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Hello, everyone!

I've been looking for a fanfiction that i read a long time ago but I can't remember the title or author. The only thing i can remember is that: the OC has feelings for Bucky and they turn out to be correspondent. They are together but then bucky dissapears and other things happen (i don't remember it very well but i think the bad guys capture her ) and HYDRA convinces her to stay with Bucky, who was being brain washed and to talk to him everyday so he doesn't forget her face and trust her.

I haven't seen it in years. If anyone has any idea what I'm talking about, please feel free to comment!
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I'm looking for a story where Loki is sent to Charles Xavier's school so that the Professor can try and heal his mind after Thanos' control of him.  After some time and a lot of friction Loki improves and starts teaching classes.  After and attack by Stryker's forces and an out in the press about the mutant menace Thor assumes the worse and comes to the school in attack mode, demanding his brother to take him home in chains.  A lot of Loki's progress is knocked back but he is heartened when the students stand up for him and defend him to his angry (and misinformed) brother.
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I remember this one Daredevil crossover that had Matt as a slave, and Foggy was his owner.
Foggy was an awesome owner, and Matt and he had a consensual relationship, I think?

So anyway, the Avengers find out when they fight with him or something like that, by a coincidence. They're horrified and decide to try and help him out, convinced that his owner must be some sort of terrible person or something.

I think it was on either the kink meme for one of the fandoms, or ao3?

Please help me! Thanks!
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Hi, well I'm looking for a fic I read years ago, it was a Pacific Rim crossover, and I'm totally sure it was related to the idea of closing the breach!!

I think it was Tony/Steve but I'm not entirely sure, the only thing I'm totally sure about is that they had a plan for the closing of the thing and that it involved all the Avengers, Tony, Steve, Natasha, Clint, Thor and Bruce.

Please help!!! I'm getting crazy here!! Be well, Monica
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I was hoping to find some story similar to A Villain State of Mind by Mikkeneko (http://archiveofourown.org/works/516232/chapters/911205) -Loki-centric pics where he befriends/fits in with the mutants. any pairings are fine, though i'm hoping for longer completed pics.
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I'm looking for a fic that was post-Avengers (the first movie). In it, Tony knows the X-Men, he made Scott's visor and I think he made (or helped make) Cerebro and the Danger Room. I'm not sure if he's a mutant or not in this one. I don't recall a lot, only that I think the other Avengers thought he was a mutant hater while he wasn't. He got into contact with the X-Men to help the Avengers with a big threat and then the Avengers found out that Tony's been donating a lot of time and money to the Xavier Institute and everyone there likes him. He did butt heads a bit with Scott, but secretly Scott was thankful for Tony's help.

There might also be a bit in it with Archangel, aka Warren Wirthington III, in which Tony and Warren knew each other because they're both in that upper segment of society and Tony was one of the few people who knew Warren had wings. But that might be me mixing two stories.

Does this ring a bell for anyone?
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Hi all,
I'm looking for a fanfic where Peter is part of the Avengers team (can be Tony/Steve's son, or otherwise), and is mute. He might be able to hear, but can't talk. I've only been able to find one of these kinds of stories so far, but it was with kid!Peter and I am trying to find one where he is a bit older (like in his teens). Please comment if you know of any, I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you!
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Life's a bitch when your wifi has been out for over a week and you can't find a story you're SURE you had saved.  The one I'm looking for is a X-Men/Avengers crossover starting at Xavier's school.  Logan is doing his best to keep John calm and from goin Pyro on Jean, who is constantly badgering him for every little thing.  She storms up to him while he's outside relaxing and starts berating him for being lazy and for being...him, and he very nearly flares up.  Finally, to keep himself from attacking Jean in frustration and anger, Logan takes Pyro, Rogue, and Iceman away to the Avengers.  I'd apprecieate any help on this.  I've been going through my saved files for two days an can't seem to find it.
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Hey guys, me again. I was watching Guardians of the Galaxy recently and it got me craving some good crossover fics with the Avengers. Are there any? Gen or slash fine :)
EDIT: any other MCU crossover is fine as well :)
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Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone has read and could recommend Avengers fics crossed with Fantastic Four fics, focusing on Johnny and Steve? Maybe fics where it turns out they're related? Or just team/friend fics.

Thanks for the help!
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Trying to hunt this fic down has been like throwing myself against a brick wall. My Google-foo and rec searching have turned up nothing but frustration. I'm now ready to ask the professionals...

From what I remember, Dean Winchester was running some type of diner or pit stop in the middle of nowhere. I believe it was in a desert, possibly along a long highway as it was a long way between stops. Dean made pie for the customers and either had to have the fruit shipped in or trade for it. One of the Avengers-I believe it was Captain America on a motorcycle after the events of Avengers-stumbled in. Eventually all the other Avengers stop in as well to see why Captain America continued to come to the diner/check Dean out. It is possible that every chapter was titled the name of a different character.

Dean was in hiding from Castiel and the diner/pit stop was warded against demons and angels. I think there was a showdown and I remember Thor recognizing that Castiel was an angel/different. I think it occurred when Castiel was still under the influence of the Leviathons. I think Castiel also attempted to get to Dean through dreams or suggestions to get him to leave the warded area.

I remember that there was a discussion around tattoos and I think Dean talked Captain America into doing some type of henna or sharpie tattoo seeing as it was hard for the ink to work with Captain Americas enhancements and healing factor. Dean had tattoos/wards on his body/arm.

And with all those details, I still got nothing...so, help me Obi Wan Kenobi? You're my only hope.
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Okay this is just a random thought I had after Steve said that he 'fought Nazi's' in a fic I'm reading; Magneto was a kid who was in a concentration camp and hated the Nazi's. Is there any fic where they work together or maybe crossed paths way back when and remeet after the Avengers are united. Would Magneto see Steve as a mutant, or a sapien with delusions of granduer. Maybe Steve was a hero who tried to save him, or was he someone who let baby!Magneto down?

Lots of ideas, no skill in writing = desperate need for fic recs.



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