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I remember reading these ages ago but I can't find them in my bookmarks or history. I'm pretty sure I read them at AO3.

1. The first fic is where Widow has family (a younger sister, maybe) living in NYC. A mob guy wonders why this one house/business isn't paying protection and they are told because it is the family of the Black Widow. I think that Bucky looked out for them on occasion too (or maybe they were Bucky's family instead and it was Widow looking out for them. Either is possible. And Soldier might have had something of a cameo in the story as well.) I do remember reading it before the WS movie came out and I'm almost positive it was complete and not part of a series but that's all.

2. FOUND!! (Link in comments.) Dummy lifts Mjolnir. Somehow Thor leaves Mjolnir in Tony's lab and the bots are left alone. When the bots are attacked in the lab, Dummy manages to lift Mjolnir and use it to protect the other bots.

3. FOUND!! (Link in comments.) Thor brings the W4 to visit the Avengers. He tries to set Sif up with Steve but Steve seems to be clueless. Sif gets angry with Thor about setting her up as a joke and asks if Steve has taken a vow of celibacy (or something like that); they finally decide that Steve is just extremely shy (sort-of like Balder, iirc.) Sif and the W3 are pretty decent too, which is a nice change.

Thanks in advance!
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I'm looking for a fic I read where Thor, Sif and the Warriors three were cursed by Loki to have 'sexsually transmitted dachshunds' appear whenever they had sex. And then they gave them all to the Jotun. I can't remember what site it was on. Does anyone know this fic? 
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I read a fic a while ago in which Thor and his friends ambushed Jotenheim (just for fun I think?). There's some sort of negotiation and it's decided that Thor has to stay in Jotenheim for a year and he spends the time as Loki's personal servant/sex slave. There's a lot of politics and stuff going on in the fic, with Loki constantly fighting/scheming to gain/retain his place as crown prince of Jotenheim. A few specific things I remember was that the Jotenn culture has no concept of familial relations/loyalty and all relationships are based on necessity and mutual gain. There's a scene towards the end of the fic where Loki and his brother are both amused and confused by Thor's desire for his father's approval.
The fic ends when Thor's year is up and he goes back to Asgard. I think it was part of a series, but I don't think anymore of the series had been written (at the time that I read it).
I know that this fic is not Wild Ambition Fortune's Ice Prefers by amberfox17.
I'm 90% sure that I read it on AO3, but it might have been on lj.
I'd be so grateful if someone knows what fic this is and if they can tell me what happened to it or where I could find it! Thanks.
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Hi. I am looking for a fic I am sure I read on Ao3. There was a war coming and Odin freed Loki from prison and made him king, becaouse he was the only one that had the power and knowledge to help. I remember a scene where Loki told Thor to collect cons and they could not touch the ground before he planted them. Help please :)
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I'm looking for specyfic story where Loki is put on trial and Odin take away his powers and
it revealed that it was not Loki but Chitauri. Then whole Asgard see memory of Heimdal for day of Thor's coronation that shows Loki fight with impostor and had his throat cut and send by portal to Helheim.
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So I've been searching and can't find this story, and its driving me crazy.

It took place during the first Thor movie, Loki was good in this story and was trying to show Odin that Thor wasn't ready to be king. I don't think he thought Thor would go so far and be banished.
I specifically remember Loki visiting Thor while he's being held by shield and explaining that even though he's king he can't leet Thor come back until he learns his lesson. Also, the warriors three don't trust Loki and think he wants to be king so, like in the movie, they go to find Thor. Thor tells them that Loki's doing the right thing, but I don't think they believed him.
I can't remember if they believed Thor or not.
I'm pretty sure Loki was using his position and how people thought of him to trick Laufey in to invading asgard so he could kill him and claim that he was preventing an invasion. Maybe to get revenge on his birth father or to protect asgard?

Hopefully someone knows what I'm talking about, because I loved this story and I just can't find it.
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Happy Friday the 13th!

I've beed trying to find this story for a while. I thought I had it saved to my computer but it has disappeared. :(

When Loki was born Laufy had is mouth sown shut, and it has been his whole life. The only one that can cut the cord tying his mouth is the one that put it on him. He is in a carage tied to a dead Farbauti, and the carage is being brought to Laufy by other Jotuns. Thor, Sif and the W3 show up and find Loki. They think he's a kid a set him free. Loki can talk to Thor through touch in his head. Loki goes off with them and he and Thor get close. Loki saves them from a blizzard and regains energy from Mjolnir.

Later in the story Loki meet a wolf pup, Fenris, and and ice snake, Jormungander.

Thor is also capture and brought to Laufy for fighting and Loki sponsors him.

Hope somebody can find this for me. I've looked but I can't remember what website it was on.

