on Ao3, LiveJournal or Fanfiction . net. I remember this part where tony and steve where being interviewed/talking to the press and tony kisses steve and steve gets angry and tony thinks its because steve is homophobic.
I remembered steve telling tony that he had loved a man back in 1940's and tony saying something like. "Knowing you it was either the dullest guy or a bad boy." I've been looking for this fic for months now, I would be really grateful if can help me out.
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Asking this again, since I live in hope of new info. :)

Does anyone know what's happened to Lonelyantics and their fic? Was wanting to re-read In poison places, we are anti-venom and Here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud, but they've disappeared from AO3. Anybody got a copy of either?
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I am trying to find a copy of this since it was taken down, does anyone have one?

The Tower

May. 9th, 2015 09:00 pm
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Wondering if anyone out there has an archived copy of The Tower by sarahlucielle from the Steve/Bucky Big Bang last November. Life got on top of me and I didn't get around to reading it, and the author seems to have deleted it from AO3.
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Hi everyone,

I looking for a two Fic FrostIron one has been deleted,

The first fic -----I remember some of the story  mmm ok!!,
Tony dies, I think for Amora and Loki will save him, but Hela appears to claim the soul, but Loki convinces her otherwise I think I have a relationship Loki and Tony, Loki makes a deal with Hel and Tony gets the half of his soul, after Tony learns that this pregnancy, but the baby survives needs your other half of the soul.
can someone help me with the name of this fic, I've been looking for it like crazy and all, I think this in AO3 but had no luck, please help.,

Second fic is Asgardian Blood by Avengirl

Summary: Tony learns that he is of Asgardian blood, and not just any, his bloodline serves Frigga much like Heimdall serves Odin. Frigga decides that Tony needs someone to teach him how to control his magic and asks Loki (whom she keeps in touch with via magic despite all that has happened) to teach Tony.

I wanted to know if anyone knows of this fic, if the author published elsewhere and this finished if anyone knows anything about this fic I could tell, it is an excellent fic FrostIron and I would like to read it to the end .. Thanks

A thanks and FOUND FIC IS

3:-) htt://archiveofourwn.org/works/1834936/chapters/3942058 by Elrond

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Hello all,
I am looking for a fic (probably on fanfiction.net) that I read where Loki visits Tony in his tower. Tony is freaked out at first because Loki is supposed to be in jail. It is then revealed that Loki, is in fact, still in jail on Asgard but is projecting his likeness to visit Stark. I remember one scene is them drinking at Tonys bar and Loki playing with the ice, this somehow reveals to Tony that Loki is just a projection.

There meetings continue for awhile, sporadically,and they both bond through talking and getting to know one another. If I am not mistaken, Loki does eventually either get released/escape from prison and Frigga makes a brief appearance at the end?
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Does anyone know what's happened to Lonelyantics and their fic? Was wanting to re-read In poison places, we are anti-venom and Here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud, but they've disappeared from AO3. Anybody got a copy of either?
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Does anyone know if Linzee's Cap and Bucky stories are available anywhere online. I've not read any, but a few rec pages have directed me to them; however, the links on AO3 no longer work, and when I found Linzee's web page http://www.linzeestyle.com/linzees-fanfiction/ the fic links are there, but one you click on them they all bring up 404 error :(

I tried messaging them from the bottom of the page, but I haven't heard anything so I don't know if the web page is still active. Is there anywhere else that archives these stories?

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I just realized one of my fav fics was deleted. Did anybody save "Like Molten Wings on Lead" by Linzeestyle? I feel kind of dirty for asking, when she probably deleted for a reason. But... did anyone save it?

I'm also looking for "Regulation" by Imbecamiel, but right now it says it's part of a "Mystery Work" on Ao3.

(If either of the authors sees this post and doesn't want me to ask for their fics, I will delete. Just let me know!)
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does anyone have copy of the fix nobody cares? its about tony sitting at an avengers meeting and taking out his arc reactor to see how long it takes anyone to notice. Thank you for your help
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Does anybody have/know where I could find a copy of Tricks, Tasers, and Tony by Ell Roche? It was a drabble/oneshot collection centering around Tony, Darcy, and Loki, but I can't find it online anymore. I really loved the stories, so I would really appreciate any information.
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Hi! I was wondering if someone could possibly help me out - I'm looking for a specific fic.

It was an AU where Tony pretty much adopted Clint as his brother, and Clint becomes involved with SHIELD as a kind of babysitter to the children of other comic characters, while the rest of the Avengers do their Avengers thing. It was also Clint/Coulson but that was definitely an aside, focusing more on Tony and Clint's friendship.

I'm fairly certain it was called 'Not For Lack of Trying' and used to be archived on AO3, but all of my bookmarks come up as blank. If anyone knows a working link/PDF, I would be so grateful! Thank you so much for any help! c:
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Today I just found out this wonderful story Freeway have older version call Patiently , but it is link to new version of the story, the old version had been removed, and I have ask author on their tumblr, they no longer have the older version either, but give ok to me to ask around if someone might still have a copy of it (Or whole series have been re-written too?). So hopefully anyone might have saved it and ok to send me a copy too? Thank you so much for your help! (Feel free to PM me so I can send you my e-mail address)

X-post on Cap_im finder and avengers-search
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Hi, I was looking for a fic a while back (http://avengers-search.livejournal.com/233242.html ) but nobody was able to help me with it.
Yesterday I finally had the bright Idea to look through archiveofourown via the wayback machine.
I'm mor or less sure the story I am looking for is Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye by LieutenantTazer but the link is (naturally) dead (http://web.archive.org/web/20121130155745/http://archiveofourown.org/works/577332 ).

