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hi looking for Tony fics with any of the following, Sleep Derived, exhausted Tony
Hurt, Non con.
Reckless Putting is life in danger
sick Tony
Tony with concussion
Tony centric domestic avengers

Also trying to find these to any hel would be great,

Read a fic before and can never seem to find it, it was about Tony have a bad concussion, sorry to be so vague, dont remember the details but just remember loving the fic

2. the other fic im looking for when something like it was after a battle and a exhausted Tony is trying to stitch himself u but falls asleep or Passes out. Steve comes down and finds him calls Bruce they stitch him u and i remember Bruce gives Tony a sleeping Pill. i remember Tony saying Bruce gave him something big and blue and sleepy.

Thanks guy, only recently joined this community but love it, you guys are awesome
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Hi there

I'm looking for this fic I read some time ago.
I think it was a one shot and the Avengers just finished a debrief (at SHIELD?)
Iron Man offered something to the rest of the Avengers and they didn't want to accept. Later Steve told Iron Man that he could change place with him. Turned out that all the others thought that Iron Man had to "pay" Tony all the things he got for the Avengers with sexual favours.
Tony revealed then his identity to Steve - and he was very amused

Can you point me to this story? Thank you!

PS: I tagged with humor, because the fic did not had a dark vibe - even with the misunderstanding (so far as I remember)
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I've seen this in real life (usually with kids), and in movies.  I've seen thin in other fanfic fandoms (The Sentinel and Magnificent Seven, to name two).  I'm wondering if this has been done for the Avengers.  It could be after a battle, on the trip back home.  Or maybe after a long day and they get together to go out to dinner.  The team/group gets to their destination or they're almost there, when someone thinks to do a headcount and realizes somebody is missing.  One of them was lagging behind, or in the bathroom maybe, and got left behind withoug someone noticing for the longest time.  What happens then?  Do they rush back, embarrassed and ashamed or do they say "fuck it, we'll worry about it later, he/she didn't want to be with us anyway."

The thought came up while reading the extras for the First Impressions and Second Chances series where Tony Stark isn't wanted on the team and every friendly gesture and gift from him is met with scorn and finally violence.  But the outside/forgotten person doesn't have to be Stark; it could be any one of them.  (I'd love to see Darcy kick ass and take names if the group went out for a "family" dinner and forget she was in her apartment changing clothes or something and came back to the common floor to find it empty.)   Or maybe the team goes to some event and the press is there as they get out of the limo and they're asked "Hey, where is (whoever) and they realize they've forgotten someone.
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I've been looking for this for ages!

Somebody, I'm pretty sure it's Loki, hits the Avengers with a spell that draws out animal characteristics for each of them. From what I remember, Natasha is a snake(?) of some sort, I think Bruce was a rhino, either Thor or Steve was a dog. They got some physical characterisics, like Bruce had denser gray skin, Natasha had scales, and also behavioural characteristics were magnified. Clint got feathers in his hair and like enhanced bird-senses or something. It all started to fade after a few days, except for Clint's, which didn't fade at all, and they figured out it was because Clint was comfortable with the changes and accepted them. and then I'm pretty sure he used the enhancements to kick Loki's ass or something. Also I think it was Clint/Coulson? But I could be wrong.

Help me find the pretty story please? :)

FOUND: Let Them Call It Mischief by infiniteeight on AO3.
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Now that it's complete, I'm reading the Avengers/Supernatural/Night Vale crossover series by Setcheti called The Last Chance Diner at AO3.  Steve admires Dean's protection tattoo and bemoans the fact that he can't get a tat because they fade quickly.  With a little help from Bruce they figure out how Steve can keep a tattoo fresh (drawn on instead of inked in).  I don't usually like a lot of tattoos because they tend to look messy and not particularly artful, but the thought of a shirtless Steve Rogers with a full sleeve or chest done is intriguing, to say the least.  So...my first question is does anyone know of any drawings or artwork showing Cap with tattoos?  Question #2 is a search for any stories with Steve getting one or more tattoo.  How about the same for any of the other Avengers or the family (Jane, Pepper, Darcy, Phil, Bucky).  There is some fiction out and about with Clint and/or Coulson with ink from their military days;  that's too easy.  I was thinking more like a whole sleeve, maybe telling a story or about an event.  In Setcheti's story it a picture incorporating memories of Bucky and protection sigils.