Thank you so much. :)
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Hello! I have read some (but neglected to bookmark them, sadly) fics where one or more of the Avengers visit Asgard with Thor. I'm looking for more, even if the visit is not quite central to the story. I'd love if said humans show the Aesir that they are, in fact, just as badass, though such situation is not necessary. Thanks for any help in advance!
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I've recently found and read this thread on norsekink and I was wondering if there were other stories where W3, Sif or any other Asgardians came to Earth and though the Avengers' way of fighting was cowardly/lacking?


Jan. 14th, 2014 03:34 am
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So this has been bothering me for a while now and I can't really remember much - I legit cannot remember if there was a pairing for this or not.

What I do remember:

- Loki being sent down to help the Avengers as his punishment
- Sif + Warriors Three come down to see/visit Thor and Tony basically puts down the law that they can't mock/be mean to Loki
- Loki being extremely touched by that/realizing he's got a home now
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Hi! i don't remember the name of this story and i would love to read it again. I can't remeber if it was complete or wip.

Its post Avengers and Lokis magic has been taken from him but he is free to roam Asgard as he pleases. Thor and his friends need Lokis help as a guide through a forest or something to find a diamond or some relic. the forest was beautiful in the day but deadly at night. There were mermaids and sirens and a troll who caught Loki when they were trying to get out of the woods. The siren looked like Jane and Loki killed her.
I remember that Loki had manage to work around Odins punishment to gain his magic again by using Amora and Thor blackmails Loki into helping them when he finds out or he will tell Odin.
Sigyn and her new husband were also in the story and Loki had killed him in the past.

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First time poster here!

I've been reading a lot of fics about Loki, about his POV during the events of Thor and afterwards, and have become hopelessly smitten with the scamp that he is.  ;)   What I'd really like to read, and have had some trouble finding, are fics where Loki is the good one, the abused one, the misunderstood one, and Thor is the villian of the piece, either through ignorance (not realizing that Loki's been abused all these years, mentally, emotionally, physically, etc) or through sheer malevolence.  Thor can be as bad or as indifferent as you like; hell, I'll even take good Thor; what I want to see is where someone else clues Thor into what his brother has been going through all this time.  I'd like to see where the Avengers welcome Loki in with open arms, and maybe give Thor the cold shoulder.  Any pairing, or gen, doesn't matter.  Just want to read real angst-fests where other people realize that Loki isn't such a bad guy, after everything he's been through, and where Thor isn't so perfect and wonderful as he's been led to believe.

I hope this makes sense to someone!!!  LOL.  Thanks in advance, guys!

(I've tried to tag correctly, and have probably instead tagged excessively; sorry about that!!!)
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This is a search which was posted on another search forum, and it's got a few of us quite interested in reading this fic. I'm taking the liberty to cross post it, in the hope that someone finds it.

"Looking for a story that I think was posted on one of the memes. The warriors three and Sif visit Earth where Thor is thrilled to introduce them to his new comrades. There is only one problem, they treat the avengers like shit due to their "sneaky honor-less ways."

The Avengers end up coming to the conclusion that Thor's generation is made up of trust fund babies and that Loki is the only reason they haven't gotten killed before now."

I'm hoping that someone out there knows which fic this is?

Thanks in advance!


Hi guys

May. 2nd, 2013 06:52 pm
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I hope you lovely people could help a girl out? I'm looking for fics in which Loki is truly and utterly the Very BEST at magic, and he demonstrates it. Like how when Thor fights, he's really at the top, and he's beautiful because in his hand his weapon is like art. I want Loki wielding magic so skilfully that it takes everyones breath away, and that he is not evil in that moment, or good either, just powerful, and with a purpose.

I know I'm asking for a lot but it basically boils down to a very magically skilful Loki. Just. Ridiculously BAMF. So BAMF he out-BAMFs everyone else. Yes?

Thanks in advance!


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I read a challenge (it was answered... or a very long prompt on one of the memes) some time ago; where the warriors 3 + sif suffers the consequences of first swearing themselves to Loki as King... and then breaking that Oath when they went to Thor instead despite him denying them (magic or something like that - not a normal punishment by Odin++). Thor is shocked when he sees them (Fandral loosing weight/unable to eat, Sif blind (might remember that one wrong) or at least loosing what she places the highest++) and hears of what has been going on... Anyone knows the story/challenge++??
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I read a story where Loki was tortured, found by Thor and the Warriors 3, and then was basically just a shell of who he used to be when they bring him back. I remember Loki playing with dough and babbling, Frigga holding him and saying "He's not quite with us today," and Loki calling Thor "Father." Does anybody know what fic I'm talking about??
Or, do you know a fic that this reminds you of?


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