So… does anybody know what happened to the author or saved a copy of it?

Thanks again ^^
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So, I have managed to collect quite a few of gqgqqt's fics so far - thank you very much to all those who helped out!!!

However, what is still missing is the complete series "No Straight Lines", especially the revised version (with part 7 "Asymptote" completed as one single piece, instead of the first version that was divided up into several chapters).

Does anyone have this series saved and would send it to me? I would be very, very grateful! And, of course, if you want me to, I will happily share all the fics that I have assemlbed so far. My email address is afsianna(at)yahoo(dot)de.

Thank you very much for your help! :D
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I just found this site and one fic that was mentioned in more than one post was 'Nobody Cares' by Oceanbreeze7, but the fic is deleted from fanfiction.net now :/ It's the one where Tony removes the AR to see how long it takes someone to find him (based off of descriptions on here)
I've tried searching for it but to no avail, I'd be really happy if someone happened to know if there was another version of it lingering on the interwebs :)

Fic Request

Jun. 8th, 2014 04:05 am
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Does anyone happen to have a copy of Altrutix's fiction that they wouldn't mind sharing with me?

There’s Pride and Prejudice

And then there’s being Thor Odinson and Loki Laufeyson, who are heirs to the kingdoms of Asgard and Jotunheim, respectively, and everyone expects them to wed. Except, they kind of hate each other. Maybe.

i know that goodbye means nothing at all
Summary: Apparently, the universe thought it would be marvelous to watch Helblindi and Balder desperately try to get out of the wedding while their elder brothers ran around making eyes at one another and flirting outrageously. The irony of all this was that originally, it had been Thor and Loki that were to be wedded.
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Dee's fic Agent Loki international man of mayhem... Is not online. If anyone knows why (or where I can get my hands to read this lovely story) please let me know.

Original link:

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Hi all,
I'm looking for a Tony/Bruce fic that was on ao3 a while ago, called Dealing by Ruperts. It seems to have been deleted or something, and I can't find it anywhere. Does anyone know if it was simply deleted by the author, or if it's available somewhere else, on a different site maybe? Thanks : )
On a similar vein, I'm looking desperately for any fics where Bruce disciplines/spanks Tony, or acts in a dominant/alpha/top/strict way towards Tony?
Thanks : )
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Hi everyone, I'm looking for one of gqgqqt's fics called Fledgling. I know there have been a few search posts for fics by the same author but I didn't see anyone who had this particular fic in the comments so I figured I'd try my luck in a new post. Thanks very much in advance!
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Hi! I have been desperately searching for a fic called Duty Bound by Agarwaenloth, but it seems it has been deleted off of AO3 and ffnet (and everywhere else), and I'm hoping maybe somebody here was smarter than me and saved it? If somebody could email it to me I would be forever grateful!!! renegadekitty89 at Hotmail. Thanks SO much!! :)
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Hi all!!

I hope that maybe any of you can help me.

I am looking for fics by AnonZero. He/She deleted all her/his fics. I already PM her/him but got no response.
Maybe if any of you had copies or else?
Maybe a way to contact the author?
or maybe the author itself read this?

I dont know,..

any help will do.

Thank you
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I've come to the fandom late, which means recced stories at times lead to broken links. Does anyone have a copy of gqgqqt's Equilateral (plus the rest series, if possible) to share? It seems she's taken down all her stories, and archive.org didn't have saved pages for DW, LJ, or AO3.

Thank you!

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I am looking for a specific fic. It was a WIP over at archivesofourown and had about 4 chapters so far.

This is what I remember:

After the events of the movies Clint is ridden with guilt about Coulsons death and wants to die himself. Loki meets him on a hill. He lets Clint Switch places with his alternste self, who's lying in a coma.
In this world there're some key differences:
1.Alternate Clint and Phil are together.
2.Alternate Clint knows nothing about Phils work with SHIELD and is not a part of the Avengers (Bucky is their Sniper)
3.Alternate Clint is a K9 police officer and owns a dog
4.Alternate Clint is not dyslexic

Of course everybody is suprised about Clints quick recovery (and that he woke up in the first place) and wonder where he gor all his knowledge about SHIELD and the Avengers.
I searched the archive up and down but couldn't find it. If somebody has a link or safed a copy of the fic I would be very happy.

Thank you in advance
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Hi, I'm looking for a story that was in a sort of dom/sub universe, where everyone is either a dom or a sub.

All the Avengers are doms except for Tony, and Steve, having just woken up finds his behaviour very inappropriate for a sub. Obviously, things have moved in in society, but nobody bothered to tell Steve that subs are more or less equal now. He gets sick of Tony 'acting out' and 'disciplines' him the way he was taught at school (forcing him down, and coming on him)

The others are all horrified, and look after Tony, who does forgive Steve eventually.

Anyone know this?

Also the 'Professions' Clint/Coulson where Clint is a prostitute, and coulson has a ton of scars seems to have been deleted, anyone have it?


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