I'm just tagging any and all possibles I think may fit.
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Hello fellow fans,
Thinking about civil war next year make me ill. So I want to cheer myself with something romantic or fluffy. Can you recommend story where Tony being courted? By fellow Avengers or villain (like Loki or Doom) or other people.
Thank you in advance <3

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Steve is in Tony's lab while he works, quietly reading. He ends up throwing his laptop/tablet, and is 'upset' about the Stony fic he's been reading and how dumb he looks in it. He's exaggerating how upset he is, kind of did it on purpose to bring the topic up with Tony. They end up together/banging.


Jul. 27th, 2015 12:30 am
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I want fics about Tony being a total goofball and being his hilarious self infront of the team. I want him to be making jokes and just being a little shit. Also, I want the team to be laughing with him and surprisingly enjoying his company. I just want them to encounter a side that nobody has really seen of Tony. Thaanks !
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I've recently pulled a friend of mine into the Avengers fandom and they asked for some fic recs. I'm relatively new to the fandom myself and don't know that many fics.

The parameters so far are:
- no slash
- humor
- nothing explicit
- no AUs
- okay ships are Tony/Pepper, Natasha/Clint, and Steve/Peggy
- focus on The Avengers (for example, no Winter Soldier fics)

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Heya All,

I am in the mood for fics that have Clint in the air vents. It can be the main focus of the fic or just a part of it, but I really want to have some fun with Clint sneaking around the air vents in SHIELD, Avengers Tower, Etc and overhearing conversations, seeing a couple in flagrante delicto, butting in on conversations when people think they are alone, maybe some smutty tension (via the air vents) with Coulson or the like. The fics can have Clint in the main pairing or not (I prefer slash either way) and any rating/length is good.

Thanks for the help!!!
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I'm looking for some Seteve/FemaleOC works where the girl doesn't work for SHIELD or is involved in the whole superhero thing, like AT ALL. I just want something where Steve falls for a normal kind of girl. It can have smut or not, I don't really mind. If it isn't chessy the better. Also, if it got something more than just romance, like a little friendship or angst, h/c whtvr.

++++ If the girl isn't American
++++++++++++ If the girl is british (Bc, #libertea people, that's a thing)

Really thankful for the help!!!
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Hey guys,
The only part I can remember is a scene where Steve cooks dinner for everyone in the group, and Tony is late so he has to say prayer. It's a hilarious bit about Fury in the helicarrier. Afterwards someone, I believe that it was Bruce, commented that Tony's prayer was bad taste but that Thor's wanting to add something to Steve's cooking was blasphemy.
Sound familiar?
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Hello, I need some help finding a fic.

I think the Avengers are having a picnic? Maybe it's one of their days off. Anyway, Loki appears, but not to battle. He tells Thor that Doom has been making advances and reminds him that as Loki's older brother, it is Thor's duty to deal with him? I think warn him off and decide whether or not Doom is an appropriate candidate for his baby brother's hand. Or something along those lines.

Thor of course jumps to the chance to be brotherly with Loki and goes immediately to Latveria to possibly tenderize Doom with Mjolnir. Tony stays with Loki and flirting ensues.

Does it ring any bells? Please? I'm fairly certain that it was somewhere on Ao3.

FOUND: How Twilight would have gone if Bella had had an overprotective Asgardian brother by melonbutterfly
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I'm looking for a "Five Times" Thor and Loki fic. I can remember practically everything about it *except* for title and author. Iirc, it started as a prompt on norsekink and I know I read it at AO3.

The fic starts when Thor fails to recognize Natasha when she comes in from an assignment. She's dyed her hair a dark color, and Thor thinks she is an intruder, tackles her and she manages to pin him. The other Avengers finally manage to convince Thor that it really *is* Natasha, even though Thor remains suspicious.

Another time, Pepper helps Jane get ready for a big date with Thor -- new clothes and everything -- only Thor doesn't recognize Jane when she is "dressed up."

One of the last times is when Loki hijacks the tv networks dressed in a 'Thor' costume and proceeds to upset Thor by dancing the Macarena, the Chicken Dance and finally, karaoke.

