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I'm sure there must be some amazing artists among the Avenger Fans *grin* so I have to ask:

Are there videos on youtube made by fans for fanfiction stories?

I tried finding some but at the moment I'm not happy with my results (aka I've found none!)

I know this question has not much to do with stories but I hope it's okay for me to ask nevertheless

Thank you!
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I'm looking for a piece of art to do with Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes.

I'm pretty sure it's a black/white comic sketch.
Not sure if it was from Tumblr or pinterest.

It has Steve flying the Valkyrie into the Ice and Bucky is there along side him as either a memory or a ghost saying 'I'm with you till the end of the line, Pal.'

Many thanks to anyone who knows who this is by.
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This isn't really Avengers related, but it will help me find a lot of Marvel stories I'd noted and saved, so please forgive me if this is the wrong place to ask.  There is a site were you can open a personal page under your own name to note chosen stories and sites, listed under tags.  I've been going through my list of sites and bookmarked pages for the last week and can't find it.  Hope someone can help me here.  It's really bugging me.
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I can't find three Steve-centered things that I'm sure were on tumblr, which is a nightmare to try and search.

1) An old historical facts type post, about how the ring-pull tabs on fizzy drink cans were invented during the time Steve was in the ice. It was illustrated with a chibi of Steve squinting suspiciously at a can/ring pull.

2) A short fic set after the Avengers- Steve has just moved to DC, and decides (or maybe is nudged by Natasha?) that he's not going to repeat his sadness errands from between CAtFA and TA. He starts by braving a shopping mall to get new trainers, although initially he asks for something practical/hardwearing/resilient and gets offered something like crocs before going through the process of being measured & fitted for proper running shoes. The ficlet ended after he's got the shoes, on his first morning run around the National Monument when he sees another guy out running, segueing into the meeting with Sam at the beginning of the Winter Soldier.

3) I thought this might be an Imagine Steve post, although I can't find it on their blog. It was a prompt or headcanon 'what-if'; about how what would happen if the Serum functioned so that Steve could revert back to his pre-Serum state mostly at will, but it would happen involuntarily if he was particularly stressed or worn out. With all the stress post-WS of the fall of Shield & trying to find Bucky, he reverts back and that's when Natasha comes over to see him and finds out. I'm not sure if it ended on a suggestion of using him in his smaller form to try and lure Bucky out.
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Now that it's complete, I'm reading the Avengers/Supernatural/Night Vale crossover series by Setcheti called The Last Chance Diner at AO3.  Steve admires Dean's protection tattoo and bemoans the fact that he can't get a tat because they fade quickly.  With a little help from Bruce they figure out how Steve can keep a tattoo fresh (drawn on instead of inked in).  I don't usually like a lot of tattoos because they tend to look messy and not particularly artful, but the thought of a shirtless Steve Rogers with a full sleeve or chest done is intriguing, to say the least.  So...my first question is does anyone know of any drawings or artwork showing Cap with tattoos?  Question #2 is a search for any stories with Steve getting one or more tattoo.  How about the same for any of the other Avengers or the family (Jane, Pepper, Darcy, Phil, Bucky).  There is some fiction out and about with Clint and/or Coulson with ink from their military days;  that's too easy.  I was thinking more like a whole sleeve, maybe telling a story or about an event.  In Setcheti's story it a picture incorporating memories of Bucky and protection sigils.

I'm just tagging any and all possibles I think may fit.
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1.) Looking for good stories with Tony acquiring extremis. Any pairing is okay.

2.) I remember seeing an fan art made for a story, with Steve and Bucky holding multiple young steve clones that they found in a hydra facility. Looking for that artwork/story. Thanks!
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I'm looking for a story where Steve goes into subdrop after battles. It's Steve/Tony, eventually Steve/Tony/Bucky. I seem to remember Tony and Bucky having a conversation about how Steve was in subdrop after the train and that's why he flew the Valkyrie into the ocean.

Thank you for your help!

Edited: 8/12/2015, because autocorrect thinks "subdrop" should be "subgroup" go figure.
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I am looking for horror fics (in honor of Halloween)! Body horror, mind fuckery, possession, supernatural monsters/situations, end of the world, abandoned places, etc. This list might help: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/HorrorTropes

Short or long (but short, creepypasta style is best).

If short, anything goes (character, pairing, character death).
If long (more than 8000 words), I'd prefer fics with Steve, Loki, or Clint as the main character. But will take any that are suitably scary. I'd prefer no character death.

Horror themed fanart or fanvids also welcome.
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Found this pic, and I can't remember where I found it, or who made it. Looking for the artist to a) tell them how amazing their art is, and b) is there any more, pretty please?

