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Okay, after searching for quite some time and not finding this fic again I am hoping for the help of all you wonderful people (Despite the fact that asking someone to find this fic is making me blush)

In the fic Clint often took care of Hulk whenever Bruce accidentally "hulked-out" - One specific scene I remember well is where Hulk is sitting in Clints room late at night and he gets a ... well, an erection, and has no idea what to do about it. Clint then teaches the Hulk how to ... masturbate.

Does anyone know this fic?

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I read this fic on AO3 not that long ago (a couple of weeks?). It basically was how Steve hadn't really had the time to erm masturbate in his new body until now (now being after waking up in the future) and so he does just that and it was amazingly hot? Like superhot?

I'll be so grateful if anyone recognizes!
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Hey all! I just want fic where Steve is inexperienced with sex as a point of the plot. Not in a naive way, just plain not knowledgeable. Steve/Tony preferred.

Also fic where Steve gets himself off would be wonderful.


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