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probably Tony and/or Clint but any or all of the Avengers

not just a threat but an actual follow thru

can you imagine Pepper coming home and finding Tony begging her to come over and kiss him hello because he doesn't dare get up to go to her

imagine trying to explain the concept to Thor only to discover he spent a lot of time on the Asgardian version

Jarvis would totally tattle on anyone who didn't stay put

not deaged Avengers (altho I love those), just Phil is that scary

a bit desperate to read this now that I've thought of it
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Hey everybody,
I was wondering if anyone can remember a fic on ao3 (I'm pretty sure it was on ao3) where tony goes on an inventing binge and upgrades heaps of roombas so that the have AI's in them and Clint was naming them. I think that the avengers were versing a villain that was made of rubbish or dust so tony releases them along with their flying abilities. The roombas devour the villain and everyone is horrified/traumatised but in a vaguely crackish way. I think that there may have been a ploy in there somewhere as well.

I also wanted to know if someone could rec me the following: ( I realise that the first few are very similar but oh well...)

1.tony thinking that he doesn't deserve to be on the team.
2.tony thinking that no one on the team likes him and they only tolerate him.
3.tony thinking that he's only a consultant and working really hard to please everyone so that he can stay on the team.
4.tony thinking that people only want him for his money and what he can give them.
5.tony having an eating disorder.
6.teen tony docs with the avengers being older like in the broken homes verse and apropos of nothing.
7.any cute clintasha marriage fics.

Thanks to anyone who comments.
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As a mischief god I'd expect him to be amused b it at the least but any reaction (or participation) is okay. Are there any fics out there with yarn bombing?
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I am looking for a frostiron fanfic where I believe that Loki is living in the tower. He keeps making these colorful alcoholic drinks and when anyone asks what he is drinking he will just reply with the color of the drink (Loki what are you drinking....I am drinking pink). At one point all the avengers end up on Asgard and Loki makes it rain his colorful alcohol from the sky and eventually everyone gets plastered. The next day everyone wakes up hungover and as they are trying to remember what happened the night before figure out that Tony and Loki got married by Thor. I believe that Hawkeye was the flower girl, Natasha the brides maid, Bruce the best man, and Captain walked them down the aisle. Also several of them have sore shoulders from trying to pick up Thor's hammer.

So after a few (read 20+) hours of looking I found the fic. If anyone is curious here is the

It's a great fic with some hystarical parts in it and is over 90,000 words.
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So, I just finished reading Refracted, by BeesKnees and now I have a craving (especially as while the story was great, it didn't end the way I'd been hoping).

1) Are there any other fics out there that are similar to this? One where the Avengers/Thor/Everyone gains a better understanding/appreciation for Loki? Maybe they realize that he hasn't been treated very well (probably before his, um, misdeeds) for him to feel so isolated and bitter and unloved? Or after for him to have turned out like this? IDK, maybe some horrible things have happened to him (before, after, whenever)? (I loved how Thor from the alternate reality treated Loki in the above mentioned fic!)

I'm a big fan of angst where there's abuse, suicide attempts, torture, rape, and other dark happenings going on with Loki so long as there is a happy ending (and a lovely hurt/comfort recovery process)! ♥

2) Or, barring that, are there any fic (Loki/Thor would be lovely, but Gen or other Slash ships are fine too) where Thor is especially protective/overprotective/just wants to hang out with/loves the best he can with Loki? Kind of like this fic.

Basically, I just want Loki love and appreciation from basically everyone (while still as in character as they can be) even if there has to be some hurts beforehand. I want them to be made better and, if it's not angsty/hurty/dark, a long-suffering Loki is best.
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Hi guys~
I lost a fic (again...) - I looked through my bookmarks, but just can't find it.. If I remember right it was Steve/Tony.

So what I remember was something like Steve went to Stark tower for whatever reason - and at the reception instead of allowing him to speak with Tony, he got a job. And Steve just went with it, because it was funny. Some mundane task, I think.
...Not much to go on, but hope it rings some bells. Help?

