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I saw someone ask about this fic. I remember reading it, but, like the original poster, cannot find it.

Tony Stark plays Sherlock Holmes (not RDJ). The other Avengers ask about it (I think it's Clint mainly?), and there is discussion.

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I just recently saw Robert Downey Jr.'s two Sherlock Holmes movies. I'm hoping that you can recommend any crossovers with that Holmes universe and the Avengers. I'm particularly interested in any that involve Tony Stark (since Downey plays both characters and that could make for some interesting scenarios in a crossover), but any crossover fics are fine. Any length and any pairing is alright. Thanks!
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Hope you lovely people can help me. A while back I read a crossover fic on A03. I mentioned it to a friend who's now interested in reading it, and of course I forgot to bookmark it.

From what I remember, Steve and Tony had found themselves in the middle of the zombie apocalypse, and they'd somehow joined forces with the Winchester brothers and Castiel from SPN, Sherlock and John Watson, and the Eleventh Doctor. I also remember that the Doctor had landed the TARDIS on Baker St. to recruit Sherlock and John and take them to this parallel world.

That's pretty much all the details I remember, and I hope it jogs someone's memory. Thanks in advance for your help.


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