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I'm looking for a Steve/Bucky fic I know I read on AO3. Steve has got an as-and-when job drawing smutty pictures for one of those old dollar zine things. Bucky offers to model for him, though Steve changes it so Bucky's a girl in the pictures. Eventually I think Bucky dresses up as a girl for him, but I don't remember properly.

Anyone know the fic I'm on about?
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Hi, I'm completely new to this fandom so bear with me!

I've trolled around a little and read some great Thorki fics, but I suck at finding more- so if ya'll could rec me some I'd die happy :)

I would love mpreg, jotun!Loki, or AUs! Other than that, not a whole lotta guidelines :)
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Hey guys,

I'm looking for any fics that include non-sexual crossdressing. Although, I don't know if crossdressing is quite the right word. I'm looking more for fics where a(ny) character wears what people consider gender inappropriate clothing--whether in public or private--just because that's who they are. I don't mind if the fic ends in sex, but I'm looking for something where that isn't the motivation for doing it.

Some examples of what I've read: Zipped Up and Undone by infiniteeight and Tony, Gender, and Steve by AgeOfAlejandro.
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So,I've just been wondering if there were any stories along these lines:

1. Steve is a bedwetter as an adult, even after the serum. Can be slash, any pairing but Peggy/Steve.
2. Steve was abused in a relationship. Any pairing is fine.
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I'm looking for steve/tony or bruce/tony where one of them wears high heels. The context isn't important, they can wear them every day or just in the bedroom. Stockings and garters would be nice to, but mainly high heels. No genderswap, please.

Is there a clothing tag?


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