>>Edit: found, link in comments :3
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Heya All,

I'm in the mood for a couple of certain types of fics, so I am hoping all of you can help me find some. :)

1). I was one hold today and there was an old Eric Clapton song on the hold-line and it got me thinking about what Steve Rogers would think of the song (I know, completely random thought), but once I started thinking of that I started thinking of his thoughts, feelings, reactions, etc to the modern world and now I am craving fics like that. I am looking for Steve/Tony centric fics (either, pre-slash, first-time or established relationship) and basically Tony/the Avengers/etc introducing Steve to new things about the modern world from music to TV/Movies to slang, food, clothes, etc. :-D Any rating is welcome!

2). Okay, so I was introduced to this kind of trope through the Arthur/Merlin fandom, but I am looking for Steve/Tony fics that center around (or feature scenes about) how the public reacts to Captain America and Iron Man dating/getting/married/having kids, etc. Basically I am just looking for fangirls shippng "Stony" and them finding out about it, news media constantly posting articles about them, reporters vying for interviews, speculation about their sex life, etc. This can be pre-slash, first-time or established relationship. Any rating is welcome!

Thanks in advance!

X-Posted at [livejournal.com profile] cap_im_finders
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Captain America 2 made me realize that I need more fics, so I'm here asking for some! Self-rec's welcome!

1. Steve-centric fics where
a.) he's struggling with depression and/or PTSD.
b.) he's not an innocent virgin who blushes at the mere thought of sex.
c.) he's a sarcastic son of bitch.
2. Steve/Natasha fics either as a romantic couple or as best friends.
3. fem!Steve fics.
4. bisexual!Steve fics.
5. crossover fics with him being friends with and/or having known Logan, Erik Lehnsherr, or Peter Parker.
a.) fics where he's a mutant would be loved.
6. time-travel!fics
7. Steve helping Bucky recover from what Hydra did to him. (no romance between them please)
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hey everyone!

i'm looking for one specific fic and one general rec, but along the same lines.

i don't remember much about the specific fic but it basically had this one line where tony was trying to explain to steve that ronald reagan, who'd apparently been an actor, had gone on to become president of the united states. and steve's said (i'm pretty sure this was it, word for word), "everytime you lie, a kitten dies" and it was hilarious because he couldn't believe why that had happened. i don't remember much else but this is driving me crazy.

along the same lines i'm looking for general recs in which either the central theme, or one of the themes, is teaching steve about the future. i'd prefer fics in which steve is a trooper, preferably not a 'relic' at all. confused, yes, but perfectly willing to keep calm and carry on, where he just rolls with the punches. anything would be good, though, and i'm pretty much fine with any slash pairing or gen.

thanks in advance!


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So, I forgot the number of times I've read this series but for some reason, I always forget the title of the series. That's why I'm here. I'm looking for the series where it started off with Steve going to the store to buy stuff but came across a protest where the anti-gay and pro-gay marriage factions were going against each other. There were two young men, a couple, who were later recruited by SHIELD along with Darcy and another young man. They were like the envy of SHIELD. The rest of the series is their story within and with the Avengers. There were other stories by other authors using the same characters. I'm really hoping someone could help me find this story. Thanks ever so much in advance! :)

MODS: Apologies on the tags. I just don't know what to put. :(

*Found by midori_marmotte and bugeyedmonster! :) Thanks again!
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Hello. I'm looking for some fics where Tony has always been a captain america fan. I want to see him reacting to the news of them finding Cap alive or his thought process when he first meets Cap and his consequent feelings after (aka being questioned and looked down on by his hero. I also want to see the team and Steve himself finding out or something. Can be any pairing or gen (I would prefer tony/steve)

Anything along those lines would be great thanks!
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I'm trying to find a fic I read about a year ago. It begins with Tony and Loki having both been taken captive by the Chitauri. They are repeatedly chained to a stone table and tortured, examined and experimented on to the point that they quite literally die. Something had been done to them, however, and each time they are restored to life and health so that it can begin once again. Eventually they are even forced to take party in killing each other. They develop a very dark, twisted relationship that involves lots of sex and physical pain. I think they eventually manage to escape by using the arc reactor to blue up the Leviathan and can propel themselves through space inch by inch in the few seconds they are alive between dying again.

