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I'm looking for a fic where Tony likes to pretend he's a little boy and different team members hang out with him - Bruce builds a block set with him, Steve draws, Thor and Clint build him a jungle gym, Tony shows Natasha his mom's old stuff.
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Basically, I'm hankering after a fic where Steve is kind to Bucky hugs/smiling/stroking his hair. Bucky can be recently back from Hydra or whatever, I don't mind. Explicit is welcome :)

Thank you!
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Im officially in love with ysabetwordsmith "love is for children" series. Wondering if there are any other good age play fics, or coulson as babysitter/whatever for team, or where everyone has a lot of problems that they try and work out, or any good team fics. Thanks in advance!
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Hello everyone!

Today I'm looking for fics which have Tony Stark interacting with Peter Parker. I don't care if there's the whole cast of the Avengers involved, I don't mind. As long as it's some sort of interaction between them, whether it's the focus of the fic or the background to it. I want them to nerd out together, and to get along, because I get the feeling that they'll be pretty snarky.

I wouldn't say no to slash between them, but. Well. xP I don't know how likely I'll be to find it.

I'll take whatever you've got. Tony's always been my absolute favourite, from everyone, and I have a developing soft spot for Peter Parker. As long as it's not that one universe where Tony was for the SHRA and everyone hated him. Those fics make me sad, and I'm not looking for that at the moment.

Thanks in advance!



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