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Hello everyone, have one of you by things of live seen some kind of fanart of this wonderful series by scifigrl47 in AO3 somewhere? I'm sorry but the picture of Thor in an apron surfing on roombas with an ironing board is too precious for mi little twisted mind. So if one of you have seen something like that please, please tell me. Thanks!
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I'm looking for a fanart that was on deviantArt. It had Thor and Loki as children, but only like their heads were in the picture. Loki was kind of Jotun-blue, I think he might have been crying. Thor was kissing him on the nose, and Loki's skin was turning back to Aesir-color from where Thor was kissing him. There was a link to a fic in the description, and I think the fic was on AO3, but I'm not sure.

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Does anyone know of any fics where Tony is deathly ill? I would take fan art too. I'm reading Horse Play on ao3 and right now Tony is in bad shape and it's made me want to read any others like that.

Please and Thank you
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I'm looking for a fic on Ao3 where Tony injures his hands and Steve helps him shave. There was a gorgeous piece of art that goes with the fic but of course I can't find that either.

Any help would be fantastic!
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Are there any stories (in a broad sense of the word) like fanart artbooks, comics, illustrated fanfics that are done as if Steve was the author? I'm open to any pairings and genres. No warnings need to apply :))

Thanks in advance XX

PS: if you know any examples of someone else telling they own story and !#$2 that fourth wall kind-a thing I would appreciate links too.
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Hello :)

I'm looking for a fancomic that i saw on archiveofourown

It's a Steve/Tony one where Steve wishes that Tony wasn't as smart as he was or something and Loki hears that wish and grants it.

So suddenly Tony can't remember how to run the suit and he needs help making popcorn and he teaches himself how to read again.

And Steve kept hearing the team out of context teaching Tony something completely innocent, but it sounded dirty so he came bursting in to see Clint tying his shoe laces or Tony doing Natasha's nails.

Steve helps Tony shave at one point.

It was really well written and illustrated.

Thanks for your help!
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I had a link for this pic, I think was photoshopped, of Tony strapped to a contraption and being used as a battery, with tubes and cables connected to his arc reactor (very hot, ohohohoh)

I lost the link for it, but I think I saw it in some kind of forum... Can you guys help?
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Hey guys! Thank you so much for helping me last time!

I love jotun!Loki, expecially if it's Frostiron or Thorki. But usually in these fics, Loki is cold but his body is bearable.

I have seen some fics and comic pages in which it isn't so! Either Loki is too cold for others to touch, and in turn they are too hot for him to bear. In some cases Loki is slightly cold, but he can't bear other's touch.

So what I'm asking is if any of you know fics or fanart of this. Where temperature really matters! In which Loki can't stand Midgard's weather, or he accidentally burns someone warmer than him, or gets hurt because of his jotun body!
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Can someone recommend some good Tony fanart or comics? Can have any pairing as long as it involves Tony. As well as just some great avengers fanarts.

Lost art

Dec. 15th, 2012 01:27 am
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I think I remember a picture somewhere about Thor meeting Chris. they both have big mugs of beer and Thor was taller. I know that it is somewhere on deviantart and/or tumblr. there is a twin where Loki meets Tom. I can't find them and right now I feel very lazy, so can someone give me some help?

Read more... )

Found in Comments. Thanks :)

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Does anyone know if there are these movie poster pictures but without all the logos and captions, so it's just the image and nothing else?

Please and thank you!
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Not a request for a specific piece so I hope this still belongs here. Mods, I'm sorry if it doesnt! Anyway, I was wondering if there is a community for posting avengers fanart/crafts/drawings etc?

I might be being completely dense here but I just could not find one!

If there isnt one, does anyone think there would be suffiient interest should I make one?

Thanks :)
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I remember seeing this icon oh, some time last year. It was in a post with other icons on a personal journal.

It's Loki's hand, about to grab Mjölnir.


Jun. 11th, 2012 12:16 pm
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I'm looking for avengers fanarts/artists. Are there any good artists blogs? what are your favorites? my favorite pairings are thorki, hiddlesworth and steve/tony.
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Somewhere, there is a scene in the middle of a story, where JARVIS thinks about how he hadn't realized Obie was bad/evil/wrong, and now he knows and he won't let it happen again, and he watches everyone around Tony to make sure of it.

ETA: at some time in the fic, JARVIS specifically recalls the Obie-pulling-the-reactor scene in the living room as his reason for being more proactive in his protection.

I really love protective!JARVIS, and would be v.v.thankful if anyone can identify this fanfic.

@mods - I don't know if character:tony stark tag is appropriate since JARVIS is the focus... help? Thanks for the tag help!

Son of ETA: I can't believe I stumbled upon it accidentally! It was the third story in [livejournal.com profile] icarus_chained's Tony and Bruce series (AO3 link). I love, love, LOVE this series!


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