Any idea where I might find this fic or what it is called? Thanks!
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I'm looking for stories where Loki manages to take over earth, either AU's where his chitauri invasion succeeds or where he manages it in some other way later.

I'd love to read something where he manages a takeover in a subtle, long-con plan kind of way where he inserts himself into human politics and over the course of several human generations manages to become the most powerful man in the world or something, maybe ends up able to make them make him king. If this doesn't exist, someone should write it.

I'd prefer no non-cannon pairing stories, or at least no stories where romance is a large part of the story, but I'm not sure how picky I can actually be in this regard as I'm not sure how many stories like this exist at all!
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Just came from reading "Any Way I Do" by MissJeeves.

Are there any other wedding fics? Maybe ones where Tony gets to throw a big fancy wedding for his teammate(s)?
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I'm looking for a Steve/Darcy fic, where Darcy ends up working for S.H.I.E.L.D and as she is working her way through the training, she's insightful about the exercises that happen. Ummm, in the story, the first time she 'meets' hawkeye he's asking her questions, and eventually she's gotten (I don't want to say paranoid, but it kind of is paranoia) jumpy and he lands behind her so she unbuttons her blouse a little and kicks him in the unmentionables.

However, she met Natasha in her apartment building, where Steve also resides, but Darcy doesn't know that Steve is Captain America, until she ends up getting promoted to Coulson's assistant. ummmm, there is a lot more I remember, but it doesn't really make sense in the order it's coming to my mind.

Oh, one scene is where during training Darcy spots Coulson, who is walking with a cane, and she runs after him so that she can tell him that one of the songs on her IPod (New York New York I think it was) was incorrect, because she copied it via record player and laptop speaker. However, the agents that went to copy it the same way were startled and somewhat afraid of a pig (hog?), and gramma Lewis chastised Darcy for not warning her that men in suits would randomly appear at her door to do the copying of the song.

Another scene is where Darcy is in the lobby coffee shop (at least I assume it was the lobby it didn't really specify) and two agents are talking about how Clint can't be trusted because he had been brain washed and so would eventually turn evil, when Darcy tazes him. Then tells him that he would need to fill out a form for 'being a dumbass in public', which then becomes an actual form.
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I can't seem to find this one Loki/Hulk fic. I think it might be only on avengerkink since I tried searching through AO3.

For whatever reason, Shield managed to contain the Hulk in the same glass cage Loki's in, and they end up getting it on.

The most memorable line from the fic is when Tony mentions it's like "watching a badly-animated hentai" upon seeing Hulk fucking Loki's brains out.
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Hey everyone, hopefully I'm posting this properly (I'm technologically handicapped it seems). What I am really hoping to find are stories with Tony Stark as Iron Man and fighting alongside the avengers. It can be during the avengers movie or after. The twist is that he has a kid. Age or gender of the kid doesn't matter but I want to see some paternal Tony. Now a couple things I don't want lol. So I'm not looking for a story where he is a dad alongside all the avengers. I also don't want his parenthood to start when the avengers starts. I want them to find out that he has been a dad for sometime and been doing an okay job of it. I read one WIP a while ago and fell in love with the idea. But it was so short :(

Beyond that I'm easy to please. Any pairing is fine, angst or fluff is a-ok. And self recs are welcome.

Thanks so much in advance :D. Once i get the hang of this maybe i can help others find stories too :).

Ps. Sorry mod in advance. I don't think i did the tags right. Pls forgive a newbie.
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[personal profile] beatrice_otter
In this fic, Natasha is sick of getting the beauty/diet questions so the team switches who answers what, e.g. Tony talking about his diet and Clint giving makeup tips. I've never read this fic, but it's referred to here on tumblr.

ETA: Found!  It's a chapter of the toaster!verse.
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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a couple of fics (or could be the same one and I've got muddled) the first is one in which Steve starts going to the movies a lot because even though a lot has changed it is at least vaguely familiar. There may have been some sort of conversation around the cost of popcorn (but I might have imagined that because I head a documentary once on popcorn in cinemas in Chicago).

The next one (or two) is one in which all the Avengers have online accounts (twitter/facebook) and are hilarious.

And at some point Tony shoots a kind of shaky home-movie style of the Avengers in Start Tower and Steve is singing Lilli Marlene doing the washing up, and at some point Tony disturbs Steve overbreakfast and says 'Say something for the camera' and Steve recites the declaration of independace.

Hope that this will jog someone's memory for me! :) I'm in the process of doing up a new house and all my files are higgeldy-piggeldy.

I can't remember if these were slash, gen or het as I read all types.


May. 10th, 2013 09:07 pm
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I'm searching for this specific story ,It was a crossover bet. Thor and the Avengers on FF.net ,I think Darcy and Fury were playing matchmaker to the avengers so they made them drunk and recorded them on Darcy's camera ,it was Thorki,Stony,Clint/Coulson ,(Natasha/(Sif)/Jane) and Rhodey was screaming something about poor penguins
[identity profile] radicalpiffle.livejournal.com
Hey y'all! Okay, so I know I am going to spectacularly fail at this; I am new to this community and this is my first post, so please be nice to me!! :)

Okay, well I hope you guys can help me: I'm looking for fics which are mostly Tony-centric, with him being majorly underestimated... Like, he is secretly kick-ass, but people don't know/realize because they can't get past arragant exteria...
I would also like Tony with powers, or awesome abilities of some sort... maybe Extremis!Tony, Mutant!Tony, Assassin!Tony, Hacker!Tony, Doctor!Tony... Basically anything like that!! I have to say I do like angst, but I don't mind either way.
I know this all sounds super vague, but it would be awesome if any of you guys could help me out!

I don't mind gen or het but I do lean more towards slash... ;)

Thank you!!

Okay, late edit but I literally just figured out how to!! Many MANY thanks for all the incredibly awesome responses, I am still feeling slightly overwhelmed by the sheer awesomeness of it all, you guys rock!!
More fic recs are still forever welcomed, and I'm changing my search criteria to be a little more specific, to non-human!Tony or at least complete BAMF!Tony!! ;) Many thanks all you awesome people; much love!
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I'll be moving upstate in a few days and would really appreciate some fic recs to dump on my ereader! I'm looking primarily for stories that are epic in length, 50k words at least. Most of my reading so far has been in the Thor/Loki part of the fandom, but I'm branching out to Loki/Tony a bit as well. Completed fics are preferred, but active WIP are very welcome as well!

I tend towards slash fics, but am open towards het pairings or OT3+ pairings as well. Slow buildup for romance is great, although fics that deal with already established relationships are also good. Lots of drama! High tension! But also some comedy or fluff to balance it out. (Pretty much anything by scifigirl47 for example. XD ) I like fics that can hit a range of tone but still come together coherently.

I am an absolute stupid sucker for the following: jotun!Loki, competant!Thor, Tony being a smartass, Clint living in vents, Pepper being awesome, Avengers family feels, Tony's robots, space pirates (I blame Bend Around the Wind for that), Norse mythology ala Asgard, mythology remixes, putting the "universe" in MCU, exploring Jotenheim, exploring Jotuns, intersex!Jotuns, Loki getting 'redeemed' but still being a snarky little morally gray bastard, arranged marriage, the Avengers going from a team to a family, Natasha keeping her cool while everyone else loses their shit, etc.

Death!fics and heavy angst fics I have to take on a case by case basis. I can get immense satisfaction out of fics that put me through the emotional wringer, but don't enjoy stuff that makes me feel like I'm getting punished for reading it.

tl;dr : Moving, need long fics, so what's your favorite pairing/trope and what would you call its must read epics?

(FLAG [Fanfiction Lightweight Automated Grabber) is pretty damned awesome for folks trying to download from fanfiction.net and a tidy handful of other websites! )
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the bit I remember at the moment is where Darcy is going through the SHIELD versionof boot camp, and manages to impress Fury, Hill and Clint. (Fury for creative interpretation of the order to take someone own, she uses PVC pipe instead of a gun, Hill while debating Tony with her fellow trainees, and Clint by flashing him her boobs as a distraction tactic when he tries to ambush her in a hallway- after which she kicks him in the balls.) They, and Sitwell, decide to make her Coulson's assistant. Help, please?

EDIT: ...NEVER MIND, I FOUND IT. Five Things Darcy Loves About Working For SHIELD It's still a WIP, but it is awesome! http://archiveofourown.org/works/515016


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